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Heteroflexible Part II

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“They’re gonna do it,” our daughter told her little brothers when they left. Giggling, I breathed a sigh of relief, because that’s all she guessed…

We sent them off to spend the night with their grandparents, my wife’s folks picked them up, so we could have the house to ourselves, but not be alone.

“Okay,” my wife said, “They’re gone,” and hung up the phone. Of course, I was nervous, and excited at the same time, but he must’ve been waiting around the block, because no sooner had the inlaws driven off with the kids than a car pulled up right out front.

We met him, well. Okay, we got his number out of the back of a magazine. POP! My wife opened a bottle of champagne, which startled me, and made me jump. My fingers slipped out of the blinds, so I had to part the plastic slats again, and look out the window.

Watching him walk right up the driveway from the mailbox, and he didn’t even look around, suspiciously. If any of our neighbors looked out, and saw him. He wasn’t carrying any flowers, or chocolates, so they had no way of knowing that he was bisexual, and coming over to have sex with us.

Both of us, I remember him saying over the phone, when we called. “I like sex.” Which made sense to me. “I don’t really care about men, or women, I guess you could call me bisexual, but I prefer to think of myself as a hedonist.”

He knocked, and my wife came up behind me. “Go on,” hugging me low, and rubbing my tummy. “Let him in.” she nibbled my ear lobe through her lips.

I know, I have a bit of a gut, and I never was able to get rid of it, but she loved it, or at least told me that she did, and sometimes she couldn’t keep her hands off of it, but I don’t have to understand it. I stopped asking myself how I ever got so lucky, and eventually learned to be happy for myself, but it wasn’t easy for me.

Okay, he said “Any kind of sex,” over the phone, but after we got to talking a while, we come to find out that wasn’t exactly true. For instance, he didn’t really like the word Bisexual, because of those girls, in middle school. Bi-curious, I suppose, but they’ll tell everyone that’ll listen that they’re bisexual, because it’s cool, and they think it makes them interesting.

I don’t know, what I’m saying is we all have issues. Sexual issues, so when you say any kind of sex, with anyone, that leads to natural questions like what-if..? He doesn’t consider some things sex, like taking advantage of a confused little girl, that thinks she wants to be bisexual, but really doesn’t know what she’s talking about. That’s practically child molestation, if not rape, just like forcing yourself on someone who’s drunk, and their inhibitions are gone, but that’s not really them, it’s the beer talking, and I could definitely sympathize with that.

Or bestiality, necrophilia is obvious, but he made a joke about “Woof means yes?” and we all laughed. He’s a funny guy, with a great sense of humor, and not bad looking, but the point is that just because he’s bisexual doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have standards, he’ll fuck anything that moves, or he’s a predatory sex offender. A child molester, dog fucker, or a necrophiliac. “As long as it’s consenting adults,” that’s where he drew the line, and I could accept that.

She picked up the sparkling champagne flutes, where she set them down by the window, and handed one around my arm at the door. “Can I offer you a drink?” She held her’s over my shoulder, and I backed up, but I’m not a wine drinker. Even if it’s bubbly, like beer, it’s not the same, but I’m not drinking tonight. Even though the social lubricant might make me relax, and I’m nervous, I want it to be me. I don’t want to be too drunk to say no, I want to say yes, willingly.

“So, Maree was telling me, about your trick.” She nodded, and set down her glass, after a sip.

“Why don’t you show him?” She pulled my arm with her free hand, “Over here, on the couch.” Right here, where she caught me for the first time. It was only a couple years ago, but it felt like a lifetime, and I don’t know why I never told her, but all that wasted time. We more than made up for it, over the past couple years, but still. This was the next logical step, and he’s not a bad looking guy, but she set down her glass, and started on my belt.

“You guys don’t mind if I get undressed,” behind me, I shook my head, and closed my eyes, but I could hear his clothes rustling behind me. Right behind me, so i could almost feel his eyes on my ass, when my pants came down, and my wife’s hands slipped back up my legs. Her fingers gently cradling my balls, and her thumb lifting the limp dick to kiss the tip, and suck it into her lips.

“Huh!” I looked back, over my shoulder, and felt it swell. Harden almost instantly, when I saw his dick. Fully erect, and his fingers gripping it, to pull the tight stretched skin back, to reveal the large pink knob of the head. “You’re not circumcised?” I shook my head, and he looked down, as if nobody had ever told him before.

“Sorry, no. Is that a problem?”

“Oh, no.” My dick slipped out of my wife’s mouth, and sprang up. “Not at all,” I turned, and he looked down with a grin. “I just. Huh, I should have asked.” I shook my head. “Huh,” took a deep breath, and closed my eyes, so I could say this. “I always wanted an uncut cock.”

“Huh, well. I never got a chance to be with a guy, that was long enough, and flexible enough to suck himself. So, you get plenty of practice, even if it is your first time.”

I tried to swallow the lump in my throat, so I could say yes, but I just nodded, and sat down. Before my knees gave out, my wife let out a low moan. Quietly, laying back on the couch, with her legs wide open, and her fingers busy between them. I suppose we’re even. She never told me how much it turned her on, to even think of me being with another man, and seeing us together.

I never asked. I just shook my head, and licked my lips to get them wet. He stuck his thumb behind it, to hold it down, pointing straight out. Well, not completely straight, if you know what I mean. So, I closed my eyes, opened my mouth, and stuck my tongue out for my first taste of another man’s meat. “Huh, there.” he let go, and felt my face. His fingertips ran through my hair, and his pinkies bushed my ears.

The best part was actually when he started pulling out? Not all the way, but far enough for the skin to bunch up, and pop over the swollen, spongey oversized head. That was another thing, it was like. I don’t know, a dick, but unlike any dick I’d seen in magazines, or videos before, it wasn’t proportunate? The head was too large for the rest of it, which just stretched the foreskin tight, and now that I had it on my tongue, I could feel the sensitive ridge down the middle where it split. Then, he pulled the skin out through my lips. It popped out, and I could rub it bare with my tongue.

“Huh, yeah. You’re good at it.”

“Mhm!” I nodded, proud of my cock sucking ability. Lots of practice, but of course, the way I have to bend over, pulling my legs, ass over tincups. That left the head up side down, so I couldn’t rub the best part with my tongue like this. Just like I always wanted to.

“Ahm,” my wife cleared her throat. “I’m sorry, but I’m feeling a little left out over here.”

“Swop!” It bounced up, wet, and glistening with my spit, and the foreskin bunched up around the bottom, so I could see the split, right in front of me. I shook my head. “Sorry, honey, I.”

“It’s okay, I don;t want apologies, I just want to get fucked.”

So, I took my shirt off, and climbed on top of her. Between her legs, and got inside of her, but then Larry stepped up right next to the couch. He held his big headded cock out with his thumb, so I could suck it while I fucked my wife.

“Yeah, suck it. Suck that big hard cock, yeah. yeah yeah yeah, fuck me and suck that dick Harv.”

“Uph ph!” I shook my head, but I was so busy, between fucking and sucking, I had no idea how close I was. I couldn’t even feel it creeping up the back of my neck for once, so when it finally came, it was a complete surprise! “Ah fuck,” I collapsed. “Yeah, huh. Ah fuck yeah.” Was all I could say, gasping for breath, and overcome with the most intense orgasm I had in years. So intense, I couldn’t for the life of me remember the last time it felt so good, but she knows how much I love her talking dirty, while we make love.

Honestly, when we first met, it was a little shocking to hear those words come out of her mouth. It was a Sunday, and she was still dressed for church. She looked so innocent, and modest. Talking to her friends, and walking in the park, so that as they went past, I could hear them laughing at her jokes. Her dirty jokes, and I can;t even remember which one, but this was years, and years ago.

“Huh!” She felt my back, and ran her nails up to my shoulders. My neck to make me shiver, and goose bumps pop out, just the exact way she knows I like it, right after I have an orgasm. “So, how was it, your first blowjob?”

“Huh!” I tried to thing, but I just gave up. Let my eyes close again, and felt the grin spread across my face. “I don’t have the words,” i shook my head, “Incredible, and it’s such a nice dick.”

“I’m glad you like it.” He just stood there, naked, and looked down, smiling. “You have a nice ass.” He let his eyes go down my back, and I felt it tense up. As if anticipating a spanking, already warm from the first few swats, even though she hadn’t touched it yet.

“Oh, no.” I sat up. “Really?” I couldn’t believe it.

“Yeah, I bet it’s still nice and tight.”

“Well, whew!” My wife sat up, and wiped sweaty curls out of her eyes. “He’s not a total virgin. Back there, he lets me nail him from time to time.” She took my hand, in both of her’s, and patted the back. “So, what do you think. Are you ready?”

“Huh, I don’t know,” but if I don’t go all the way, I know that I’ll regret it. I’ll wonder, what I missed out on, just like I had ever since college, when that fag took advantage of me. I know, but he said it first. I asked him, if he was, and then stopped myself. No knowing whether to say gay, or homosexual, but he just smiled and nodded.

“A fag, yeah.” He said, “I’m a total fag.” In that soft, husky voice of his, that I somehow found incredibly sexy, with the beer goggles on.

“You think it’ll fit?” I eyed the big swollen head, suspiciously.

“Huh, yeah. It just takes longer to work it in, but trust me. It’ll fit.”

“Huh, okay. What do I have to do?”

“Nothing, just bend over, and try to relax.”

“Maybe we better go back to the bedroom, where there’s more room on the bed.”

“Yeah,” I was just happy to put it off, a few more minutes. To build up the anticipation, a little more, even though I’d given in, and accepted the fact that I was going to get fucked, in the ass, by a man. A real man, with a real dick, but of course we had butt-plugs that were bigger around at the base. They were hard plastic, instead of the firm spongey meat of his cock head, with the skin stretched tight over it, already starting to dry off.

“Huh, don’t worry.” My wife rubbed my cheeks, and spread them wide open. “He’s clean as a whistle, inside, and out.” I could feel her breath, and then hear her sniff. Taking a deep breath through her nose, before her tongue touched my balls, and snaked up to my taint. My crack, and she licked circles around my tight virgin pucker.

I remember the water bottle, in the shower, and the warm gush of the enema, before it popped out, and I had to rush to the toilet. Then, he got on the bed, and it lurched crazily with his weight. His big hardon, unfortunately clothed in dry rubber, but, I guess I can understand that. The idea of, even a tiny fleck of.

I gagged, but he patted my head, and shoved it in deeper. So, i relaxed my throat, and just let him press it in deeper. And deeper.

“Ugh, COCK!” I coughed, and spit it out, but somehow. She’d gotten 2 fingers in, I think. Past the first 2 knuckles at least, and twisted to wiggle them around up my bowels. “Huh, I’m ready.” I swallowed, and grunted when they popped out. I felt the spasm, and pucker. A little drop leak out from my prostate, and then he was behind me. The soft rubbery tip squeaked, and i tried to relax my sphincter, like I had my throat.

He’s right, it took a while to work it in, but when he finally popped through, it swelled, feeling me completely, and plugging my fuckhole a moment, before he gripped my hips, and started pushing himself deeper. And deeper, inch by inch. Even though it wasn’t as hard as the plastic buttplug, I could feel my bowel stretching around it, and pulling tight around the shaft, as it slowly pushed deeper.

“Ugh, ngh! Huh! Fugh!” I drooped, and wiped my cheek off on the sheet, but then my wife was there, with a pillow. Rubbing my shoulder, and my neck, her voice soothing, and I couldn’t even make out the words, but they didn’t matter.

I was in heaven.

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