Cat: Rape

Collette, my goddess

I came home and found my daughters 12yo friend passed out drunk on my bed, I did the only thing I could think of. I abused and raped her for 6 hours. # # # #

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Work Work Work

I am in the shop at work, talking to my led hand about the job I am starting, (engine work) one of the service writers comes out into the shop and walks right up to us and literally... # # # #

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Ice is coming for you part 5

I got to stories to finish up And to the Haters, I know my English is. Bad and my grammar and my spelling, but let’s face it, hell even the English teacher will offer help. So... # #

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Tease cop busted by drugdealer

Chapter 1 Adriana Perez was standing in front of the seven foot tall mirror of her wardrobe admiring her 5’9 appearance. Her rich blonde hair cascaded in waves down to her lower... # #

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Uncle Mark raped me and then Daddy

I was 10 years old and quite innocent. My uncle was living with us for a while and we shared a bathroom, Jack and Jill bathrooms, they’re called. Our bedrooms were on one side... # #

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Raped At 10

I always hear about how things used to be back years ago when it was such an innocent time. When people were so moral and had scruples. Part of me wanted to think that was true. Then... # #

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Rape of a virgin

Harry saw really special. She looks 17 or 18 and a virgin he knows where she lives at he followed her home. She lives with her Mom who works at the school were she goes 9 to 5.. but,... # # #

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2 morman girls raped the end

Let see when we last left Harry he was. In the middle of raping Jennifer, Jennifer crying out IM BLEEDING! Jennifer fells a bad pain from her cherry being pop. OMFG! IT HURTS SO BAD,... # # #

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No BJ stories

It’s been brought to my attention that none of my story have a bj in them. There is a reason for this you see many years ago I was force by the neighborhood bully. It started... # # #

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2 morman girls raped

Okay let’s it’s Nov. And Harry sitting around being board. There’s a knock on the door. Harry goes and answer the door and it’s 2 morman girls Harry thinking... # # #

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A shot in the daylight

It’s a nice fall day,so Harry decided to take a walk, Harry grab the 32 put it in the front of his pants and puts his shirt over it to hide it and thinks to himself you never... # # #

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Road trip

Hii im maya. I’m 5’2 female. So one day I was going on a road trip with my aunt and she had to stop to pick up someone. The car was packed to the roof so I couldn’t see the... # #

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