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I wish it was me part – 19

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Daddy carried me upstairs to my bedroom and laid me on the bed. Daddy looked at me lying there with complete love and devotion in his eyes. Daddy slowly removed my nightgown, say that he had pictured my first time being more planned out and celebrated, but he knows how much he had already disappointed me by making me wait; and honestly, he couldn’t wait any longer. Daddy stood by my bed as he undressed, never letting his eyes leave my naked body.
Once daddy was naked, he kneeled at the side of my bed and let his hands wander all over my body, telling me how perfect my baby girl body was, so small, delicate and just a hint of the woman I was to become one day. My stomach was so flat, and my chest just had the slightest bumps that would start to grow one day….daddy said my almost flat chest made me look so desirable and he couldn’t wait until my boobs were forced to grow to accommodate the milk they would produce for our baby. But most of all, he adored my compact, almost invisible and bald pussy. As much as daddy knew I had experienced all types of sexual enjoyment with him and mommy, my pussy looked so untouched, pure and innocent.

As daddy moved down my body, he shifted his body to between my legs and placed my legs over his shoulders. Daddy just started at my pussy, he said it was so beautiful and after today it would be different, it would know the pleasure a man’s cock can provide it and it will desire those sensations often. Daddy slowly opened my pussy lips with his fingers, moving his face closer, I expected his tongue to start licking me, but he stopped and continued to stare. I could feel his breath on me, he was so close, but he wasn’t blowing on my pussy, he was just breathing. His fingers explored me, opening me up, slowly stroking the inside of my lips, but avoiding my clit. He sighed and said how small my pussy looked, that he could barley see my opening, but knew is cock would find a way to stretch me to accommodate him, that at 10-years old, I was ready to have my daddy’s cock in me….just hearing my daddy say those words to me at my pussy aching for his touch, I felt myself get wetter in anticipation of daddy using me, loving me, finally giving me what I needed and wanted.

Daddy’s tongue flicked against my opening, he moaned as he tasted me, he said I was so sweet, a special treat that no words could describe, and I was his, which made it all better. His seed brought me into this world and now he was getting me ready to accept his seed deep in my pussy, to eventually plant his seed in me and start a new generation. At that moment he looked up from my pussy and made eye contact with, he said, baby girl, you do understand that once I start putting my cock in you there will be no stopping, my cock and seed will be in you often. I just shook my head in affirmation, I understood this, and I told my daddy, I wanted his cock in me for a long time now and I never wanted it to stop. Just like when he licked my pussy or I sucked his cock for all these years it has been, we never stopped, I couldn’t stop. I told my daddy I was so happy we had our special relationship and I never wanted it to stop, I need my daddy’s love. Oh and I also needed my mommy’s love, I knew how special I am.

Daddy never stopped making eye contact with me when he said that he would be putting a baby in me, did I understand that this would happen? I hadn’t really thought about it, but I nodded my head yes, I understood there would be a baby in me. I wasn’t sure when this would happen, but I wasn’t worried about it; daddy would take care of me, I knew that.

Daddy said, OK, I guess you are ready as he lowered his head to my pussy and started licking my clit, making my head go back into the pillow and my eyes rollback. Daddy put a finger in my pussy and was moving it around quit vigorously, not so much in and out as side to side, then I felt daddy add a second finger, quickly followed by a third. It hurt….I have never felt so full before, I tried to relax and focus on my breathing….telling myself, I wanted this, I couldn’t tell daddy it hurt, I didn’t want to make daddy stop. Daddy continued to use his tongue and fingers on me, it was becoming a little less uncomfortable, but I wasn’t close to climaxing yet.

Daddy pulled away and laid down on the bed beside me, his cock was very hard, so much so, it was elevated from his body and not resting on his stomach like it does sometime. I was moving my body down to suck on daddy’s cock when he stopped me. He said I could suck on him later, right now he needed to in my baby pussy. Daddy told me to straddle his hips with my pussy above his cock. He said this position would help me control the speed and depth of how much of his cock I took in my pussy.

Daddy got his hands wet with his mouth and then rubbed the head of his cock, adding to the moisture his cock was already producing on its own. My pussy was already so wet, I didn’t think it would be a problem. Daddy held his cock upright and told me to slowly lower my pussy down on his cock. I moved my hips down and slid upwards until I could feel daddy’s cock at my pussy opening. I looked daddy in eyes and he encouraged me to push down, he said I could do it, and I was ready for it. I pushed down, and as I did, daddy’s hands moved from his cock and wrapped themselves around my hips, as I pushed down daddy was holding my hips down, keeping my pussy on the head of his cock. I tried pushing my pussy down some more, but the pain was coming back, I started to panic, maybe daddy’s cock couldn’t fit in me….I wanted this so badly and I know my daddy did too and now I was going to start disappointing my daddy.

Daddy saw the distress on my face and just cooed for me to relax, to trust him, he would take care of me and just having the tip of his cock at my pussy entrance was such a beautiful site he would help me fit his cock in me. As daddy held my hips down, I felt his pelvis thrust up, moving the head of his cock a little deeper in my pussy. Daddy groaned and said this was the most amazing feeling he has ever had, beyond his wildest dreams, to be putting the head of is cock into his baby girl, he had waited forever for this day. As daddy continued to push his cock in me, it was slowly entering me, it felt so big and I still doubted that my body could stretch enough to accommodate him. In this moment I realized how small my body was in relation to my daddy’s large body, I had never really made the comparison before, his large body dwarfed my body and here I was straddling him trying to get his man-sized cock in my baby pussy. (Years later I would realize from experience that my daddy’s cock size was above average and I was proud of myself for accommodating daddy’s large cock when I was still such a young child.) Daddy continued to hold my hips down as he pushed his cock deeper into my baby pussy, the pain was excruciating, my daddy’s face showed complete joy and pleasure as his cock was slowly forcing its way into my young pussy; tears were running down my face, but I did not sob, I knew I was providing my daddy with an immense amount of pleasure and I just focused on that. Daddy then moved part of his cock out of me slowly, that provided me with some relief, then he thrust back into me slowly, again, sliding a little out at a time and putting a little more in with every upward thrust. Daddy watched me intently, the tears running down my face had slowed, the pain was either tolerable or I was just accustomed to it now? Daddy groaned as he pushed his cock a little deeper in me, telling me how he had over half of his cock in me now, how he has never felt such a tight pussy and perfect pussy as mine, his baby girl’s pussy that he now had complete access to.

I lost track of time, I just let my daddy slowly open my pussy up, laying claim to the part of my body that until now had eluded him. I felt a deep attachment to my daddy at this moment, all his gentle touches and caress had led to this pinnacle moment, how over the last few years daddy was getting me ready to accommodate his cock and bring him immense pleasure. In that moment I understood what my body was made for, it was made to provide my daddy (and mommy) with pleasure, in the loving way they touched me, coached me, allowed me to become the sexual person I had already developed into. In that moment I fully surrendered my body to my daddy and felt my hips naturally drop to accommodate the remainer of his cock which hadn’t penetrated me yet. My daddy groaned loudly, with his eyes closed, his hands firmly held my hips down to him, keeping his cock deeply buried in my pussy. Daddy’s hips thrusted trying to get his cock as deep as possible while also not taking any of his cock out of my pussy, I felt like our bodies were glued together at that moment, we had become one.

Daddy held me there for a moment and groaned for me not to move, he was so close to filling my pussy with his seed, but he didn’t want to cum yet. Daddy pulled my body down to him and wrapped his arms around me as he bent his head down to kiss the top of my head. Daddy just held me close and told me how much he loved me, how perfect I was, how tight my pussy is and how incredible it felt caressing his cock, my pussy trying to nurse the seed out of his cock, even my pussy knew what it needed.

Daddy held me close as he rolled me over onto my back….his body pinning me to the bed, I was having a difficult time breathing. Daddy started to move his hips, slowly he was sliding a bit of his cock out of my pussy and pushing it back in, deep, as deep as he could get. The pain I had earlier seemed to have disappeared, but the new sensation was just overwhelming, I felt like my hips were being spread apart to accommodate my daddy’s cock inside my small body; I’m sure there was some truth to that, my hips had to give, something did, to have a man’s cock love a child’s body.

Daddy only moved his hips a few times, then I felt daddy’s back stiffen under my hands, and he sighed so deeply as I felt his cock get larger in me and I felt his cock pulse repeatedly. As my daddy continued to moan and groan as his cock was dancing inside my pussy. After daddy’s cock stopped moving in my pussy he just held me there, with his cock deep inside me, I felt some wetness start to leak from my pussy and go down to my bum….I was guessing it was my daddy’s cum being forced out of my tight small pussy.

Daddy lifted his head and looked at me, then his lips came down and gave me a long lingering kiss, it had so much love in it, I just melted into him, I knew I had made my daddy very happy that made me happy. Daddy lifted his body, but his cock was still buried deeply in my baby pussy. He said he was sorry that he couldn’t last longer, and he knew I didn’t get my climax, but my pussy was more amazing than he could have ever imagined and he lost control and needed to fill me with his seed. He promised that going forward he would be more considerate of my needs and I will find more enjoyment with his cock buried deep inside my pussy. He said he knew the first time he penetrated me would be difficult for me, I was so young and tight, it was a lot for my body to accommodate a man’s cock, but he knew I could do it.

Daddy said he was going to run me a bath so I could relax my pussy, because he said he would need to put his cock in me one more time today….so I needed to rest. As daddy slowly took his cock out of me, he watched all his white cum slowly leak from my pussy, he just murmured – beautiful, and gave my pussy a little kiss.

My daddy continued to fuck me, after the first three / four times, my pussy adjusted to his large hard cock and it was amazing, my pussy craved his cock, I couldn’t get enough. Sometimes I would get home from school and flip my skirt up and bend over one of the chairs in the living room and call my daddy in the room under the pretense of needing something (I did need something). He would walk in the room and see my ass in the air, he would come over and rub his hands on my cotton underwear and slowly move the crotch to the side as he ran his fingers through my slit feeling how wet and eager I was. Then he would take his cock out and penetrate me with one deep thrust, depending how worked up I was before I got home to daddy, I could sometimes achieve orgasm by his third or fourth thrust in me, I was thankful the furniture was there to support me. To have my daddy fill me with his seed was the best feeling in the world.

About six month after my daddy started putting his seed in me, we were planning my 11th birthday party. I hadn’t been feeling very well for the last couple of weeks, so my parents wanted to make the party extra special. We invited lots of friends and had lots of food, it was a nice afternoon in the backyard. And my parents had started to pay extra attention to me.

A few weeks after my party I was in the shower with mommy, I was nursing on her breasts and just relaxing having her run her fingers through my wet hair and cooing how amazing I was making her feel. I don’t think I could ever get tired of nursing on mommy’s big breasts, they were so perfect and comforting. Mommy just sighed and said soon you can have your breasts nursed on. I really didn’t think anything of it, but she was right my breasts seems to be getting bigger overnight.

Later that night I was watching a movie with daddy, and I was feeling especially horny, so I crawled over to daddy’s lap and straddled him with my back to his chest. I felt his cock get ridged under my bum, so I moved my nightgown up and asked him to get his cock out. He just sighed and opened his pants to let his cock out, I slipped my already wet pussy down his cock and just rested like that for a moment. It was always so comforting having my daddy’s cock in me, like a pacifier, just for a different part of my body. I was slowly moving my body back and forth gyrating on his cock, I wanted the slow enjoyment of our connection, I was in no rush to have our love making end. But I did know it would end with his seed deep inside me, which only made my sleep that much better.

As I was slowly rocking on my daddy’s cock, he was holding my lower stomach, he usually held my hips, so this was something new. I actually had recently starting to become self conscience about my stomach, I was gaining weight in my stomach, I like the weight I was gaining in my boobs, they seem to be getting larger everyday, but I didn’t like that I was getting fat.

Two months later, summer break was just about to begin, I had just finished grade six and would be starting grade seven in the Fall. The weather was getting warmer and I wanted a new bathing suit, I wondered if my mommy would get me my first bikini, but I didn’t know if I really wanted a bikini because I had gotten so fat, I didn’t anyone to see my belly. I started mopping around the house and didn’t want to go out, my mommy and daddy noticed that I wasn’t my usual cheery self.

The first week of summer break, and we were at the breakfast table they asked me, what is wrong, I am not like myself anymore, what is bugging me. I kind of snapped at them, which was very out of character for me, and said, can’t see I’m getting fat, I’m ugly, my friends will start making fun of me.

My parents just looked at me and started laughing. I yelled at them, how could you laugh at me, I’m fat and I’m your daughter and you think it is funny to laugh at me. Daddy opened his arms to me and said come here. I went to my daddy and he pulled my nightgown up and he took his hard cock out of his pants, he told me to climb on his lap and put his cock in my pussy. I did as he asked with no hesitation, no matter how bad my mood was, I couldn’t resist my daddy’s cock in my pussy. Daddy slowly rocked me on his cock and asked me, what are we doing? I told him we are making love….and daddy said what happens when we make love, I told him we both make each other feel good and cum. And daddy said, when I cum in you, what am I doing? I though for a moment and said, you are putting your seed in me. He nodded his head in affirmation, of that, he said remember the first time I put my cock in you, I told you I would be putting my seed in you and eventually I would be putting a baby in you. I said yes, I remember, then I asked him, when did he think he was going to put a baby in me?

Daddy just held my by the chin and looked in my eyes and said, baby, you are already carrying our baby….I looked at my daddy and said how? I never got that menstruation so I could have a baby. Daddy just said, I guess your body decided to become fertile, and since I put my seed in you every day I guess I put a baby in you before we even knew your body was getting ready for our baby.

I was shocked, I was pregnant? I was carrying my daddy’s and my baby…..Daddy just held me closer and gave me a deep kiss as I could feel his cock expand in my pussy and fill me with his seed, I had no idea he was so close to climaxing. I just looked at daddy, he said he just so excited telling me that my body was carrying our baby, that he had successfully bred me and I should have our first child before I was 12. My dad was about 47 years old and he had successfully bred his 11 year old daughter….I had just made my dad a very happy man and that wasn’t lost on me. I had never felt closer to my daddy.

From that day forward daddy would kiss and caress my belly talking to our baby I was caring for him / us. I was hoping I would give my daddy a daughter, another girl he could love as much as me. My belly continued to grow big and I adored it, especially as my boobs got bigger with it. My parents didn’t send me back to school in the Fall, they didn’t want me to be made fun of. My small frame and this large belly wasn’t something I could hide. I loved to place daddy’s hand on my belly as the baby started to move, daddy looked at me so lovingly when he could feel his baby move inside me, his daughter.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, daddy and I were lying in bed, we were spooning, he was behind me, he had just finished filling my pussy with his seed, we found lying sideways was a good position for sex because of how large my belly had gotten.

I asked daddy what are we going to do after this baby is born. He asked me what did I mean? I said to him, that I know we could use birth control, I could go on the pill, as much as I wasn’t sure what that was, I had heard about it. Daddy said, no, no birth control. I was his daughter and my purpose was to be bred by him, my daddy. Daddy said he will breed me continuously until I was 16, however many children I bare him before that age, that is how many children we will have together. At 16, I was getting too old to have babies, just like my mother, he wouldn’t breed me past the age of 16. I just smiled and snuggled deeper into my daddy’s arms and whispered, OK daddy, whatever makes you happy.

I hope you enjoyed my story!

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7j3f7m4

    I wish it was me, it was fantastic to say the least and very well written. Nothing is better then breeding a 10 or an 11 year old. I had a friends sister that we breed yet there were 4 of us sharing her. She never even had her first period either yet did not know who was the father. Her parents were pissed yet treated her like gold. All the guys chipped in a and bought so much baby clothes and stuff she was completely set for over a year .
    Thank you again for sharing

  • Reply A. ID:1d05rigdwlif

    He needs to keep breeding you until he can’t breed anymore