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The Daughter they Shared – Part 1

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——— Chapter 1
Early Saturday Morning,
doing the laundry….

Katie St. Marie was the mother of a very pretty, adolescent daughter named, Anneli (Neli), who loved the beach. Katie was an elementary school teacher, and it was just a few days from the start of Spring Break. The family had plans to spend the week in Port Aransas, a small town on the Texas Gulf Coast. But before getting ready for their trip, Katie needed to get the laundry done; but her mind wondered from the task at hand, when she held up a pair of her husband’s boxer briefs. The front of them looked slightly moist; they were the ones he’d been wearing that morning; he must have used them to clean himself after their “Good Moring Fuck.” She felt the cum spots and found them still moist and sticky. A ripple moved up and down her spine, as she gave them a closer examination. Katie wiped her finger through the wetness, then she held it up to her nose, the musky scent drove her crazy, then she flicked her tongue at a spot. A quiver moved through her pussy, and she groaned softly, “Mmmoooooohhh….”

Katie pressed the crotch of his boxer briefs to her lips, kissing it. She felt the response of her pussy and moaned softly again. Dropping his boxers into the washer, she sighed. She was aware of her heat, she had insatiable hungers; she couldn’t help it if she was that way. All her life she had been easily aroused.

She had found the thrills and satisfaction of having a cock inside her pussy at a very early age, much younger than most girls. And from that point on, she had craved cock more each day. And from that point on, she was excited by everything a cock could do; she loved the way a boy’s cock grew so hard and throbbed. She was excited by the feeling of jacking a cock off, watching the cum squirting from the purple head. She could be excited by ball sacks, young or old, saggy or tight, also. She could be excited by what a pair of balls held, the thick sweet cum. She could be excited by a cock spurting piss onto the ground. And she could be excited by the taste of a cock in her mouth, sliding her tongue over a silky-smooth hard cock, then moving up to flick her tongue at the piss-hole as cum squirts down her throat. She could be excited by pure, unadulterated, erotic, or wild and perverse sex. There was nothing she would refuse her husband, no matter what it was. In fact, the more abhorrent the sex was, the more she enjoyed it.

After starting the washing machine, she watched it for a moment, then give up to her urges; she leaned her low body against it, feeling the vibration on her stomach. She opened her legs a little, pressing her crotch at the corner of the machine, letting the vibration agitate her pussy. “Mmmaaaaaaahhoo,” she sighed, as the feeling grew, making her pussy wetter and hotter. Placing her hands on her ass, she squeezed her ass cheeks, her hazel eyes closed to the ecstasy that was building within her pussy. She didn’t hump the washer every time… that would be perverse, just when the mood struck her, which was a lot.

Unknown to Katie, she was being watched…

Hiding behind the door of the laundry room, Anneli stared at her mother with huge eyes, she had watched her mother rubbing at the washing machine before, and found it not just interesting, but fascinating. Anneli was a sweet girl of ten, with light brown hair and set wide brown eyes. She had a very pretty smile and charming face. She had no tities to speak of yet, just two puffy areolas and hot pink nipples. Yet her nipples were already very sensitive to touch, and Anneli loved to fondle them. Her body was golden-tan, petite, and lithe from running in the sun, playing soccer, and tennis.

Like her mother, Anneli had been fascinated by erotic sights from an early age. She had spied on her parents several times, watching them play in bed at night, and all over the house during the day, she also loved to surf the net for naughty web sites. So, watching her mother caress her ass and rub her crotch at the washing machine wasn’t out of the ordinary for her. The sight made her little kitty quiver so much, she wanted to keep watching, but she had to do something with her urges. Turing away, Anneli almost ran into the family room, fling herself onto the couch, putting a throw pillow underneath her little body. She pressed the pillow between her slim thighs, and with knowledge beyond her years and her friends, she began to squirm and hump at the pillow. Her dress had lifted up her slim, golden-tan thighs, giving a peek of her pink, “Hello Kitty” panties that cupped her small, sweetly rounded ass.

A moment or so after Anneli had started rubbing her pussy on the pillow, James, her father started into the room. His young daughter didn’t see him, because she was so intent on humping the pillow, but he could see her. He stood in the hallway looking through the entryway, facing Anneli’s feet. He saw her slender thighs, with her crotch rubbing up and down on the pillow. His instant uncontrolled reaction was getting a hard-on; he was embarrassed by his primal reaction at first, but the site of his little girl humping the pillow was very erotic…

In his mind… he knew that he should stop her, also that he and Katie should have a talk with her about sexual urges. She needed the support of her family to understand the changes her body was going through. But his mind was also thinking about Incest…. his mind just barely held control of his actions; his cock bulged against his cargo shorts painfully, there was no way he would stop his daughter, or look away. The manner in which Neli humped the pillow caused his hard cock to throb, and his ball sack to draw up tight, and he felt as if he would come from just watching her.


Meanwhile, back in the laundry room… Katie gave a low sob as her orgasm surged through her pussy. She pressed her it hard against the vibrating machine, trying to prolong her climax, but it faded too quickly for her. She cupped her small, firm tits for a moment, then composed herself.

Moments later, walking through the kitchen, she was almost into the family room when she saw her daughter through the kitchen entryway. She stopped abruptly, seeing Anneli’s slim thighs holding the throw pillow, her little ass twisting in circles, then her crotch humping up and down. She knew she should let Anneli know she was there, but she went through similar thoughts that her husband had only moments ago. Ultimately, what she saw was too fascinating for her to stop it, she also didn’t want to embarrass her daughter. So, she tried to find a spot to watch her adolescent daughter hump the pillow, without Anneli noticing her.

Then she saw her husband watching from the other side of the family room…

A blush came over her face, as they stared at each other, and then she lowered her eyes. But she didn’t feel any shame or embarrassment. She just couldn’t look at the aroused expression on his face right then, and her eyes caught the sight of his bulging crotch. Seeing his cock straining at his cargo shorts made her pussy clench. She looked to her daughter’s hunching ass, then back to her husband’s bulging crotch, then she looked into his deep blue eyes.

Up until now, Katie had no thoughts of her daughter as a sexual being; Anneli was simply too young, she would have said minutes ago. Yet, she was seeing that her daughter was indeed a sexual being, and an intensely erotic one at that. Katie smiled, nervously….

Jim didn’t try to hide the fact his cock was hard, she noticed. She watched, as he turned his attention back to their little girl squirming on the couch. Katie realized he had the best vantage point to see her little ass twist and wiggle under her dress. She began to get very excited from watching his reaction to what their young daughter was doing, she wasn’t sure which was more arousing…. Anneli or Jim.

Katie turned her attention back to Anneli when she heard her whimpering softly, “Eeemmoooohhhaa.” It was obvious she was on the brink of orgasm, a fact that didn’t surprise Katie. She had been able to cum at an age younger than her daughter. She glanced at her husband, to see if he was watching his daughter grinding herself to orgasm. Jim was, his deep blue eyes were hot and glassy, standing there with his prick pressing at his crotch, trying to control his breathing. Katie looked hard at his crotch, wishing the cock-shaft would rip through his shorts, she wanted to see his erection badly.

A soft moan from Anneli, “Mmmmmaaaahhhhooo…. Oh Shit…. Mmm,” drew Katie’s attention again, and she watched her daughter’s lithe body shudder with orgasm… her own cunt began to quiver wildly.

As the surge of her orgasm flowed through her body and began to fade, Anneli became still and relaxed, she turned her head slightly, a sweet smile on her pretty little face. Her eyes fluttered, then opened and saw her mother watching her. With a startled squeal, she jumped from the couch, smoothing her dress down. She looked at her mother with frightened eyes, then scooted quickly toward the hallway. Katie was glad, Jim was able to retreat down the hallway, before Anneli noticed him. She fled in the opposite direction, up the hallway to her room.

Katie slowly walked through the kitchen to the hallway, she found Jim in their home office. He didn’t express any shame of what he had been watching. In fact, Katie noticed he was looking intently at her tits pressing at her tight t-shirt. A nervous smile spread over her face, as she moved in a stumbling way toward Jim. “Wasn’t that… Wow?” she whispered with a loss for words, as she came close to his side. “Watching Neli…. uuuhm, doing that.”

Jim simply stared at his wife….

Katie, unable to control her emotions, placed a hand against his chest, the other searched out his throbbing cock. She unzipped his shorts and her hand slipped into his underwear. She felt his erection briefly, then her hand grasped his shaved bare ball sack, making her pussy quiver wildly.

In a matter of seconds, a lot of thoughts swirled through her mind…. she shivered. Jim had shown no shame in watching his daughter humping the throw pillow. Was it possible…? Neither of them had ever mentioned Incest, they had discussed doing a LOT of crazy sexual things (and had performed most of them), but Incest had never been one of them. Would it be possible for her to entice her husband into taking Anneli to their bed? Would she want to watch them? She was unsure at the moment… just the thought of them fucking drove her crazy.

“I…. aaahh… I should go have a talk with her. But don’t let that go away… I’ll want….” she groaned, as she left him standing there.

He didn’t say anything as Katie left the office…. his mind spun with many of the same thoughts as Katie was thinking about. Reluctantly, he decided that he needed to do few errands and left the house.

——— Chapter 2
Saturday Morning, the talk with Neli……

As she approached her daughter’s bedroom, she heard soft sobbing coming from the room, she knocked lightly on the door.

“Neli, Honey…,” she started to say through the door.

“Go away…. Mom!”

“But Neli, I want to talk to you.”

“Mom… I’m embarrassed enough.”

Katie tried the door; finding it unlocked. She slowly stepped into Anneli’s bedroom, seeing the stuffed animals and dolls almost filling it. Anneli looked like any other innocent little girl laying on her bed, but evidently, she was very hot in her panties. she was growing up in uneven stages, she thought.

Anneli was laying on her stomach, hiding her face in fluffy pillows. Katie sat on the edge of her bed, rubbing her daughters back fondly. “There’s no reason to cry, Honey,” she said soothingly. “I understand very well.”

“Am I… bad, Mom?” Anneli finally asked. “Am I a bad girl for doing that?”

“Of course not, Honey…. it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Anneli made soft sobbing sounds.

“Neli…. please listen to me,” Katie said, sliding her palm to the small of her daughter’s back. “It’s all right, don’t cry now…. it’s okay…. it’s a natural thing.”

Her hand moved lower, and Katie’s eyes followed it, she couldn’t seem to stop her hand. She wasn’t sure what was coming over her…. she felt compelled by an unknown influence. The hand seemed to have a mind of its own now…. her palm slid across the swelling of her daughter’s little ass. She felt strange, she had only meant to talk with Anneli about her urges. She felt Anneli’s ass shiver, as her palm moved down, along the back of a slender thigh. Anneli’s bare leg felt so hot on her hand, as it caressed the silky-smooth skin at the back of her knee.

Anneli had stopped sobbing, but she was holding her breath. Her body stiffened by instinct… she felt all tingly from the way her mother’s hand was feeling up her leg. “Mom…,” she finally whispered. “I…. I can’t help it… but I feel funny.” She wasn’t sure what going on…. she just liked how she felt, it wasn’t like any feeling she’d had before.

‘Where Honey…?” Katie’s voice came out softly-husky. “Where do you feel funny?”

“All…. all over.” Anneli softly sighed. She felt her mother’s hand caressing the back of her knee; then she felt those fingers move under the hem of her dress.

“I understand, Baby Girl,” Katie whispered, as she slipped her hand under her daughter’s dress, feeling the silkiness of her upper leg. She saw Anneli’s ass tremble, and knew very well where she felt funny. “I understand very well. It’s nothing to be ashamed of… I felt like you do, when I was your age.”

“You did… really?” Anneli asked, her voice muffled by her pillow.

“Yes…. really Neli.”

“And you…. you did what I was doing?”

“Of course, Sweetie.”

They both fell silent….

Anneli was too young and naive to know what to say… she was very confused by her churning feelings. She wasn’t sure what was going on, her friends had giggled about girls touching each other…. but she didn’t care, she liked the feeling and what her mother was doing.

Katie wasn’t exactly sure what she was doing either, feeling her daughter’s thigh this way was something she had never done before. She paused with her hand caressing midway up her daughter’s bare thigh. All Katie knew was that, it felt good to touch her daughter… intimately, and that she didn’t want to stop.

Anneli was the one to break their silence, “You were…. you were rubbing yourself on the washing machine, Mom…. and I…. I felt so good…. down there.”

“Ooohh…. you saw me?”

Anneli nodded her head, her light brown hair fluttering on the pillow… she looked so innocent and sweet to Katie.

Katie thought about that, wondering if her daughter had seen what she had done with her father’s underwear. She felt no guilt, even if Anneli had seen her. She felt a kind of elation flow through her, an elation that sent a tingling of anticipation rumbling about her cunt.

She began to slide her hand further up her daughter’s thigh, sliding her hand between them, feeling the soft, yet firm inner thigh. The higher her hand went, the hotter her daughter’s leg felt. Anneli lay still, waiting, wondering how far her mother would go. She loved touching her little kitty, she’d been doing that for almost a year. Already, her little kitty was quivering like never before.

Katie very slowly moved her fingers up, and then felt the crotch of her daughter’s panties. They were wet, almost soaked. “Oooooooooohhhhaaaaa,” she gasped softly, as she pressed her fingers against her daughter’s puffy pussy.

“Mmmmooooohhhhh,” Anneli gasped softly, also. Her hips jerked and her ass quivered from the contact. “Mom…. what’re you gonna do?”

“I can make you feel good…. again… do you like this? Do you want me to stop?” Katie heard herself reply, as if from far away while her fingers rubbed lightly, up and down the crotch of her daughter’s wet panties.

Anneli’s ass wiggled, as she felt the pressure of her mother’s fingers on her pantie covered kitty. She mewled softly and lifted her little ass, “Oooohh…. don’t stop, Mommy…. that feels nice.”

“I’ll make you feel good…. it’s okay. Just relax and let Mother take care of you.” Katie softly replied, she was so surprised by her actions. Despite the intensity of her sexual hungers, she had never felt up a girl in her life. Yet, she loved caressing her daughter’s pussy, and feeling the wet heat through her panties. She pressed harder, rubbing faster… they both seemed to be enjoying the intimacy of the moment.

Anneli began to twist her ass, writhing her hips, as her mother fondled her little kitty. She made little squealing sounds of pleasure.

Drawing her hand up, Katie squeezed a tight, little ass-cheek, then lifted Anneli’s dress, pulling it to her waist. She stared down at the beauty of Anneli’s so-sweet, and so-young ass. Her ass-cheeks, perfectly rounded, and her slender thighs opening shamelessly to give her mother’s hand access. Katie’s heart fluttered; she Loved her daughter so much.

“Do it some more…. Mommy,” Anneli whimpered, arching her ass upward. “Rub me some more…. Please.”

“Mmmmm Yes, I will, Honey,” Katie replied softly, sliding her hand between Anneli’s thighs again, rubbing at her pantie covered pussy. Her other hand caressed her tight, little ass-cheeks. She wanted to slide her hand inside her tight panties, but she fought the urge, she felt it would be going too far… this was their first time after all.

“Ooooohh…. Mom?” Anneli whimpered, as she grinded her kitty at her mother’s rubbing fingers. “Mmmmooohhh…. it tingles Mommy…. it feels so good, I wanna…. aaaaaaahhhh…. make it happen again, Mom.”

The heat of her daughter’s aroused pussy felt good to her fingers, her hazel eyes blazed with desire, as she peered at Anneli’s squirming little ass. Her own pussy was throbbing wetly, her clit almost quivering with sensation. Her small tits stranded at her t-shirt, the crotch of her shorts pulled into the slit of her pussy, and her own ass began to twist on the bed.

“Yes…. Honey, Mother will make it happen again,” Katie whispered. “Mother understands, Baby Girl…. Mother will rub you until it happens.”

Anneli began to twist and press onto her mother’s fingers with a squeal of pleasure, “Mmmmm… rub me harder, Mom…. Please!” Katie watched her young daughter squirm and grind, pressing her pussy onto her palm…. urging her to do more. Her heat became more pronounced, her panties wetter. Sobs of ecstasy flowed from Anneli’s mouth. Katie’s eyes gazed at her wiggling ass; she was so excited by her daughter’s little body…. she saw her little girl for the erotic being she was becoming.

“I’m gonna…. ooooooohhhh… I think I’m gonna do it again, Mom!” Anneli cried. “Oooohhh… rub me harder, Mommy… Aaaahhh!”

Katie pressed her palm tightly onto the soaked panties. She could hardly believe she was about to rub her daughter’s little pussy to orgasm. The day had started so normally. She leaned her head down, pressing her lips to the small cheek of Anneli’s ass, kissing it through the panties when she began making soft squealing noises. She felt Anneli’s young pussy quivering and contracting against her fingers, and felt her petite body shaking.

“Mmmmm… Ooohh, Honey…. what you feel is called, ‘Coming,’ Sweetie,” Katie purred, rubbing at her daughter’s puffy pussy harshly now. “Come all you want…. Mother will make you feel soooo good!”

Anneli arched her small ass…. she liked the word, Coming. It also felt so good, her hips jerking as her mother kept rubbing faster and faster. The feeling was more powerful than she had experienced before, she felt it ripple through her little kitty, time and again.

Slowly, Anneli lowered her petite body to the bed, her fingers clawing at the blankets as she shivered and shook as her good feeling faded…. fulfilled, she laid still.

“Do you feel better, Honey?” Katie whispered.

“Mmmmooooohh…. Yes Mom!” Anneli giggled.

Katie got to her feet and stood by her bed…. she waited a few moments to see if Anneli would turn over to look at her. She thought, maybe they could do more, but Anneli didn’t move. She lay there on her stomach, her panties still showing, with her legs still spread, her breathing became shallower. She sensed her daughter was falling asleep. Katie sighed with longing, as she turned and left the room. Her pussy was on fire, and since Anneli was too tired after her climaxes to play more, Katie could only go looking for Jim, or go to her room and finger-fuck herself furiously….

——— Chapter 3
The talk with Jim….

Katie paused outside of her daughter’s bedroom…. thinking. Reflecting back over the past few months, she wasn’t really surprised by what had just happened… she was glad Fate had intervened. She had seen how Jim had looked after Anneli, but she had dismissed it as being a proud, attentive and concerned Father… could there be more to his attention?

Their sexual life had been very fulfilling, and crazy in the beginning, they had been into three-way and group sex early on, but she had always been the only female in the group. But after having Anneli, that was part of their past. They had a great sex life still, and were into several crazy sexual acts, like bondage, but they were just having sex with each other now. She wondered about what she had just done…. touching a female sexually for the first time, but it wasn’t just any girl, it was her own daughter. She thought again about Incest. She had never thought much about it before, having never been involved in it, her childhood had been ordinary…. she decided to discuss it with Jim, somehow.

She began to think more about, Jim; he was thirty-five, and very a handsome man, in a rustic way, with brown hair and deep blue eyes. He was tall and strongly built, with a broad hairy chest, his pubic hair trimmed short and his ball sack shaved clean. She kept her pussy shaved clean also for him. A lurching sensation pulsed through her pussy as she visualized her husband’s cock… she needed him now!

Katie heard the back door in the kitchen open and close, she hurried into the kitchen, feeling very nervous and horny. She stood in the doorway, her nipples and small breasts were straining at her tight t-shirt, and a camel toe was outlined in her tight shorts. She felt wonton, eager to share her inner desires of sharing Anneli with him.

When he glanced at her, he grinned, and his cock began to squirm in his cargo shorts. She walked to within a few feet of him, her legs slightly parted. Jim looked at her with a powerful desire. She was a very pretty and petite woman of thirty-four, with rich brown hair, hazel eyes, a small nose, and her lips were full and moist, with unblemished golden-tan skin. He liked the way her firm, small breasts pressed at the thin material of her t-shirt, her nipples protruding and hard. The sight of her caused his ball sack to twitch. He felt his cock starting to stiffen; he’d been thinking about her and Anneli since he left to do the errands. He was glade that she was still turned-on from watching Anneli play with the pillow… it had been a very hot scene, but was she just turned-on from Voyeurism, he wondered?

He had been having naughty thoughts about Anneli for a while…. he also had no family history of Incest, his parents were religious, but not oppressive, he and his younger sister were loving, but not too close. None the less, he had been having Incestual fantasies of his little daughter lately. He and Katie, had a very open attitude about Sex, yet he was reluctant to bring up the subject of Incest with her. The subject was very, Taboo. He knew he wouldn’t do anything with Anneli, if Katie wasn’t involved also… but from her reaction this morning, he wondered if things could get really crazy in the family soon.

“Where did you go, Honey?” she softly asked.

“Aaahh… just a few errands. Did you talk with Neli?” he said with a very slight nervous tremor.

“Yeah… aaahh… we talked about that and other things, I assured her it was normal… and…” she said nervously. “And I understand…. it’s okay that you… aaahh, got…. it was…. it was very exciting.” She stared at his bulging crotch, her hazel eyes blazing, as her pussy clenched and quivered. The urge to drop to her knees and yank his cock out was powerful.

Jim moved toward her, standing very close, he was a full foot taller than her. Not speaking, but anticipating her thoughts; Jim leaned down, and Katie moaned, as their mouths locked in an erotic kiss. His hands grasped her taut ass, and her arms went around his back, hugging him tightly.

“Oooohh, Honey!” Katie moaned, lifting her hands and placing them at the back of his head, running her fingers through his short brown hair. “Ooommmaaahh…. that feels so good, Jim!”

Her crotch pressed at his thigh, and she felt his erection pressing at her stomach. She wanted him so badly. The cheeks of her ass tightened, as her pussy throbbed with a hungry, burning feeling. She was getting wetter; she could feel it seeping from her pussy and soaking into her shorts. Her clit was a swollen knot of sweet pain. She squirmed against him, pulling his mouth to her aching breasts.

“Yes, suck my tits,” she hissed. “Oooohh…. your mouth feels so hot on me!”

She felt his hand moving between her bare thighs; it seemed as if her flesh would melt from the touch. Then there was a wetness on her thigh, a hotter heat, and her pulse raced as she realized her husband had pulled his cock from his shorts, and was rubbing the swollen, pre-cum dripping prick-head about her thigh.

Katie gasped, looking downward. “Oooohh!” she whimpered.

Jim was sucking hard on her bare tit through her t-shirt. Squeezing his big cock in his fist, as he rubbed his smooth prick-head on her bare thigh, smearing her skin with his seeping fuck fluids. She began to pant heavily, jerking her t-shirt up, exposing her care tits. Jim left the nipple he had been sucking through the t-shirt, and moved his mouth quickly to her exposed tit.

Katie shivered as he sucked at her naked tit, feeling his tongue fluttering about the hard nipple. She felt him trying to take as much of her small tit as possible into his hungry mouth, and the suction sent a tingling sensation up and down her spine.

She held the back of his head tightly, keeping his mouth filled with her tit, she slid her hand down, and pulled his hand off his cock, and gripped it herself. She made a squealing sound and began to jack his prick, rubbing the cock-head between her bare thighs, enjoying the trails of slippery, hot seminal fluid running down her thigh.

A sudden groan came from Jim, “Ooooohh…. Honey…”

She felt his cock become harder in her fist and then she felt the squirting of his cum. Jizz splashed against her thigh, coating her hot flesh, and she loved it. It was a kinky feeling for her, she loved to be sprayed with cum, the more the better, she had an unfulfilled bukkake fantasy. Time and again, his cum squirted from his cock, and she jacked his prick in short, swift, excited movements of her squeezing fist. The cum flowed down her bare leg, hot and wet. Her pussy quivered, her pussy-lips clenching, and her clit throbbed. A long whimper came from her throat as she came, her ass twisting, and swaying back and forth. She clung to his gushing cock eagerly, jerking faster now, drawing out all of his cum.

A shudder went through her husband, as he shot the last of his load, she pulled his cock-shaft between her bare thighs, pressing them together, and wrapped her arms about his shoulders. She kissed the top of his head, his face still buried between her small tits. His spent cum dripped down her thighs, to her knees, and then to the kitchen floor.

Katie stepped back, looking down at his limp, dangling cock. It hung out of his cargo shorts, glistening with wetness. She ran a fingertip along the shaft, grinning lewdly at him. “We made a mess… didn’t we, Jim?” she said in a soft voice.

She stood on her tiptoes, kissing his mouth. Jim gripped her naked tit, making Katie moan with pleasure. She closed her fist about his limp cock once again, squeezing and fondling it.

Jim looked at her with a gleam in his blue eyes, “Getting jacked-off is great, but I sure would like to get a piece of your, Sweet Ass!” Jim groaned. “Where’s Neli… I wouldn’t want her to sneak up on, us.” he laughed.

“Oooohh… don’t worry about that… she’s taking a nap. I have something wet… and very tight for you, Darling,” she whispered in a soft, trembling voice.

“Yeah…. that sounds good. Shall I carry you to the bedroom…. My Dear?”

A grin spread over Katie’s face, her eyes hot and blazing, “The kitchen floor is fine…. I want you now.”

His eyes gleamed with eagerness, “Okay by me, Honey… it’s not my turn to mop the floor,” he groaned.

She turned her back to him and leaned down, with her hands on the counter, and her ass arched up, “Yeah…. it’s Neli’s turn… hold my ass, Jim,” she gasped. “Hold my ass…. feel it, squeeze my ass… ooooohh, I want to Fuck…. God Damn, Fuck Me, Jim.”

His cock rose to full hardness once again, poking through his shorts, he moved closer to her. He pressed his erection between her thighs. She could feel his prick throbbing there, making her pussy quiver. Tightening her thighs about his cock, she began twerking her ass up and down, stroking him with the heat of her essence covered inner thighs. Jim clung to her taut ass, squeezing, and breathing harshly.

He pulled her closer; he felt the silky nakedness of her lower ass-cheeks, her shorts were tight. He moved a hand down her hip, and around. When he cupped her crotch through her shorts, Katie almost came. She shook her ass back and forth, rubbing her pussy into his palm, groaning as the heat grew until she was afraid, she would explode.

He looked down at her hips, watching with eager eyes as she made fucking motions, grinding her shorts covered pussy on his hand, her crotch felt so hot.

“Mmmmmmooooohh…. Shit… Yeah… take your shorts off, Honey,” he moaned, as he stepped back a bit. Watching as she peeled her shorts down. “Let’s go in the family room….,” he groaned.

She wiggled her hips, hurriedly shoving her shorts to her knees, and then stepped out of them. Jim’s blue eyes glazed over… her naked ass was so fine. “Yeah… okay,” she groaned, as she turned and ran through the entryway, with Jim right behind her.

Just inside the room, she went to the carpeted floor and lay on her back, spreading her legs wide, lifting her hips up lewdly. Jim gazed at her puffy-pink pussy…. watching it twitch, as he went to his knees between her spread thighs.

Katie grabbed his cock, pulling him toward her center. She rubbed his swollen cock-head up and down her wet slit, then pressed the head in. Jim gritted his teeth as he felt the velvety, wet heat of her lips grip his prick. Once his cock-head was at the mouth of her pussy, Katie lunged upward, stabbing her pussy with her husband’s cock. “Ooooohh…. mmmmmmaaaaahhh,” she groaned, as Jim’s cock stretched and filled her hungry pussy, then drew him further into her body.

The moist slap of his ball sack on her ass brought a grunt from him, “Uuuuunnnngggaaaahhh…” Her pussy was hotter and wetter than he could remember in a long time. His ball sack tensed and shrank, as she lifted her legs, and then wrapped them about his waist. She clutched his shoulders tightly, her head thrown back with wild ecstasy.

“Fuck Me!” she cried. “Your cock is so deep in my cunt…. Ooooohh, Fuck Me…Now!”

She scissored her hot thighs up and down his hips, wishing they he’d taken the time to get naked. So, now that his cock was stuffed up her pussy, she wasn’t going to tell him to take off his shorts off. She bounced her ass, churning up and down, as Jim started fucking into her greedy pussy; she moaned and groaned, wailed and cried as softly as she could. Her hips churned frantically, grinding up to meet his rhythm.

Suddenly Jim’s body went stiff, his cock buried as far as he could go in her pussy. “Neli….” he gasped. “Katie…. are you sure she’s sleeping?”

“Fuck…. Neli… she’s asleep….” Katie groaned.

Jim laughed. “Yeah…. Okay…… but are you sure she’s asleep….”

“Don’t worry about your fucking daughter!” Katie urged, arching her naked ass up and down, beating her ass cheeks on the carpet, gripping her husband’s throbbing cock with the muscles of her hungry pussy tightly. “Fuck her…. Jim! This is what counts now… your cock in my pussy, fucking me, Fuck her….” She paused, then added, “Later…. you can Fuck your daughter, later!”

Jim’s hands moved behind Katie’s thrashing hips, clutching at her squirming ass. He dug his fingers into her tight ass cheeks, and began to fuck her pussy frantically. Her sex talk was half crazed with lust, she couldn’t really mean what she’d just said… could she, he wondered.

Katie’s naked body trembled with ecstasy, as her husband held tightly to her ass, while he fucked her hard, his cock filling her hungry pussy. The intense friction of his cargo shorts rubbing against her slim thighs sent her mind spinning with erotic ecstasy.

“Fuck Me, Hard… Yes!” Katie groaned, her neck taut, vanes and muscles flexing. “Fuck… Fuck… Fuck Me… oooohh, your cock is so fucking hard, Honey! I love it…. aaaaahhh…….”

Her words drifted off, and Katie began to bite at his shoulder, tasting the sweat on his flesh. She sucked at his neck, the tip pf her tongue flicking at his sensitive skin. Her hips squirmed swiftly, erotically, making tight circles, her pussy gripping his thrusting cock. The velvety interior of her pussy seemed to grab hold of his cock each time he thrust deep… he was enjoying his ride immensely. He could tell she was intensely aroused.

An eerie feeling gripped her mind… her daughter, Neli, was watching them, watching them, Fuck Wildly! The image in her Minds Eye was so real, she turned her head toward the hall entryway, but her daughter was there. Yet, the feeling of being watched was so powerful, and very exciting. She imagined, in a vague way, Anneli becoming excided by watching them… thoughts of Incest flashed through her mind for the umpteenth time.

“Aaaahh… aaaaahhhh…. AAAAAHH…. OOOOOOOOOOHHH Yes…. Yes…. Coming!” her cries of rapture started off softly, then grew louder, as her pussy became very tight around her husband’s cock-shaft. Her orgasm was amazing, her climax the best of her Life. “Mmmm Yeah…. you’re making me Come, Honey!” She arched her pussy up, grinding in a frenzy of erotic heat on his cock-shaft. “Your cock…. so hard…. making me… Come! Ooooooohhh Harder, Jim…. I’m coming so fucking hard!”

Her body trembled as her orgasm faded, then her hazel eyes popped open wide with delight, as he continued to fuck his throbbing cock into her spasming cunt. “Ooooooohhh…. I’m Coming, again… ooooohhh, that’s so good, Jim, you’re…. Aaaaaahhh….”

“Ooooohhh God, Honey…. you’re so Hot!” Jim moaned, as he pounded his cock into her tight pussy. The wet heat of Katie’s pussy seemed to be squeezing his cock like a fist, the tightness of her climaxing cunt was fantastic. He was very close to his discharge, his cock swelled larger, the head bulging.

“Katie…. I’m going….”

Grabbing his ass with both her hands and drawing him tight between her thighs, she cried, “Oooohh…. come deep in me… Come Deep!”

Jim’s cock was squirting, his hot cum sprayed along her wet velvety interior, splashing deeply. His ejaculation triggered a final orgasm deep in her pussy. She tried to muffle her cries of ecstasy, but couldn’t. Her pussy began to flex powerfully, draining his balls, making his jizz flood her hungry pussy.

When Jim slumped across her body, Katie squeezed her thighs about his waist, holding his cock inside her pussy by locking her legs. She hugged him tightly, his face between her shapely, small tits. She caressed his back as he shuddered and gasped.

She felt his now limp cock slipping from her tight pussy, and a soft purr of pleasure issued from her, she felt his cum flow between her ass-cheeks. His cock dangled limply from his fly, along her thigh. His body shook again, then he started the rise. Katie let her legs fall away from him. He sat back on his heels, his limp cock glistening wetly, his balls still hidden by his shorts. He gazed at her crotch, seeing his cum seeping down her ass-crack, her wet and dark pink pussy-lips quivered.

Katie watched his expression intently, and was pleased by his perverse smile. She rolled her ass, twisting it lewdly as she returned his grim.

“That was awesome, Jim…. you fucked me like a Mad Man.”

“You were driving me insane…. your ass is sooo Hot!”

——— Chapter 4
Late Sunday Morning
Making plans for the Future….

The rest of Saturday was uneventful, but Katie was sure their life and relationship had changed, there was no going back. Jim didn’t seem to know or realize the changes yet, maybe because he was waiting for her to say something. Men could be so slow to change. Katie had watched Anneli for any indication of her wanting more or remorse of what happened, but she didn’t see any change in her, she spent most of the afternoon at soccer practice, then she spent the night at a friend’s house.


Katie had dreamed about their new life together last night, it had been wonderful; she had slept in, not wanting the dream to end. It was almost 11am when she got up; she hadn’t slept that late in years. When she got out of bed, there was a craving, a throbbing urge, a sort of anticipation. She bathed, using wonderfully scented bath oils, making her smell sweet; she toweled herself dry and pulled a robe about her nakedness.

The thought of kissing her daughter’s pussy came over her like an exploding ball of fire; there was a strange and appealing excitement about the thought of kissing Anneli’s crotch, standing there in her bathroom. This was all so new to her, she’d never had lesbian desires before, was it just the Love she had for her daughter that hastened her craving to taste her. At ten years old, her little pussy wouldn’t be hairy, it would be fuzzy maybe. She liked to keep her own pussy shaved, it held a certain excitement for her, and Jim loved the look of a bare pussy.


Now she was at the kitchen table drinking coffee and looking out at the back yard, watching Anneli and Jim talking near the pool. Yeah…. she had gotten overheated yesterday, and while she watched Jim and Anneli now, she felt her heat building to a simmer again. She wondered if she was becoming insatiable, she wanted so much more… was that so wrong. She was very satisfied after Jim had fucked her yesterday, but she knew it was Anneli that had turned him on. She wasn’t jealous, she was willing to share. She wondered when her daughter had come back home, and what they were talking about… she looked so pretty this morning.

She thought again of the changes that the day could bring….

In one day, she had watched her daughter fucking a throw pillow, then she had felt and fingered her daughter to orgasm, finally fucking her husband like some overheated bitch. Then, Anneli had spent the night out with a friend, and they didn’t bring up the day’s events when they went to bed last night. She decided it was up to her to bring about any lasting changes for the family.

Her thoughts turned to Jim, she wanted to watch him Fuck their daughter, she couldn’t deny this urge if she wanted to. She felt a lurching sensation in her cunt, which brought a soft moan from her, as she visualized Jim’s cock stuffing their daughter’s little, hairless pussy.

She saw Jim get up from the picnic table and start for the house. Anneli remained sitting in her lounge chair, soaking up the sun. She was still in the clothes she had worn to her friend’s house, the night before, a mid-thigh blue jean skirt and a pink t-shirt.

“Oooohh, you’re up, Honey,” Jim said as he stepped in. ‘’We made coffee for you.”

She held her arms out for him, and he came to her, kissing her on the lips. Jim wore cargo shorts and a t-shirt; she couldn’t resist slipping her hand around his waist and squeezing his ass a bit as they kissed, “I want to talk about yesterday,” she said softly.

“Okay…. aaahh…. what about it?” he asked, he thought he knew, but he wanted her to say it.

“Your…. aaahh…. well, Neli… turned us both on, yesterday. I liked it… and I know you liked it also,” she replied.

For an answer, he slipped his hands into her robe, finding her small tits naked and the nipples very hard. He cupped them, rubbing a thumb over her nipples…. that wasn’t exactly what he thought she would say, he waited for more.

A pleased smile spread over Katie’s face as she leaned forward, burying her face into the crook of his neck, kissing the sensitive skin there, licking delicately up to his ear. She felt him shiver, and she slid a hand into his cargo shorts and gripped his bare ass. He wasn’t wearing underwear, and she wasn’t sure if she was surprised by that or not.

“I want to do more, Honey… you know…. Us” she said, as she broke their embraces and smiled at him seductively. “What were you two talking about?” she asked, her voice low and sultry.

“Well…. I didn’t say anything, just stuff…. aaahh…. nothing about seeing her with the pillow. I felt that would be best handled by… You… and I didn’t want to embarrass her.

“Yes… I see, you’re Right. But I know deep down… I know you’d like to tell her that it turned you on, right?”

Jim gave a lewd chuckle, “Yeah…. I bet she’d Love to hear that, also. But, yeah… I’d like to catch her fucking that pillow again. That gave me one Hell of a Hard-On!”

“Why don’t you fuck her, Honey?” Katie asked wantonly. “I believe she’s Hot for a Cock. Don’t you think?”

“Yeah…. I guess she probably is… but Mine! And, should we let her have one at all…. as Parents, shouldn’t we tell her to wait?”

Katie smiled erotically, and said, “Jim…. I want her to have Your Cock, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks.” While she said this, she began to caress his ass harder. “I want to watch her fuck with you. I don’t want her to wait for some boy. Let me talk to her and see how she feels about that.”

“Oooohh, My God! You’re going to make her have Sex with, Me?” he groaned.

“What… of Course NOT, Jim,” she laughed, as she squeezed his naked ass. “I won’t make our daughter, Fuck You. She’s got to decide that of her own, Free Will. I’m just going to tell her, she can…. if she wants to.”

“Oooohh My God…. but she Might have her eye on some boy…”

“And again, maybe she would listen when I told her, Daddy would make her feel, Really Special! Also, I want to Supervised her the First Time.”

“Okay…. Oaky… I want to do it, she’s so pretty and sexy,” he said, his blue eyes dreamy. “I like the way her ass curves, and her body is so petite…. and I bet her pussy is so cute and hairless….”

“There’s only one way to find out, I’d say.” Katie purred; she was so turned-on. The conversation was driving her crazy, if it lasted any longer, she might have an orgasm standing there.

“She might be afraid….” Jim started to say.

“Don’t Worry… I’ll find out for you, now go, before I explode from pent-up desire,” Katie cried, slipping her hand into the front of his cargo shorts, cupping his throbbing, rock hard cock. “Give me a few hours alone with her, then I can let you know how she feels about it.”

She leaned her face forward, and offered her lips for a Hot Kiss, “God Damn…. your cock is like a steel pipe!”

“Do you want a quickie, Honey,” he moaned.

“Oooohh God… I…. I’d Love to have you fuck me with this. But if you want to slide your hard cock, up your daughter’s tight, little pussy. You better leave for a while!” she groaned.

With a loud groan, he turned and went out the back door, got in his Jeep, and drove away.

After Jim left, Katie looked out at the pool, Neli was still sitting on the lounge chair, only now, she had her little hand under her skirt. The site looked sweetly innocent to Katie, Anneli was feeling of her own pussy out near the pool, innocently oblivious to think a neighbor might see her.

Katie giggled, as she opened the sliding door to the patio, “Neli!” she called.

Anneli looked toward the house, her hand still under her skirt. “Yeah… Mom….”

“Come in, Please,” Katie called. “I want to talk to you.”

Katie watched as her daughter get to her feet, and saw a flash of her slim thigh almost to Anneli’s hip, then the skirt fell just right. She wasn’t sure how she would start the conversation, maybe a direct to the point start would be best, she thought. Anneli walked to the door, with no shame or even concern on her extremely pretty face. Katie’s hazel eyes searched her daughter’s chest for a hint of budding tits… and saw nothing.

“What do you need, Mom?” Anneli asked, as she came through the sliding door.

“I think we should have a talk, Honey,” Katie said, taking her daughter’s small hand and leading her into the family room. Yes, a direct to the point start would be best, she decided. She set her adolescent daughter on the couch, and sat down next to her. She pulled Anneli’s small hand to her lap. “You shouldn’t be playing with yourself outside like that, Sweetie. It’s too public, the neighbors could see. You know what… masturbating is, right?”

Without so much as a blush, Anneli replied with a slight giggle as she shyly looked down at her lap, “I got to thinking about yesterday, Mom… and it made me get excited…. I…. I couldn’t, help myself.”

Part 2… coming soon
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