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The Checklist

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She was gorgeous standing there, her long wavy blonde hair was a couple inches past her shoulders, the heels she wore made her look to almost be 5’6, her pale white skin shown smoothly, and her almost angelic face had such a happy smile on it. I couldn’t wait to hurt you.
I double checked my watch. Five more minutes. Five more minutes before I could have my way with this beautiful girl and leave her nothing but a ruined mess. As the sun finally disappeared behind the park trees I continued following her at a distance, her mini denim skirt and tight black shirt hugging her in a promising way.
I wanted to bolt for her, to grab her here and now. Very rarely had I felt this way about a girl before, but something about her made my blood boil in just at what I could do.
But no, I thought, I must stick to the checklist. Without the checklist I’m just another monster destined to be caught and put away.
Checking my watch again, I saw it was now 9 pm. It had been exactly one month and one week since my last hunt. Enough time to make sure the authorities calmed down some, before I struck again. Normally I would’ve waited two months, but with my birthday just around the corner I couldn’t help but cut myself a little slack. I’d deserved it after all. Quickening my pace I continued staring at the mini skirt she wore as it swayed upon her ass from side to side. The needle was ready in my hand, perfectly concealed incase someone happened to walk by, or if something went wrong. She continued forward, in oblivious to the danger just behind her, I could hear her humming a nice quiet melody, her perfume tickling my nose. Oh I could wait.
“Excuse me ma’am, can you help me?” As soon as she turned around I grabbed her and pulled her towards me, thrusting the needle into the side of her neck while bringing my other arm up to look like a hug, hopefully making it seem like two old friends to anyone watching. The confusion and then fear in her eyes were so sweet, before quickly becoming cloudy as the drugs took a strong hold of her. This would be fun.
You see the trick when you are wanting to do something like this is to have it all planned out. I learned the hard way that if you don’t have it all down to the T, something’s likely to go wrong. I had been watching this one for about a week now, planning how I would do it. With my special car less than a quarter of a block away, I quickly carried her to it before throwing her in the back seat and leaving the area. I followed the route I had down last night, avoiding all the cameras. Then I finally took her to her new home. I lived about twenty minutes outside the city in the country, a large sprawling acreage left to me by my father. That and everything else he left me helped make me who I am today.
As I pulled into the side garage, I could see Maria standing ready by the door. Her naked body showing the marks from the lesson earlier today. The collar on her neck was blinking a dark red, I’d have to take care of that soon.
“Take this one down to the prep room, and bring me the last one while I wait for her to wake up.”
“Of course master, as you wish.” Hurrying to do my bidding I couldn’t help but grab Maria by her ponytail, eliciting a whimper from her as I yanked it roughly back and planted a soft kiss on her lips. Then I grabbed her nipple and pulled hard, her face looking at me pleadingly as she struggled not to scream.
“Good girl. Now go.” Releasing her nipple I then proceeded into the main room of the house, pouring myself a glass of whiskey, before grabbing the bottle of fireball and heading to the spare storage room. Settling myself on the red couch, I turned on the tv to see my newest acquisition sitting in a chair still unconscious. Her beautiful body and face looked so innocent, and the idea of ruining her began to get me hard
“Master. Girl B37, as you commanded.” Smiling I looked over at the side door to see Maria leading the last girl in. Her brown hair was knotted and matted, and her body was soaked as she shivered from the cold water she had been washed with. Her hands were cuffed, as were her legs, with a collar around her neck connected to the clamps on her nipples. The bruises and cuts across her body made me smile at the good times we had, as I beckoned for her to come closer. The fight that had been in her eyes originally was long gone, replaced by nothing but desperation and sadness. A shell of who she was, she had become boring, but she could be of use one last time.
“Hey sweetie, how are you doing?” I stroked her stomach gently, loving her whimpers of fear. Originally I had a lot of hope for the street trash girl. She was seventeen, still a virgin even in one of the worst neighborhoods, and quite the fighter. But when push came to shove she ended up breaking like almost all the others. As I continued feeling her body I made my way up slowly to her breasts first, her nipples puffy from the clips having been on for so long. They had turned a shade of purple, and as my finger grazed one of them a look or pure pain came across B37’s face. Tracing down I then went and started rubbing her cunt, her once tight hole had by now been defiled more times than I could remember.
“Maria, how many times have we used this one?”
“68 times master. This will be 69, though if we count both you and me then it is 103 times.”
“Well, then we better make number 69 count, shouldn’t we Maria. I mean, not many girls get to enjoy us both 105 times in less than two months.” Hearing this the girl began to cry and attempted to back away, only to scream out through her gag as I pulled on the nipple clamps hard.
“Maria, go and get the largest, most painful dildo we have, and get your favorite belt. I think you’ve earned a little reward.” Shocked, before smiling Maria left the room to go to the storage area, as the girl started crying harder. “Shh, it’ll be ok. After today it’ll be over, because I got a new girl. That man’s you’ll get to do.” As I said this she suddenly looked at me with desperate eyes, hope finally seeping into them for the first time in a long time. “But before you go, I’m going to finally enjoy the one thing I’d left alone. Remember when I told you I’d wait till a special day to take your last amount of virginity? Well that’s today.” As fast as hope had appeared now fear took its place, her desperation to escape battling with her desperation to not pull away while I held the nipple chain, made for some amusing entertainment. Finally Maria came back into the room, a large dildo hanging from her, with painful looking spikes along it. Grinning I stood up and grabbed the girl by what was left of her badly damaged clit, eliciting more tears as I undid her gag and pulled all seven inches out. The screams that she had been trying to make suddenly flew free, though came out horse and sounded heavily pained.
Grinning I then pulled her to the massage table. “Maria, lay down, I want her to fuck you herself first.”
“Of course master.” Quickly laying herself upon the table Maria hit a small button on the dildo, and the hard rubber spikes began shifting up and down, scaring B37 even more.
“Remember sweety, once you’re done here, you’re done here for good. But only if you climb onto that dildo of your own will and fuck your self.” As I said this I removed the cuffs on her feet, and watched as fear and tears covered her face. Her shaking legs slowly made their way to the tables, nearly giving out before she managed to grab it and begin pulling herself up and over Maria’s dildo. Maria, for her part, looked excited. A dangerous glean was in her eyes as I allowed her to finally ruin someone in the ways I’d taught her to enjoy. Slowly the B37 began to lower herself towards the dildo, before stopping at the tip where the smallest spikes were located.
“I can’t. Please I can’t do this.” Breaking down I watched in amusement as Maria suddenly began to look angry, mad that her rarely granted reward was being ruined.
“Maria, I think sweet B37 needs a little help. Why don’t you convince her to lower herself down?” And there was that sadistic grin I’d taught her to have, back in place as her hand shot up and grabbed the clamps on B37’s nipples, before yanking down hard. The girl screamed a blood curling scream as her body instinctively went down to try and stop the pain, only to feel her pussy lips be suddenly cut and smashed by the spikes as the hard plastic gave way, but only just. Watching the show before me I began to strip down and stroke myself, wanting to watch a little longer before I joined.
As the Maria continued yanking harder and harder on the clamps B37 continued slowly going lower on the dildo, trying to fight off Maria’s hands to no avail. With a final yank Maria forced the girl all the way down on the dildo, at least 8 inches of hard rubber and moving spikes penetrating her. Her constant torrent of screams and sobs only made me harder, as I finally began to approach her.
“Shh, it’ll be ok. Just one more hole to fill and then you’ll soon be on your way out.” With that I grabbed one of her nice boobs and lined my cock up with her tight back door. Her fighting and screaming reach new levels as she felt me getting into position, before ramming into her as hard as possible. As I shoved and pushed I struggled to make much progress, her body instinctively trying to keep me out and her tightness a natural barrier. Refusing to not get this pleasure though, I continued pushing until I finally managed to force my head in, and then the rest of it. As her bowels were taken against her will I could feel her body desperately pushing against me, fighting me with all she had. The screams from before were nothing compared to the noises she made now. Slowly pulling out I then rented back into her again, brutalizing her as much as possible. Then grabbing the clamps on her nipples, I gave a violent yank, ripping them off. As Maria continued thrusting up into her, and I pounded her from behind, while my fingers pinched and kneaded her decimated nipples, I could feel my balls begin to churn. Looking down I could see Maria riding off the end of her orgasm, and seeing her sadistic and pretty face in utter bliss while B37 continued sobbing, I came deep into the street trash brat. Pulling on her nipples as hard as possible I continued thrusting for a while after, enjoying the final use of her body before pulling out.
“Mmh, that felt so good. Wouldn’t you agree?” As I walked back to my drink I glanced over at the girl only to see her body curled up tightly as Maria harshly threw her to the ground, the dildo covered in blood just like my cock.
“Maria, take this street trash out back along with the fireball. Our clients should be there any minute now.”
“Of course master.” Grabbing the girl Maria began to attach a Leah’s to her collar before using the shocker on the fighting girl.
“Wait! You promised! You said you’d let me go!” Her feeble attempts to show resistance amused me, but it was too little too late.
“You’re right, and that’s what I’m doing. I’m letting you go. Go to your next owner.” Her screams continued as Maria dragged her broken body away to a life even worse than here. Her new clients were known to be truly the most sadistic, buying girls just to use them till the end. She’ll be perfect, I thought.
Turning back to the camera I saw that the newest guest was finally beginning to stir. Even though I had just finished, knowing what awaited the new girl was to good, and I could feel my cock begin to fill with blood already.

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