Cat: Rape

Childhood Memories

This is the story/listings of the times my older cousin(m) molested/raped me(f) throughout our childhood. Due to privacy reasons I’ll be changing our names. The way my family... # # # #

398 words | 10 |3.91

Serve and Protect?

Jack is a 10 year veteran of the police department in his hometown and is now a detective. One day a lady moved into the house behind him with her daughter. The daughter was smoking... # #

765 words | 3 |4.45

The Invisible men

My friends and I work for a military contractor. We were put on a project to make a skin like suit that gives you total invisibility. We finally got it working. Now it was time to put... # # #

990 words | 3 |4.26

Times of War: Anna’s Revenge

As I mentioned in the first story I was a soldier during my country’s War with Russia. I served four years in the infantry and was discharched. I was wounded leaving me wheelchair... # #

1387 words | 2 |3.86

Times of war

My country declared war on Russia after the Ukraine invasion. I am a soldier with the Luvianian army. Our mission was to kill a Russian officer at a Russian outpost. High value target.... # #

473 words | 5 |4.25