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My Priest Uncle Made Me His Slave (p4)

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My first day at uncle k’s church and the day I finally submit

I reached for the car door handle to get out but uncle k grabbed my wrist and stared at me until I put my hands in my lap and looked at him.
“Listen here, there’s a few ground rules,” he started as I tried not to rock on the toy buried in my pussy.
“I’m gonna be doing confessions for the most part today, but there’s gonna be a few times I’ll be in my office, and you’ll be left with the nuns and other members of the church to help get ready for this weekends sermon. While I’m doing confessions, you’ll be in the box with me, and you have to stay silent. When we walk in you will keep your head down unless anybody speaks to you. If they do, you will respond politely and kindly. If anybody tells you to do something, you must do it, no matter what. If I find out you told anybody no or fought with someone, you’ll get the worst punishment possible, and it will make all your other punishments seem pleasurable, do you understand?” He stared at me intensely as I nervously nodded my head yes. He smirked as he shut off the car, opened his door and got out. He adjusted his collar than came to my side and opened my door before holding his hand out for me to grab. I shakily placed my hand in his and he pulled me to my feet and spun me around before slamming the door shut. He placed his hand on the small of my back and pushed me towards the large church doors.
When we got inside, I saw people everywhere. Some were sitting in pews praying, a couple were cleaning the stage looking area, there was a few with worried looks on their faces standing around the confession boxes, and some nuns were walking our way.
“Good morning Father K, how are you this blessed day?” The tallest of them started,
“Good morning Sister Abigail, I’m wonderful! How are you, dear?” Uncle K smiled kindly for the first time since I’d met him and I continued to stare at my feet.
“I’m well father. Who’s this beautifully blessed young woman?” She smiled kindly at me as I looked up her before looking at uncle k. He shortly nodded at me and I awkwardly smiled back and waved before introducing myself.
“Hi ma’am, I’m Savvannah, I’m his niece,” I gestured towards uncle k as I finished.
She smiled at me before pointing to each of the ladies with her. “This is Sister Ethel, Sister Deborah, and Sister Olivia. It’s so nice to finally meet you! Your uncle has told us so much about you!”
I smiled and opened my mouth to respond but uncle K put his hand on my shoulder and started talking to Abigail.
“Yes she’s going to be staying with me permanently it seems, she’s only been with me a few days but she’s proven to be very stubborn, but you know I’ll stop at nothing to bring another person to God’s side!” He beamed, and all the sisters stared at him admirably. If only they knew what was really happening to me.
I stared at the floor as they continued to talk, and all I could feel was the toy lodged in my pussy. I was trying not to make it obvious, but I could feel myself getting extremely close. I was trying my hardest to hold it off, but I’d been fighting so long it was hard to keep going. My pussy begged me to let go and allow myself to cum, but I knew uncle k’s punishment for cumming on my toy while infront of the sisters would be horrible, not to mention the embarrassment. I crossed my legs under my skirt and felt the sticky wetness all over my thighs. I blushed and tried to focus on anything else.
After what felt like years, uncle k finally said his goodbyes to the sisters and started pushing me towards the confessions box. I almost ran there, the feelings in my pussy becoming unbearable. The group that was waiting by the confessions box saw us heading towards them, and quickly rushed to the long pew to the left of it. Uncle k pushed me into the box on the opposite side from them, and followed me in. It was a tight fit, but uncle k sat down and shut the door behind him, leaving us in the dark for a moment before he pulled a string and a dim light lit up the inside. Without a word, he lifted my skirt and turned off my toy before pulling it out. I bit my tongue to hold in a moan and felt my pussy pour out a lot of my juices as uncle k quietly laughed. He took the toy and shoved it in my mouth. I cringed as I tasted my juices covering it, but knew not to try spitting it out. Uncle k then pulled out his cock and guided my hips down onto it. I whined quietly and uncle k grabbed me by the throat and glared at me. I stared back at him and tried to apologize using my eyes. After a minute he released me and continued pushing me down onto him. I held my breath until I felt my ass settle into his lap, and finally breathed heard. Uncle k hit some random button and I heard some noise from the opposite side before a slam and a little panel revealing someone’s mouth opened up. Uncle k started pulling my hips up and down, and I bit down on the toy in my mouth as the person started to speak.
“Forgive me father for I have sinned,” he started, and uncle k released me and began to listen intensely.
I continued to bounce as the man went on and on, and I could feel the pressure building in my pussy. I kept going as I nervously thought about how I was gonna remain silent if I came. I couldn’t help myself and started going faster, needing the release more than anything. Finally I felt the feeling in my stomach quickly take over my entire body as my pussy clenched around uncle k’s dick. A tiny moan escaped me before my hand flew up to my mouth and I cringed. Uncle k cleared his throat to cover the noise and apologized to the man before telling him to continue. I felt his eyes glaring at the back of my head as my pussy milked his dick. I knew I’d be in big trouble and decided I’d try to make up for it. Once my legs stopped shaking I steadied myself and started bouncing as hard and fast as I could. I heard uncle k inhale deeply as he grabbed my hips and started slamming me down onto him. I tried not to groan as he went harder and harder until he finally shot his cum deep inside me. I felt it fill my stomach, and I tried to stop bouncing as I felt uncle k start to go soft. Instead he started making me grind in circles and started to nonchalantly play with my clit. I realized he wasn’t gonna let me stop until he was through with all of these people and had to go to his office. I held my breath as I felt the feeling in my stomach start to build up again.
After 6 people and him filling me with cum about 9 times, he finally pushed me off of him and started to put his dick back in his pants. My legs were numb and achey and I leaned on the walls of the box for support. When uncle k was done fixing himself up, he reached around and grabbed the toy from my mouth before plunging it into my pussy and hitting the button. My hand flew to my mouth as I tried to cover up a moan as uncle k straightened me out. He fixed my hair and my top, since he had pulled it up to play with my nipples once the 3rd person had come in. I covered my eyes as he opened the door and the bright light blinded me and he dragged me out by my wrist.
As my eyes adjusted I saw him dragging me to some man wearing some stereotypical hipster outfit.
“Hey Cyrus, how’s it going?” Uncle K started, the smile back on his face.
“Hi Father, it’s going pretty well just getting some things ready for class!” The man replied excitedly.
“Wonderful! This is my niece Savvannah, she’s just joined our church and is just beginning her journey with God. I figured since you’re our youth pastor, you could simplify things enough for her to understand!” He grinned and nudged me towards him. I stumbled awkwardly and my pussy twitched and I felt myself blush. I shyly waved and heard uncle k laugh behind me.
“Don’t let her fool you! She’s a handful this one, very stubborn. Feel free to do whatever you feel necessary to help her learn the way things work around here, I’ve already warned her not to give you any trouble.” He looked at me with a look of warning on his face.
“Don’t worry father, I know how to get them under control,” Cyrus assured him as he grabbed me and pulled me towards him, wrapping his arm around my shoulder and handing me a box of supplies.
“Let’s get to work!” He smirked and I saw him look me up and down. I looked back to uncle k but he had already started to walk away. Cyrus guided me to the staircase leading to the basement, and pointed me to a childishly painted door. It had a crude painting of angels and baby Jesus and Mary in the barn. I pushed it open and saw a long table with about 15 tiny chairs around it, a chalk board with badly erased prayers, a small blue carpet with a tiny bookshelf full of kids Christianity books to the right. I placed the box on the table and started walking around. I didn’t notice Cyrus shut and lock the door behind him before he went to the box I had left and started pulling everything out. There was workbooks and crayons and markers and paint and tiny little dolls that looked like some people from the Bible.
“Savannah will you put one of these at each chair?” He asked as he held the workbooks out towards me.
“Yes sir,” I replied as I reached out for them. As I put my hands on them, he roped his hand under my skirt and grabbed my ass hard. I froze and waited for him to stop before I grabbed the books and quickly walked the opposite way around. I tried not to think about it as the toy in my pussy was getting me worked up again, so I tried to finish as quickly as I could. When I finally ran out of books it looked like I had gotten every chair. I went to Cyrus to let him know I was done, and he gave me some more stuff to do. He wanted me to clean the whole room, hang some decorations, set up snacks and a bunch of other stuff while he sat on the computer eating a snack. I sighed annoyed and got started.
After a while, Cyrus came up to me as I was cleaning the books up. He wordlessly ripped everything out of my hands and grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me back to the table. I tried to pry his hand off but he had a vice grip on me. He dragged me to the right side of the table and pointed to 2 random chairs.
“Do you see what’s wrong with these seats?” He yelled as he tightened his grip around my wrist.
“I umm…” I panicked and froze, which pissed him off more. He yanked me closer and pointed to the pockets hanging on the sides where I had shoved everyone’s workbooks, but these 2 chairs had nothing.
“Well? Did you figure it out?” He growled as he yanked my wrist and twisted it to an awkward angle, making my eyes water.
“I-im sorry I t-thought I got them all…” I struggled to come up with words as I watched his face turn red.
“I tried to give you a chance, but your uncle was right, I’m gonna have to be stern with you. God doesn’t appreciate liars,” He then spun me around and pinned me against the table. I tried to fight him but he just kept twisting my wrist until I laid still. He flipped my skirt up and laughed.
“No panties? And what’s this?” He laughed as he pulled the vibrating toy out of my sensitive pussy, making me moan.
“What a bad little girl, God would be so disappointed in you.” He placed the toy next to me on the table, my juices making a little puddle. Tears rolled down my face as he slammed my head flat down and I heard the sound of his belt coming undone.
“I’m gonna teach you a lesson that you’ll never forget,” he whispered as he leaned down to my ear. Then, he roughly slammed his dick into me as deep as he could. I screamed from the sudden invasion as he slid into my tummy. He wasn’t as big as uncle k, but he wasn’t small either.
“Mmmm that’s it, time to take your punishment now,” he laughed before pumping hard in and out of me. I groaned and grunted as I felt him jab my stomach and pussy walls as my sensitive pussy burned. I cried out everytime he bottomed out in me, his balls slapping against my clit each time. I tried to crawl away at some point but he grabbed me by hair and yanked it as hard as he could before smacking my ass with a wooden cross he had pulled out of his back pocket about 15 times. I screamed with each burning blow, sure I could feel them splitting my skin until he dropped my limp body back onto the table and started slamming in and out of me again. I laid there and took it as I wondered if uncle k would be mad at me for this man using me, and I silently prayed he’d be mad at Cyrus instead.
As much as I didn’t want it, I felt the feeling in my tummy building up again. I started thrashing around and moaning as he plunged deeper and harder into me. My pussy started to clench around him and he groaned.
“I’m gonna fill you up like God intended and you’re gonna take it, understand?” He grunted out as he thrusted. I shook my head side to side but he just twisted my wrist and smacked me with the cross again. I cried out as he started going faster and faster and the pressure in my tummy kept building until finally,
“Oh lordddd,” Cyrus moaned as he started filling me up. I started screaming and thrashing around as my pussy released and I came all over his dick. He held me there until he was completely spent and slid his dick out of me.
“Can’t forget this,” he grabbed the toy and shoved it back inside me. I groaned and laid there trying to catch my breath as I felt his cum sitting deep inside me. He spanked my ass with his hand and I yelped as each new forming welt burned, making him laugh before he started talking again.
“Go clean yourself up and get back to your responsibilities. And you’re gonna have to clean that table again!” He yelled as I dragged my pained body to the bathroom.
Once I was finally done, Cyrus grabbed me and dragged me to the door. I watched him unlock it before grabbing me again and dragging me back up the stairs and to some random pew as I limped and stumbled behind him. I didn’t see uncle K anywhere but I saw the sisters sweeping and cleaning up random pieces of garbage that were strewn about.
“Wait here while I find your uncle,” Cyrus ordered as he pushed me onto a pew, smirking as I winced when I sat down.
Once he walked away, I buried my face in my hands and tried to steady my breathing. I thought about what happened and just wished uncle K would come and take me home so at least i could go shower that man’s cum out of me. I shook my head and tried to ignore the fact that I was starting to miss him.
I must’ve dozed off because I opened my eyes to uncle K shaking my shoulder. I blinked a few times before staring at him, a scared look in my eyes. I jumped when I noticed Cyrus on my other side and anxiously grabbed uncle K’s hand and held it tightly. He looked down at me confused before returning to Cyrus.
“Do you need anything else for this Sunday?” Uncle K asked after a few seconds.
“No everything’s pretty much done, just a few more things I have to print out but I’ll do that tomorrow at the library.” Cyrus replied casually.
“Wonderful! I have a few more confessions to get through so I won’t be able to come check it out but I’m sure it came out great as usual!” Uncle K smiled as he spoke, but it wasn’t the same smile he’d had before, this was more strained.
“Of course! I’m off but I hope you two have a great rest of your evening! God bless you!” Cyrus stated cheerfully before walking off.
“God bless you!” Uncle K yelled after him.
Then he looked down at me as I stared at the floor, mindlessly squeezing his hand. He looked at his watch and sighed before pulling me back to the confession boxes.
There was only a few confessions, but they were long ones. Uncle K made me kneel on the floor and suck him the whole time instead of riding him this time, and my jaw ached more than anything had ever ached before by the time it was done. Uncle K pulled me onto his lap and held me against his chest as we listened to the last confesser to walk away. Once the door slammed, he looked at me and softly wiped my mouth before carefully standing me up. He opened the box door and stepped out before grabbing my wrist. I flinched and yanked it away as pain shot up my arm. I froze when I realized what I had just done but when I looked at uncle k he softly reached for my other wrist and guided me out. I stared at the floor as my cheeks burned, and he carefully brought me to one of the front pews. He sat me down and placed my hands in my lap, the sore one on top. He slowly lifted it and spun it around as he stared at it. I saw anger flash in his eyes and I flinched away, not sure what I did. He carefully placed my hand down and ran his fingers through my hair before looking around.
“Sister Abigail!” He yelled across the building before turning to me.
“Stay put, i’ll be right back!” He said before running her direction.
When he was finally far enough away, I looked down at my wrist. It was bruised black and blue all the way around and was starting to swell. I tried to turn it and gasped as pain shot up my arm again. I grabbed it with my other hand and leaned my head back on the pews and spaced out.
After a few minutes, I felt someone sit beside me. I opened my eyes was expecting to see uncle k but was surprised when I saw Sister Abigail praying silently next to me. After a few seconds she opened her eyes and smiled sadly at me.
“Your uncle says you fell and hurt your wrist earlier when you went with Cyrus to the basement! You poor thing, I saw you with that big box in your hands and just knew it was too much for someone tiny like you!” She placed her hand on my back and started to rub it softly. It didn’t take long for the tears to start to fall and soon I was sobbing. Abigail pulled me into her chest and held me as I soaked her top in tears.
“Shh shh shhhh it’s okay, I know it hurts,” she whispered. I wished I could tell her why I was really crying, but I didn’t want to upset her. I sat there crying until uncle k came back. I felt Abigail turn towards him and shrug before softly grabbing my arm and pointing it towards him. I winced as he wrapped something cold around my wrist and didn’t open my eyes until he was done. I saw him staring back at me as he held an ice pack in place, and he looked almost sad. Seeing it made me burst into tears again. He leaned forwards and pulled me off of Abigail and into his arms, cautiously moving around my injured wrist before carrying me to the car. I wrapped myself around him as he sat down and ran his fingers through my hair until I calmed down. When I finally stopped crying he picked my head up and made me look him in the eyes.
“What happened downstairs?” He questioned I’m a serious tone.
I tried to look away but he held my head still and waited silently.
“N-nothing…” I started, but he cut me off.
“Don’t give me that. Tell me the truth or I’m going to have to punish you.” He glared at me and waited again.
My eyes burned with tears and I took a deep breath before blurting out what Cyrus had done when we went downstairs. Uncle k remained stone faced then entire time, and once I was done I closed my eyes and braced myself for whatever was coming. Then he started yelling.
“I told that fucker to wait until you were fucking ready! I warned him before we even got there!” He ran his fingers through his hair and his face turned red. He grabbed my hurt wrist and pulled it toward him and twisted it to stare at all the bruises forming and I gasped and tried not to cry. After a minute he looked at my face and softened. He carefully pulled me into his chest and played with my hair again.
A long time passed before he spoke again.
“I wasn’t gonna tell you this for a while but I feel like nows a good time. It’s true that I wanted a slave and I knew you were the one I wanted, but I also wanted, after you’re trained and I’ve made you the perfect, obedient, Christian woman I know you can be, I’m going to make you my wife. We’re going to get a nice house, have a big family, and live happily together like God intended. But I knew you wouldn’t go for it, and I still don’t expect you to, but I’ll teach you how great this is and can be. You can stay home everyday and take care of the kids and the house while I work, have parties and your friends over, and all you have to do is please me and I will always provide for you and keep you safe. Unfortunately I failed today, but never again. Me and Cyrus will be having a long, long talk. I’m so sorry you went through that, my little pet, know that it wasn’t in mine or God’s plan for you.”
He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me tightly. For the first time since I’d arrived, I didn’t feel stress or fear or pain or sadness, only relief.
“Thank you for bringing me onto this path uncle k, I can’t wait to continue pleasing you and the lord,” I whispered as I buried my face in his neck.”
Uncle k smiled and placed a light kiss on my forehead before placing me in the passenger seat and pulling my seat belt across me.
“Such a good girl,” he teased as he turned the key and the car roared on. He started the drive home and not after long he pulled my skirt up and started rubbing me. I moaned and laid there as he played with me the rest of the ride.

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