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Principal Punishment 4 still looking

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To Find another like him will be hard. That’s what I need a hard grownup

This is the morning of the 3rd day. When I was sitting at my desk in class all I could do was think about yesterday and how much I want to go to the office. My panties have been wet since breakfast and every few minutes I feel more juice drip out. All I want to do is to spend the entire day with my principal licking my pussy over and over again and again. Finally the 10min bell rang before recess. I got up from my desk and walked out of the class to go get my punishment. I noticed as I got up that there is a large wet spot on my chair. As I walked down the hallway to the Principal’s office I could feel the juice drip from my pussy down my inner thighs and into my soxs. The feeling was making me go crazy and turning me on at the same time. As soon as I got there the secretary was leaving and she told me to go on into the office he was waiting for me. I walked into his office and locked the door behind me. He tossed a bag to me as soon as I turned to face him. He simply said strip and put this on. I stripped naked as I was told. Then I opened the bag and pulled out a beautiful sexy black silk and lace matching pantie and bra. I put them on and he turned on his video camera and he had me make a lot of sexy poses as he took photos of me. He then turned a video on his computer and had me watch it. It was of a young girl dancing and twerking. He then told me to copy her moves. He removed his clothes as I was twerking. I could see his cock swell up and get hard.

He Finally started to kiss me again and then he grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me over to the sofa. He then yanked me down onto his lap hard and raised his hand high in the air. He then asked if I was ready and I said yes sir. He then struck me harder than before and raised his hand and smacked me over and over again, harder and harder. I don’t know how many times but I was screaming so loud that nothing would come out. I tried to beg him to stop. I just couldn’t get a sound out and I was crying so much that I couldn’t see, everything was blurry. He just kept spanking me. After a while he finally stopped and then he started to caress my ass softly. He said it felt not only warm but it was actually hot. He then started putting gentle little kisses on my ass inbetween licking it. When I was finally able to slow down my crying he started spanking me again. This time he used to hands on each cheek like he was playing the drums. I know he must have spanked me a few hundred times. He finally stopped and asked if I knew how many wacks I got. I told him I lost count. He then said that we would have to start at the beginning again. I told him that it was ok. He didn’t have to count. I would come every day for my punishment and he could do whatever he wanted as long as he didn’t tell anyone about it. He then said that means that I now belong to him. He told me that I was just a little dirty, nasty, horney, little slut bunny that belonged to him and he wanted me to repeat that to him. So with a hoarse voice while I was crying I said, “I am a dirty little horney nasty slut bunny and I belong to you.” He then told me to go and get a box out of his desk and bring it to him. I could hardly walk my ass and thighs hurt with every step I took. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to hide this from my parents. It hurt so much I could hardly move. As I walked by a mirror I could see my ass and thighs are not only bright red, I also had some blisters starting. I got the box and brought it to him. It was black with a lot of small bright red cherries on it spelling out the beginner training kit. He opened it up and it had. It had 5 silver objects shaped a little like small christmas trees going from a small one to and getting bigger stopping at a large one the bottom of them had a round flat surface with a red crystal heart on it. He pushed me down to my knees and had me bend over his lap as he played another video. This video had a small young girl kissing and sucking on a large fat cock. As I watched the video he started rubbing my ass cheeks. I begged him to stop because my ass was so sore it was stinging with a very bad sharp pain every place he touched and once my juices started to drip out it felt like it was burning my ass like I was on fire. He just told me to be a good little slut and watch the Video.

After about 5 minutes of watching the video and moaning and crying he stuck a finger inside my asshole. I started to scream but he quickly shoved a rubber ball in my mouth. He kept sticking his finger in and out. It was so tight, he had to force it in. After a couple of minutes he started to wiggle it around inside. I felt so ashamed, There was nothing I could do. I have become a nasty little slut. I felt so helpless, I wanted it to stop and not stop at the same time. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. I just knew I could never let anyone know about this. After the video was over he pulled his finger out of my ass and then reached into the box and pulled out the small silver thing. He then shoved it up into my ass. it felt bigger than his finger. I just kept half moaning and half crying. He then said I was to never take it out. He will take it out tomorrow. He then pushed my face down to his cock and said for me to do what the little girl in the video did and I better be good at it. I started kissing the tip of his cock, then I started to lick it. He started to smile and moan with pleasure. I then licked all up and down his long, thick hot throbbing shaft. I then sucked on his balls and he told me that I was his girl and I was being a good little slut bunny. This made me happy. I then slid it, threw my lips, swirling my tongue around and around it while sucking on it and I gently squeezed his balls in my hands. I kept this up for about 10 to 15 minutes as he was moaning louder and started to buck his hips and tighten his thighs. He then grabbed me on each side of my head by my hair and pulled my face into his body, I could hardly breathe and I started to gag as he rammed his cock, not just in my mouth. It actually went down my throat. I then thought he was peeing inside of me.
He told me later when I asked why he went pee in me, that it was cum and that is what makes girls pregnant. I thought for a few minutes that he made me pregnant by putting his cum in my belly. He explained it all to me after that. When he saw the time he made me get cleaned up fast and dressed I was late going back to class. It hurt so much when I had to sit on that hard chair in class and the bus ride home was awful but I kept it all hidden from my family.

The next day I went to see him and my ass was still sore and the blisters worse. He had been stripped again and he was upset, because he said he needed more time with me. He came up with an idea and told me about it while he was spanking me hard on my blisters. He wanted me to tell my parents that I was invited to a birthday party sleepover with one of the girls in my class. He said he would arrange for someone to be at his house and have it decorated like there would be a party. That would give him plenty of time to teach his little slut bunny just how much of a nasty little girl she was. He then licked my pussy as I sucked on his cock and swallowed a lot more of his cum. I started to get used to it. It even started to taste good. He planned the sleep over for a couple of weeks, to come so he would have time to make his house ready. My parents fell for it. Until then I visited him each day and just before I left his office he always made sure I had my little butt toy in my ass. He would switch it for a larger one every few days.

My parents dropped me off at his house at 6 Friday evening. A woman I had never seen before answered the door. A girl my age also showed up to the door and said come see me party decorations. I had never seen this girl before but she acted like she knew me. The woman said that they would bring me back home Sunday after lunch. She told my parents that it would be bar-b-q and she asked if there was anything with my diet or allergies she should know. My parents said no. After they spoke for a few minutes they left. After my parents left my principal came out of his bedroom and introduced me to the woman Ms Nikki and the girl GG. Nikki is a friend of his and GG belongs to Nikki. The house was done up nice like for a birthday party. He grabbed me and held me tight as he kissed me so deep and long. I was a little scared because he did it infront of Nikki. I told him that this was all supposed to be a secret and he said it is, there are a few people he knows that don’t count. He put my bags off to the side and said that he was taking us all out for dinner as soon as I changed. He had my outfit laid out on his bed waiting for me.

I went and changed into a nice black party dress, high heels, thigh high stockings and crotchless panties, He said everything starts at 9 but dinner and dancing opens at 7. I was confused with what he was talking about. He took us to an old strip of shops that were mostly closed. We went into one that had all the windows and glass covered up. There were 2 large men at the front door that checked for reservation, He used fake names. As soon as we went inside it was a small room where a few other men searched us, then they let us go through another door. It was done up like a school dance with a lot of little white lights decorating everything. They had about 30 tables around a dance floor. We sat down and a young waites took our order, They only had a few things on the menu. Stake, Mac and Cheese, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Chicken Tenders. There were only a few people there at first and I never saw all the tables filled, but at 9 a lot of people started to come in and that is when we left. The most notable thing was that all the adults had kids as their dates. Most of the men looked around the age of my principal or older and most had girls with them maybe 14 to younger then me. A couple of men had little boys with them. There were only a handful of women and about half had little boys and the other had little girls. While dancing they would kiss and have their hands on each other’s buts and stuff.

After we left we went back to my principals house and I don’t know where Nikki and GG went. I never saw them again. As soon as we entered the House he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me over to the couch. He set down and pulled me onto his lap, raised my dress and started spanking me hard over and over and over. He was calling me his little slut and telling me that I better not have looked at any of those other men. After about 10 minutes of this my ass was on fire and I was crying so hard I couldn’t get a word out. He then told me to go take my dress off and in the room across from his I would find what I was to wear. He then went and took a shower. I went into that room. The walls have all been painted a bright red and there was strange looking black furniture in the room and chains hanging down from the walls. There was an outfit on the table so I put it on. When he came out of the shower and saw me he got mad and pulled me back in that room by the wrist. There was a black dog with a silver heart name on the table. I was supposed to have put that on as well. He grabbed a paddle from the wall and gave me 10 wacks with it. He then asked me what the name tag said. I told him, It said Slut Bunny. He said whenever we are at his place that is my name. He then showed me where my food bowl and water dish are kept.
He then spent the rest of that night watching T.V. with me across his lap as he played with and twisted and pushed that but toy deep in my ass. It hurt so much and it kept making me feel like I had to go use the restroom. It was really hurting my ass and my insides a lot. As I cried he seemed to get excited. I was starting to think he liked to see me cry.

He finally pulled it out fast and pushed me off of his lap and onto the floor. before I knew it I was telling me to go to his room on my hands and knees so I did. I finally stopped crying but I was still hurting. He had me get up on his bed on my hands and knees, then told me to spread my knees apart. He got behind me and started spanking my ass with some kind of paddle like a fly swatter. It was made out of wire and rubber. He just kept spanking me with it over and over, telling me that I better be a good little slut bunny bor him, and never anyone else. I was crying as I told him I promise to be a good slut bunny for him and only him, and I was begging him to stop spanking me. He just kept spanking me over and over, until I was crying so hard that you couldn’t understand anything I was trying to say. Then when it stopped my ass was stinging so bad it was on fire. He then started to likc and kiss my ass cheeks, and everytime his lips or tongue touched me the pain increased, like putting salt on an open cut. He then made me spread my ass cheeks apart and it was even painful when I touched it. there was no way to be gentle.

Then without warning he grabbed my waist and pulled my butt back into him as he shoved the tip of his cock into my Ass hole. This was a new feeling. I was trying to scream but only gurgling sounds would come out of me. He kept trying to push his cock deep and deeper, but only the head would fit. So, he started to push and pull me back and forth. Little by little more would slide in and every bit was more pain than I ever knew. I was so confused. Did he like me or did he hate me? I was starting to enjoy the spanking he did the first couple of days. It made me wet every time I thought about it in a good way. But this is not the same. I would do anything to get him to treat me like before. Maybe I did something wrong. Maybe he thought I was looking at other men when we went out. I was only looking because I never saw grown men with little girls like that. I found it hard to believe what was going on and who knows what happened there after we left. Everything was going through my head as he was rocking me back and forth. I don’t know how much of his cock he got in me, all the pain made it hard to tell. He finally stopped rocking and just pushed hard as I could feel his cum go in my ass hole, but I think most of it squirted outside and dripped all down my legs.

He just kept saying yeah that’s it, yea baby fill her up. as he cummed. Once he was done he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into the shower with him. It was a really nice shower. It was large and instead of the water coming out of a shower head it fell from over or heads like rain. He just stood there and made me wash him clean. He told me that I was being a good girl for him and learning to be a good little slut bunny and he was proud of me. I was still hurting, but him saying that made me feel real good. It made me want to make him happy. I wanted to be the very best slut bunny in the entire world for him. He said because I was so good that next time he will use lubricant and that would help him to get his cock to fit and he said it will make it feel much better for me as well. He then asked me if I would like some ice cream. I said yes and he took me into the next room and told me to lay on my back across the coffee table. My butt cheeks were still stinging. He went into the kitchen for a few minutes and then came back with a cart on wheels with Ice cream and stuff on it. He then scooped up some vanilla Ice cream and put it on my tummy, then chocolate sauce, whipped cream and sprinkles. He then started to eat the Ice cream while watching T.V. He was using me as his bowl, or plate or whatever. He did share some with me. He started with putting it in his mouth and then spitting it into mine. After a few bites he started to just use the spoon to feed it to me. When he was done he told me to go wash up again. He put some more lingerie out for me to put on when I was done washing and he took more pictures of me. Then he started to lick my pussy again and it was so nice. I really enjoy it when he licks my pussy. He starts with gentle little kisses and then starts to lick and such, and always at the end he plays with my clit with the tip of his tongue, that always excites me the most. We both fell asleep that way.

The next morning when I woke up he said it is time for me to learn what girls are for. He started kissing me on the lips very gently and stroking my face with his finger tips. I felt nervous as I expected him to start slapping me or spank me or something. He then slid his tongue past my lips and it made me feel so excited and wet that I started stroking his cock. He kissed and liked his way from my lips to my bald little pussy and back again, only stopping for a moment to scuckle my little breast. He told me how much he loved to see little girls when their breasts just started to have little buds pop up and how he enjoyed watching them grow into little breasts. He then slowly peeled off my lingeries until I was completely nude. He then reached for a couple of small bottles, a pink one and a blue one. He rubbed the oil in the blue one all over his cock and the oil from the pink on my pussy. He then spread my little pussy lips apart with a couple of his fingers so he could drip some oil down into my little pussy. He then told me that I had the most beautiful little pussy he has seen and He is glad that he left my hymen completely intact for this moment. He snapped a couple of pictures of it and then instructed me to spread my legs wide and bend my knees a bit. Even though this was my first time, I knew what he was going to do and I was feeling so much excitement and scared at the same time.

He started touching the outside of my pussy lips with the head of his cock, tracing around the lips almost like tickling me with his manhood. I was never this wet before, my pussy was tingling and I could feel my pussy sips swell up more than ever before. He then started to trace the inside of my pussy lips, this worked me up into a real frenzy and at the same time it was starting to hurt. His cock was not only long, it was also very thick and it was stretching my little pussy lips too far. I was afraid it would actually tear my pussy apart. He started to push it in slowly at first. I started to moan in both pleasure and pain. He then would rotate his hips in a circular motion that was driving me crazy. Then with a fast hard straight motion he shoved his cock into my tight little pussy, he broke my cherry as he toured right threw my hymen and jammed his cock in deep. I started screaming in pain again. He then remained still for a moment. He said it will hurt for a while but when you get used to it you will want it non stop all day every day.

He was in deep but there was still a lot of his cock not inside yet. He started thrusting in and out hard and fast over and over. He would slow down for a moment once in a while and then he would build up his speed again. He would change directions inside and as he went in and out every once in a while he would shove it extra deep. I was moaning and at times let out a scream when he would shove it deep. Everytime he would get going fast I felt like my little pussy was burning. He said that was the oil he used. After a while it was all pleasure as I found myself loving it. even when he shoved it deep. It still hurt but I loved it. It took him about an hour to get his cock all the way inside. He was just thrusting in and out so fast and deep. My body would just tingle and shake all over uncontrollably and I would let out squills I couldn’t control. This happened over and over. I loved it. He said I was having Orgasums. Finally he drove as deep as he could and froze. There was such a look on his face and all of his muscles tightened up. Then I felt a warm feeling inside. He was feeling my little pussy with his cum. He shot load after load inside of me. It was leaking out and he kept shooting more inside of me. I loved it. The rest of the weekend with him was sweet and loving. He fucked me over and over in every position we could think of. He still gave me a good spanking her and there but most of it was us fucking. He dropped me off at home and I had a bag of Birthdayparty goodies. My parents never had a clue.

I kept going to his office and I couldn’t wait till we could have another get together at his house, but that never happened. a few weeks afterwards. He was arrested for childporn. I never said anything to anyone and to the best of my knowledge, they never found any photos of me. It turns out that the stuff he had downloaded on his school computer is what did it. If he never used his school issued computer, then they never would have known. Now I have just started high school and I haven’t had sex since then. I can’t stand these little boys. I want a real man grown up, like him. A little grey, a little belly is fine. If I only knew that place he took me to, or if I knew any of his friends. I keep looking and I do a little flirting when I think a man is interested but so far I got nothing.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:1cv6jebazz5l

    Wow that was fucking HAF. I have always had a soft spot for younger girls since age 12. I love to spank but not to the extent of blisters or that much pain. Teaching a girl to be a cum slut whore has always been one of daddy’s major excitements and hope I can one day train another preteen how to be one. Young girls love and adult cock and crave daddy’s attention and cum. I have a few I am training now but daddy always love to add to his flock. To all the yong horny girls out there wanting to be a cum slut there are many daddy’s just waiting for you.

  • Reply DirtyDaddy ID:3jh7k8gxv9i

    Youve just made a 50 year old man pant and tremble while reading this and damned near made me shoot in my boxers ….. amazing ty…. I just wish this was a picture or video story 🙂