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Chapter 5: Rough Fucker

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Finally, after 4 long years of waiting patiently, I made love to my girlfriend Marcy. And, got caught with fucking her sister.

It’s been 4 day’s since I nailed Marcy’s little sister, Jaycee and I’ve been avoiding both of them ever since, except for at school, where I’d also take Marcy to and from. Marcy kept asking “Why haven’t you been coming over?. Why haven’t you returned my calls, I’ve left 10-15 on the answering machine at your house?”. Why, why, why, why. Looking on that year of 1979, I was an ass. I was pissed off that she still hadn’t ‘put out’ because of her medical condition and, I fucked her 14 year old sister, taking her virginity at the same time…. because I was being selfish. I felt bad, embarrassed, that I fucked Jaycee. At least on the Marcy side of things. Jaycee, however, was a fine piece of ass.

One thing I didn’t, and never will, feel bad about: all the ‘grab and fucks’ I did, was doing and would continue to do, right up to now as I relate my stories. I also knew I wanted Jaycee again, especially her little butthole. She’s one of the very few who got away with not having her asshole ravaged by me. She was so willing to fuck that day, and to lose her virginity, that I completely misstepped that part of sex with her. I really couldn’t get the picture out of my head: My dick penetrating her round ass, her clawing at the sheets and whelping loudly, as my meat forced its way into that tight canal, pushing her sphincter muscle to the max. God, I wanted her so bad.

As I was day dreaming about fucking Marcy’s sister again, she continued talking, about what, I couldn’t tell you right to this day. But I did hear her say, “Let’s go to Hollydale. Real quick. Before you take me home. Okay?” I said alright and turned to go there. Hollydale is a park in South Gate and at the time, afforded lot’s of privacy and good parking. After getting my ride, it was even better. I never ‘did’ any of my Grab n’ Fucks here. I’d ‘do’ them near where I found them. Even back when I was on a bike, or on foot. It took just a few minutes to get to the park and after finding a good spot, way to the south end, I pulled in and stopped.

Marcy didn’t wait long to climb into the back, pull the shades over on the two rear windows, then dropped her shorts and panties. Still in her black ‘Chucks’, she asked “come on, hurry. Take my top’s and shoes off”. I took her shirt and bra off, but found her sexy as fuck just standing there in her shoes and green striped tube socks. “Fuck, Marcy, I’m going to leave your shoes on. It has me so turned on”. In my mind I was thinking ‘She better be serious this time’. She had me worked up, again, and I was dreading having to rape my own girlfriend, who I love so much, if today wasn’t the day.

Marcy sat down on the love seat I’d put in the van, dropped my pants and immediately began sucking my cock. It felt different this time. Better. Like she was trying to prove she gave the best ‘head’ out of anyone. She looked up at me, not taking her eyes off of mine. It was hot in the van and we we’re both sweating alot. God I loved watching my cock disappear into Marcy’s mouth. Since we we’re 12, we have been inseparable. Throughout school she was known to be downright loyal to me and even punched a few girls, who tried to move in on her and I’s relationship. Even with that fucking torso body brace she had to wear, she could throw a mean punch.

Marcy had no idea I had fucked a few of our classmates and definitely didn’t know about my uncontrollable urge to rape. But, there was two things I wasn’t prepared for today: 1. She was definitely ready to fuck and 2. She knew I banged Jaycee. Both of which, I was about to find out about. Marcy kept sucking my cock so aggressively, it was like she was looking for a big dinner in my balls. The second my first rope spooled out, she grabbed my ass, pulled me in close, took my cock all the way to her throat and drew her head back midway on my shaft. The suction was pure heaven.

As my cock pulsated and the semen flowed into her mouth, Marcy pulled my ball sack up and down, causing my cock to become numb, almost sore. I didn’t mind, she always gave great blowjobs and this, this one today, was her best thus far. I literally became dizzy, like I had with my mentor Carol, and nearly passed out, falling backwards into the side of my van. Marcy was smiling from ear to ear, her legs spread wide open. “Baby, I want it today… Now!”

I moved her to the edge of the love seat, positioning the pillows and blanket behind her in such a way, that she was reclined back a little, yet gave her the support she needed. I moved to go down on her, but she stopped me short. “Baby, I’m not fresh, we’ve been at school all day, remember”. I didn’t care and pushed her hands out of the way and dove in. It was ‘tangier’ than her usual pussy taste and had a heavy musky odor, but was doable and to be honest, even if wasn’t, I’d have done it anyway. I love Marcy and she enjoyed my oral skills. She always felt great afterwards. And, well, I love her. There isn’t anything I won’t do for her.

After giving her pussy a good tongue lashing, I raised up, positioned the head of my cock at her vaginal opening and pushed it in, ever so gently while kissing her lips. Fuck, for the first time since I began fucking, I just wanted to be soft and gentle. As my cock entered her hole, I felt the tightness of the first muscle give out and allow my meat to enter more easily. A good amount of blood began to appear onto my shaft, with drops of it falling onto the floor. She bled more than any virgin I had fucked before.

After slowly and gently entering halfway inside her, the remainder I slammed inside, with one fluid, forceful thrust. The cooing noise she was making, was drowned out by the sound of a loud grunt and an even louder exclamation of “OH, FUCK…. GODDAMN!” I held my cock inside her, buried balls deep and moved my hips around in circle, grinding my shaft inside her. I kissed her on the lips from the moment my meat penetrated her, right up to burying it balls deep. She was moving her hips with mine.

“Goddamn, baby. It hurts so bad, but feels so good”, she uttered. She continued with, “Fuck me harder, like you did my little sister!”. I slowed my pumping and stopped kissing on her, reared my head back and just stared at her. “Dammit! Finish what you started and we’ll talk after, okay”, she said and began grinding her hips. I began pumping my meat in and out of her again, as we kissed even more passionately and our bodies melted into one. Fuck, I was in love with this girl and even though I was hammering my meat inside her hard, I couldn’t bring myself to ‘plowing’ her snatch like all the other girl’s I’ve fucked.

Marcy’s face grimaced everytime my meat slammed home and she began breathing rapidly, her chest started heaving back and forth. Soon I felt the trembling and quivering of her body. Tears began flowing as she clawed her nails into my back and her chin clutched onto my left shoulder. “OH!!!, FUCK!, FUCK!, FUCK!”, she exclaimed, as her pussy pulsated on my fully buried shaft. I had given Marcy her best orgasm ever and, after 4 long years of waiting, wanting and wondering how good it would be with her, I finally got to make love, real passionate love, to my girl.

It didn’t take long for me to follow. I grabbed her hips at the waist, forcefully pushing her downward as I slammed my meat inside her with all my might. My cock unleashed several long, heavy ropes of my seed deep inside her fresh, bloody, virgin vagina. We clung to each other as if welded together, like two pieces of sweaty metal. My cock continued to pulsate and drain inside her, until limp. Her vaginal muscles finally had enough and pushed it out from inside her. Like I said above… Real passionate love. And with the girl I knew I was going to marry.

We sat together, cuddled up on that love seat, for what seemed like hours. Eventually, we had to address the comments made earlier. I spoke first, paying due diligence to our love making and how awesome it was, then apologizing, profusely, about fucking Marcy’s sister, Jaycee, and taking her virginity as well. “Marcy, baby… I’m so sorry I stepped out on you, and especially with your sister. I, I, was wound up, horny and that day I thought, well, I thought you and I, we’re going to, well… finally make love. I’m so, so, sorry”. Marcy’s eyes were fixed on me, welled up with emotions and yet, so loving.

Finally, Marcy spoke. “Baby, I was so pissed. Hurt. Angry. There are really no words for how I felt. And, just to clear things up, Jaycee didn’t even say a word. She still doesn’t know, that I know. It was your big mouth! I wasn’t even sleeping yet, when you walked out and asked her to suck you off! Fuck! You fucking asshole! But then, then I heard her slutty little ass, run down the hall, check to see if I was sleeping and then, then, tell you to follow her”.

I attempted to make a comment, but got smacked across the face and yelled at, through tears, “I’m not done yet!”. Marcy continued, “then I hear your footsteps follow, her door close and, well considering her room is next to mine, I heard your noises and her loud ass blowjob noises! Fuck! I’m sick of her noises when she blows guys! Noisy tramp! But then, then, I hear you and know she got you off. That, that… That pissed me off even more!”.

Marcy put her right hand up, with just her index finger showing, telling me to be quiet. She was so upset. Crying almost hysterically, with tears flowing, she began again, “then I heard the headboard of her bed thump the wall, her whimper, then a louder thump, then louder whimpering, followed by a constant thumping of her headboard. Was she a virgin? Was it good?”. I told Marcy that, “Yes, Jaycee was a virgin. And, yes… Jaycee was a great fuck. I was actually surprised that she gave it up so fast and easy”.

In the end, Marcy and I literally ‘kissed and made up’. I was even able to tell Marcy about my sexual needs of rough sex and, my penchant for anal play and sodomy. “Can we slowly work into those things, please”, was all she said. I knew she had questions of whom I had ‘rough sex and anal sex’ with, but she elected to wait until later to ask. One thing was for sure, she was still pissed at Jaycee and I was to learn more about what makes her tick. However, that is a whole other story I’ll touch upon in my next chapter, which I’ll start writing in a few days.

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