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16m. This took place a couple days ago on my birthday day after all the partying. I was feeling horny so I decided to go onto a gay chat site. Before we start I am about 145lbs 5,11 and brown eyes. So I got onto my computer and went to a gay chat site. I put my camera at an angle so they couldn’t see my face and clicked start. The first couple of guys skipped me but eventually one guy stayed. He asked me if I wanted to have some fun. So I asked him what type of fun teasingly. So he took that as a yes and told me to get up and slowly strip for him. I obeyed and gave him a little 360 and slowly took of my pj’s. And I stopped directly so the waistline of the pjs was right under my ass. He said “wow baby now take off your shirt and bend over” Now I was too horny to stop and think rationally so I did as he commanded and took my shirt off and the rest of my pjs and bent over for him. Then I saw him take out his cock it was a beautiful 7 inch cock. He started to slowly stroke and told me to start fingering my ass. Now before this I had done some solo anal play but of course since I’m 16 I couldn’t buy a dildo so I used things like cucumbers and my fingers. So I put a finger in my ass and slowly went in and out. He said “that’s it baby” I slowly inserted a second finger into my ass. He started to jerk faster. He told me to spank my ass and say daddy harder. So of course like a good slut I did exactly that. I started spanking my ass and begging him to fuck me. He told me to jerk off as well so I obeyed but I ended up arched with a hand in my ass and a hand jerking off and my face on my pillow (face down ass up) he told me he was getting close. I begged him “yes daddy do it cum for me, cum all over my ass” and he started to cum and was moaning. I also started to cum all over my bedsheets this was the best orgasm I’ve had with 3 fingers in my ass. Afterwards he just skipped me leaving me with cum all over my bed and a gaped asshole.
This is a true story and I had just turned 16

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1er1ekukgtyr

    Damn you sound so sexy. I wish i was with you

  • Reply Stealthyboytoy ID:1e4oi3sws3x6

    As a fellow 16 year old boy slut I can’t tell you how bad I love pedos on these sites. Wish I could just be a cum dump already.

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      Good age to fuck I’d love to meet you

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      Same I want to be fucked by a real dick so badly

    • [email protected] ID:1er1ekukgtyr

      I want to.be with you

    • Horny teacher ID:55x8ywvqk

      I’d love to fuck

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    Lovely! So many boys bare bums now online. Yummy!!

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    Would love to know what site