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Collette, my goddess

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I came home and found my daughters 12yo friend passed out drunk on my bed, I did the only thing I could think of. I abused and raped her for 6 hours.

Her name is Collette, a beautiful 12 year old blonde, with D-Cup breasts, “Oooaaf.”, the biggest breasts I’ve ever seen on such a small young girl, she has the face of an angel, the body of a young goddess, and she was all mine for one night.

My daughter, Ellie, she’s 14, had some of her friends over for a cheeky little party while I was working late one night, when I got home just past midnight, the house was a bit of a mess, food crumbs and junk food packaging scattered all over the living room floor, empty cheap beer cans and empty bottles of vodka and cider scattered all over the place.

It seemed her friends had left, and Ellie was passed out on the sofa, drunk as a skunk, laying on her front with her head hanging over a bucket and her chin covered in puke, I guess she learnt the consequences of excessive drinking, I wasn’t angry, I covered her up with a blanket and made sure she was alright.

I made my way upstairs to my bedroom but decided to head straight in to the bathroom instead and get a shower to wash off all the dirt from work, after the shower I wrapped a towel around my waist and went in to my bedroom, when I turned on the light, there she was, Collette, passed out on my bed with an empty bottle in her hand, I guess she got tired and collapsed on to the nearest bed.

She was laid on her back, wearing a low cut pink tank top, light blue denim hip jeans, looking so beautiful, as I approached the bed her ample cleavage became more visible in her low cup top, and damn those were some nice looking puppies, I sat down and gently caressed the side of her face, “Collette – darling, you awake?” I whispered.

She uttered something incoherent, “You alright darling?” I asked, she kept her eyes closed and just shuffled herself a little on the bed, “Uh-m” she mumbled, yep, she was out of it, as drunk as the skunk on the sofa downstairs.

I found myself in a little dilemma, do I…

1) Cover her with a blanket and make sure she’s comfortable for the night let her sleep
2) Carry her in to Ellie’s room and let her sleep there
3) Take this once in a lifetime chance to strip her naked and have my filthy way with her

I’ve had my eye on Collette for a long time, you just can’t ignore her huge breasts, no man could, and I have fantasised a lot about her, the things I wanted to do to her, I wanted her, and here she was, on my bed, on her back, ready to be taken.

Fuck it, I’m having here, right here, and right fucking now!

I pulled away my towel and tossed it through the air on to the floor, climbed up on the bed on my knees, then I unbuttoned her jeans, and slowly unzipped them, as I peeled the zip-flaps open, I revealed bright pink panties underneath, I shimmied her jeans down her legs, took off her shoes and socks and then her jeans, pushing them off the bed on to the floor.

Her panties were very tight fitting, leaving little to the imagination as the front of the fabric was sunk in to the folds of her pussy, outlining it perfectly.

I ran my hands up her soft silky legs, around her hips, over her belly, she still had that soft baby skin, I raised her arms and lifted off her tank top, “Oaah!” I gasped, realising she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath, as her big, perfectly rounded breasts with small pointed nipples wobbled in to view, “Holy shit. Good girl.” I gasped.

I wasted no time and grabbed hold with both hands, squeezing them both, they were so soft and warm, my cock hardened instantly, my pre-cum already dripping from my tip, I pulled off her panties and I wanted to cry, her pussy was so beautiful, hairless, perfectly shaped and just starting to bloom.

Laying myself down at the bottom of the bed, I put my head between her legs, and I licked the tip of my tongue all the way up her crack to her clitoris, and I flicked my tongue repeated around it, teasing her, she moaned lightly, “Uum – Uh.” And she spread her legs open for me, then I buried my tongue deep in to her folds and ate her, tasting her sweetness.

I repositioned myself and laid beside her, rubbing my hand up and down her body, all over her body, feeling and rubbing every inch of her, I penetrated her with my finger and started to suck on her right breast while fingering her fast and hard, she gasped and moaned repeatedly, arching her back and thrusting her hips as I fingered her to orgasm, “Oah – Ungh – Mmm.”, such sweet sounds coming from her mouth.

With my fingers drenched in her orgasmic fluids, I pulled it out of her and I rubbed her juices on to my cock before sliding my finger across her lips and letting her taste herself.

Then I rolled on top of her, teased her clitoris with my cock and then slowly pushed it in to her folds, her pussy was so slippery and well lubricated by now, and my cock just slid inside of her with almost no effort at all, I say almost, but her virgin pussy was very tight and I had to push hard to open her up and stretch her open enough to accommodate my girth.

“Ooah – God.” I gasped, feeling her tight, warm, bumpy innards massaging my cock all around, “Oh wow. Oh – Collette.”

I was inside of her, we were connected, we were one, I started to thrust in to her, again, and again, watching her big breasts wobble as her body rocked from my thrusting, my big hard cock was inside of her and I was fucking this sweet beautiful little kid on my bed, and it was beautiful.

I was all over her, grabbing her tight ass, sucking on her nipples, kissing her neck, driving her in to a sexual frenzy, she just moaned and moaned, over and over, “Ungh – Mm – Ooah – Ung.”

I had been fucking her for around 10 minutes when all of a sudden, her eyes sprung wide open, her mouth opened, and she let out an almighty moan of orgasm, “Ooooooaah-Ungh!!!!!”, it took her about 20 seconds to realise what was going on, what I was doing to her, at first she looked confused, but then she wrapped her arms and legs around me tightly, shut her eyes again and laid her head back.

I continued to fuck her, and I got deeper and deeper, until I could no longer resist the biological urge to ejaculate, I let go and released my seed inside of her, it was a big load and took a while to shoot it all out.
She blinked her eyes open, smiled, then closed her eyes again and drifted off, I slowly pulled out of her and then laid on my back next to her for a little while before continuing.

I spent 5-6 hours with her, fucking her repeatedly, in her pussy, rolling her over and pounding her sweet little ass, fucking her mouth, ejaculating inside all of her holes and all over her breasts, that night I was a horny beast and made sure I got the most out of my one and only shot at fucking her, and damn it was good.

The angels must have been smiling on me that night because by some divine miracle, Collette didn’t get pregnant, thank goodness.

Personally I wouldn’t have minded if she did get pregnant, I’d have loved to have bred that girl, but not sure anyone else would have approved.

As the sun was rising on a new wonderful day, I wiped her naked body down and put her clothes back on her, pick her up and carried her in to Ellie’s room where I laid her down on Ellie’s bed and left her to sleep.

I fell asleep for a few hours and then went downstairs, Ellie and Collette were in the living room on the sofa watching TV, they both complained of having bad headaches, hungover from all the drinking, Collette complained that she must have slept in an awkward position because she said she was aching all over, thankfully she didn’t remember a thing.

I got to fuck that sweet kid and act out all my fantasies on her that night, what a night.

Collette, my beautiful angel, thank you for a wonderful night.

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