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Saw him, raped him (my 3rd rape was a young guy this time)

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I’d raped a 14 year old virgin, pussy and ass. Next I forced a 50 year old woman who’d just been fucked, now in public restrooom I saw a perfect ass.

I went into the lav in a public park, had to go. I was in a stall, there were no doors. I’m 18, I’d raped one early teen virgin, and a cheating 50 year old cunt that still had her boyfriends sperm up her hairy pussy as she was walking through the park to go back to her and her husbands home. Every since I raped that 14 year olds pussy and ass, I’ve been fixated on anal sex. I got my girlfriend to give it up, well sort of give it, I took it anyway. Now it’s a regular part of what we do, she is beautiful and has a hot body and all holes are mine to fuck.

In the mens room at the park this kid of about 14 or 15 comes in. He stands at the urinals but he’s one of those guys who pulls his pants and underpants down to his knees to pee. When he did that I saw the most feminine and perfectly shaped ass ever. I wiped quick not bothering to pay much attention, I didn’t want to see this perfect ass get away without giving me a sample. I just pulled up my pants with my hands as I walked over to lock the door at the entrance. Then in a stall I took off my pants, underpants and shoes. I walked over and stook next to him naked except for my socks and tee shirt. I turned to him so he could see my growing cock. I looked around behind him and said.

“Looks good man, good enough to eat”.
“What? What do you mean?” he said
“I mean your ass is hot man, I think parading around showing it off like that you want some of this” I said as I was pulling and exhibiting my hard, thick cock.

He stopped peeing and turned his back to me, he tried to pull up his pants but I was up against his ass with my cock rubbing back and forth in his pretty ass crack. “DON’T” he said.
“Why not baby, you got me all hard, now it’s time to do something with it”

“No, No, don’t do that. Please, don’t do that” I was stroking it up and down and told him that he had too good an ass not to use it sometimes. With that I held still and reached around. I saw his cock with a brown patch of hair. It was hard when I reached around and grabbed it. I started stroking on it, he stopped moving and just let me. “You like that baby? Feel good” I said. “Yeah” he managed to get out between grunts and hard breaths.

I knew what I had to do. I thought later and I could have used soap to lube, but instead I jacked him off, made him hold out his hand and jacked him into it. I took a finger and dipped it in his hand, and rubbed his slimy cum on his nipples. They were hard. Then I pulled him around and stuck my cock into his hand. He started jacking me, but all I wanted was it spread on my cock. I took what I could from the cum left in his hand and jerked him around and rubbed it on his asshole.

“NOOOOO, NO, don’t, please don’t ” he was crying

“Don’t what?” I asked

“Please don’t do that”

“Do what?, say it bitch”

“Please don’t fuck me”

“Where, fuck you where?”

“Please don’t fuck me in my butthole”

It was too late for that, and I told him so. He pulled up and tried to get away and I hit him hard, he was crying again. “Turn around and bend the fuck over” I yelled at him. Resigned to what was going to happen, he did it. I got behind him and slowly eased my cock into his virgin butthole. I started slow stroking him. Reaching around he was hard again, I played with his cock but not to make him cum again . . . YET. He was crying, and yet still grunting on my inward thrusts, and breathing fast and hard.
“You’re hard again baby, you must like it, there’s nothing wrong with liking it” I whispered. He was crying and whimpering softly now. “I never thought anyone would ever do this to me” he whispered. “Do what to you baby?” I asked. “FUCK ME” he answered. “It not really a fuck is it, what am I doing to you when you didn’t want it?” I asked again. “Rape” was the answer. “Yeah, rape, but you seem to like it a bit don’t you?”

“No I don’t like it” he said between gasps and grunts

“Oh you little slut, I think you do like it, I think you like getting your shithole raped and fucked more that you are letting on, if you didn’t you’re dick wouldn’t be hard”

I picked up speed, and told him. “Just stay like this, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum up your beautiful butthole bitch”. With that I started rapid thrusts deep inside him holding it as i was shooting my ropes of cum up him. During that I asked him and he said he’d never done any sex at all, never had anyone touch his cock, never ever been fucked. I’d fucked another virgin. I’d jacked off a virgin. I held his hips really close so I could get every inch up into him as I shot my load. Then I pulled off.

He just stayed there, waiting for further orders. Stand up and turn around bitch. I grabbed his cock and moved close to him. I reached around with my other hand and was fingering his just fucked asshole. His cock was rock hard, only about 5 inches, pretty thin. I pulled some of my cum and his ass juices on my finger and put it on my ass. I made him lay down and I sat on top of him. “What are you going to do?” he asked almost crying.

“Shut the fuck up bitch” I said as I smacked his face. He held his face in his hand as I sat on his cock. I rocked back and forth, pulled up his shirt and licked the cum covered nipples. I was giving him my cherry ass, and taking all his virginities except his mouth. After he came, I told him to make no mistake about anything. It was the only time, that HE was the bitch, not me. HE was the faggot, not me, I had a girlfriend I fucked in her mouth, her pussy and her asshole. He just looked down. I got dressed, he was my only victim that saw my face. I got his wallet and found some papers with his home address on it. I made him tell me where his room was. I took pictures of him naked, with a hard cock, and with his gaping asshole. Then told him to meet me behind his house that night.

He showed up, and I made him give me a BJ. So I got all his virginities, and with the pictures I’m assured he’ll not say anything. If I want some more I know where I can always get a quick nut off in a mouth or the most perfect ass of all time.

I need to find another woman to fuck and dominate.

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  • Reply ala ID:y2j645i3bx5

    NaughtyMommy. Read “Saw her, raped her” and “Saw her, raped her – again” First was a 14 year old virgin alone, too late on a road. The second was a woman in her 50s, not too attractive, as I opened her cunt I saw she’d just been fucked, sperm leaking out. She was just fucked by a BF, walking on her way back to her husband. Then the third was this young guy.

  • Reply Abdul ID:2wdoer1649k

    Rape me then David.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Just beautiful!

    • NaughtyMommy ID:2bgots9k0c

      How many have you been able to rape? What ages? I’d love to hear about it!