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My brother ian catches me wearing mom’s girdle & nylons than he rapes me

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For my Ian to make him so horny for me from your girl Tara

When I was 13 years old I was home alone , my mom was at work and my brother Ian was out with
his friends . So I decided to go through my mom’s lingerie draw .

To my delight I found my mom’s girdle so I put it on and got a pair of gray stockings , I attached the
garter straps to the tops of stockings . then I tied the back laces of the girdle tight as I could in which
gave me that hour glass figure . I couldn’t believe how sexy I looked .

I found my mom’s 5 inch stiletto heels and put them on and as I looked at myself in the mirror I looked
like that porn star lady Sonia , she always wears those sexy ten strap garter belts with fully fashioned
nylon stockings . well as I’m walking around my house all dressed up trying to walk and maintain my
balance in my mom’s 5 inch heels , I heard the front door open and it’s my asshole 17 year old brother .

I don’t want him to see me dressed up like this because he’s a big time pervert . I caught him one time
with a pair of my white ballet tights and mom’s nylon stockings jerking off and cumming in them .

Well any ways I just about made it to my room when suddenly his hand came across my waist and he
picked me up as I screamed at him to let me go , he took me to his room as I’m kicking my heels up and down , he said , well little sister you look so sexy all dressed up like that , so you want to look like a porn star . well I’ll treat you like one . as I screamed he took this strap thing that I found out later on was a ball gag . he first tied my hands behind my back, then he put the ball gag into my mouth and tightened it around my head so tight that my mouth was opened up as wide as it could go and I
could not make one sound except “Mmmmm”!

Then he put me over his weight lifting bench as my ass is up in the air . He’s slapping my ass hard
leaving dark red hand marks on my ass cheeks as I cried shaking my head no .

He stuck his finger into my pussy and it was soaked as he said,” oh little sister your so wet you must
love this you little fucking teasing whore”.

The next thing he did was he stuck his cockhead between my virgin pussy lips and he put his hands on each side of my girdle covered hips and with all his might thrusted his cockhead all the way into my virgin pussy as I screamed so hard but the ball gag prevented any screams coming out except a loud “MMMmm”!!!!

He popped and ripped through my cherry hymen and just pounded me , he got into this fast and steady rhythm and just pounded me as the pain left and I started moaning loudly then suddenly my pussy constricted tightly around my brother’s cock and I orgasmed and came all over his cock .

I knew he felt my pussy orgasmed on his cock because he grunted and he blew his load into me as I shook my head back and fourth no ! He just impregnated me .

He gave me one more powerful thrust that he almost knocked me and his lifting bench over on it’s side . He lied on top of me for awhile then he kissed the back of my neck and untied me then removed the ball gag , as I got up all his sperm and my blood from my popped cherry is leaking out of my pussy
and down on my moms girdle and stockings . I yelled at him for that and that he got me pregnant as I stumbled back to my room . Well I never put my mom’s girdle or stockings back because now me and my brother have sex when mom is working and he took me to the clinic so I could get the morning after pill .

Now I dress up like lady Sonia for my brother when mom goes to work and the two of us couldn’t be any happier .


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  • Reply Robert ID:vuft6ud1

    Sounds like you were wearing a corset not a girdle.

    • TARA ID:1df0k80uvhff

      I was not wearing a corset Robert , it was an vintage 1940’s all in one girdle rose pink cotton with corset style lacing . please know what your talking about when it comes to ladies undergarments before you comment . Tara

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    It seems you can always rely on Ian for a good hard rape and you both ended up happy, so he did a great thing! More power to his tool!!

    • TARA ID:1df0k80uvhff

      I’m so happy with him cracksniffer , his cock is thick with a slight curve to it and it always hits my G-spot ! Tara

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1bbaa2v9d

    That sucked

    • TARA ID:1df0k80uvhff

      No !! I sucked anonymous and I suck good !

  • Reply ian ID:19uff67joid

    i will now have to return the favor now wont i, thank you for making me such a centre point of one of your stories, i couldnt be happier, and ill be sure to have a story prepare for my little sister Tara to enjoy and drool over as i did hers 😛 x

  • Reply ian ID:19uff67joid

    oh my god Little Sis, what a story, big brother really enjoyed that, i glad that you finally saw your true meaning at the end as your big brother sex toy, im would certainly do everything just that way to you if i found you in that outfit gosh, i think ill be even rougher though finding you in red, as i have a thing for women in red. just drive me into a new mode :P. love you lots Little sis Tara. xxx

  • Reply S~S~ ID:4bn00en3fia


  • Reply admirer ID:5vaxb9mt0i

    well done