Cat: Rape


Mark Littrell and Skip Young were two total degenerates. Living on the streets of the cities, they were well known to local law enforcement. As the seasons changed, the two men, both... # # # # #

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Riley get rape by daddy

Riley is 12 year old, and just started to develop for her age, she is a daddy girl.i will explain what that means a little bit later, daddy girl is a tease me all the time. She has... # # # #

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Sally get force

I just moved in down the street I have be called many things including like the Wolf IM a Predator and not like the one in the Alen movie I meet a woman who lives on the street. Name... # #

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I have force slot. I started out young cousins, little sisters, daughter. Daughters of friends sisters of friends.thi story is about the one I wish I had again. A little redhead name... # # #

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Mexico Part 2

Note: In Part 1, Emily and Kathy Saxon are taken by Mexican kidnappers. Part 1 describes fourteen-year-old Kathy’s experience. Here, we see what her sister, sixteen-year-old Emily... # # # #

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The blue door

There this old amandon house with a blue door.l was looking for a rape,now I just had to find her,then when I was walking down the street towards the house. ONG! Not just 1 but 2 pretty,... # # # #

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Mexico Minors

Jose and Juan Sanchez were brothers from Mexico. They’d come to the US years ago for the money. Now they were in their early forties, and the money was good. When they’d first come... # # # #

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No daddy please

First of my Daughter is not.blood she was adopted. At 4. I know what you are going to say I’m killing the English language my grammar is poor and my spelling sucks I so sorry... # # # #

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Pedoboy Stories

Things I’ve done as a pedophile. The people: my little cousins, My friend’s little sisters, girls at school and more…(Sorry for bad grammar) # # # #

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Mother day force

A week before mother day 2013.a week before mother day. I over heard my Mom on the phone she said, I wish I would have had craving aborted. Out of all my kids Craig is the world, and... # # # #

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Work Work Work 8

Vicky is woken again from the smelling salts, again she is screaming in pain from the thrusting horse cock in her cunt, she is wishing she could die and not feel all the pain in her... # # # #

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Black Bully Rapes My Mom

I loved my mother. She was so kind to me growing up and was so happy for me when I graduated highschool. My life was great except for my bully. He was a taller black man who played... # # #

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The Bar was Robbed And I Was Raped

When I went off to college I lived on campus. I went to a local bar to socialize with some friends, and it was getting late. I had several drinks and I was feeling the alcohol for sure.... #

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Finally fucked my daughter

I started noticing my daughter sneaking looks at me when she was about 10 years old. Her mom always seemed to be jealous and seemed to be a little mean to our girl whenever she would... # # #

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Sister force

This took place a few years ago, when I was 14 and my sister was the tender age of 12, I’m Raphel, and the side I’m taking about is Chrissy. 1 school day,Dad was already... # # # #

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Force at the collage pool

One fall day in October I go for a walk it’s a little bit cold around 42 degree’s. I walk by the college pool. There a car in the parking lot I’m trying to remember... # # #

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Wrong place at the wrong time

I felt like a leopard on the prowl, there she was a beautiful zebra.. cute, shot, short black hair, small body, mabee C cum tits, teenage girl maybe 14 or 15. I followed her home, 15... # # #

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work work work 7

Church, when a person thinks of church, one thinks person at the front trying to explain to his or her group of people what there book of words means, some believe in what is written,... # # # #

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A Case Of Date Rape

It’s funny and sad how some boys can put on an act of being one way and then turn out to be totally different. I had just turned 13 and I had started going with this boy who only... # #

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My Step Dad Raped Me

My parents divorced when I was 11. My mom got remarried a year later. My step father was a nice man, I thought. As long as he treated my mom good, I did care about anything else. My... # # #

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Have you ever wanted

Please bare with me. This is my first story, my English is bad, my grammar isn’t that good, my spelling is bad. I know that there will be a lot of mistakes. So this is a story... # #

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Truck Driver

Mike Gleason was a long-haul truck driver. He’d inherited his old 1998 Peterbilt from his father. Mike was mostly just homeless; in their family, his sister had become a veterinarian;... # # #

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