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Who’s in Charge?

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usually the straight laced type Priscilla decides to throw caution to the wind, where will it take her when her boss shows interest?

“What am I going to do? There’s no way I can finish this project in time, I’m going to have to pull a late one,”

Priscilla is desperate and angry that everyone has gone home for the day and left her to complete the study, but more angry at herself for not going home, and, as usual being the one to stay behind.

I could scream, she says out loud. She was on the 22nd floor, and there was no one but the cleaning crew to hear her, so who cares, she thought.

“You should do it, Priscilla. Let out the scream.”  Startled as she here’s a familiar voice behind her.

“Oh shit, I’m.so sorry Mr Bakker. I really didn’t think anyone else was in, ”  she apologises profusely.

“Don’t be silly. I admire the dedication….also your team are all bastards for letting you stay behind and finish and not for the first time either, and please, call me Erik. ”

Priscilla smiles at the fact that the owner of the company knows her name and also has clearly paid attention to her.

If you don’t mind me saying, you’re way too pretty to be in here on a Friday night.

“You should be out enjoying the town. I’m sure I heard that it was someone’s birthday and that some of the teams were  going into Rotterdam to rest and relax.” Says Erik

“In fact, your we are going to join up with them now, and I won’t take no for an answer,” he states.

“Well, I can’t really say no to the boss now, can I.” Priscilla says with a cheeky grin.

“Hopefully, I hear.’Yes, sir.’ A lot tonight then, Erik says playfully.

As if, almost playing along , Priscilla says in a timid voice, “Yes, sir.”

“Good girl,” Erik says. “Now let’s head to the parking lot, and we will jump in my car and head off to catch everyone.

With a spring in her step, almost like she was skipping, she heads to the lift with Erik to the underground car park. The tension between them as the lift goes between floors is electrifying, and it makes Priscilla yearn.

Feeling like an eternity, the lift hits the basement, and they walk out together to Erik’s Mercedes SLR.

“We will park it in town, and I’ll leave it there till tomorrow,”

With that in mind, he turns the ignition and the v8 engine roars into life.

Whizzing through traffic with speed, Priscilla knows she is safe with Erik, and It doesn’t take them long to get to the bar. The park the car, Erik comes round to open the door and Priscilla gets out.

They get to the door of the club and breeze through without waiting. Erik slips the door man 20 euros, and once in, he takes Priscillas coat and checks it in with his.

“This way, I can guarantee you are leaving with me,” he says, winking at her.

“Buy me a drink first,” Priscilla says playfully.

They both chuckle. They get inside the club and find the tables where the rest of the team are. The office staff, dumbfounded, are amazed that Priscilla had come in with Erik.

He doesn’t leave her side, unconsciously letting everyone know she is his. They go to the bar and order 2 gin and tonics. He watches as she playfully flicks the straw with her tongue, and he knows, deep down, she is doing it for his benefit.

They head to a little intimate table on their own near the rest, but somewhere, he can get to know her better.

“So tell me, doesn’t your boyfriend mind you staying at the office late so many nights.” He says fishing.

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” she says to him. “I have been single now almost a year, the most successful relationship I have is with my cat,” she jokes.

“I am amazed no one at the office has snapped you up in a year.” He tells her.

She takes down her hair and bites her lip. “I wish he would just take me,” she thinks to herself.

The night goes by fast, and everything in the background pales, but on that little table, it feels like time has slowed to a standstill. Erik excuses himself to the toilet and says he won’t be long.

Sarah from the office comes to the table and whispers in Priscillas’ ear.

“You know he’s married, don’t you?” And she walks away.

Erik comes back and sees a dismayed look on Priscillas face. He asks her, “What’s wrong?”

“Oh nothing,” Priscilla says, not wanting to think bout what was just said to her.

They head to the door, he grabs their coats, and as they are walking along to the taxi rank, he pulls her into an alleyway and passionately kisses her lips.

Electricity runs between them, and as he pulls away from her, a bead of saliva continues to join their lips.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since you started working for me. I knew I had to take my chance tonight, ” he says.

Instantly, she felt butterflies in her stomach. And her heart raced. She tells him that she doesn’t live far and that they can cut through the park to get to her house.

He walks her, arm in arm to the entrance of the park. It’s empty, bar a few people, and they head up the path.

Around halfway in, he spots a big oak tree and pulls her up against it. They kiss again, and he kisses her collarbone, she let’s out a whimper as he changes sides.

Animal instincts kick in, and he grabs her hair as he kisses her again. He is so close to him that her breasts are pushed up against him, and he can feel how hard her nipples are through her black dress.

He has to have her. He seizes his chance and slides his hand under her dress. She doesn’t resist him and opens her legs. He slides her underwear to one side and, feeling how wet she already is, slides two fingers inside her to hit her g spot.

“Oh my god” she screams as he expertly plays with her clit, he can feel her throbbing and knows that she is ready for him. As a good girl does, she hikes up her dress, pulls her underwear to the side for him, bends over and beckons him in.

He takes a look around, unzips, then puts the tip to her wet pussy. It feels like an eternity for him to.slide it in but then the tip starts to enter her, stretching her, inch by inch gliding inside her till he is fully deep inside her.

He can feel how tight she is, her pussy, perfectly gripping him like she was trying not to let him go. He pulls her hair as she arches her back more.

He feels his balls start to tighten as he unleashes wave after wave of seed deep into her unprotected womb. She was his now and no one would dare take her from him.

He pulls out, his cum slightly drips out of her. She pulls her underwear back so that she can contain him in her.

He kisses her and says, “No one else can touch u babygirl, your all mine.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she lets out with bated breath.

They continue their walk as he gets to her front door. He pushes her against the door and kisses her again.

“We will talk more in the morning, baby girl, OK?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she says again to him.

He watches her walk into her house and then hails a cab.

Inside, she leans back against the front door, wondering what just happened.

She doesn’t want to become the cliche of the ‘paralegal who falls for her married boss’, but he has a hold over her. He looks at me like I’m the only person in to
He room.

“But he has a wife,” she says to herself. “I’m the other woman.” She thinks. I’ll know more in the morning. She heads to bed, bottle of water and paracetamol to the side of the bed as if she’s anticipating the headache.

It must have been around 4.30 am. when she wakes up groggy and sees a figure standing in the corner of her room. She turns and sees both hands tied to her bed  she tries to move, but her ankles have been tied also.

Whoever this was, she was completely at their mercy.

He sat there, in the corner, saying nothing but watching her squirm. The car headlights going by every now and then, showing his face partially, and when it looks like she’s about to see him,darkness again.

Then, he spoke. “I couldn’t go home, I couldn’t stop thinking bout using you, and I had to come get another fix.”

It was Erik, but how did he get in?  She realised he must have found the key safe rock and let himself in.

She is still dripping with his cum but she wants more. He unzips again and turns her head on the bed.

“Open baby girl,” He says

She obliges without a struggle, and he slides into her eager throat. She can still taste herself on him as he uses her throat, choking her slightly with each thrust.

“I’m going to use this body however I want babygirl,” He says forcefully.

“I’m yours to use Daddy,” she says willingly happy to be his little cum slut.

She goes back to sucking him and she can feel him getting faster in her throat, she mentally prepares herself and as he gushes into her throat she swallows and swallows so that she can take it all in.

A little drips out of the corner of her mouth, and, so not to waste it, he scoops it up and lets her lick his fingers.

Work is going to be very interesting from now on, babygirl.  He says as he unties her arms but leaves her legs tied. He lays down on the bed next to her, and he falls asleep with his head on her chest. She is happy, happier than she has been in a long time, and with that, she goes to fall asleep too. Just as she’s nearly off, she looks out the corner of her eye and sees his phone vibrating on the bedside table. She gets a closer look and sees it says Anna and a picture of a woman, and Erik flashes up. The phone stops ringing, and she falls asleep.


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