Adventures with Kitty; The Amy Chapters

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This story is true, an actual life experience of mine

I have always been a horny little girl- even before I knew what horny was! I can remember rubbing my little sugar pussy to feel good as early as 3 or 4, humping my stuffies and pressing on my hard little clit with my pudgy fingers.
I didn’t know what sex was, but I did know that my little kitty loved to be pet. I have lots of stories to tell but I want to start with this one-
When i was about 9 ir 10 years old my best friend Amy lived just down the street from me. We were at the age where her parents would leave us alone in the house and not worry about our safety.
Like most kids that age we were nosey, and one afternoon while snooping in her parents room after being left alone we found some dirty magazines. From what I know now those pics would be considered soft porn, but the naughty ladies in the magazines were doing something to me.
I could feel my tiny pussy tighten and get wet, my little clit swelling up at the sight of those big sexy boobies and hairy slits on the pages in front of my eyes. All I could think about was sucking on the big nipples and humping my naughty kitty on the fat titties.
I was getting so turned on I had to excuse myself to the bathroom so I could touch my throbbing little cunt. I went in and locked the door, pulled a towel off the rack and straddled it. Slowly I rubbed my dripping pussy back and forth, pushing harder on my clit each time I went forward.
It only took a few minutes for me to have one of those sweet little girl orgasms- cute moans and tiny grunts-
When I opened the bathroom door Amy was standing there with a surprised and scared look on her face! I was so embarrassed I dashed out of the front door and ran all the way home-
The memory of the naughty ladies showing their girl parts fed my fantasies for the next week or so. But I knew that I needed more- I didn’t know of what but my little kitty had her own ideas…

If I get enough encouragement I will continue this series
But I do have some fiction to share as well
Thank you for reading- me and kitty hope it made you want to cum

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    Really hot story. Could you please dm me on instagram?

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    My Insta is d3rkling if you want to have some kinky fun with me.

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    I just posted the second in the Amy series

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    You also doing my pussy wet and i am waiting for more hot stories.

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      Ladies add me on snap karlie_rae16

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    I give you 4 stars to motivate you to tell more stories about your hypersexuality.

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      Thank you Jane- more stories about me exploring how best to please my greedy little kitty to come