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Fuck my neighbor son

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My 13 years old neighbor son used to come by me to do homework, his parents wasn’t home, mine wasn’t home too neither, so I finished his homework, then he was copy it down, while I gone for a shower. The guy went in my phone and saw some of my nude pics in my phone. While I came back I saw he staring at me, I asked him what’s the matter, he just smiling, he said I looked sexy, I felt Lil embarrassed because I was wrapped with my towel only. Sometimes he actually does said some crazy stuff, I didn’t worry with him I gone to my room to changed. He called me n said he didn’t understand what I wrote for him to copy, I wasn’t finished change so I was standing next to him wrapped with my towel, the guy asking me how much girls I fuck already, I didn’t answer him, suddenly my dick started to point forward in the towel, he asked can he see it, I got rock hard hard, I laughed and told him only if u suck it then I will show u, I though he was joking, he didn’t respond, he just looking at it and eventually he grab it n squeeze it through the towel , I lost control of my self and pull the towel off and pull his face toward it and I slip my dick in his mouth, I just fuck his mouth till he started to gagging, I pull out and ask if he OK, he said yes and he loved it. I told him let’s go in my room, he didn’t hesitate, he got up and we went in the room. He lie down n I was kissing him and romance him, I licked and eat that ass till he begged me for fuck him. I use spit as lube and I slide my 6 inch in his tight ass. He felt pain at first after a few banging he started to enjoy it, and I start to fuck him more hard, I saw he ejaculated and he didn’t even touch his dick. that ass so tight I decided to ejaculated in his ass. It felt so great fucking that tight ass.
Since that day on I fucking him, sometime he does come sleep by me, and I does press cock on him

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