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Fucked By My Dad

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He pulled me over his legs and started to spank me. After about 20 hits my butt was bright red and burned like hell.

Our dad walked in and saw us. His jaw dropped open and his eyes were wide. Then he got really angry.
“Lillian! Come with me!” He yelled, motioning for me to follow him.
I stood from the bed and followed him outside of Morgan’s room, the dog hot on my heels. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me to my room. He slammed the door shut and locked it. He tugged me to my bed and he sat down. He pulled me over his legs and started to spank me. After about 20 hits my butt was bright red and burned like hell. He kept hitting me until tears ran down my cheeks and I lost count. His dick was hard and pressed up against my stomach. He kept hitting me for what seemed like forever then he stopped. He pulled me up so I was straddling his legs, his hard dick rubbing against my clit.
“Arms up!” He commanded and I happily obliged. My dad is a total DILF. He had shaggy brown hair, thick muscles, tattoos, plumb lips, pretty blue eyes, and I later found out a ten inch dick.
I raised my arms and he yanked off my t-shirt. I pulled his up and he took it off. He reached around my back and unclipped my bra. He tosses it on the grown and took my breasts in his hands, squeezing and playing with them. He bent his head down and sucked one of my nipples and started to play with the other one. He nipped me, causing me to let out a moan of pleasure. He trailed kisses up my chest and neck up to my lips. We made out for a long time before he pinned me to the bed. He took two pairs of handcuffs and strapped me to the bed. He yanked off my yoga pants and panties and started to lick my clit. He went down on me until I came. He swallowed it all and took off his pants. He lined up his rock hard dick with my hole. He pushed all the way in, causing me to let out a load moan. He bent down and kissed me to quiet me down in case my brothers or mom came home. He continued to fuck me until we came together. He pulled out of me and lapped up the cum that dripped out of my slit. He undid the handcuffs and brought his clothes with him as he left my room, leaving me to clean myself up.

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