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A Scottish ReTREAT

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Two couples, destined to be together, entwine when they are caught in a fuel filled magnetic few days in Edinburgh and it changes their lives forever

“For christ’s sake, we’re gonna be late, Louis.” Sarah screeched as she, annoyed by how long he was taking to get the car loaded for their trip. This was the first holiday they were taking in the 4 years they had been together, both are 23 years of age and she was not gonna miss a single second of it.

They jump in the car, dodging traffic like an experienced formula 1 driver and getting to the airport in time. “Damn, lucky you didn’t kill us there. Gonna start calling you Louis Hamilton” she joked.

But the air of calm had washed over her as they checked in and sat in the lounge with a drink waiting to board the flight.  It was only a short hop from Birmingham to Scotland as they were going to look around Edinburgh to see the sights ready for their potential move due to her promotion at work.

The flight went relatively carefree, and they arrived after getting their Uber. They checked in at the front desk of the Balmoral hotel. Getting the key to their suite. They make their way up the lift and decide just to drop off their stuff before heading out for something to eat.

Sarah calls her mother to let her know they have arrived safe and that she will call again later on after they visit the sights. Louis sits waiting for her in the lobby.

As Sarah finishes her call, she comes out the door, locking it and noticing the gentleman coming out of next door. He must have been in the early 40s but looked like he worked out, grey flowing through his hair and a thick South African accent as he said “hello” as they passed in the corridor.

She says, “Hello” back and heads downstairs to Louis.

They head into town, wanting to see the sights and deciding to wait till the weekend to see the castle. They look around the shops, Louis wanting to buy a kilt but immediately being talked out of it by Sarah. “You CANNOT pull that off, she laughs,” just then out of the other changing room, a familiar sight. “Oh hello” Sarah says to the man before her.

“She’s right you can’t pull that off” he jokes to Louis who, a little offended but not wanting to show it, walks back into the changing room to get try on the new trousers he also picked out.

My name is Gerrit, he says to Sarah. She introduces herself, and Louis shouts his name from the changing room, almost falling over as he does. Gerrit confirms he is in town for a week on business and pleasure.

“Wow, thats cool” Sarah says admiring his tall frame. Louis, a little intimidated at this point says are you here on your own?”

“No, My wife Anna is back at the hotel as she wanted to just swim and use the sauna. She hates the sightseeing part but I needed to get some clothes for this meeting” he says.

If you’re free, maybe I can introduce you tonight at the hotel restaurant, my treat says Gerrit. Before Louis could say anything,

Sarah says, “Of course,” in a bold voice.

They agree on 8pm, and Gerrit heads to look for some shoes as Sarah and Louis decide to head for a coffee. “What the heck, free meal, I suppose”, says Louis as they decide to look around a little more before heading back to the hotel.

Sarah decided on a little nap as she was jetlagged while Louis, after hearing there was a spa area, wanted to head to the sauna. Upon changing and making his way to the sauna, he spots a woman, in her late 30s, but amazingly beautiful. “That’s must be Anna,” he thought to himself. but what if it wasn’t her?

He wasn’t gonna just start talking to some random woman. Not wanting to seem creepy and possibly talking to the wrong person, he opens the door to the sauna, sits down, and relaxes. 5 minutes went, but when he looked over and realised that this woman was topless.

“Erm mam you may want to put your top on, they don’t really allow topless here” he says gingerley, looking at her amazing gravity defying breasts but not wanting to stare, he goes back to laying on the bench, when she gets up and sits down next to him.

“If you’re OK with it, then I am,” she says.

“I’m Anna,” she exclaimed.

Louis says hello, trying to think of anything else rather than this amazing woman’s breasts and really trying to control what’s happening in his trunks.

“It looks like you’re OK with it,” Anna says with a little rye smile looking down at the buldge.

Louis was almost taken back by the audaciousness of Anna. She also loved the fact that this young man was enjoying her body. She laid down on the bench opposite, undoing the sides to her thong and teasing Louis. She was enjoying every second of him squirming, and while she looked away, he took the chance to readjust his area so it wasn’t as obvious, and he laid back down too.

Anna sat up again, her thong dropping down as she added extra water to the coals. “Oops, sorry,” she said as if to say it was an accident that she was now fully out of her thong.

Louis couldn’t help but look at the neat row of hair leading up from her area. “Oh christ,” he says, as Anna catches him looking.

Just as she was about to make her move, they heard voices outside the sauna, of a couple of random guys and she quickly says “ill see you later” not knowing how true those words were. She ties her thong swimsuit back on and heads back up to her room.

The guys come in,noticing Louis a little flushed. Just ask if he’s OK.

“I think that’s me for the day,” he says as he gets out and goes to the changing room.

Back in the hotel room, Sarah is trying on her dresses when there’s a knock at the door. She goes to the door expecting it to be Louis, “is the key not workin dumbass,” she says, but no answer. She opens the door and sees a box on the floor with a note

Written on the note, it says, “Wear this for me.”

What the hell, she thinks as she looks down the corridor but nothing. She gets the box in the door, goes to the bed, and unwraps a black cocktail dress. Just as she is about to try it on, she hears the door and hurriedly wraps it up and puts it in the wardrobe. “I don’t want Louis seeing this yet.” Deep down, she knew it wasn’t from him but was waiting to hear if he mentioned it.

Louis, flustered from what had happened in the sauna, just says, “I need the toilet,” and goes in there. It gives Sarah the chance to try on the dress that this mystery person has delivered to her.

Oh My God, she says to herself as the dress fit perfectly, accentuating all her curves and encompassing her impressive breasts so much that she fears they may break through. She admires herself in the full-length mirror, wondering who in the world the dress was for.

Was it the wrong room? If Louis had bought it, he would have mentioned it, and this clearly cost a fortune so she would have killed him for buying it. Then her mind wanders slightly. No, it couldn’t have been? The only other person who has seen her, interacted with her and would have been able to guess her figure, Gerrit?

Why…..why did he want me to wear this?  She takes off the dress and puts it back in the box and sits on the bed, turning the TV on and clicking through stations, pondering what this meant.

In the bathroom, Louis mind races. He wonders how he is going to get through the meal without giving away that he has seen both women at the table, naked. “Oh god, what if her husband knows?” he worries.

He can’t get out of the dinner, or Sarah will start asking questions, so he decides to himself that he will go and just listen and keep his mind open.

A few hours pass, Sarah takes out the dress and puts it on, as well as her favourite pair of black heels. “Wow, I don’t remember that one,” says Louis.

“You don’t pay attention, do you? I bought it weeks ago,” Sarah says, biting her lip through the lie.

She knew she could say it as it was obvious at that point Louis wasn’t the one who bought it so it Must have been the guy with the amazing green eyes that she cannot get out of her head. Louis puts on his trousers, shoes, and a shirt that Sarah picked out for him.

“very sexy,” she says as they head to the restaurant.

The hostess shows them to the table where Anna and Gerrit already were. Gerrit stands up, his eyes widen at the fact Sarah is wearing the dress. A little smirk appears on his face as she looks at him, right then, knowing he bought it.

“Sit,please,” he says, trying not to give anything away. “This is my wife Anna” her face pops up from her phone to realise the person sitting in front of her saw her full figure a few hours back.

Judging by the look on his face, he’s still remembering every curve, every bead of sweat that dripped down her chest to her navel every breath that she made and she fucking loved that power.

Sitting down, Gerrit had already ordered a bottle of 1928 Krug for the table. “It’s a big night,” he exclaimed. My work went quicker than expected, so the next few days are going to be for pleasure. As if simultaneously, Sarah’s eyes met his and Louis’ with Anna.

“We have a meeting tomorrow, but then after that, it will be a stress free week for us too,” Sarah says.

“Perfect, we can get to know more about each other then,” Anna says, looking at Sarah but chucks a sly look at Louis.

The main meals turn up as Gerrit orders another bottle, as they are eating Louis, startled by a foot climbing up his inside left leg, does his best not to bring attention to the fact that the blonde bombshell in front of him, who isn’t his girlfriend, has her foot out of her stiletto and is now expertly swirling her leg on his now bulging area.

“Are you ok?” says Sarah,

“yea, just a little spicy, got caught off guard,” Louis says while Anna does her best angel impression.

Louis excuses himself and goes to the bathroom to try to compose himself and wonder just how he got himself into this and how he gets himself out. Anna, a little tipsy, also excuses herself and heas for the toilet.

“I knew you would look stunning in that,” said Gerrit.

“Thank you, but why did you buy it? It must have cost a fortune,” Sarah said sheepishly.

“I’m sure by now you have figured out, if I want something, I usually get it,” said Gerrit in a firm but fair tone. Sarah looks away shy, but she can feel butterflies in her stomach that she didn’t get with Louis.

She feels bad but only for a second as Gerrit says, “I couldn’t stop thinking about you after we met in the corridor, and so I have to admit I followed you to engineer that meeting at the clothing store”.

“I kinda new deep down,” Sarah says. But we both have partners, and it wouldn’t be right.

“You let me worry bout that” he says, leaning forward and planting a kiss right on her clavicle with such sensitivity that it’s like he knew her body already.

She pushes him away slightly taken back by it but says “we can keep talking but please respect that I have a boyfriend and I don’t wanna hurt him”

“I understand” is all Gerrit says but the tone makes it sound like he loves the challenge.

Back in the restaurant lavatory, Louis is composing himself. He gets outside the door, and Anna is waiting for him in the corridor. She pushes him against the wall and kisses him passionately.

Part of him wants to pull away, but he kisses back fully as he can feel the blood running back to his area. Anna traces her hand up and down his impressive cock as she whispers “tomorrow, in the sauna, I’m having you”.

he is taken aback by how upfront she is being, considering they are at a meal with both respective partners but he says nothing, nods to her that he acknowledges and goes back to the table, probably looking more flustered than when he got up.

Anna goes to the powder room, fixes her lipstick, and heads back after.

“So, we didn’t get to talk much before,” Gerrit says. What is it your doing here in town? ”

“I am starting a new job soon with VPI Power here in Edinburgh.” She says proudly,

“Oh really, owned by Vitol group, aren’t they Gerrit?” Anna says.

“Yes, I believe so. Do you know the company? ” Sarah says, surprised.

“Considering Gerrit is the VP of Vitol, he should do,” Anna laughs.

Taken back by this, Sarah says “well that is very good to know. Hopefully, I’ve made a good impression.” Gerrit nods, confirming, as Louis still has one eye looking at Anna and doesn’t fully hear what’s said.

After desserts are demolished, Gerrit has 2 1937 Glenfiddichs for him, and Louis bought to the table, and the ladies finish off the bottle of Krug.

Picking up his glass and swishing it over the solitary icecube he asks “maybe after your meeting tomorrow we can all catch up” Louis not used to single malts mirrors the actions of Gerrit but taking a sip he says how smooth it is.

He looks to Sarah for confirmation, who says “yes I don’t see why not.”

They share the lift up to their adjacent rooms and, after sharing pleasantries, go inside their respective rooms. Sarah, tells Louis she is feeling a little tipsy so is going to head to bed.

He says “OK baby” and heads to the sofa in the living room of the suite, pumped by what has just happened and gets a drink from the mini bar.

Part of him knows it’s wrong, but the other part of him wants the experience of this older amazing woman that he can’t stop thinking bout. In the bedroom, Sarah is already out of her clothing and in the luxurious kingsize bed, can’t sleep.

Her head filled with lust and wanting for, who she has now discovered, was one of her new bosses.

Her hands wander down and to no surprise she is dripping wet, she decides whether to call Louis in to the room to feel the connection to her boyfriend or, does she close her eyes, touch herself and think about her boss.

To her surprise, in her slightly tipsy state, she decides a combination of both. “Louis, come here,” she calls out from the darkness. No answer.

She gets up, wraps the robe around herself, and goes into the living room where she sees a passed out Louis on the massive couch.

She goes back to her room and closes her eyes, and thinks of Gerrit inside her, teasing her, tempting her. She knows full well that he would be an amazing lover.

And not surprisingly, she wants to find out. She rubs her pussy, paying close attention to her now throbbing clit, it doesn’t take much tonight for her to let out a massive sigh as she lets go, all over her hand. And with that she falls right asleep, a happy girl.

“Morning lazy” Sarah says as she gets up and goes to the sofa where Louis has spent the night. “You missed out on that bed, it’s the comfiest thing I’ve ever slept on” she says.

“To be honest, I can say the same for this sofa, it was amazing” says a groggy Louis.

“I have to get going for my meeting, I’ll see you back here at about 3 is that OK with you” she says.

“Of course knock em dead, I’m so proud of you” says Louis. Louis knows he can’t stop himself, but he has to go to the Sauna, it’s like his body is actively controlling him and his brain is on autopilot.

He gets his trunks on and heads to the Swimming pool first to get a headstart before heading into the jacuzzi and sauna area. After he spends about 30 minutes swimming, he decides to go to the sauna and is pleased to see Anna there.

“Good boy” said Anna, “I Knew you would be here”  she says untying her bottoms.

Showing a now freshly shaved pussy and also  as Louis can see, a glistening clitoral piercing.

” I want you to show me what you can do and we will see what we are working with” she tells Louis.

Not needing to be told twice, Louis starts to taste her, licking that pussy. She was pleasantly surprised as he lapped away like a cat who has the cream but she knows that she isn’t going to give up the power to him so she makes sure that she doesn’t cum. Instead she tells him to get up and go with her to the jacuzzi.

“Sit down and take off those bottoms” she orders him. She gets in after him gently lowering herself down onto his throbbing member and feeling it slide inside her. She takes control, using Louis, when just as fast as it started, he shoots and fills her very, very prematurely.

“Oh, OK I guess that is all then” she says feeling a little flattered but very very unsatisfied.

She gets up puts on her robe and storms right back to her room his cum dripping from her as she takes each step. Louis, feeling very embarrassed and feeling like he didn’t at all put up a good showing, retreats back to his room.

In town Sarah has just finished her meeting, coming out with a massive smile on her face when she looks across the walkway and sees Gerrit.

“I heard you did well in there” he says.

“Damn you have eyes everywhere don’t you” she says.

“Oh I have my fingers in quite a few pies” he laughs, Sarah realising the double entendre and laughing back with him.

“Let’s grab a coffee” Gerrit says.

“Fuck that, I’m on Holiday we are heading to that bar” says Sarah walking with a spring in her step as she does. Gerrit, ever the gentleman, opens the door for her and as she walks past him he smells her hair.

He smells her perfume “Libre?” He says.

“Impressive” she says smiling from ear to ear. He orders them both a Gin and tonic, and they head to the sofa in the corner of the bar so they can’t be seen but Gerrit still has the door in his eyesight, should they have unwanted guests.

“So I’m guessing we need to get to know each other much better, as we are working for the same company, you know, for company relations” she says laughing.

“Well, I can get on board with that definitely” He says looking into her eyes as he takes a sip of his drink, she throws caution to the wind and as it feels like the whole bar slowed to a standstill, she kisses his lips gently.

She opens her mouth slightly as he takes the lead and slips his tongue in cradling hers, she cannot believe what is happening but she is completely at his mercy. He could take her on this sofa right now and she wouldn’t care.

He stops kissing her pulling away slightly, a bead of saliva linking their lips together breaks as he picks his lips. “You taste even better than I thought you would” he says. “I’m gonna enjoy tasting more of you”.

She hears this and feels those butterflies again. She needs to have him and at this point, she devises a plan of how to get what she wants without Louis getting in the way.

Back at the hotel, Anna falls asleep in the bed, a little afternoon nap,  a little disappointed with what happened earlier. When 30 minutes pass, she gets an eerie feeling and takes off her sleeping mask only to find Louis standing at her side she also then notices her left arm tied to the 4 poster bed.

He was tying her second hand up just as she woke. “This is more fucking like it” she says feeling vindicated that she had chose the right person.

“Shut up you little whore” he says forcefully, as he grabs the back of her head and forces his cock into her mouth. She can still taste herself on him which excites her.

His cum still dripping out of her pussy, he slides 2 fingers into her and just as he takes his cock from her throat, he makes her suck his fingers.

She mumbles something so he takes his fingers out. “I gotta know how you got in here” she says.

“Well, something I found last night without realising, was that these suites have a conjoining door” “I Knew you had come up stairs and I wasn’t going to let what happened be the thing you remembered so I was in my room, heard you snoring and thought I’d check”

“I was just glad it was you and not Gerrit” he says as she chuckles but then moans again as he slides his fingers inside her, kissing her lips as he does so.

“Right, now fuck me like I expect to be fucked” she shouts, as he gets his cock and slips it back into her, like he remembers the feeling from earlier.

“Good boy,” she says as she feels him deep in her. He takes her underwear and shoves it in her mouth. He carries on sliding in and out, varying the speed and depth as he feels a familiar feeling, Anna starts to buck as her pussy tightens around his cock ”

he can’t believe just how tight she is ” and he unloads deep inside her at the same time.

she tells him ” C+, there’s room for improvement, but well done. ” he feels vindicated as he unties her hands and leaves her to clean up.

Sarah and Gerrit are 5 Gins in, the flirting becoming very obvious now as Gerrit tells her that she is his now”

you can carry on being with Louis and ill be with Anna but, your mine babygirl” He says proudly.

“Yes, Daddy,” she says playfully.

“Good girl,”Gerrit says.

Immediately, she feels herself get wet knowing that her praise kink just activated. Let’s go back to the hotel and go to my room. ” Gerrit says.

“We can’t. What about your wife Sarah says worryingly.

“Who says I only have 1 room?” Gerrit exclaims.

they head to the floor directly below their rooms, they walk half way down the corridor and open the door, their eyes can’t stop staring at each other, as they walk in the air is electric and Sarah can feel something special is about to happen.

When they walk to the bed, she can see the restraints already on the posts. He tells her to get on the bed.

She says “yes daddy” he ties her arms and legs as he the reaches into the top draw and takes out a mini vibrator still in the box and brand new butt plug.

“You planned this, didn’t you?” she said in a little angry voice. ”

I bought these the first day we met when I had decided I was making you mine,” he says proud of himself. He pulls out scissors and cuts off her clothing.

“You won’t be needing this,”he says. As she gets fear in her eyes as she knows she’s at his mercy.

He heads down to take off her thong and says, “Be a good girl and breath in slowly,” as he slides the but plug into her tight virgin ass.”

Ouch, it hurts,” she says, almost sobering up right away.

“Take it all like a good girl” he says as he feels her ass suction the plug into place.

“We are training that hole for later” he says as he looks down at her nipples getting hard and sucks them both giving them both a good amount of time.

He kisses her neck as he tells her to open wide, she does as she is told as she sucks every inch of him down, mmmm he tastes so sweet she thinks to herself as she shows him what she has learnt.

Taking every inch in as she uses her tongue to lick his balls, a trick that even Anna hadn’t done to him takes him back, and he feels his balls tremble.

He let’s her expertly suck on his cock he can feel the inevitable. “Open ur mouth, stick out your tongue and don’t swallow till daddy says its ok” he says as he unloads over her bottom lip, tongue and mouth, a little dribbling on her chin.

She keeps it there for what feels like forever, but is more like 30 seconds before he says “Ok swallow me” and she does what she is told.

He tasted better than Louis by far she thought. He keeps her tied up for 5 minutes until he starts to play with her again, feeling her pussy flutter and her knowing what was coming

“Is daddy going to fuck me now” she says

“yes babygirl” He answers as he gets the tip inside her.

She can feel herself stretching around him, inch by inch as he buries himself to the hilt. He starts to fuck her slowly so they can both enjoy it as he looks in her eyes and kisses her lips passionately.

He stays inside her going deeper and faster. Ranging speeds. She has never been fucked like this before. He was taking control of her body and she knew now that even though she had Lous, she belonged to Gerrit.

She needed him, yearned for him he was her other half. He looks deep into her eyes as if he is looking into her soul as she feels a familiar feeling shooting deep into her unprotected womb.

Gerrit doesn’t break eye contact as she can feel him tense his cock to make sure every drop is inside her. He unties her hands while he is still inside her, and she he puts his head on her chest.

It’s the first time in their short relationship that she has seen him even remotely vulnerable and it was so cute she thought. He kisses her lips and pulls his cock out of her and his cum flows from her as he does.

I’m gonna fuck you every single day in this room before you go back and ill keep this room on hold indefinitely when you permanently move here. I want you whenever I can have you and keeping this room will make that easier.

“Now, what the hell do I wear to get back to my room as you cut these off” she tells him.

“First closet open it you will find a few changes of clothes for you”  she feels flattered that he’s actually planned everything for her.

“Who knew this trip would make me a daddy’s girl” she says still tasting him on her lips.

” I saw you 2 years ago at Cambridge and I have been making sure I followed your career ever since. How do you think you got this job babygirl?”

Her jaw drops.


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