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Becoming my daddy’s wife

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This is the story of when my mom left and daddy replaced her with me

It was a few weeks after I started my freshman year, I had just turned 14 and was doing pretty well in school and had a whole bunch of friends and boys who flirted with me all the time, I was loving it. But one day around end of October early September, I came home off the bus and walked inside. All the lights were off and the house was silent. This was odd because mom didn’t have a job and was always home making food for my daddy by the time I got home. I looked around until I eventually found an envelope with daddy’s name on it. I was confused and feeling nosy so I ripped it open and pulled out the long handwritten letter inside.
By the time I had finished reading it, it was stained with my tears. Mom had basically said she was tired of my daddy treating her badly for not being able to have anymore kids and he had only wanted her to be a breeding cow for him and when she couldn’t provide that he held it against her their entire marriage. She said he never appreciated anything she did for him because of it, and she couldn’t take it anymore. She said she was sorry she couldn’t take me, but that I needed to be here to take care of him. I threw the letter back on the counter I had found it on and ran to mom and daddy’s room.
The room was destroyed, dresser drawers were ripped out and thrown on the floor, a few of daddy’s clothes were spread around the room, Hangers were all over the floor, the nightstand was tipped over. My body shook as I stared at the broken family picture on the floor. I crawled onto moms side of the bed and broke out into tears. I wrapped myself up in the comforter and tried to control myself. Eventually though, I must’ve drifted off to sleep.
I eventually woke up to the feeling of someone laying behind me and a hand laying on my stomach. I sat up nervously, but let out a sigh of relief when I saw it was daddy. He stared at me for a few seconds before I burst into tears again and wrapped my arms around his neck.
“Shhh sweetie it’s gonna be okay,” he whispered as he ran his fingers up and down my back.
I crawled into his lap and continued to sob until I had nothing left. Daddy held me in his lap as he continued rubbing my back. I buried my head in his shoulder and closed my eyes. I felt his hand start going lower and lower and lower, until he was rubbing my butt instead of my back. Before I could say anything, he started talking again.
“Ya know, when I read that note I stormed up here, and I saw you laying in the bed and I thought it was her, since you look so much like her, I almost lost my mind,” he squeezed my butt hard as he finished his sentence. I stayed as still as I could, not sure what to do.
“You could almost be her twin ya know? You guys even act the same.” Daddy had started to play with the waistband of my pants as I sat there, frozen.
“With her gone, I’m gonna need some help ya know? With the house work, and the cooking and,” he paused, smiling as his hand finally slipped into my pants, “the other responsibilities she had,” he smirked as he pulled my panties to the side and started rubbing my naked butt and started to move towards my cunny.
“Daddy…” I started, but he cut me off.
“Shh shh shhhh, this is your job now. Mom said to take care of me didn’t she?” He started roughly rubbing and poking at my cunny. I grabbed fists of his shirt nervously since it was the first time someone had ever touched me there. The boys at school had grabbed my butt and boobs before, but nobody had ever gotten to her cunny. She didn’t let them, she wanted to save herself tor her future husband.
Daddy moaned as he started pushing his finger into my tight hole.
“Unghh…” I groaned as I felt my cunny being opened for the first time.
“Don’t worry sweetie, by the time you’re officially my new wife, this,” he paused as he swirled his finger inside me, “will be like nothing to you!”
Daddy laughed and went back to pushing deep into me. I was whining and groaning until he bumped something inside me and stopped. A big smile came on his face as he poked at whatever was inside me, making me gasp each time.
“Ohhh this will be better than I ever imagined!” He shouted before completing withdrawing his finger, making me groan. He grabbed me by my hips and threw me up onto the pillows of the bed before pushing me to lay on my back. Then, he parted my legs as wide as they would go and held them open with his thighs before using his fingers to spread my cunny open. I whined and blushed, not used to having anybody see me this way. He stared at it smiling and I cried when I saw him lick his lips before diving down and burying his face in my cunny and licking it like a lollipop. I gasped and moaned as I felt something building in my tummy. The longer he kept going, the more I could feel it building up. It felt like I was gonna pee and I tried to warn daddy but I couldn’t get a word out between my moans. My hips started to jump and I tried to push the feeling away but it just kept going and going and going until,
“Ohhhh daddyyyyy!!!” I screamed as the feeling in my stomach ripped through me and the most relaxing sensation came over me. I moaned and let out a sigh of relief as daddy’s head popped up and he began to stand. I laid there, numb and trying to catch my breath. Then I heard the sound of daddy’s belt hitting the floor. I lifted my head and saw daddy’s dick staring straight at me. I’d only ever seen one before, a senior at school had pulled me behind the stairs and pulled his out and tried to make me suck on it but I ran away. I didn’t think I’d get to run this time.
I tried to sit up and scramble away but daddy took the opportunity to flip me onto my tummy and grab my wrists and tie them together. I tried not to panic as I felt his weight shift onto the bed as he crawled between my legs, spreading them with his knees before I felt him bumping his dick against my sensitive cunny. I flinched away and started to beg him,
“Please daddy don’t do this, anything but that, please daddy please!” I cried, but daddy just laughed.
“I know it’s scary now sweetie, but daddy has needs and mommy wasn’t very good at doing her job, so daddy really, really, needs this, but I promise once your sweet little pussy has calmed me down after a few rounds you’ll start to love it!” He smiled before starting to push his dick into my cunny. I cried out as he grabbed my wrists and started pushing into me harder.
“God you’re tight sweetie, I can’t wait to make you the perfect size for daddy,” he grunted out as he continued shoving himself inside me. I groaned and tears started falling down my face as I felt him bump into that thing inside me. I heard him laugh quietly before drawing his hips back slightly and slamming hard into me. I screamed and tried to crawl forward but he held me in place. He stayed still until I had calmed down and stopped moving, then he started pushing again.
“Mmm such a good girl saving herself for daddy. I can’t wait to pump you full of babies!” He smacked my butt hard making me yelp before he began thrusting in and out of me. I groaned and screamed as he drilled himself deeper inside me with each thrust.
Eventually, he finally managed to fit his entire dick inside me. He laughed as his balls slapped against my cunny, the noise making me want to throw up. Then, he wrapped his arms around my hips, reaching up and grabbing my tiny boobs hanging underneath me and squeezing them.
“Ohhh just wait until these are full of milk,” he moaned before slamming hard in and out of me. I tried to move but he had my arms pinned under his chest and my legs wrapped around his knees and my face pressed into the mattress. I groaned and cried with every thrust, the pain in my cunny burning through my stomach.
After a few minutes, daddy started pinching my puffy nipples. It made me yelp each time and he kept doing it harder and harder. As he pinched me his hips sped up and started going harder. The bedframe shook with each thrust and I tried to work through the pain until he groaned loudly and slammed himself as deep as he could before I felt a warm liquid filling me up.
“Ughh there we go, fill that pussy with baby juice. Such a good little cow…” he thrust into me a few more times before completely withdrawing himself and letting me flop onto the mattress. Then he grabbed a few pillows and shoved them under my hips, propping my cunny and butt up.
“Don’t wanna waste any sweetie, I want that tight pussy getting looser for a baby asap!” He laughed and slapped my butt hard before plunging his fingers back into me and playing with me until dinner.

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  • Reply Willy T ID:ph9j70v8qvu

    Author doesn’t even know where a hymen is. These young people with no real experience should at least get some experience or education about sex before trying to bullshit others about sex. Inaccuracies tend to ruin a good story.

  • Reply Alexia ID:e9pi4fw42

    I wish I had a daddy obsessed with breeding me…

    • Fairy11 ID:1ebv7tvfzy3l

      You can have

  • Reply Bob in Tulsa ID:1e8iuc714b57

    Not the way I would’ve introduced you to my cock, but you know to each his own. I think I would’ve had you a little tipsy with a drink or two introduced you to hard orgasms with a vibrator after eating your Pussy.
    But I realize some girls like it rough. Like to be manhandled. I never got that opportunity. But if I could trust me, I would.

    • Kara Bear ID:1cuch900xp29

      That’s basically what daddy and I do now, I’m a good girl now :))

  • Reply Anonymous ID:4bn00en3fia

    Now Leave Your Comment…

  • Reply T ID:bifp5n7d9c

    I hope you made a baby 1st try

  • Reply Alyssa ID:5qv3cyfv9i

    I added you

  • Reply Derek ID:pa0xb9p49b

    Hi.. thank you for the story