Cat: Rape

Family stripped

On September 18 around 10.30 p.m., Ann M., a 48-year-old white woman, was sitting on the porch of her home at 8136 W. Drive in Indianapolis, when she felt the barrel of a gun held to... # #

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Get even with wife

getting even with cheating wife. she had cheated on me three times that I had knew of for sure and it was time to get even. # # #

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My stranger bus rape (my true story)

Here’s my true story for all you sick- o’s to get off On I was on a walking at night with a friend on my 19 birthday when we saw a bus go by and stop ahead of us. The driver and... #

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Biker Rape 2

This is number two in this storie. Tell me if you like it and want more. Yes I love pain. # #

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Biker Rape

This is my First time writing a story of the subject I like and love. The last was what happen to me. If you like it let me so and I will add more # #

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Breaking Kylie

Kylie’s bestfriend Steven fantasizes about raping her. He plans out a meticulous date and goes about breaking her in. # # #

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