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My dog suprised me

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Im a 13 years old Girl and i was raped by my dog. Since Then i have issues with my sexuality, dogs arrouse and scare me now and i dont feel attracted to men anymore. My therapist told me to talk about it openly because that might help to get over it. But i cant talk to him at least not now so i will try to write about the incident first.
So this is what happend. My dog is a Rottweiler called chaka and i have him since He was a puppy. I useally do everything with him together. We even shower together. It was saturday and my parents werent at home. They also dont know why i want to Go in therapy. Luckily they havent noticed. So at this saturday we had showered together and Then after i Had dryed him went Into my room. I dont know what was itching him but He was running around me the whole time trying to Push me down. I was still completly nude when He overwhelmed me and i fell on my back. He backed Up but Then and He started to lick me! Not anywhere but between my legs. I had never felt this before and i Had to moan immediatly. I was shocked for a minute but i let him do it. It felt soooo good. An electrifiying feeling went from my Vagina Up my body so i Pushed him back. I was breathing heavily and i dont now why but i wanted him to continue. So i went on my knees and showed him my pussy and ass while i lyed down on my bed with my body and He started to lick again. It was so great! His tongue went deeper and deeper inside and i Had to pee involuntary. I mean it didnt felt like i Had to pee but a big wave of Something came out of me. He jumped me right after i peed. he mounted me and i was so excited what He would do next….and then He hit me…im Not talking about His paws. His dick. His Penis Hit my Vagina. I knew the Moment He entered what it was and i didnt wanted this to happen but i couldnt move. I was scared AS fuck and He was grapping me really hard. I wanted to retreat but since i was lying on my bed i just couldnt. But i forgot about that thought anyway. His penis entered my vulva and He started thrusting so fast that it blow my mind. Useally girls say that their first time hurts but it didnt. I think it only hurts when you werent licked enough before. Because i didnt felt Pain. I only felt pleasure and orgasm i was screaming and turning my eyes Up while hot cum was overflowing my insides. He started to ejaculate the second He entered. I couldnt control myself anymore i was shaking and my pussy was contracting on its own will just after some few thrusts. The feeling went even stronger when His dick started to swell bigger. It was basicly stopping the contraction because there was No place to expand anymore so i was trapped at the peak of pleasure. i never had an orgasm before so i was screaming the shit out of me while my brain and body was exploding in orgasm Up and down my pussy with his thrusting. And Then He stopped turned arround and dragged me on His dick arround in the room. I was stucked to him. He was still ejaculating i could fell the hot water Inside me. After 10 minutes i was still arroused and Then His dick popped out followed By a wave of cum. But He wasnt finished He licked me clean and Then i went back into the shower. I was still arroused so i rubbed myself for another 30 minutes in the shower but it didnt do the Trick. So i went out and the Moment i saw Chaka i wanted him to do IT AGAIN. But i was also scared because it was unwanted at first. I asked to Go to a therapist afterwards because i want to repeat it.

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    Woah dude, she got laid by a dog. Heh heh, heh heh.

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    DD accept now you are a whore give in to the feelings and keep letting the dog fuck you

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    When a dog takes control you have no choice except to be his bitch

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