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“Hello, my name is Jasmine,” I announced to the guests as I welcomed them into our house.
I was trying hard to be polite, but I was seething. The four men had come to see my mother, Pearl, on church business. But I had been promised by my Mom that she was going to take me to the observatory tonight.
I knew Mom would be caught up for a few hours and by then it would be far too late to go out. Tonight was the first fine Friday night in over a month and I really wanted to go. Mom usually did not have meetings for the church on Friday nights, this had been a last minute affair.
Mom had become involved with the church soon after my father had been killed in a car smash four years ago.
I knew one of the men as the local pastor, and then as he introduced the others to mom, I heard their names. Mr Humes, from the neighbouring area, Mr Johnson, from the ministry, and Mr Dimmock from the youth league.
I tried to catch mom’s eye and let her know that was disappointed and annoyed at not going out.
She turned to me, “I’m sorry Jasmine, not tonight, I m going to be busy.”
“You Promised!” I blurted out before I got my anger back in check.
“Jasmine, that will do, I can’t tonight, we will try again next week.”
“Yes Mom.” I said with a big sigh. I knew not to say anymore.
“What seems to be the problem?” Mr Dimmock asked, looking at me.
“I was going to take Jasmine to the observatory tonight. It’s only open on Friday nights.” my mom informed them, “But this meeting arose, so we will have to try next week.”
“Ah, I see” Mr Dimmock looked me over, then with a quick glance at my Mom, “Do you like the stars and Planets?
“ Yes, I do like them,” I replied.
“That’s good, I like them too. Perhaps if there is a park or reserve nearby where I could show you what is in the night sky.” He turned to Mr Johnson, “I don’t really need to be at the meeting, you don’t mind if I deal with her.”
“Of course, as you wish.”
He turned to my Mom, “Pearl, is there someplace we can go away from the lights and we can look up at the stars?”
“There is a reserve at the end of the street, Jasmine knows the way. Are you sure about this?”
“Oh Yes. It would be nice to take her there.”
Something in his tone caught my attention, but I was feeling excited about learning more about the stars and planets.
“Please, can I go,” I almost begged.
“Very well, Jasmine, you must be a very good girl for him, and do what he asks, understood?”
“Yes Mom, I promise to be a very good girl.”
“Alright, go and get your Jacket, hurry along now, don’t keep him waiting.”
“Yes Mom.”
I dashed away and found my jacket, pulling it on over my dress, but leaving it undone at the front. I met Mr Dimmock at the front door and we began to walk towards the reserve.
“How old are you Jasmine?” He casually asked
“I’m twelve, I will be thirteen early next year.”
“Do you go to High School Jasmine?”
“ I will start at High School at the beginning of next year.”
“That will be nice.”
We arrived at the reserve and then started along a lit pathway.
After a minute or so Mr Dimmock stopped, “We need to move away from the lights, ok?”
“Yes, there is another path ahead, we can go along there, it will be quite dark.”
“Good, that is just what I want.”
We followed the path for a couple more minutes, then we stopped and the path petered out into a small clearing.
For the next half an hour we looked up at the sky as Mr Dimmock pointed out stars and constellations, along with Jupiter and Saturn. Mr Dimmock stayed very close to me, sometimes bumping into me, touching me, and holding my arm up as a pointer.
“I think it would strain out necks less if we were to lie on the grass,” he suggested.
“Ohh Ok, good idea,” I replied.
I sat down the leaned over backwards to rest on the grass, Mr Dimmock sat next to me, but didn’t lie down.
“Now Jasmine, you caused a little bit of fuss earlier, yes?”
“Yes, but mom did promise.”
“You were a bit naughty really, weren’t you?”
I hesitated to answer, but then said, “A little bit.”
“I don’t mind that you were naughty, sometimes I like girls who are naughty.”
I didn’t know what to say, so I waited.
Mr Dimmock leaned over me and put his hand on my shoulder, “Now Jasmine, I want you to be a very good girl for me, and keep nice and still. Understood?”
“Yes.” I was confused but recalled my promise.
“Good girl!” He leaned further over me his hand came to rest on my right breast.
I gasped.
“Be a good girl now, keep still.”
He made a small circle with his hand gently rubbing my breast.
“That’s it, good girl.” He circled again. “See, not so bad is it, most girls really like this.
I gave a small whimper but stayed still while his hand circled a few more times. Then he swapped his hand over to my left breast and began to circle on that one.
“Well that was nice,” he crooned in my ear. “But it will be even better with my hand directly on your breast.”
He slipped his hand to the center of my dress and popped a few buttons undone.
“What, What are you doing?” I whimpered.
“Now, now Jasmine, Be a good girl for me. Keep still and just relax.”
His hand slipped under my dress over to my right breast, his fingers digging under my training bra to find the soft cone of my breast.
“Ohh, this is very nice Jasmine, very nice indeed.” He gave my breast a squeeze.
I whimpered.
“Good girl Jasmine, you feel so nice.”
Over the next couple of minutes, I tried hard to stay still but I squirmed each time he gave either one of my breasts a squeeze. Then he pinched my nipple, making me gasp out loud.
“You are doing so well, such a good girl for me. Now Jasmine, it time to see what else you have for me.”
I felt his hand slip out from inside my dress and the run down the front of my dress to my belly, then I felt him take hold of my dress and start to pull it up.
“What are you doing?” I squeaked out as struggled to sit up again. “That’s my dress.”
“Jasmine!” He hissed in warning.
I gasped and froze for a moment.
“Jasmine, you really need to be a very good girl now. You promised to be a good girl. You don’t want me telling your Mom that you were naughty and disobedient, do you?”
“No,” I reluctantly gave in, I didn‘t want him telling on me for being naughty.
“Good girl, now lie back and try to take it easy.”
I eased back down on the grass, his hand went back to my belly and caught hold of my dress again, gently pulling it up to my waist. His hand then began to roam about and rub over my legs and my belly. Then brought his hand up along the inside of my thighs and up over my panties. I squirmed.
“Oh yes, Jasmine, yes. This is what I have been wanting to have.” His hand rubbed back and forth over my panties again, making me cringe and whimper.
“Please, I don’t…”
“You will do as required,” He hissed again. “Let’s see just what you have got.”
I froze again, his hand on my belly, he plucked up my panties and slipped his hand under them, his hand worming down to find my small slit.
“Please,” I whimpered, “Please.”
“You like that, don’t you?”
“No,” I cried.
“A pretty little girl like you should!”
He wriggled his fingers and made me squirm again.
“Please, No.” I wailed.
“I think you want me to get straight to the point then, very well, that is fine with me.”
What his point was I didn’t know, but then he took a firm grasp of my panties, and with a swift yank, he pulled my panties down my legs. I squirmed as his hand ran right down then hooked my panties off over my sneakers.
“My panties, No!” I squawked in alarm while trying to sit up again. “Please, give me my panties.”
I was pushed back down as he leaned right over me, his hand came up and clamped over my mouth, scaring me.
“Quiet, don’t make a fuss.” He wriggled more, over on top me. “Come on Jasmine. You need to be a really good girl now. Understood?”
I looked up at him unsure what to say. I felt scared now, I wanted to go back home.
“Understood?” he repeated.
I slowly nodded, then quietly said, “yes.”
He took his hand away from my mouth, then ran it back down over my belly and onto my thighs. I quivered. His hand returned back up my thighs and then ran over my slit, making me cringe. I felt his finger come back to my slit, and he stroked up and down against it a few times, I began to tremble, unsure what he was intending to do.
”Open up nice and wide,” he whispered in my ear while pushing my thighs apart.
“What are you doing?” I cringed as he shifted his weight to be more on top of me.
“Now now, Jasmine, keep quiet, just relax, I have something special for you.”
He reached down, undoing his pants and pushing them down along with his underwear.
“What…” I began to but his hand clamped over my mouth again.
“I said to keep quiet.”
His weight shifted and he rolled right over on top of me, slipping in between my thighs which felt very awkward and scary for me, his hand still clamped on my mouth.
His other hand snaked down between us and into the space between my legs. I realized I could not move. Then he shifted slightly and I felt something firm push up against my slit close to where my entrance was. I whimpered.
“Be a good girl now Jasmine,” He crooned again.
I felt him push in against my slit, whatever it was going directly to where my entrance was, jamming into place.
“Owww,” I gasped as it hurt.
He pushed again.
“Owww, that really hurts,” I cried.
“I told you to keep quiet,” he hissed at me, then he removed his hand from my mouth, “You will stay quiet.”
He had something in his hand, a hanky I guessed, but then he began to push it inside my mouth, making me gag. His hand then clamped over my mouth again, holding in the cloth he used. A moment later I realized much to my horror and dismay exactly what he had just stuffed into my mouth, it was my panties.
He pushed in harder and I felt an awful tightness and pain, his shaft head began to squeeze past my entrance. Tears well up in my eyes as I quivered and trembled. I let out a muffled cry but he ignored it.
Again he pushed, his shaft slipped in a bit more. Tears tumbled down the sides of my face. It really hurt like hell.
He eased back for a moment, giving me half a second of unexpected relief, but then he pushed in again, his shaft slipping deeper, I was to scream, but my mouth was full and his hand kept my mouth closed.
“Ohh. Yes, you are just so tight Jasmine, really tight, this is so good.”
He eased right back out just past my entrance, then he slowly pushed in again. I felt the awkward tightness as he moved back inside me, making me quiver. He followed the same sequence a few more times, easing out then pushing back inside. Then he stopped for a moment inside me, he then pushed in further, making me gasp and try to cringe away. More tears rolled down the sides of my face.
He eased back only a small distance and then pushed slowly in until the tightness made his stop. Again and again, he repeated the short probing thrusts, but his shaft got no further.
He eased right back to be just out then he pushed in as far as he could, the tightness restricting his movement. It hurt more each time he hit the tightness, but he tried again, going right back then going in as far as he could. I cringed and tried to gasp, but each time it got muffled and he ignored my sobbing pleas.
“Come on Jasmine, just a bit more. You are doing so well. You feel heavenly to me,” he whispered to me.
I was very confused by his comments, but I just wanted him to get off me.
He then eased back and shifted his weight slightly. Again he pushed in, his shaft sliding in past my entrance, probing the depths of my body. While not quite so tight, it was still very uncomfortable for me. His shaft moved a little further inside me. Another push and his shaft slipped in a little bit more. That seemed to delight him.
Another much more firm push and I cringed and whimpered, His shaft sliding in, going noticeably deeper. Again he pushed in, his shaft worming its way further inside me. Another couple of thrusts and I felt this shaft begin to push my insides about, and his lower belly press against mine.
“Yes, Jasmine, yes, this is much better.” He rasped out. “You are such a good girl.”
He slowly eased his shaft all the way out, then slowly pushed it all the way back inside me. It was still tight and uncomfortable, but it no longer hurt. He repeated that action a few more times, then he paused.
“Are you going to be a very good girl and be quiet for me?”
“Yes,” I squeaked, then nodded my head.
He removed his hand and eased out my panties, I gulped a few times now, relieved to use my mouth and not gag.
He started the long, slow deep pushes again, his shaft still tight but able to slide through my entrance.
I wanted to ask him what he was doing, I wanted him to stop I wanted him to take me back home. I had so many questions about what he was doing but I kept my silence.
Slide in and hold, then ease out, again and again, he pushed his shaft deep inside me.
“You are such a good girl, I really do appreciate you letting me do this with you, it really is something very special.”
I didn’t know what to say or know that if I was allowed to say anything, so I kept quiet.
His shaft kept on moving, sliding in and then back.
‘You are doing so well Jasmine, this is even better than I had hoped.” He pushed in deeply again. “Don’t you worry about a thing, this can be our own very special secret, understood?”
“Our own very special secret?” I quietly asked not sure that I could speak.
“Yes Jasmine, a very special secret, just between the two of us, it had to be just between the two of us, nobody else. Promise!”
“I promise, just between the two of us.” I really did not want to get into any more trouble.
“Thank you, Jasmine, I am sorry I had to hurt you to begin with.” He pushed in much more firmly. ”Please forgive me.”
“I forgive you.” I paused, “I didn’t understand.”
“Thank you.” he puffed, “I really do appreciate you letting me be with you, it’s not often I get such a good chance.”
He pushed in again, this time a bit faster and firmer, then a quick ease back and push again. He seemed to breathe harder faster, but he also seemed to be getting excited as well. The next couple of pushes were quite short but finished deep, only withdrawing a small amount.
“Oh, oh oh!” he pushed in quite hard.
“Oh Jasmine, Oh yes!” he seemed ecstatic.
His shaft seemed to quiver and I felt a sudden warm rush inside me, a moment later his shaft quivered again, along with another rush. A shot hard push and his shaft quivered more, and I felt a series of pulses along with more rushes inside me.
“Oh Jasmine, thank you, thank you, thank you, that was truly wonderful. You have been such a good girl, you really have.”
He shifted his weight to not be so heavy on top of me. His shaft then slowly slid back out from inside me. I felt relief at not having his shaft inside me but then I began to feel a kind of sticky wetness between my legs.
I reached down and ran my hand briefly over my slit. “Ugh, it’s sticky.”
“Well, it can be a bit like that sometimes, it’s nothing to worry about, just use your panties to give it a wipe.”
He handed me my panties and moved to be beside me. I used them to wipe me than he told me to put them back on.
“I think it’s about time that I took you back home. You have been amazing for me, thank you.” He reached out and helped me to my feet.
“Just remember that this is our own very special secret. Don’t go telling or you could get into trouble.”
He walked to the path and waited for me to follow. I quickly caught up.
”Just our own very special secret, I promise not to tell.”
“Good girl. You are very sweet Jasmine, thank you.”
We walked out of the reserve, then started towards home.
“I think it might be a good idea if you can shower when we get back, and make sure you wash your panties too.”
“Yes, that sounds like a good idea.”
We arrived back and mom asked how it all went, but before I could say anything Mr Dimmock replied.
“She was a very good girl, we spent a lot of time looking at the stars and constellations. She had a very good time.”
“That’s very good of you, thank you,” she turned towards me, “go shower and put your clothes in the machine, set it going once you are done. I’ll be here for quite a while, so head for bed, ok.”
“Yes mom, I will.”
I left and went to the shower, washing out my panties and then adding my clothes into the washing machine, then setting it running. Then I went to bed.
A couple of months later I began to feel sick and had bad tummy cramps. Mom took me to the doctors. After, she was very angry with me, telling me that I had to stay in my room from now on. Finally, she told me what was wrong, she informed me that I was going to have a baby.

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  • Reply Cleareyes ID:1ei61nulekg1

    Assuming you’re an actual person, of course you shouldn’t email the clowns on this site. And if you’re an actual person, the rapist hasn’t been dealt with if you weren’t called to testify against him. And if you had a baby, it’s not too late. Call the cops. DNA testing and your simple testimony will be enough to put him in prison. It’s not too late to protect other girls. Good luck.

  • Reply Carter ID:14s6bxs88rj

    Hey love how are you and your baby?

  • Reply Mikeyt ID:6d0fdgx2hl

    A girl your age should not have had to go through what you experienced. Might I suggest some counselling or perhaps wiritig about it more would help. I wish you all the best and may he rot in hell for taking away your innocense in such a selfish and callous way.

    • Jasmine ID:6629enqb0i

      Hi Mikeyt, I have been under specialist care, and have regular counselling. Not much longer to go. I do not know where the the man has gone but I understand he had been dealt with.

    • Mikeyt ID:6d0fdgx2hl

      very good,
      i wish you asll the best.

  • Reply Cc ID:3zxisj5mt0b

    Hi text me 925-412-2246

    • Jasmine ID:2kyee16thi

      No, I wont be txting you.

  • Reply Cc ID:3zxisj5mt0b

    Hi text me 925-412-2246

  • Reply Jasmine ID:2kyee16thi

    Im currently a size 10 C, small size briefs, 5 pack brand.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:cxtmmithra

    I love this story so much Jasmine! I loved jerking off and pretending it was me that was raping you. I would love to talk with you possibly so email me at [email protected]

    • Jasmine ID:2kyee16thi

      ohh ok, if that is what you want to do, then I cant stop you.

      Im not sure if talking and emailing is for me

  • Reply Carter ID:4j4pbr4sh

    Waiting on your email darling

    • Jasmine ID:2kyee16thi

      Im not quite sure Im wanting to email for now, Ill decide in the next few days

  • Reply Carter ID:4j4pbr4sh

    Can you get back to me? At my email?

    • Jasmine ID:6629enahra

      I will look into it.

  • Reply Carter ID:4j4pbr4sh

    Just checking up on you, any news on the baby and your health?

    • Jasmine ID:cc4itaj8m

      not too much to report, getting bigger, getting very tired most days

    • Carter ID:4j4pbr4sh

      I wish you the best in the pregnancy do you know the gender yet?

  • Reply Carter ID:4j4pbr4sh

    If you ever need anything my email is [email protected]

    • ? ID:4j4pbr4sh

      How old are you Jasmine?

    • Jasmine ID:cc4itaj8m

      I’m 13.

  • Reply Ree Ree ID:15qcje3dk09

    Sorry this happened to you. I got raped and pregnant really young too. You’ll be OK. Even though we forced down and raped, our babies made it through our body. Take care your sweet little one.

    • Jasmine ID:1ah770leoid

      thank you Ree Ree, we wiull get there

  • Reply Carter ID:4j4pbr4sh

    Wish I could reply to you directly :), I’m glad to hearing you’re getting along fine with your mom now. I hope you and the baby are doing well

    • Jasmine ID:cc4itaj8m

      Thanks, Carter, Stil a couple of months to go before the baby arrives.

  • Reply Carter ID:4j4pbr4sh

    Wishing I could be around to help you with your child, I am so sorry you had to experience it this way.

    • Jasmine ID:cc4itaj8m

      Hi Carter, Thanks for your offer of support. Mom and I are getting along ok now. I getting assistance too

  • Reply Hm? ID:4j4pbr4sh

    Will you turn lesbian now?

    • Jasmine ID:cc4itaj8m

      HI, I can’t say yet, I don’t know

  • Reply A Dickson ID:cc4itaj8m

    So Jasmin,e hows the rape pregnancy going, having fun with your swollen tits and belly? Nice to hear an update from you.

    • Jasmine ID:cc4itaj8m

      slowly making progress, it’s not fun having swollen boobs and a belly.

  • Reply duh? ID:6629enpd9a

    he gota good, awsome fuck slut, glad you went with him and got you sorted. Fucked you up good.

    • Jasmine ID:6629enpd9a

      I am not a slut at all, he forced mve and got me pregnant.

  • Reply Dickie ID:6629enpd9a

    Nie cute young girl getting nailed so nicely, a good dick up you and lots of hot sperm to make a baby, perfect result. such a good girl too.

    • Jasmine ID:6629enpd9a

      Having a baby in my belly is not fun at all, it hard for me.

  • Reply gally ID:6629enov99

    Ohh so good, this is just so naughty, I love it. Such a good girl to let him rape you too. Nice you tummy is bulging

    • Jasmine ID:6629enpd9a

      Hello gally, I didnt understand what he really wanted. Once he got me alone he raped me, and made me pregnant. I now have quite a bulge in my belly.

  • Reply Joanne ID:6629enn49b

    Oh, My God Jasmine, That was really awful of him to rape you like that. Then for him to try to make it a special secret. He sure knew what he was doing, and I think the other church leaders knew something too.
    Hope you get through this ok.
    Love Joanne

    • Jasmine ID:6629enn49b

      Hi Joanne, Thanks for your comments too, yes it’s very hard, but I think can get through.
      I might see if I can chat sometime.

    • Cc ID:161rdwn3oij

      Hi Jasmine I am sorry to hear and I have been thru similar experience if there is any gals that are willing to help please text me at 925-412-2246

    • Cc ID:161rdwn3oij

      I’m sorry to hear I also went through similar situation if any gals willing to help please text me 925-412-2246 God bless

    • Jasmine ID:cc4itbgql

      Hi Cc, thanks for your offer, its been quite hard for me. Alas, I cant make international tests, but I am sometimes online for chat. If you want to know more I can do emails too.

  • Reply Lazer1 ID:cc4itbbhm

    This is awesome, I love the description of him beginning to rape you, losing your virginity as his cock squeezed inside you. Getting your own panties stuffed in your mouth, wicked. I got so hard reading your story. I loved just how tight you were for him, he really enjoyed raping you, didn’t he? And now you have his rape baby inside you. The best outcome yet.

    • Jasmine ID:cc4itbbhm

      Hi Lazer1,
      Yes, I think the guy really did enjoy raping me, and he was prepared to use my panties as a gag when I started to make a fuss. Being only 12 years old, it meant I was going to have a difficult time accepting his shaft inside me, but he persisted and it went all the way in. I had no idea he was going to pump his sperm inside me, but he did. Now I am pregnant with his rape baby, mostly up until now I haven’t really felt much, but I can begin to feel my lower belly harden, and start to swell.

  • Reply Jasmine ID:cc4itbbhm

    Thank you for your kind offer, I will look into sending you a reply, just need to take things carefully, I get limited time online, so it maybe a bit before I can do much. As for looking beautiful, I just dont see that yet, I dont have much of a bulge so far.

    • Rod ID:bvjjmwd3

      How old are you now would you let him do it again

    • Jasmine ID:6629enrb0i

      Hi Rod, I’m now 13, I rather not let him do it again. I’m now 17 weeks pregnant.

  • Reply Would love to talk [email protected] ID:bo2qeo2qk

    Sweetheart you truly are Jasmine. You will be just fine I promise. I would love to help you in any way possible and be here for you, I truly mean this sweetie. I also believe mom knew what was going to happen and is why she has you grounded to you’re room,that isn’t right:( just knowing you are looking absolutely beautiful being pregnant and having that glow around you.If you honestly are a good little girl then write me and like I said, I will definitely be here for you and help you through everything.Thats a promise sweetie [email protected]

  • Reply Carl ID:cc4itbbhm

    This is grest, love how you got made to promise to be a very good girl, then it allowed his to rape you. Fantastic that he got you pregnant, when are you due?

    • Jasmine ID:cc4itbbhm

      I just can’t believe how much I had to go through, I didn’t want any more telling off, so I tried to be good when he went very bad. I’m due at the beginning of August.

  • Reply Vivian ID:cc4itbbhm

    I have long had a distrust in a number of churches, and this adds to that. No way he should have been alone with you, you did nothing wrong. He is an evil man.

    • Jasmine ID:cc4itbbhm

      Thanks for your comments, it helps me feel a bit better now, I have along rod ahead, it takes time.

  • Reply A Dickson ID:6629eno6id

    Well Wendy, you came here and commented that something had happened, I think now you must tell all.
    Dont be shy, all the nitty gritty details too. Understood!

    • Wendy Harris ID:6629eno6id

      ok, it done, you can view it if you want.

  • Reply Wendy Harris ID:6629eno6id

    Oh my, I know the feelings, Jasmine, much the same happened to me a couple of years ago. It was very confusing, I was almost the same age as you. I was also in a park when I happened. I hope you are doing ok.

    • A Dickson ID:6629eno6id

      So you also got fucked Wendy, be a good girl and do tell us all about it. 🙂

    • Wendy Harris ID:6629eno6id

      I’m not sure that I want to tell. It’s not easy.

  • Reply Jasmine ID:6629eno6id

    Mom wants me to stay in my room. She has arranged for my school work to be done at home.
    I’ve been told that my baby is due in July. My tummy has started to get a bit of a bulge.

  • Reply Mr.die ID:58fyf4krq

    Im sorry About that u got raped

    • Jasmine ID:6629eno6id

      Thank you, I think he wanted to get me alone, and then he got the chance to rape me.

    • Mr.die ID:58fyf4krq

      Yep he wanted to and i think ur mother kinda knew it

    • Jasmine ID:6629eno6id

      I just think mom wanted me out of the house and to stop fussing, and maybe he could deal with me, I dont think she actually expected him to go so far as to rape me.

    • Mr.die ID:58fyf4krq

      Can we text about it a bit somewhere else?

  • Reply Terry ID:3tlqbxrqd9i

    That was a great story, write more.

    • Anonymous ID:6629eno6id

      I just wanted to let people know what happened, it confused me when it happened.

  • Reply A Dickson ID:cc4itbgv3

    Awesome, such good fun, and yeah, he really did rape you, I so happy that he did rape you, and that he got you pregnant.

    • Anonymous ID:6629eno6id

      It did take me a while to accept that he raped me, I didnt like to admit he really did rape me, I didnt know that he would get me pregnant.

  • Reply Jan Stein ID:1tw2s6rzj

    Reminds me how I lost my virginity to the old man next door
    I’m at [email protected]

    • Anonymous ID:6629eno6id

      I hope that you are ok, I guess its the people we know that can catch us out.

  • Reply Delany ID:cc4itbgv3

    This is very good, you were an innocent 12-year old girl. You went with him to see the stars, but in reality, he raped you, and such an awesome raping too. You got what you deserved.

    • Anonymous ID:6629eno6id

      It was very confusing at the time, others told me that he raped me, I just didnt know what was going on.

  • Reply Alex ID:fx6why9zj

    Woah, was this recent.

    • Jasmine ID:6629eno6id

      October last year.

    • Alex ID:fx6why9zj

      Are you doing okay?

    • Jasmine ID:6629eno6id

      Doing ok, yeah, totally grounded, have to stay in my room most of the time. Doing as well as can be expected.

    • Alex ID:fx6why9zj

      So what will you do now?