Cat: Rape

My student become my teacher

I was home tutoring and my sweet student suddenly turned violent and raped me. Now, a year later, he’s my Master and I’m his dirty slut. # # #

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Rape true story

This is my true story about the night I raped my bosses mother #

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my st bernard jerry

10 year old little walked in the bathroom and began running her bath water her st Bernard Jerry sat by the closed door and watched the little girl get their pants down and shirt. when... # # #

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Tomboy sister and rough brothers

When I was about 13 I had become a tomboy being around my 2 older brothers I had watched all types of sports and by far wrestling was my favorite and my brothers took notice one night... # # #

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The game

He would drug me every night, just enough so that I wouldn’t be able to move but not enough to make me forget what he’s done to me # # #

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Betrayed by my family

My happy life was shattered when mum had an affair. My step dad and brothers took it out on me and I was raped and abused even in to adulthood. # #

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