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Author: Chloe

Random stories

He shoved his dick inside me, it was warm and I felt it as it rubbed against my insides, he immediately pushed deeper and deeper until he was hitting against my cervix. Just beyond... #

671 words | 2 |4.56

I watched my friend and her dad fuck

So I spent the night at my friend’s house a few weeks ago and her dad has been sending me videos of him fucking my friend. It started out with me and my friend swimming in her... # #

512 words | 14 |4.65

My first lesbian experience. Pt 1

So I had a few of my friends staying over and we decided to go swimming at a secret waterfall by my house around midnight or so. I’ll refer to my friends as Lucy, Kelly and Taylor.... # # #

247 words | 4 |4.30

Me and my teacher

3 years ago I got a message from a boy of my school telling me that it was not very appropriate what I did with my math teacher. I asked him what he was talking about and he sent me... # #

213 words | 4 |3.14