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I raped my daddy

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A true story, he still has no idea. I crave him everyday.

Ever since a young age I was hyper sexual, It started with looking up YouTube videos of animals mating and it slowly progressed. I would hump my stuffed animals and rub my clit, soon I knew how to orgasm.

I’d find anything to rub on, the arm of the couch, pillows, my favorite was humping the edge of my dads bed.

My mom was never around, it was always just me and him. I developed a crush on my dad, I thought we’d get married when I got older. My dad never did anything inappropriate with me unfortunately. I envy the girls who can have their father make love to them.

I was 11 when I saw my daddy’s cock, I’ve seen them in porn but it was a whole different experience knowing it was my dads. It was right in front of me. He didn’t see me there, he was drying his hair off with a towel, his body still wet, his big heavy cock soft but big. Is hung in a way that made my pussy ache.

I wanted to hold it, lick it, make it hard. I went in my room almost immediately and started humping my stuffed animal imagining my dads dick.

One night my dad had trouble sleeping, he decided to take extra strength melatonin. He didn’t do this often but sometimes he’s stressed with work and want a good nights sleep.

He was snoring so loud I could hear it in my room. I didn’t remember walking to the side of his bed but I was standing over him. I tapped him, nothing but snoring.

“Daddy?” I questioned. Nothing.

I was nervous but my curiosity urged me to pull back his blanket. My dad just in boxers. I was disappointed he wasn’t naked. I stared at him for a while before I was reaching down and pulling down his boxers slowly and as gentle as I could.

My heart was pounding, my pussy was soaking. I licked my lips seeing his happy trial, the dark hair tempting me to rip off his boxers.
I tugged them down to his knees. His big thick cock resting on his thigh.

I gasped at the sight. I watched his face as I wrapped my little hand around the girth, it was so warm. He continued with his snoring.

I moved my hand up and down pumping it, his big balls bouncing up and down as I did. It started to grow quickly, it made me wonder how long it’s been since my daddy fucked a pussy.

I got on the bed next to him, I leaned down my mouth watering and I wrapped my lips around his cock. It twitched as I did, my saliva dropped down his length. It was fully hard when I started bobbing my head, letting his dick hit the back of my throat. I gagged a bit I heard him groan before the snoring continued.

I stopped sucking, his cock slapping against his lower stomach. I took off my pants and panties. My wet hairless pussy throbbing for his cock.

I straddled him. His breathing never wavering. It got me excited, I’m going to use my daddy and he has no idea. I hover my pussy over him, grabbing his thick cock still wet with spit and slide him up and down my slit. The tip slipping in barely made me moan. I rubbed my pussy with his dick, it was twitching in my hand.

I didn’t even mean to do it. His cock jumped and it slipped in the whole head. I gasped. I sat there for a moment watching his face. He was still sleeping soundly as his daughter pleasured herself using him.

My pussy was slightly stretched with just the tip. I slowly lowered myself on him. The pressure hurting slightly but I kept going. He was halfway inside me, it felt so good. I leaned down and kissed his lips, slightly opened I slipped my tongue in. Making out with his limp body. I grinded my hips on him, his dick slowly coming in and out of me as I fucked him. He stretched my pussy deeply I couldn’t take it all.

“Oh daddy” I whispered. My clit rubbing against his happy trail made me orgasm the fastest I ever have. I moaned a bit too loud but still he never opened his eyes, he slightly whimpered through his snores. I loved that his body loved it.

Maybe his cock will crave my pussy again and he won’t know why. The thought made me grin.

It had only been minutes since I put his cock inside me. Then I felt it. Hot liquid shooting up into me. He groaned loudly. I gasped, wide eyed. I didn’t think about him cumming. Will I get pregnant?

The thought excited me.

I continued rocking my hips until his cock went soft. I kept him inside me. Like the videos I’d watch of dogs knotting to keep the cum inside.

Eventually I pulled him out of me, licking up the cum off his dick and pulled his boxers back up. I grabbed my pants and underwear and ran in my room. I layed on my bed and spread my legs. Watching the cum leak out of me. My daddy’s cum. I raped him.

I rubbed myself with the cum, sloppy sounds as the cream lubed up my sensitive clit. I brought my fingers to my lips and sucked them clean. Daddy’s cum tastes so good.

I wish I could say I did it again, unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity. I will forever crave his cock inside me. We should be together. He could make love to me and get me pregnant. He could lick my pussy as I breast feed our babies.

I’m 23 now and my dad still has no idea his cock has been inside his daughter.

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  • Reply Bob ID:1deo5fh0gu86

    It’s wonderful how you love your daddy. I think he would like knowing how strongly you feel about him. After you’ve been fucking him for a few weeks, you can tell him about how you enjoyed his cock that night!!!
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply Pual ID:fyhga60d1

    You should take a picture of your beautiful little pussy and put it on his pillow and leave him a note telling him that you want his fat daddy cock back inside of your beautiful little pussy

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1e6h5kv6dhia

    Oh wow that was masterfully written and I loved it. The only difference to me was my daughter barged into my room and demanded I fuck her at 9 year old. 9 years later she left for collage ending with a bun in the oven I had no clue about.

    • Ren ID:41ery97d1

      Didn’t you have a 10 year old that you fuck?

  • Reply OLD GRAMPA ID:1dinmhezxqb1


    • Wanking ID:1ck6kn637tf0

      In nj!

    • Bob ID:1deo5fh0gu86

      Where in NJ? I’m in Philly, PA. I’d love to chat with you.
      Love, sucks and fucks,

      [email protected]


  • Reply A. ID:h2f7zeynlxc

    You could always slip him a few extra strength melatonin in a drink, a few times to get your wish of him breeding you

  • Reply Dogg ID:1eimgwt0j

    Love the storie should test him wear a short skirt no panties bend over in front of him and see if he check s you out I know for a fact he would fuck you

  • Reply FA ID:2qmflxmmg5b

    Lucky daddy


  • Reply Barry ID:1dn47ttgpuq6

    Hello babygirl I wish I was your daddy.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:5qkulcycoia

    This was good. To bad there’s not more to this. Perhaps one day you’ll get another opportunity!

  • Reply Incest47 ID:712cx7z8rj

    Hello Babygirl if I was your dad you and me would be in Love with each other and I would love to have you for a daughter and we would be a Incest family breeding together and I have Proton Mail and it’s [email protected]