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Blackmailed my dopehead friend’s teen daughter (True story)

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My female friend was a druggie and may be selling her daughter’s pussy, so I made a plan…

I used the “blackmail” and “rape” tags because I guess that’s kind of what it was, but I hope I don’t end up getting my ass put in jail over this story. A female friend of mine had been a druggie for a while and when selling her pussy (which she did occasionally, although she denied it) wasn’t working well, or well enough I guess, she made the mistake of calling me one time from a city where she was staying about 4 hours from here and told me her daughter was with her.

Her daughter was 16, I thought, and I also thought her dad was supposed to have custody because she had lost her kids. So I mentioned that. How was her daughter with her? She told me that in fact her daughter was not 16, she had just turned 18 and had decided to leave her dad’s house. She said that her step-mother “worked her like a slave”, or so she claimed. I thought it was more likely the step-mom kept her wild ass reigned in and she didn’t like it. This girl had always been a “wild child”. Always into some shit or another.

Thing was, and I’m a dog, I admit it, but I thought her little ass was cute as shit, wild or not wild. She was half-Mexican and was a cutie. I had never thought of actually fucking her or at least trying to fuck her though.

Anyway, “C”, this girl I knew, (her mom), was now on the phone and was saying her daughter, “J”, was with her. I knew they were living on the street or barely affording a motel probably because I was pretty sure they didn’t have money. That was the reason for the call, of course, asking me if I could “help her out”. “Sorry, but no can do”, I said.

I told her she needed to get a job but she said she had “J” working. That’s how she phrased it, that she had her daughter “working”. This sounded suspicious, the way she said it so I said “What do you mean, working?” She said “For money.” To which I replied that I was very aware of what a person worked for but where, exactly, was she working. “At the car wash”, she said. This sounded completely unbelievable as she wasn’t, and I doubted if her daughter was either, very big on anything to do with physical labor.

So I said “At the fucking car wash?? What does that even mean?” She then explained that no, this wasn’t a place where people worked washing cars, it was a self-serve car wash but at night it was a hangout where you could buy or sell drugs and girls could make money. So instantly I knew she had her daughter either renting that little pussy out or trading it for her mom’s dope, or both. So I outright asked her which it was.

Not in so many words, because it sounded pretty damn harsh to say it like that, but she led me to believe it was the “trading pussy for dope” option. So, me being the perv that I am, immediately thought to myself “Aha!” and got an idea. I told her that she needed to get her daughter’s ass away from the car wash and I’d see them the next day and would help her out with whatever money I could.

So she agreed to that and sounded overjoyed (as all dope heads do when they can’t drum up any money but then suddenly do). I realize at this point that I’ve described this girl (the mom) as a dope head and a pretty shitty person so why was I friends with her? The thing was, we used to work together before her dopehead days and she was actually a pretty cool person. However, things spiraled downhill pretty fast after she started using and although she did what she did, she seemed pretty fairly normal (kind of) when we hung out and most of the time when she wasn’t talking some crazy shit, like just then on the phone, I still liked to hang out and bullshit with her. If all that seems to make no sense…well, it kind of doesn’t to me either but that’s the way it is.

So, I showed up there the next day like I said I would, after a long drive, at the shitty motel she had told me the address of. I knocked on the door and she opened it. All lit up like a Christmas tree, of course. Money. I walked in and J (the daughter) was sitting on the bed. Her mom was saying some shit or another but I was talking to the daughter. “Fuck, I thought you were 16 and your mom told me you’re 18 now”, I said. Sounds goofy now that I just typed that but that’s what I said. She just smiled and said yes.

She was cuter than ever but if you saw her and thought that she seemed like a pretty nice, cute kid, you better think again. This girl was trouble with a capital “T”. Always was, and I was 100% sure she hadn’t improved. She had just run away from her dad’s house when she turned 18 to go hang out with her dopehead mom and possibly trade pussy for dope at some seedy car wash, after all. But you wouldn’t guess all that just looking at her. You had to know her history, all of it, for the way I’m describing her to sound true. Once you did, you’d believe it no problem. You’d probably also wonder how both of these two characters had avoided prison.

So there she sat and I’m very, very aware that I’m not dealing with two angels that happen to be in a little need of help right now. Her mom was still yakking so I said “Do what now?” since I hadn’t heard a word of it. My nasty self was standing there instead wondering whether there was a possibility of getting my dick in the daughter. Yes, it’s true. No sugarcoating it, I admitted earlier that I was a dog and I wasn’t kidding.

“[some dude’s name] said he was kicking us out if we didn’t pay him $25 by 10:00 this morning and I don’t know what I’m going to do”, she said. It was well past 11:00 then. “Who is that?”, I said, thinking maybe it was a pimp or drug dealer or something. “The guy that runs this place”, she said. Aha. So she did indeed know what she was going to do. Tell me all about it then I was going to pay the guy. Which I did, naturally.

Back in the room, she starts in about food, or more accurately the lack thereof. Not just blatantly like that but definitely hinting. So I went to a fast food restaurant and returned. I had no illusions whatsoever about what my role was to be. I knew that since the phone call the night before. So I wasn’t begrudging helping them out but little did they know that I wasn’t planning to go to that trouble and expense for nothing.

A little while later and we had been talking about just whatever, she had the bright idea that I should stay with them. Not wanting the money supply, however modest it may be, to disappear, if I had to guess. I told her that I had zero interest in hanging out with her while she hunted for dope and got fucked up and her daughter hung out at the “car wash” but that I guessed that I could hang out for a day or two. At the mention of the car wash, J’s mouth flew open and she looked at her mom as if to say “You can’t keep your fucking mouth shut!” but she didn’t say anything.

From the glances that passed between them, I figured that C was kind of indicating “I didn’t tell him everything”, but her daughter had a look on her face like “But what parts did you say and what parts did you leave out?” Here’s how I gathered that: J’s mouth flew open and she looked at her mom. The mom slightly shook her head “No”. The daughter got a slightly-relieved-but-still-puzzled look on her face. That’s it.

One thing led to another and it got to be about 9:00 pm. I was surprised that C hadn’t gone to the bathroom and used whatever dope she may have, if any. But, sure enough, she tells me that she has to go “talk to this guy” and she could really use $20, if I happened to have it. I knew it. So I gave her the money and she left. I asked J how long we could expect her to be gone. She said she had no idea but it could be later that night, tomorrow morning, or tomorrow evening, no idea. My guess was that she probably wouldn’t show back up there fucked up so it would probably be sometime tomorrow morning. Which proved to be correct.

So, here I was with the daughter and how could I fuck her? Knowing what a mean, conniving little bitch she could be, although she wasn’t being one right then, I figured that beating around the bush or trying to be sly wasn’t the proper tact to take. So I started off pretty blunt. We had the TV on and I was in a chair and she was sitting on the bed still. I said, “So your mom told me that she had you at the car wash trading some pussy for her dope.” This time she didn’t act shocked. She simply said, “No I didn’t.” I said “Well, that’s what she said. What were you doing there then?” She started telling some story about how there was a guy there who usually had dope that liked her and they hung out there and talked and eventually he would give her a small amount. For free. Just because she asked.

I laughed. I told her that the dope dealers there seemed to operate quite a bit differently than any dope dealers I had ever heard of. She got pissed because I was calling her story bullshit and got up and told me she was leaving to go hang out. “With no money?”, I asked. She hesitated at the door. Of course she didn’t have money. Technically she didn’t need it but I was thinking that to “hang out” probably required money or pussy or something of value to their “friends”. They didn’t have a car so supplying the ride wasn’t an option available to her either. Whatever it was, she must have been thinking the same thing because instead of saying she didn’t need money, she asked me for some.

“No fucking way.”, I said, “You’re going to throw a little fit because I doubted your story and you want me to give you money to leave with? Not happening.” She sat back on the bed but still looked tense like she was thinking of a way to get money or who she could call and meet or something. The wheels were turning, anyway, although she didn’t say anything.

After a minute passed, she didn’t seem to be able to think of anything but she did look like she was getting angry. Knowing her, I knew that I was about to have an uncontrollable handful once she started. It was my intention to cut her off before she could start so I said “You know what? Fuck this. Y’all needed my help but now you want to act like you’re going to get shitty with me but let me get shitty first. I’m seriously thinking about reporting you and your mom both for prostitution, possession of drugs, and everything I can think of, plus tell your fucking dad where you are and see what he has to say about all this because there’s no doubt in my mind you didn’t leave his house broke and I’m betting there’s some money and/or some things of value missing at his house. You can get shitty in a jail cell. How would you like that?”

As over-the-top as that may sound, it worked. She immediately went from looking like she was brewing up trouble to looking nervous. “I didn’t do any of that,” she said. But her body language said she probably did ALL of that. “Oh yes you did”, I said. She didn’t say anything, only shook her head “No”. So “striking while the iron is hot” and all that, I said “Or…” and stopped. After a few seconds she finally took her cue and said “Or what?” I said “Or, you can make some money and nobody gets ANYTHING reported and I haven’t seen you or your mom or talked to you. Haven’t seen you, haven’t heard from you, and I wasn’t here.”

“How’s that?”, she asked. I said “Well…you know…” and left it at that. She said “No, I don’t. You want to buy some drugs?” I said “Nope. Try again.” She said “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” a few seconds passed then said “Are you talking about having sex?” I laughed and said “I wouldn’t call it having sex, though. Just plain fucking is what I would refer to it as.” She must have, for some reason, thought I was talking about her mom because although she looked a little puzzled for a few seconds the light bulb seemed to have come on and she got a surprised look on her face and said “Are you talking about me??” I said “Yep.” She said “No fucking way.” I said “No problem. Just remember you said that.”

For any reader thinking that I was being overly harsh or however you want to phrase it, I can only say that you don’t know this girl. You either do the controlling or you’re fixing to get controlled yourself. I would say it’s a little similar to having a live rattlesnake in your hand. You better get a handle on it or you’ll wish you had. I was entirely too familiar with this bitches former shenanigans to have one single ounce of pity for her situation. How I could take advantage of her situation was the only thing I gave a fuck about. If I had had $10,000 on me and she could think of a way to get it from me, she would have done so and then told me to get my broke ass out of her face. It’s not like she was a terrible person, she was just very manipulative and if she could fuck you over to get her way she’d certainly do it without a second thought.

So, back to her realizing that I’m suggesting she give up that pussy. After I told her to make sure she made a note of having said no so quickly, she didn’t say anything, just sat there. After a minute she said, “You mean right now?” I said “No, I’ll give you some money and keep my mouth shut, and in a few years or whatever I’ll remind you that you owe me. Fuck, of course right now!” Stupidly, she just said “Right this minute?” I scoffed and said, “Yes, right this fucking minute.”

Bizarrely, (or I thought so at the time), she seemed to have decided that wasn’t as bad a deal, maybe, as it could have been and she stood up and started to unsnap the cut-off jean shorts she had on. I was kind of amazed because I had expected a lot more arguing. It also verified that she must have thought I knew more about her activities than I really did. She unsnapped them then stopped and said “Just a quick fuck is all, right?” I said “Fuck no, a quick fuck is not all. Whatever I can dream up, that’s what is all.” She snapped her shorts back closed and put her hands on her hips. She said “What does that even mean?’ I said “It means what I said. Get those fucking shorts off and stop stalling.”

She did unsnap them again and let them fall to her feet but resumed her somewhat-defiant hands-on-her-hips stance. So now she’s standing there in a thong and tight t-shirt. She looked at me as if waiting for me to say something but I didn’t. Then, panties still on, she leaned over and put her hands on the bed. As if I’m supposed to get behind her and start humping. As I was undoing my own pants and getting my dick out I said “Aw, fuck no. You have some work to do over here first.” and sat back down in the chair, but was expecting the commencement of another argument.

She didn’t though. She walked over and bent over at the waist as if she was going to suck it standing up. Evidently, she had made up her mind to go through with this entirely. I told her to get on her knees between my legs instead. She looked at me like she was going to say something but just did as I said. I was looking forward to a lot of stalling and all kinds of bullshit but amazingly she just jerked me off with her hand for a minute and it quickly got hard. As soon as it did she was bobbing her head on it like she liked it. Whether she really did I have no idea but she was at least pretending like she did, which was good enough for me.

After she had sucked me for a minute or two she raised up while she continued to jerk me off with her hand and said “Do you want to cum on me?” Aha. So that was her plan. She was thinking she’d just suck me off and that would be the end of it. I said “Maybe. But not right now. Keep sucking.” Just then, as I thought about how she was STILL trying to manipulate me to get what she wanted out of me while giving up as little as possible, I decided that I would indeed let her suck me off and then fuck her later. So with that in mind, I said “Well, I changed my mind. I want you to suck me off but you have to swallow it, not jerk me off.” She stopped sucking just long enough to say “No.” and then started back. I said “Fine. Jerk me off if you want to but it’s going to take a whole lot of jerking me off to add up to one swallowing.” She stopped again and said, “I don’t do that.” I said “Maybe you didn’t before but you’re going to now. Now do what I said.” I swear I could almost see her mind working, weighing out swallowing somebody’s cum one time versus jerking them off several times.

She started sucking again. She was doing a pretty good job of it, too. After another minute I told her I was about to cum. She grimaced and made faces but she did indeed swallow it. I thought it was pretty funny. She walked back over, put her shorts back on, lay on the bed, and started watching TV as if she didn’t just do that. I fastened my pants back and lay on the bed beside her. You could almost feel the aura of self-satisfaction coming off of her as she thought “Haha! That’s over and I didn’t even fuck or anything! What a loser!” Little did she know.

After about 45 minutes, I started looking at her legs and bare feet. I also noticed her bra-less nipples through her shirt. I felt my dick stirring. Yep, time to go again. So I said, “About that fucking…”. She seemed to stiffen a little then said, “You said suck you off and that’s all.” I said, “No, madam. I did not say anything remotely like that. You tried to get away with a handjob knowing that wasn’t the deal and I said you could do that or swallow and you chose swallow. Nothing more, nothing less.” She still wasn’t giving it up. She said, “You said one time and that’s it!” to which I replied “I never said anything like that. In fact, I’ll tell you something right now so we’re straight. It’s not going to be one time or two times but a whole bunch of times. Sucking and fucking and whatever else I can think of. A bunch of times.”

Of all the things she could have said, she focused on the “whatever else” part. She said, “Sucking and fucking and what?” She was trying to get me to name things off so later she could say that whatever I had failed to name, she hadn’t agreed to. I just said, “Like I said, whatever I think of.” That seemed to really be getting to her. I don’t know what she was imagining but again she said “Like what?” Although I had not even thought of it until right that second, I said “For one, I’m going to spank your ass and you’re going to take it. Hard.” Apparently, she didn’t completely object to that or it wasn’t the thing she thought I was going to say because she just said “And?” I said “J, if you think I’m going to sit here and give you a complete list of everything I can think of, you can forget it. If I say do it, you do it and that’s your job. Just do what you’re told to do and that it. You’re thinking when thinking isn’t required.”

She just looked at me but didn’t say anything. “Well?” I said. “Well, what?” she replied. “Get your shorts off and turn over,” I said. Like she had done before, me thinking this was a great place for her to argue, she instead took her shorts off and kicked them off the foot of the bed and lay face down. “Thong too”, I said. She looked at me like she wasn’t going to do it but did. “Another thing is”, I said as she threw the thong in the direction of her shorts, “every fucking time I say something, you have to give me a look like you’re not going to do it. It’s getting old. From now on, I say it, you do it. Simple. Or you can say right now that you’re not doing what I say, then there’s Plan B. Otherwise, do what I tell you.”

I smacked her ass hard with my hand. “Ow!”, she said, “Not that hard!” “Just shut up”, I said. I smacked her again. She didn’t say anything but she clenched her fists. I slapped her ass hard again. Then again. Five minutes later and I was still smacking it. Her face was turned away from me and I thought I heard her make a sound like a sob. “Are you fucking crying?”, I said as I turned her face toward me via a handful of her hair. She was. “Shut the fuck up. Or at least do that where I can’t hear it.”, I said. She turned her face away and I continued spanking her ass. I didn’t hear another sound.

I spanked her for several minutes, then thought of what I wanted to do next. Fuck, I decided. So I told her to turn onto her back and spread her legs. She did it. When I looked at her pussy, though, it reminded me of something. I said, “Did you do what your mom said you did?” She shook her head no. I said “I swear to God if I find out later after I fucked a nasty pussy that you did, you’re going to wish you hadn’t lied. Now have you sold that pussy or traded it for dope or otherwise been letting just whoever fuck it?” Again she shook her head no. I wasn’t sure if I believed that. “Who is the last guy you fucked?”, I asked her. “My boyfriend. At dad’s house.”, she said. “When was this?”, I said. “About two weeks ago”, she said. That sounded pretty believable. But still. I said “And what about the local dope dealers who hand out free dope to any girl who happens to ask for it, according to you?’ I said. “Handjobs and sometimes a blowjob. That’s all.”, she said.

I believed her. During all this interrogation, she was lying on her back with her legs spread. It was kind of comical really. It wasn’t so comical that I didn’t get on top of her and stick my dick in her, though. Pretty nice pussy, too. As I was fucking her I looked down at her and realized I hadn’t even seen her bare tits. So I reached down with my hand and pulled her t-shirt up over her tits. Nice.

I realized after only a few minutes that this wasn’t even as fun as it could have been because she didn’t seem to object to it. I tried to think of a remedy to that and did. “Do you have any kind of lotion? Hand lotion or face cream or anything like that?”, I asked. “In the bathroom”, she replied. That’s all she said and I wondered why she didn’t ask why I was asking for it. I went in the bathroom and sure enough there was a bottle of hand lotion. I walked back and got on the bed and said “Turn face down.” That was enough clues for her finally because then she said “Oh, no!” but turned face down anyway. Kind of odd, I thought. Regardless, I put some lotion on my dick and rubbed some in the crack of her ass. She stiffened a little but didn’t say anything. Maybe she thought I was bluffing.

She soon found out I wasn’t because pretty soon the head of my dick was pressing against her asshole. She didn’t move though so I pushed it harder. It slipped in a little. She jumped and took a sharp, deep breath. She was pushing against my hips with her hands but I continued to push my dick into her ass anyway. I was giving her a proper ass fucking after a minute and about 3 or 4 minutes into it, it seemed to be going in easier and she wasn’t complaining and squirming as much. I said “Don’t relax your fucking asshole. Squeeze it as tight as you can. I don’t care if it hurts.” I hadn’t noticed it when she was relaxing it but when she squeezed it I definitely felt it. “Just like that”, I said. Then I had an idea. I said “Matter of fact, milk my dick with your asshole.” I didn’t feel anything change and she may not have known what I meant. “Relax it as much as you can then squeeze it tight then keep doing that.” Then she got it. That shit felt good as hell, to be honest.

I felt like it may not be long before I busted a nut in her ass but I didn’t want her to have the satisfaction of thinking she did it so I told her to squeeze her asshole tight and keep it that way. I wanted to pound my nut up her ass, which it didn’t take me long to do. When I did, I just lay on top of her. 10 minutes later my soft dick was still in her asshole. Finally, she said “You can take it out now.” but I said “I’ll take it out when I get ready” and she didn’t say anything else.

A couple of minutes later when I felt like she was properly submissive I did take it out. And submissive she was. She seemed to have resigned herself to whatever I told her to do, maybe the ass fucking did it or maybe the spanking then ass fucking I don’t know, because there I was standing beside the bed, just busted a nut up her ass and she said, “What’s next?” I tried not to act surprised at her change of attitude so I just said “I’m getting in the shower. You’re putting your shit back on, that’s what’s next. Matter of fact, leave them off and take off that t-shirt and stay that way in case I want to fuck again.” I really didn’t expect her to do that but sure enough when I got out of the shower she was on the bed watching TV and completely nude.

I was hoping to bust another nut in her later but that turned out to not be the case. The next morning though, I was kind of thinking about it again but she said she was putting her clothes back on because her mom might come in any time. As soon as she said that I said “Get on the bed face down. I don’t give a fuck if your mom does come in.” Submissive as hell, she actually did it. I was thinking about giving her another ass fucking so that’s what I decided to do. “My ass is sore,” she said when I put the lotion on her asshole. “I don’t care”, I replied. Same as the night before, I fucked her asshole for a minute but told her to milk it again as soon as I could tell she had relaxed it. She did and it turned out to be an exact repeat of the night before. Finally, I pounded my nut into her tight asshole.

When I got up she started to get up to put her clothes on. I told her to get back on the bed face down in case I decided to fuck again (Yes, I like that line, so I said it.) She seemed to hesitate and it seemed like she seriously didn’t want her mom to catch her like that so of course I repeated what I said. She did it. I sat in the chair and watched TV for about 30 minutes then said “Put your fucking clothes on before your mom comes in.” She said she was getting in the shower first because she felt nasty and I said, “That’s because you ARE nasty. Put your fucking clothes on.”

While she was putting them on I said “Don’t get too used to those being on because if I want to fuck, they’re coming off. Practice squeezing your asshole, too. I like that.”

I fucked her again about noon, but nutted in her pussy this time, because her stupid mom still hadn’t come in yet but in fact did come in about two hours after that. I had thought I was going to tell her all about fucking her daughter and her taking it up the ass, etc. but she came in all happy and bubbly and had evidently completely worn off whatever she had done the night before and I couldn’t bring myself to be an asshole just for no reason whatsoever so I didn’t say anything. I also kind of expected her daughter to tell her I forced her blah blah…but she didn’t say a word.

That was when the fucking first started with J and I’ve fucked her since then. Not really a regular thing but occasionally. Whatever about my threatening scared her into being submissive, specifically, I have no idea but like I said earlier I believe that she thinks or thought I knew something that I don’t know. She’s not the sharpest tool in the shed but she certainly knows I couldn’t walk into a police station and make all kinds of claims against her and they’re to arrest and convict her based on nothing whatsoever than some story I told them. She’s not that stupid. But she made a hell of a turnaround in her attitude based on something or another I said. And still believes it, apparently.

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