Cat: Rape

Drunk Mom

So this happened years ago, I was 18 it was New Years And Mom and Dad had a party. I had o girl friend was always backwards with girls . Mom was 38. Not fat not skinny She was 5,4 I... # # # #

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12yearsold slut 2

Αfter my wild rape,mr Ilias let me free to return in my house.I was walking difficult,my ass was like it had inside thorns,i was trying to hide my tears and having normal behaviour... # #

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my bully raped me

My name is Ezen Lok I am 14 years old. I have small tits, I am 163cm and my hair is black and I wear spectacles. In school I am known for not having a lot of friends and other students... # # #

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Dress up 5

Where did you find the clothes can we look to see if there are any more… You really like me dressed as I girl… As I was asking this I was stroking Chad’s hardening... # # # #

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Dress up 2

After he filled my ass he slowly pulled out and laid next to me… I felt the warm liquid leaking out of me.. I had cum in my pants.. My ass felt hot but there was no pain.. I just... # # # #

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My Niece’s Lover

I never saw myself doing this. I had perverted sexual fantasies but never did anything like this. My niece is a lesbian. She and her lover live at my Mom’s house. Sandi is pill... # # #

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12yearsold slut

I wasnt always slut,until my 12years i was another one sweet,clever girl but very simple my parents couldnt stop doing kids, so i soon was in a family with sixkids i the bigger. We... # # #

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