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Anal of black daddy

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Nigger Daddy gives me what I need and to my surprise I can handle it.

As you know I’m only 12 years old, Vietnamese and extremely petite. My mother married a huge handsome nigger with a massive dick and he has been educating me whilst mommy is in Vietnam.
After daddy broke me in on film, it’s taken 5 days for me to recover. He only used about 7 inches of his huge nigger dick, but it was enough with it’s thickness to rip me badly. Whilst I’ve been recovering daddy has been fucking on film, little white bitches and a little Indian girl, I clean his dick after with my tongue. I like the taste of girls cum and his cum on his massive tool.
I told daddy that I feel ok and I want his dick back inside me. He just laughed and said “Anal will be fun to film” I honestly was afraid and my face showed it. That got my daddy hard he enjoys inflicting pain on his bitches, his 13 inch tool can do it too. I spent the night cuddling with him and more importantly cleaning his nigger ass with my tiny Asian tongue. Nigger Daddy enjoys me rimming him and other niggers, he loves to see my tiny Asian face buried between black cheeks. I’ve greedily cleaned 17 different niggers already.
Morning arrived and it was time for my anal scene.
Like my last film I was put in high heels dog collar and lead. My naturally bald kitty and tiny Asian bumps on display. My kitty was a little moist thinking about what was to come.
Daddy lead me into a room, inside was just a rug with sex swing attached above it. I was strapped inside it, my legs spread wide. I could feel my kitty juices trickling over my virgin asshole. Alison one of the girls from my breaking in party came over and rubbed my kitty, commented on how wet I was then slide a finger in me. She turned and smiled at my nigger daddy and said I wasn’t tight anymore, slide two fingers inside me and smiled. She whispered in my ear how open I was, how daddy had did such a good job opening my kitty and then slide 3 fingers inside me, she smiled as she felt a little tension in my pussy. I came on her fingers instantly. My juices washing over her fingers and trickling over my cherry asshole.
Nigger Daddy smiled at me, called me a dirty little Asian whore, rubbing his massive dick. I smiled back at him, then begged him to take my virgin ass. Having him take my kitty I knew this was going to be extremely painful. I knew I would be screaming out in pain, I knew he would split me in half.
I felt his huge cock push against my little Asian brown star, to my surprise I opened up for him, his thick cock slid in. Obviously my eyes where wide, I felt myself stretched like nothing before in my ass but it felt good. I let out a “YES DADDY” he held onto the swing and pulled me over his cock, he wasn’t gentle he went balls deep in one go. The other 10 inches of nigger cock found their way in. I was screaming, daddy laughing. I screamed out again “Yes daddy” fuck I’m a anal whore I’m loving it. My 12 year old Vietnamese asshole is sucking him in. I orgasm hard my kitty juices flooding around his cock and provides more natural lube for my ass. Daddy is really powering into my ass, he is twisting my puffy little nipples, I scream out, face slap after face slap, omg my kitty is creaming constantly. My nigger daddy is really giving it to me. My eyes roll over white. I don’t know how long this went on for but I was fully satisfied.
Alison is washing my face with cool water, I look in the mirror, my face is bruised and swelling. Nigger Daddy has treated me like a cheap whore who needed discipline. I like how I look, I needed teaching a lesson.
I feel around to my burning asshole omg it’s still gaping wide, I look in the mirror at it, it’s wide, I can see inside. Alison smiles tells me I was amazing on film. Begging for ever nigger in the house to use my ass, begging to be slapped, hurt, begging for niggers to cum in my mouth.
I’m looking forward to my next lesson. But just got a SMS of mommy she coming home in two days. I’ll have to share nigger Daddy with her 😥

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    Beautiful black dicks stretching and ripping little Asian cunts – the stuff of dreams, wet ones!!

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    Racist pig

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    This is the Wildest thing I have ever read.

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    Damn I love this whole series keeps my fat nixxer dick throbbing and leaking. I love raceplay and I’m definitely a perv, I can’t help myself but definitely not ashamed other pervs hmu @ [email protected]