Cat: Rape

Secret Agent Man

This story is pure imagination, totally fiction and not based on any real events. Part 1: I worked as an undercover agent for the military back in the early 2000’s. I was sent on... # # # #

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The girl on the train

I had been to reunion of former football club friends. I got to the train station in tme to get me home by11pm. I entered the carriage and there was about 12 people in it. Only 3 were... #

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How dare she

A girl humiliated my son in front of his entire school, so I gave her what she deserved, and my son got what he wanted from her. # # # #

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Raped and Kidnapped

Hey My name is Naomi I am 17 at the time and this happen to to me 3 weeks ago when I was out with some friends to celebrate one of there birthdays. Background: I met this guy when I... # # # #

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Young Love Part 6: A Little Fun

Part 6 A couple years has passed since my last story. I was 15 and Jen was now 14. She had grown into a beautiful young woman. Beautiful firm B cup breasts to play with and her soft... # # #

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How my brother forced me

Hi, My name is chloe (14f) and this is my story how my brother ace (22m) force-fucked me roughly when my parents weren’t home. It was a hot summer day and I was cooking food in... # # # #

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Stalked while shopping

I go shopping by myself all the time. I’m only 13 so my mom drops me off at the mall and picks me up a few hours later. Sometimes I’ll be with a group of friends, other times I’ll... # #

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I was 15 and my neighbor asked me if I wanted to babysit her 10yo brat. Her brat Amy was a spoiled bitch. I didn’t want to babysit her but my mom made me. Her mom and my mom were... # # # #

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Teachers aide

I started working as a teachera aid at an inner city high school I m twenty eight blonde with 32 dd tits and an athletic body. One day I was helping a student after school he was seventeen... # # # #

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Police station rape

A 15 year old boy was caught with 5Kg of marijuana the day before Christmas. He was high and masturbating in his car when two of the officers found him. The boy was arrested and brought... # # #

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