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Friend turned gay rapist, made me femme but I got my revenge

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I was 13 my friend was 15 and muscled . I was small, girlish almost, then one day he raped me on his moms bed. I got my revenge with his drunk mom.

I had been accepted by John next door. He was a couple of years older than me. He always was on sports teams and I was too thin, not an ounce of muscle. I had no body hair then except a little on my very small cock and on my head. I even had an indent to my waist like a girl. Most of the guys at school would bully me, hit me but John stopped all that and wouldn’t let them. He and I would play Basketball in his backyard. After a couple of years of friendship, staying over at each others house over night etc. We went into his house to change clothes. It was there that he turned things sexual. At first I liked it, in his moms’ bathroom he stripped and I did after he teased me about being shy. Then we peed at the same time. His cock was much bigger than mine. I was only about 3 and 1/2 inches long when hard and about the width of my first finger. His cock was hanging thick and soft it was 6 inches at least. I tried not to stare it was the first time I saw another guys cock.

After he took a pair of his moms used panties out of the hamper and smelled the crotch. “Smell this, real pussy” he said as he pushed it to my nose. My little one got hard, he was hard now too, I found later it was 8 and 1/2 inches when hard, and got even thicker. He gave me the panties to smell, as I followed him into her bedroom and he opened a drawer and pulled out pictures. Naked pictures of his mom, some posing, some sucking cock, getting fucked and getting buttfucked. “She’s got a nice ass doesn’t she?” he asked. I brought up the panties and smelling them said yes. He grabbed my hard on and said, that he could tell I liked it. I asked who the men were. He said some were his Dad who died a few years before, and the others were mainly guys she picked up drunk and brought home to fuck. She even brought home several guys sometimes and got banged, even brought home some women for sex too.

He showed me a picture of her in front of a mirror, total front and back on display, her pert titties, brown haired pussy, and great ass with incredible legs. He put his hand on my ass and said mine was pretty nice too, and my legs were great. I tried to move to get my clothes and instead he told me to put on her used panties. I didn’t want to but he got forceful and threatened me. I begging him not to make me, but instead I put them on. He pushed me down on her bed. I didn’t realize he got her lube from her dresser and after he lubed himself, he laid on top of me. I was begging him to stop, but he whispered into my ear after a little bite and tongue that he couldn’t stop now, he needed “a piece”. He pulled the panties down just below my ass and moving around found my hole. All the time I’m begging him not to, then before I knew it, his big, thick head found it’s mark. I was stretching and it hurt. I began moving around, trying to get him off, I was crying as it burned so badly. He slapped my head and face and told me to just lay there and take he was “going to get some”. Within a couple of minutes his entire thick cock was so deep in my ass. He stopped when it was all the way in, I could feel his pubic hair against my ass. “You feel good baby, real good” he whispered into my ear as he kissed my neck and began slowly fucking me. Still crying, the pain wore off after a bit, but I was crying because my best friend was raping me, fucking me like I was a girl.

After he pushed it into me so hard, I could feel the warm spurts of liquid hitting my insides. I knew it would be over now. He laid on me as he was going soft. “That was hot baby, don’t worry you’ll get used to it” then he pulled out, pulled up the panties and told me to get up and get him a warm cloth and wash off his cock. Like a bitch I did it. He kept me in her used panties, occasionally smelling the crotch while on me. During one of those time, he jacked me off, I shot all over my belly and the panties. He still wouldn’t let me take them off. Then I had to suck his big cock, he got hard, and I thought maybe I’m only have to suck him but he pulled out. He laid me on her bed again only on my back. He got between my legs and with the panties partially down he stuck his cock up in me again. “You still feel great baby, even after that first fuck and my spunk up inside your pussy” My pussy, that’s what my ass was to him now. He fucked, he came and he let me get up and get dressed. I left immediately.

After that it was the same, I went to his house (after avoiding him for a couple of weeks) and in his house I put on his moms undies and make up, blow dried my long hair and was his girlfriend. The undies were more now, garters, stockings, bra, panties. He was fucking me in his room, I guess I can’t call it rape now as I’d given him plenty of BJs and fucks, after I got up to go the the bathroom and opened the door to the hall. There was his mom. She heard us and was waiting for us to be done.

All that was OK with her, she told us both after I cleaned myself out. She even took me to buy me my own lingerie, undies, and even a couple of skirts, blouses, and dresses, my own stocking and makeup. Her words “After all I want my sons girlfriend to look good and sexy”. This went on for months, we freely slept together when I was at his house for the night or long weekend. Then about the fourth time she’d passed out after her bar friend fucked her, I had been fucked by her son for the second time that night, so he was fast asleep. As I went down the hall, peeked into her room, she was laying there, panties on the floor, bra up over her tits, her skirt wrapped around her waist showing her pretty pussy. I went in, shook her, no movement. I then felt her tits, sucked them, kissed her pussy, and even tasted her lovers sperm leaking from it. I then mounted her and fucked her with my little cock. I shot my cum inside my rapists mother. I raped the rapists mom.

That’s the way it is now. I’m Johns girlfriend, his sexual outlet, and I still fuck his mom when she’s passed out drunk. Sometimes she comes home not scoring a guy or woman to fuck her, still she passes out and I fuck her clean pussy. I hope she’s not on birth control

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Lovely story that shows how a rape can make everyone happy. Would love to have a sniff of your panties, back and front!