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Punish mom and my brother part 1

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I always bring jealous of my little brother. He must pay. This first part what I did to my sister

I’m Jimmy this happen earlier 1980. My mom have two son and 1 sister. I’m the older. Mom always like my little brother. He graduated high school and went to collage. Back in highschool I got suspended and and throw from high school for to many fighting. I’m a dark brown Dominican. I was 17. My brother was 15. My little sister was 10. My ex girlfriend was 12. I was in high school and she was in middle school. She was in the grade. One day we fuck in my car when I pick up from school. She was a beautiful white girl. Well I got her pregnant. Because of that I got to fight with the brothers and got suspended. The girl mom was the school director and throw me out of school. She break up with me. One day I saw my brother kissing her. I got so mad and start fighting with him. The police arrested both me and him. My mom bail him out and not me. I spend 40 day in jail. When I get out from jail my mom send me to military school. I spend 4 year . I find out my ex girlfriend have a baby girl. All four year my brother turn 19 and she turn 16 and my baby 3 year old. I find out my ex girlfriend parent give permission for my brother married her. I being send to a war on my graduation day that my my brother and mom never show up to my graduation. Only my sister show up on my graduation. That moment I was so happy see my sister. She turn 14. She spend all her chores money to buy a bus ticket to see me. She was so beautiful. She cut her hair short. I was 21 when I graduated. She was over weight like 200 pound but I didn’t mine. She told me how mom being mean to her because she was fat and now she stop paying chores money because she spend it to see me. I told her we can make mom more mad. Not even my brother didn’t want to help my sister because she was fat. I told her that I have to go away to fight a war and I don’t know when I coming back. She hug me and cry I coul feel her tits. I took her to my apartment. My roommates three guys and 4 girls from my military school was there. I told them that she was 18 and she is a midget and wasn’t my sister. A lies but if they find out the truth I could get go to jail and get kick out from military. I told them this. Hey guy look this hoe I met outside and we going to my room and fuck. One guy yell yes fuck that pig. Others yelling yes go fuck that hoe. My like sister didn’t mine those names. We got to my room we start kissing like crazy. I grab her big butt and remove her dress then her shirt and her training bra. I grab hard her tits and sucking and bitting her nipples. She was moaning ooooooooh yessss oooooooh yess. She was going moan saying oooooh my bro I told her to say master not brother while I when down start eating her pussy. It was fat pussy and taste greatest than my ex. I started finger her harder and harder she was having a organism OOOOOOOH OOOOOOOH YEES FUUUUUCK MY FUCKING PUSSY. Suddenly I hear my roommates yes give to her what a slut. I finger her more harder and harder she start screaming Oooooooh I’m going to pee. I told her is not pee is cum to go a head. She cum and squirt all my face. She was worry I told her don’t apologise she did good. . I told her now is my turn open your mouth. I unzip my pants and took mine 12 inch and put her on her mouth. I was fucking throat her as I cum and she swallowed. It taste so good she said. I told her I’m not done. I put my 12 inch inside her she scream OOOOOOOH it hurt take it out is too big. I told her no bitch just take it you going like it. I was keeping pounding her harder and harder blood coming out I told her fuck little slut sis you are a virgin and kept fucking her. She started moaning again Oooooooooooooooh Ahhhhhhhhhhhj yeeess fuck me fuck me. I was fucking her harder and harder. I turn her a fuck her doggy style and then she ride me. While she ride me I told her I’m going to cum. She said putting inside me she was still ride me harder and harder.scresming give your babies. Fuck I can’t believe she said that I cum a huge load inside her. We shower and fuck again in the shower. I gave her 1000 dollar to take a buy anything. Then I hear my 3 roommate told her we pay you 500 each us there guys and don’t tell the sergeant that you fuck your 14 old sister. My sister agree tell then ok give the money and I will fuck all three and please don’t tell your Sergeant. They took her to the couch. Suck all three guys and took turn fucking her. Then she went back home. We left to Pakistan and fight the war. Two of my roommate got died and other loose his leg. I received a letter from my sister with naked picture of her saying I have a baby twin girl you are the dad. They 2 year now. And in the letter she explained to me mom and brother find out. They throw out of the house with my babies. She have to stay but with a friend. And have to fuck and sleep with the friend for her to have a place to stay. In the letter she said that my brother have four children more with my ex. I wrote her back.

Dear my love,

I’m going to return back. Mom and Jimmy going pay what they done. I’m not mad your sleeping with your friend. My girls are beautifuls like her mom. I send you this key is from a house of a friend of mine gave to me before he died.He told me the house is mine. Go live there with mine girls and sending 3000 dollar to feed you and my babies. I send you my a pictures of my cock get ready for it when I arrived and make more babies. ( Part 2 is coming)

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  • Reply Aussiedigger56

    Agree, grammar makes it hard to follow, and story is pretty lame

  • Reply Scot

    VERY poor grammar. A middle school student can do better than this junk.

  • Reply Bob

    The story is good, but I think you should work on your English

  • Reply Anonymous

    Stupid ass story as always.learn how to fucking spell also.fucking boring.