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My 10 year old daughter playtime

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My daughter learns about playtime with a family friend

I have a nice daughter Jodie she just turned 10 years old she skinny about 4 foot 6 and straight up and down . I d never thought of her as sexy until recently , just before her 10th birthday , I’d been drinking with a mate , he’d had a few too many drinks , we began to talk about women , then he said you’ve got a gorgeous daughter , long blonde hair , and a sexy giggle , I looked at him not sure I know what your getting , no mate he said , I mean she will be a sexy lady , you’ll have to keep the boys away from her , that’s my daughter I said . We had a few more drinks and he began to talk about my daughter again , what I was meaning she’s blonde guys love that , which I had to agree , every time I am round your place I can’t keep my eyes of her . Come on I said she’s a baby , no he said I just mean , no I said she’s 9 and I am sure she will have no interest in boys , yer but look she’s so pretty , has no one ever told you , she’s got great legs a tiny little bum and . I stopped him . He looked , bet she’s got tiny boobs he said ,
After a few drinks we ended up talking more on the way home , I’d love to see Jodie nude , I bet she’s asleep in her bed. , we were totally drunk . Back at my place , my mate said you said I could see her nude , after a bit of a giggle and a I bet you won’t let me , we went to Jodie’s bed room , I pulled back the bed covers and let him see her laying there I lifted up her night dress , so he could see her , he said lovely ,
We left her in bed and went back down stairs , god she’s lovely , told you she’d have no tits , , I love her he said I love her bald pussy ,
Ok I said I’ve let you look , . I got him to leave ,
A few days later he came round , I asked him did you like what you saw , yes mate I had to have a wank when I got home I shot a load , your a perv I said , no mate I’d never have shagged her , but she’s gorgeous , a natural blonde and nice tight body .
Jodie came home from school and he asked her what she wanted for her birthday , no come closer sit on my knee and whisper to me and I will see what I can do . I watched from the kitchen door as Jodie sat on his knee and whispered in his ear , I saw his hand go up her skirt , . Jodie didn’t stop him he kissed her on the lips and he said if you kiss me again I will get you that for your birthday his hand still up her skirt I was wanking myself as I watched my mate fiddling with my little girl under her skirt , she kissed him back , then stood up . Shown my your knickers , she lifted up her skirt , he tugged her knickers down that’s nice he said I like that , she lowered her skirt and went to her room . I went back in the room . I saw what you were doing I said , yer and I saw you wanking he replied , it was so sexy . Was she ok with it I asked , no complaints from here , no mate to be honest she enjoyed it when my hand went up her skirt and touched her knickers she opened her legs wider for me , I think she was a little horny ., must admit I liked the feel of it and when I pulled her knickers down I loved the look of it . I shouted up stairs Jodie , Kenny’s going home , he just wants to come upstairs to say goodbye , is that ok , yes dad shouted Jodie , kenny went up I followed and peeped through the gap in the door , hi Jodie he said I thought I better say goodbye , hope you didn’t mind kissing , no I liked it , and I hope you didn’t mind me putting my hand up your skirt , no Jodie said I liked it it felt strange . Ok Kenny said , you are sexy and I hand to look down your knickers that’s ok Kenny she said . Kenny looked at her thanks love , but I think because you’ve shown me yours I should let you see mine , would you like that he asked , she nodded , he dropped his joggers , and held his cock , do you like he asked , have you seen one before , Jodie shook her head , he tugged his cock , Jodie said why has it got bigger does it grow , yes Jodie but only for sexy girls , would you like to see mine again asked Jodie , she pulled her knickers down and showed of her bald pussy . I shot my load watching my little girl showing herself off to a grown man while he tugged his cock , .

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