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Special Education (part 1)

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The story of a 14 year old girl who lives in a town where sex is encouraged and is taught in all grades of school.

Cara stepped off of the big yellow bus and began to walk the last block to her house. She knew her mom, Lara, would be there, waiting with questions about her daughter’s day. Cara opened the front door and called out “Mommy, I’m home!

“In the kitchen, honey! Come tell me about your day.”
Cara, 14 years old, her Mom Lara, her Dad Frank, and her 9 year old sister Karen lived in a nice house in a very unusual town. Cara’s family had moved here a few years ago because of the open beliefs the townspeople held about sex. In Buff, New Hampshire sex was open and free no matter what your age. Sex Education was taught in school from elementary through high school using the Demonstrate and Practice method. The teachers demonstrated new sexual techniques then the students practiced them under the watchful eyes of their teachers. Those students picked to be part of a demonstration were looked up to. Outside of school, people openly had sex with voyeurs enjoying the show.

Cara ran to the kitchen jumping up and down and grinning from ear to ear. “Mommy, it was my turn to be the “Fluffer in Sex. Ed today. Lara new well what a “Fluffer” is. A Fluffer is the person who prepares men for sex, by giving blowjobs to get them aroused. “Mommy, there were 6 boys and 7 girls in class today so I sucked 6 cocks. It was great!” Then, because we were short one boy, Leah had no one to practice on. So Mr. Vernon asked me to escort Leah to Mr. Darcy the Assistant Principal. He called us in and asked Leah what lesson we were on. She told him we were learning “Doggie” style. So he layed Leah across his desk. Then he took out his big organ and fucked her until she screamed through an orgasm. Then he told her to sit down and he called me over and fucked me, too! I climaxed twice before he came all over my ass. His huge cock felt so good against my cunt walls, Mommy!” Mr. Vernon dismissed us saying “there is your practice lesson for today, girls!”

“Wow, you had quite a day sweetheart! Mr. Darcy sounds like someone I’d like to meet! But will you have enough energy left to take care of Daddy this evening?”

“Sure Mommy, I’m never too tired to enjoy that beautiful cock as he fucks me in both holes. You will be there to watch won’t you. I love when you describe what it looks like as Daddy’s cock slides into my twat! And I need you to lick off the cum and clean me up when they are done!”

“Go wash your pussy, honey, Daddy will be home soon and I want you to smell fresh so when he eats you out it will taste good. Your dad loves to lick your folds and tickle your 14 year old clit with his tongue before he fucks your pretty little cunt. You know, I may also partake of the deliciousness of your tight little cunt! I want to lick you until you are very wet and ready for daddy’s 8 inches. I love to watch Daddy’s big dick slide into your little bald Cooter while you beg your Daddy for more cock!”

A few minutes later, Frank, the girls’ father, arrived home from work. He kissed his wife, then his daughter Cara. Cara hugged her father and moved her hand to his crotch while Lara watched and smiled. Cara moaned and kissed her dad hard on the lips prompting Frank to rub Cara’s pussy through her skirt. “Alright you two, save it for the bedroom! Let’s eat dinner so we can get down to it right after” admonished Lara.

Just then, 9 year old Karen came running in from school. “Guess what, Mommy, I learned how to give a blowjob today!”

“That’s my girls! You make Mommy proud – I can’t wait to tell Gramma!”

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