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How my family made me a cumslut pt 6

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My dad found iut about my slutty ways, he isnt to happy, but he is horny

This happend after the orgy in the last part, im in my room when my dad got home, now for some backstory ive never had the best relationship with my dad, it seemed like everything i did either pissed him off or dissapoint him

He came in the house and beat on my door before opening it without me saying anyting, he shows me footage of our orgy

“What the fuck is this!?” He shouted

“D-daddy im sor-”

“No if ur so much of slut that you’d fuck your own brother, then i have just the punishment for you”

He pulles out his cock and its ungodly, at least 15 to 17 inches, he stuffs it down my throat and fucks my face aggressivly, im crying fo him to stop but he cant hear me do to his cock being in my mouth

He pulles out and i can barly speek my throat feels like it just got fisted

He pushes and holds me down as i try and get away, he rips off my shorts and shoves his cock into my ass, all of it, i scream out in pain as he rearanged my insides, hes fucking me ruthlessly, his cok feels like its in my stomach, he rapes me for another 10 mins as i just lay there weeping, he lets a loud grunt and cums into me i gag and spit up cum

He spreads my legs and starts to stretch out my pussy i cry out in pain

“Were gonna make a baby you little whore” he says pushing deeper into my pussy

My mom rushed into the room as soon as she got home, sara had been texting her about whats going on and was to scarred to do anything

“What the fuck are you doing you sick bastard” she says fuming

Ill spare you the grim details about there argument but long story short that night i went to the hospital for my fucked throat, my ass is okay since it was used to being abused

My dad was arrested and charged for varuis things and my mom had divorced him for obvious reasons, after a few months our lives changed massivly, but for the better i feel,

I want to note my mom knew about the orgy and how much of a slut i was, but she supported me, she liked how i was exploring myself and fufilling my needs as a woman, she was a vary sexual person and normaly roamed nude when she was home

I know this part was grim and personally hard to write but i want you all to know this story has a happy ending with many more fun horny tales to cum 😉

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    What is your bra and panty sizes and do you save your nether region?

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      bro stfu writing this in every story, wat the fuck is ure name dumbass bitch