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Seduced by an 11 year old Final Chapter

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When I was 15 I use to babysit 2 girls, Hannah was 13 and Carmen was 11.Hannah was cute, about 5’0, Carmen was about 4’6, short and cute.

Carmen- sure. I just realized Im sucking ur dick after its been in my butt. its not bad, but we gotta clean up

Me- yeah or Hannah will get mad at us

Carmen– she wont get mad, but she is the one that set all this up

Me- what do you mean?

Carmen– tell you later, lets go shower, you can shower with me if you want…..

We took a shower together, we kissed and helped each other wash. Seeing the water stream down her naked body was driving me crazy. Carmen did have much for boobs yets but her ass was damn nice and plump. Hannah walks in and finds us.

Hannah–I see you 2 are having fun, hurry up , the pizza is getting cold.

We went in the kitchen and ate, just a slice of pizza each, I wanted to eat them more than I wanted pizza but I needed some food for energy. It was about 10 pm so we all brushed our teeth and went to the living room to watch tv and to continue our fun.

We sat on the sofa, me in the middle, Hannah to my right and Carmen to my left. Hannah reaches over and kisses my cheek.

Hannah– Carmen, me and Brax are going to kiss so dont bother us

Me– I do want something from Carmen if I may

Carmen– what do you want?

Me- I have wanted for so long to feel your cute feet rubbing my dick.

Carmen– So take off your boxers and I will do it.

I remove my boxers and me and Hannah start to kiss, Hannah is a great kisser, I never known her to have a bf so I dont know how she learned to kiss so good. I feel Carmen’s little feet rubbing my dick, it felt better than I thought it would, she rubbed the sole of her feet on me and then slide her open toes up and down my shaft and I felt those cute toes grip the head of my dick.

Hannah is kissing me harder, sucking my tongue and I can feel my dick tingle when she sucks my tongue. I am so ready for Carmen’s sweet mouth, I pull away from Hannah.

Me– Carmen, Im ready for your lips on my dick now

Carmen– Okay,

She gets on the floor between my legs. Puts her hands on my thighs and starts to lick and gently suck on my dick.

Me- take your time Carmen, Im not in a hurry to cum

Hannah-make sure swallow it all to.

Carmen– I will try, will it be a lot of cum?

Me- I am really horny so it might be a lot.

Carmen– well I will do my best

Me and Hannah keep kissing, Carmen is slowly licking and sucking on my dick. I did want to cum so bad but I wanted it to last. I have my left hand between Hannah’s thighs, gently fingering her, her legs are not open enough for me to get a good finger inside her.

Me– Hannah, I love kissing you

Hannah– me to, mhhm can you lay on the floor and let Carmen suck you laying down?

Me- sure, if thats what you like

She puts a blanket on the floor and gives me a pillow.

Hannah– Carmen we should be naked to so we dont get cum on our clothes, this blanket is mine so I dont care if we get sex juices on it.

I lay down, Carmen goes back to sucking my dick, she starts to slowly take more and more into her mouth.

Me– you are doing good Carmen, try to take it deeper and suck it hander, you dont have to be to gentle with it, just watch your teeth.

Carmen– yes Sir, whats this liquid leaking out the tip?

Me– its precum, it helps the cum shoot out my dick.

Carmen– well its kinda tastey

I look down and Carmen squeezes my dick and I see precum bubble from the tip of my dick. She takes her tongue and licks it, I see a stream of precum between her tongue and my dick. She giggles at it and then goes back to sucking on me.

Hannah left the room and came back, and looks down at me. Hannah also had a nice ass but she had tits, they were round and firm, not big but more than enough for a girl her size.

Hannah– I have serious tingles and I cant just watch Carmen suck your dick, I am sorry but this needs to happen.

She moves and is standing over me, she bends down toward me and the next thing I know I have her pussy on my face. I moved down so my tongue was right on her clit. I licked her pussy up and down a bit before I started to lick and suck on her clit. I hear Hannah moan

Hannah– Fuck this feels so good Brax.. I am horny and my fingers do not compare to your tongue.

I focus on Hannah’s pussy, she is dripping wet, I can feel her juices all over my face. Carmen is still sucking my dick, taking her time.but my tongue is working hard on Hannah’s clit. I lick her clit faster and faster and its no time before Hannah starts to shake.

Hannah– I am going to cum pls pls dont stop

I feel her shake and orgasm, I also feel a flood of juice from her pussy. I go from licking to sucking on her clit, she starts to shake as she feel my mouth sucking on her sensitive clit but she doesnt pull away. She is catching her breath.

Hannah-fuck that feels good.. lick me more pls I need more

I went back to licking her pussy, she was shaking the whole time, my tongue on her sensitive clit was pleasure and pain ,, then she explodes again, I feel her legs shake hard around my arms, I go in to suck on her sensitive post orgasm clit again, but this time after one suck she pulls away and lays beside me.

Hannah- damn, I feel like so sould left my body. Im still shaking. Fuck that was epic.

She lifts her hand and you see it shakes, her face is sweaty and she learns over and kissed me.

Hannah- you taste like my pussy and your face is wet, I’m sorry I just needed that so bad

Me- Its okay, I loved it, I love how you taste.

Hannah- Carmen, hurry up on his dick, I want to get some of it myself later

We start to kiss again and Carmen starts to really work on my dick, I was already close from slowly sucking and it didnt take long before I could feel I was about to explode. I whisper to Hannah as we kiss.

Me-I am so close, I am going to cum any secound.

Hannah-let it out, I want you to feel good to,, Carmen get ready and dont stop sucking until I tell you to.

I feel Carmen’s lip tighten on my dick and she starts to suck it harder. I explode. One, two, three streams of cum shoot into her mouth, she coughs and gags but only comes off my dick for a second to swallow it, then she goes back to slowly sucking me.

Me– that was so good and my dick is getting sensitive really fast

Hannah-I know it felt so good when you licked me after I cam

Me- it does feel good but I cant take to much more..

I whisper to Hannah

Me- do you want to help me with Carmen?

Hannah- what do you mean?

Me- I want to lick her pussy , I know she will let me, but I want to attack her, you can surpise her and hold her down and I can lick her pussy like I did yours.

Hannah– Im in for that, may I suck your dick afterwards?

Me- sure, I am going to need it

Hannah– Carmen you can stop now and come lay beside me and do not wipe your face.

Carmen comes and lays beside us and she has this beautiful cum on her beautiful face.

Hannah- you look so sweet and sticky Carmen.

Carmen- I am but its like a moisturizer I guess.

Hannah reaches over to her face and starts to rub my cun around Carmen’s face.

Hannah– now you are getting a real facial. You have some in your hair to.

As Carmen grabs her hair and starts to check it, Hannah jumps her and sits in her chest.

Hannah- Go ahead Brax , I will hold her down while you make her scream.

Carmen- let me go, what do you mean make me scream?

I grab her legs and open them wide, at first she fights back a little but I slide my hand up and grab her pussy and she knows something fun is about to happen. Something I have wanted to do for a long time..

Carmen– haha he is licking my feet, it tickles

Hannah- let him and dont kick him in the face

I lick her feet and suck those little toes into my mouth, one by one. I always wanted to suck her feet and I took my time, her cute feet were sloppy and wet when I finished. Now to her pussy. I open her legs wide, I kiss her inner thighs before licking up and down her pussy. She ismt as wet as Hannah, but she had already cum twice that night. She tasted nice, not as nice as Hannah, and her clit was smaller so it wasnt as easy to suck on, but once I started to suck it into my mouth, she started to moan.

I licked her clit fast, normally I would prefer to take my time but I wanted to suck her post orgasm clit so bad.

Hannah- does it feel good Carmen? it feel good having someone eat your pussy?

Carmen– yeah, it’s so good, but why are you sitting on me?

Hannah- because we dont want you to get up, silly

Carmen– I love this, why would I want to get up?

Hannah- well you will know why shortly

Carmen– I am going to cum, I love his tongue so much..

I lick her clit faster and faster and I hear her moaning louder as Hannah is talking to her, then it hits her. She starts to cum, her legs shake and I feel her lift her hips off the floor. She came harder than Hannah, I gripped her legs and held them open while my mouth started to suck on her post orgasms clit.

Carmen– I came, oh, you can stop now, wow pls stop

Hannah– not yet girl. you got one more cum to give us.

Carmen jerks and moves her lips, trying to get her pussy away from my tongue.

Carmen–I am so sensitive, pls get him to stop , it feels good but Im gonna cry

She did start to cry and she also jerked hard and came again.. I licked her clit slowly after her second cum..before laying beside her

Carmen–that was mean, I loved it but that was mean. my pussy is sore and really sensitive now

Me- I am sorry, well not really, I made Hannah cum like that and we both wanted you to experience to.

Carmen- you are still mean and your dick is hard again.. I want another kiss session now

We go and sit on the sofa and we start to kiss, she had my cum rubbed on her face and she was sweaty from crying and cumming but I didnt care. Hannah gets on the floor, I forget she had wated to suck my dick afterwards. She knew what to do, she sucked my dick like a pro, I still didnt know how she knew how to kiss and now she was a pro sucking a dick..

Me and Carmen kiss and it wasnt long before I shot my load into Hannah’s mouth, she licked me slowly after she swallowed.

Hannah– well tonight was awesome,, well need another shower, so you two go and I will clean up, what time are my parents coming home?

Me- your mom said in the afternoon, your grandma has DR. appointment at 10 and they are having lunch and she said they would call when they left and see what we wanted them to bring us for dinner..

Hannah– so do we all want to sleep together in my parents bed tonight?

Me and Carmen– yes please

The End

I will post Hannah’s story next, we find out a lot more about her.

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