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The Twins 4: Family vacation Erin’s defloration

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From Wisconsin Dells we moved onto to Chicago. The huge skyscrapers were amazing. We went into a skyscraper’s observatory. The views of the city from that high were amazing. We had a hotel downtown with an excellent view of the city. Again two rooms seperate but adjoining like the Dells. Both rooms had a king sized bed.

We’ve up on the 34th floor. The Twins and I were sitting on the floor admiring the view of the Chicago River and the city. Erin had a dress on. She moved my hand towards her crotch. She smiled at me. “Ah!”, I scoffed, “Naughty Naughty Naughty.” “Ok then.”, she closed her legs. “No! no! no!” I said hastily and laughed. She laughed and smiled at me. “Thought so!” She said. She spread them wide for me. “I moved her underwear aside and and started rubbing. She let off a light moan.

“Hey!” Emma said. “What about me?” “Well someone picked an easier wardrobe for this than someone else.”, I said. Emma had blue jeans on. Emma moved to take my cock out. “Emma no! Mom and dad will be back soon! We’re going to dinner. Come on lay it on me. We made out till we heard the knock. I jumped on the bed and grabbed my phone. Emma answered the door.

We went out for Chicago style pizza for dinner. We came back and hung out in the room and watched a movie. We fooled around while watching Despicable Me 2. Mom and Dad went out for drinks and left me in charge.

Emma and I made out. She loved making out with her big brother. I taught her how to rub her clit. I put my thumb up her hole and my finger in her asshole. “Uhowwww” She moaned loudly and making a face Erin took my cock out and started sucking it. I rubbed my fingers together over the barrier of her cunt and ass. I kept fingering her. She went into a fit of shaking as she let out a loud moan as she came.

Erin said, “Do that to me.” “Ok take your fingers and rub the dot thing.”, I said. She did as I stuck my thumb and finger in her. “Oh wow!”, she said. “Oh god that feels great Luke.”

Emma started on my pole in appreciation for what she started gagging trying to deep throat my dick.

Erin went into her exorcism as her head went back and shook violently as the demon came out of her in the form of an orgasm. “Aw fuck that was great!”, she said. “ERIN! I never heard you cuss like that! Stop!”, I said.

Erin giggled and laid there recovering and then got up and helped Emma on my dick. They started jacking me off until I came. Erin licked the cum off my cock and cleaned the head. “I love that taste.” She said.

I whispered to Emma, “Lets fuck.” “Huh?” Emma said. “Come on let me fuck you. Like I did your sister.” Emma was hesitant. “Come on Erin liked it!”, I said. She unfortunately did not want to.

Erin agreed to do it again. I had her get on all fours. I rubbed my dick against her pussy. She moved her hips. Against it. I stuck my head in her pussy. “Ah ah.. thought you were doing my butt?” “You want me to stop?” She thought about it. “No”, she said

I gently slid it in to her. “Ow ow ow.”, she said. I can see it hurt. I did it gently as possible. I could see blood on my dick. She finally got used to it and her defloration continued.

Emma started watching my sack slam against her sister. Emma touched my sack. She stood and started french kissing me while I plugged her sister. She rubbed my chest. “Hey rub your sister’s pussy.”, I said. Emma protested at first then went down and touched her sister’s clit rubbing there.

Every pull back Erin’s hips moved with it. She was into now with Emma’s help. Erin buried her face in the bed and shook as she came. “Uh ahhh”, she moaned

Emma came back up and wanted to kiss me again. I felt it coming. I let out a loud moan as my cock exploded into my stepsister. Erin collapsed on the bed.

Erin came up to me and started kissing me. “I love you! Luke!”, she said. I kissed her and told her I loved her too. We got our pj’s back on and the girls fell asleep on my chest.

I thought to myself “One down. One to go.” and thought how fortunate I was to have sisters like these.

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