Cat: Rape

Mom and daughter get grabed

It seems my last story you all loved so hers another fantasy one. Harry hits the street again in the same white van.its not before he spots one or I should say 2 Harry wonder to himself... # # #

842 words | 3 |2.75

Date raped at 12

I was 12 and went to a fair with a boy who I thought was 16 but found out later he was 19. Anyway, I was pretty innocent about dating having never been on one alone. We were supposed... # #

1230 words | 6 |4.51

Snatch and grab

This story is fantasy a story of a warp mined. Harry is now 17 years old. Harry has a plan to put to work.hes looking for the perfect van. He sees one an old beat up white panel no... # # # #

758 words | 10 |2.40

Boring summer dayz

This is a story of pure fantasy. One day it was hott in the middle of a hot July summer. Harry was bored. Harry has been thinking about a idea for a while. Harry says to himself I wonder... # # #

553 words | 6 |1.38

My dad raped me

I’m currently 20 and I have lived with my dad and brother since I was 12. My mom left my dad back then and I haven’t talked to her dad forbid me to do so. He and... # # # #

379 words | 11 |4.35

Nursing student rape

Harry had m known Lynn all there lives.but she has always been of see Lynn was Harry BFFL And there GF so one Friday Harry BFFL told him he was going to break up with Lynn.Perfect... # # # #

705 words | 12 |1.67

Gr next door rape

It happened back in September. Harry wasn’t a good looking boy and he was a bit over weight, 1 September day he was watching some talk show about raping the girl next door,he... # #

688 words | 6 |2.29

Lucy’s nightmare

Lucy slowly wakes up. She really quickly realizes she cant move, her hands and her legs are tied to the corner of bed. She dont remember how she got there. The last thing she remembered... # # #

1294 words | 4 |4.48

Fun with a tourist

This story is fiction. I am with the Luvain Provincial Police in Luvainia. I am married and have a kid. But you know how it is. A guy gets tired of the same old shit every day. I need... # #

1050 words | 6 |4.30

Taken by prevert willing

I was at a female she always loved the I deal of me being completely hairless and smooth permanently except for my eyebrows and eyelashes and long hair on my head. Well she talked me... # # #

1002 words | 4 |4.82

me and my brother

Hii im maya im 5’2 black female thick. So one day when me and my brother was sleeping together i woke up because I felt something hard rub against my ass. My brother was up and he... # # # #

234 words | 5 |3.82