Cat: Rape

Daddys lil sissy 2

It’s been a few weeks since what my dad done to me. We dont talk about it but I havent dressed up since. Although I hate to admit as much as I was hurt by this it was the best... # # #

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raping lori

I was at the store getting a few things I paid for my items and was on my way out when I ran into 2 of my friends little sisters we chatted about different things and Roxanne pipes... # # #

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raping emma

I was traveling and ended up in new Zealand when I came across a small town I got a room outside of town and went for a walk just as school was letting out when this young beautiful... # # #

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raping robin

It was Friday night we were all partying and having a good time a friend of mine had met this girl robin she was pretty about 5.4 long brown hair blue eyes perky 32b breasts small waist... # # #

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raping girls at a party

I was at the mall I was watching these cute girls as they got their food tight shirts no bras showed their smooth bellies and tight midriff tiny little asses I guessed between 11 and... # # #

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raping nichole

I first met nichole when she was 17 she had started seeing a friend of mine she was absolutely gorgeous long black hair big brown eyes flawless skin 5.3 small breasts tiny waist and... # # #

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Cum slut part 1

Part one. Tammy gets taken by a mysterious man. (Will be a part two) #

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raping marissa

I was online talking to random people when this young girl started talking to me she sent very provocative pics yet not showing anything . She didn’t look very old and was trying... # # #

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Raping Maggie

I got a call from my sister sue she asked if I could come over to help her move her appliance’s si she could clean I told her yeah and headed over as I arrived she greeted me... # # #

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Being a farm girl isn’t easy

Especially if you’re me. I’m Mandy, and I’m from a big farm right smack dab in the Middle of Nowhere, Kansas. You may have heard of it. This life of mine isn’t easy because... # # #

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It happened in a dark alley way

Kat’s parents were asleep, and the nineteen-year-old was just about to slip out the door to their apartment when she heard a man clear his throat. She turned and saw her Uncle Grigoriy... # # #

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