Cat: Rape

Foster nightmare

I grew up in a foster home in the 1970’s were rape and abuse were common place. I even took part in it myself, both willingly and unwillingly. # # #

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I was raped while hiking

I was hiking i wont say the location but I was hiking and I stopped to rest by a small pound i laid on the blanket I packed in my backpack and took a short nap but when I woke up and... # #

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Plan to rape my mom

I’m a 13 year old boy who’s constantly horny and I want to penetrate a pussy. The perfect target would be my mom, she’s a 5’2 46 year old woman with perfectly round 38 DD breasts... # # #

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I drug raped my cousin

When I was 12yo my 15yo cousin rejected my advances, all I wanted to do was fuck him, but he said no. So I drugged and raped him instead. # # #

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Raped by a Mover

When I was 14, my family and I were getting ready to move to another town. It was finally summer so I was able to just stay home all day with the movers packed our things for us. My... # # #

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Rae Of Arfa Shaikh – 2

Arfa couldn’t believe it. She was seeing her uncle, her father’s younger brother, who’d helped in raising her as a child, begin to undress and who was going to rape... # # #

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