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Loosing my virginity to our great dane at 14!

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Getting off my chest and admitting the time i was 14 and let our great dane at the time eat me out and take my virginity.

i figured i should tell people to let it off my chest… it’s been in the back of my head way too much lately. please don’t judge me its my biggest secret and Ive never told anyone in person so it helps to talk about i think idk but ya This is embarrassing to admit.

I guess for starters I’ll describe myself I’m a Spanish girl and 22 years old. I have lots of tattoos some piercings black hair and 34d implants. But this story is about me when i was 14 YEARS OLD! Back then i was super skinny athletic i played football”soccer” i had small 32b cups i was a virgin up until this point.. until i lost it to our dog.

Anyways so basically one day when i was 14 my mom sister and i lived with her boyfriend at the time he had a great dane. I was always close with him and hed always be playful with me or in my room. Eventually like there were times i would masterbate and rub myself and id lay there eyes closed and there were a couple times he would jump up and lick me down there.. id always push him away but after like 5 or so instances i gave in and just let him lick it was so ticklish but i really liked it lol so like id let him do that alot when i wanyed to masterbate and like months later i had the thought about letting him fuck my i would fantasize it.

So i ended up one day when i was home alone nervous and scared asf i got on my hand and knees and he sniffed around me licked at me alot eventually he jumped on me and got his dick in and entered me…. let me say that hurt sooooo fucking bad like i felt like i could fill him up hammering into my chest it hurt. I tried to crawl out of under him to give up i was crying he was so heavy pushing down on top of me i couldnt move out of under him i was so tiny back then like half his size i was definitely crying in pleasure and pain.then he knotted me at the time i had no idea dogs did that so like when he did my pain level like doubled I think like idk he entered my cervix and just came all inside my womb since he was so big cause my organs felts so painful and bruised for days after each time and plus like when he came id feel so bloated thats why i think he came mostly all in my womb. I didnt leak much After he stopped i feel like he was in me more like 20-30 minutes then he like jumped off of me but to but and was stuck in me for what felt like forever that hurt to cause he was tugging dragging almost trying to pull out of me.

i was so scared that my parents would come home i had no idea what was going on why he couldn’t get out of me i was naive i didn’t know about knots or how any of this works! Eventually he did pull out i just laid there afterwards. ugh it was an experience i did it 5 or 6 more times that year and then my mom split up with her bf and we moved out and i never saw or had sex with a dog again. Like then wherever we moved since our landlords never let us have any animals which is sad cause i never had the opportunity since. Anyways there i think thats it yes im shy and embarrassed but this feels so free to admit and be open about it idk what else to say so if u have ?’s ask idk also this is like my first time ever writing a story like this so im sorry if i did poorly :/

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  • Reply Rebecca ID:305801649k

    I’m curious about how long a dog can go before he cums

    • DeepWinter ID:45mjkikxt09

      I caught my sister fucking my dog once. She doesn’t know I saw. They were going at it for about 20 mins. After he came, he was still knotted inside her for 20 more minutes.

    • Jep22 ID:5xr7kaj42

      Can we chat elsewhere Rebecca

    • Red Bone ID:mmqd64tnlc9

      Not at all really. As soon as they get hard and their knot swells they start cumming. Ours was cumming by the time we got his sheath past his not and he barely had a knot started.
      A dog can start cumming before he even starts humping and will continue cumming long after he’s through actually fucking. The fucking Is usually fast and furious and over before even the quickest guy can cum.
      But that part is only getting you set up for the part that most girls look forwards to.

  • Reply ALC ID:1d1qsckeyufc

    My wife loves fucking and knotting our lab. I enjoy watching and join in sometimes. Nothing wrong with that. We could chat if you desire

  • Reply Guy ID:1dga6z8qwkdt

    Absolutely loved it, wanting nothing more than to help you make this happen again. Will tape it and join in as you are getting fucked so good from large dog. You moaning out for dad, mmm you being my daughter. Please email me [email protected]

  • Reply Michael ID:1d91dbndnlx2

    This is one of my favorite fantasies.. would love to watch in person

    • [email protected] ID:1drbbine3bvo

      I just hope i get to experience it again

  • Reply Emma. H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Wonderful just loved it and made me want to fuck my dog again.

  • Reply P ID:1ek20j65d0

    You shouldn’t be embarrassed because you were just a kid. I’m 12 and I so stupid things that I regret

  • Reply Merbon ID:a6tamyv0

    On the contrary, I think you did a fine job telling your story. I loved every detail, and honestly there’s no need to feel embarrassed. What you did is way more common than you probably would ever believe.

    • [email protected] ID:1d0m2sh46qn9

      Aww well ty that makes me feel a bit better!!

  • Reply Bigmac10inch ID:1e3m1hihvgbg

    I would love to be there and after the dog gets his I would give you more such a turn on

    • [email protected] ID:1d0m2sh46qn9

      I think id like that too plus i need someone to film my next time if i ever get to again!

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1cw6thgluc5p

    Julles I simply loved the story and glad you posted it. I have helped a few GF’s get knotted and it is such a turn on especially with my cock buried deep in her throat.

  • Reply Hornydom ID:nnn4gwxic

    You need to find a place that allows you to have dogs for sure! No judgement and you shouldn’t be embarrassed. That’s so fucking hot! I’d love to hear more about the other times.

    • [email protected] ID:1d0m2sh46qn9

      Ty for liking it!! And well you can always email me hun!

  • Reply Sweetlilnectar ID:bkbx67z20k

    I want to let my dog lick

  • Reply Sweetlilnectar ID:bkbx67z20k

    mmm what about a stray in the park? This makes me curious about my dog

  • Reply Fan ID:bkc6qgbb0d

    Can I fuck next ??

  • Reply Horny 69 ID:1ck6yj0ut7q9

    You’re old enough to get your own dog now.

    • [email protected] ID:1d1kj2qpytos

      Yeah but where we live our landlord wont let us have animals sadly

    • Sick to the core ID:1d3hm1rxa2o4

      I have a German Shepherd and a Yellow Lab that several woman and a few girls get to enjoy when they feel like having that sort of fun. Mostly I watch and sometimes I join in.

  • Reply Unknowingeye ID:1ew2fb324h1k

    How was this rape