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Practice Doesn’t Count II

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The Next Day I went to Todd’s House to finally get to practice with Stella. My Cock was hard the entire way there.

I went to Todd’s house right on time. I was so excited that I was going to get to do stuff with Stella. I have eagened doing all kinds of stuff with her, but I never really thought I would ever have a chance to really do anything with her. Todd let me in and took me back to his room. He said Stella needed a little talking into it at first. She wanted to make sure she could trust me to never say anything. I told him that I will never tell the end of time. He said ok, that’s good. Next she wants to make sure there is no rough stuff, you must be gentle.
I promise I will be. Finally Todd said she wants to make sure you know the basics and then she will let you practice on her all you want. I told Todd I can do that.

Todd then told me to go ahead and take off all my clothes. I asked him why and he said so he can make sure I know all the basics. I told him I wasn’t going to let him do anything to me and there was no way I was touching him. He then said, that’s fine and then he told me to go home. After he had to talk her into it she is a little horny now. Todd said he will just have some fun with her and I can go home and play with myself.

I had myself so worked up and horney. I have been dreaming of her since the first day of school. I just have to have her no matter what. It was driving me crazy and the thought that he would be having fun with her just made my blood boil. So, I stripped off my clothes and just stood there as Todd removed his. My once hard erection that was throbbing at the thought of doing Stella, now is as soft and lifeless as a hotdog.

Todd came up in back of me and placed his arms under mine and thes started running his hands on my chest. He started squeezing and pinching my nipples. He said this is what girls like. Then he started kissing my neck and my earlobes. He told me to just close my eyes and think of Stella. He was then kissing me on the lips and as his tongue went in I just froze in disgust. He then told me that I better start getting into this. If he doesn’t give her a good report she won’t let him touch her. So, I kept my eyes shut and started kissing him back. Before I knew it he was kissing me down my neck, over my chest, down the belly and finally he was kissing my cock.

I just thought if I keep my eyes shut and keep thinking of Stella I could get through this. As I was thinking of fantasies to do with her, I realized that my cock was as hard as before. I was imagining that Stella was the one licking my balls and stroking and sucking my cock. It might not be the size of a grownup cock, but it was hard, hot, and throbbing. I didn’t last as long as I wanted. It was a good 2 minutes I’m sure. Then I blew my load. Something I have only had dribble or ooze out before. I finally know how it feels to have it shoot out. As I lay on his bed resting and feeling good. He tried to shove his cock in my mouth. There was no way that was happening. Stella doesn’t have a cock so there is no reason she has to know if I can suck one. Todd said that was true, but he would only give a good report if I did. He said he did it for me and no one would know.

So, I did. If she only knew what all I was willing to do just to have some sex with her. Todd unfortunately lasted a lot longer than 2 minutes. I licked up and down each side of that large cock. It made mine look like a tiny sausage next to his Polish sausage. I licked and sucked on it while my hand massaged his balls. I gently scraped my teeth over the head of his cock and sucked on the tip like a straw trying to get the cum out. I’m not sure how long I worked on it but it seemed like an hour. He was moaning and thrusting his hip into my face. His cock actually went into my throat several times, making me gag. Once he was holding the back of my head as he was shoving it down my throat and I couldn’t breathe. I got light headed for a few minutes. Finally he shot his load and unlike me, he shot several loads. He forced me to swallow them, but I kept gagging and a lot dribbled out of my mouth and down my face and neck.

Just when I thought I was done he flipped me over to my stomach and smeared vaseline on my butt hole and then that SOB shouved his cock in my ass hole. I tried to wiggle and buck him off, He was just too big and strong for me to get away. I kept telling him it hurt and it wouldn’t fit. He then kept telling me it would fit and he told me that I love it and that I wanted him to do this. Todd was crazy. He was living in his own world and wouldn’t listen to anything I said. I was yelling and screaming in pain. He refused to stop. He was telling me that I would let him do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted, so get used to it. I kept yelling at him and bucking. Looking back at it I think he liked the screaming and bucking. He finally shot his loads in my ass. The pain was indescribable. After the cum just kept dripping out. Later that night it would wake me up as I could feel more squirting out.

I told him that he better give Stella a good report. Then that SOB told me, “Don’t you get it yet. Stella knows nothing, I made it all up, so I could make you my toy. For now you belong to me and we will do it any time I feel like it.” I was so mad, I really wanted to kill him then and there. I told him I was going to tell him. I was going to tell my sisters, my mom and dad, and the police that he raped me and forced me to do it all. He knows my dad is a Marine and just might take care of him before the police could get to him. He started to come to his senses a little. He started to beg me to keep quiet and not tell anyone. He promised that I will be able to have sex with Stella in a week’s time if I promise not to say anything. So, I said if I get Stella I will never tell but I only gave him one week.

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