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My neighbor Sue

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After Sue had escaped me I have wanted to get her before school would start. As luck would have it that day came.

Sue had short black hair, 4 foot 4, about 82 pounds which made her easy to grab and control. Had the adults not yelled for us that they were leaving, I would have never let her up. In my special room I had her pinned down screaming on the mattress. I was sucking her small breasts and nipples as she kicked and fought. It would been easy to have stripped her naked and raped her. That little virginal cunt of hers was ripe for the taking . What could she do after , I had her to scared to talk and to afraid at what I could still do to her.

I had vowed to get her before school started this year. Her little body was to yummy to have got away. Luck would happen and Sue’s parents were picking up my grandparents to visit some close friends of theirs They would all be gone till late in the day. Sue would be all alone at her house and I had no one her to check on me. Sue actually lived about a mile through the field. So after everyone left I walked over to Sue’s house.

They had a lot of bushes and trees so I could stay mostly hidden up to the house. I looked around the corner catching sue hanging some wash outside. I went to the front door and found it unlocked. I went in and tip toed up to Sue’s room. There I waited and checked out her personal things. It was not very long that I heard Sue coming up the stairs. She came in her room to put some clothes away. She never saw me as I came from her from behind. She screamed as I grabbed her tossing her down on her bed. What the fuck she yelled , what are you doing here Bishop? I had a devilish grin on my face. Sue screamed at me to get the fuck out of her room. I jumped at her pinning her down. She screamed and kicked to get me off. I had her wrists pinned back. She spit calling me a fucker as she struggled to get free.

I had ran a couple ropes under her bed which I was able to use to tie her wrists back to the head board. You fucking bastard, you god damn fucking bastard, Sue cried out then spitting at my face. I grabbed her shorts and pulled them down. This then left her in just her bikini’s and top. No no, no, Sue screamed don’t touch me you fucker. I then took ahold of her panties ripping completely off . Before she could scream at me I shoved them into her mouth and tape them so she could not spit them out. Sue struggled violently unable to make much of a sound.

Next I just ripped her top off baring both of her little breasts for me the squeeze and suck. I pinched and sucked her little quarter size nipples bring them to there hard points. I then let her struggle as I stood and got out of my clothes’. I could see the fear , the tears in her eyes as she look at my hard fat cock. Being close to 15 years old , my cock has been growing, I had a 6 inch hard on that wanted to eat her up. I got on the bed pushing her thin skinny legs wide apart, My mouth went for her cunt licking and sucking her . I stretched her vagina lips out with my mouth sucking the thin skin in and out . My tongue darted in to her tight slit. I worked her clit till Sue squirmed under me refusing to let go to me.

Sue could not push me away, I grabbed both her ankles holding them up towards her face. Her legs were now spread wide apart raising her butt slightly off the bed. I was between her legs lowering my self so that my cock was resting at her entrance. Sue could now feel my cocks head pushing her wet lips apart. I could see the anger and fear in her eyes as I slowly pushed. Sue twisted and scooted away but my cock still sunk in. In a couple inches and her hymen stopped me. I sat there for a few moments, her vagina tight, throbbing against my cock. Sue’s small chest heaved up and down then I thrusted hard breaking through the thin skin that that stopped me. Her body arched and muffled cries came from her. I could feel the blood and wet heat of her insides as I sunk in. Sue’s chest heaved up and down with her muffled cries. I began to fuck her hard and fast. Sue became wetter and wetter ., my cock soon disappeared completely in side her with each stroke . There was no fight left in sue, she just laid there quietly taking it. Because of how tight Sue was I soon started to come. A thick spray of my sperm started shooting way up into Sues womb. I pumped in and out until my balls hurt from coming into her.

I kept Sue tied up until late afternoon , I had fucked her two more times. I then untied her and made her clean her cunt up flushing out my sperm. Sue would not look at me. I told her that if she told anyone I would come back and get her . I would take pictures so that all her friend would see what she was. Then I have all my friend take turns fucking that deflowered cunt of hers. Sue just cried , she would not say anything for the fear that I had left her with . There would be more times to come that I would force Sue to fuck me and my friends.

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  • Reply bishop ID:8m0d8ot9hm

    Every time Sue sees me in school she whips me the finger and rushes away . Two of my friends Bob and Greg questioned what I had did to get that reaction. Bob is 16 and has his driver license , he and Greg often came out to the farm to see me. I finally gave them a tour of my secret room in the barn and then filled both in on what I did to Sue. They could not understand why Sue did not tell on me, I said because she was that scared of what more I could do to her if she told. She had seen some of my torture devices that I built here in this room so the threats to use them on her instilled a fear in her. Both guys would do anything for a chance at Sue, so I made a plan. That is the next story…

  • Reply Hothoofer53 ID:v7ieowcel27

    Part 2

  • Reply The wanker ID:8bvvy07zrj

    Aunt Karen will be proud!! Next time giver her one up the ass.