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Renees Innocence

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100% TRUE story – when I was 13 my fathers best friend raped me, he ended up getting me pregnant with my daughter Renee. This story is 13 yrs later.

Renee and I got used to being on our own. We were inseparable, she went everywhere with me. We told eachother everything, she was basically my best friend, and I would do anything to protect her. We had just been out shopping when I first met Jake. Jake was about my age, handsome, brown skin, athletically built, he was probably twice the size of me. Im only 5’4 and about 150 lbs, blonde hair. Hes every bit of 6’2 and probably 250 if i had to guess. He walked through the store with a sense of confidence about him. At the time i didnt realize renee staring at him, because I was too busy staring at him myself. He must of sensed us both looking at him, as he turned and made eye contact with me. He walked over and we chatted for a bit, and one thing lead to another and he asked for my number.

We dated for a few weeks, just going out to dinner, then dinner lead to staying over which of course meant sex. The only other guy i had ever been with was the guy who raped me, so I was extremely timid at first. Jake was so careful, and caring with me though. The first time he fucked me, I will never forget. We had been dancing and the entire night I could feel his hard dick pressed against me, I couldnt wait to see it. We got in the car and I told him to take it out. He unzipped his pants and pulled his 9 inch uncut cock out and i leaned over and put it in my mouth. I had never done this before but of course have watched a ton of porn over the years to have somewhat of an idea of what i was doing. He grabbed the back of my head and started moving it up and down, telling me different things to do with my tongue. I felt his hard cock start to pulsate and he pushed my head down until i could feel the tip of his cock in the back of my throat, oozing with his warm cum, I had no choice but to swallow it. I sat back up and looked at him with a big smile on his face, and then he hurried back to his apartment. The second that we walked through the door, he grabbed me from behind and pushed me against the wall, kissing my neck as i could feel his hand rip my panties off of me.He spread my legs as he knelt down, and i could feel the warnth of his breath on my bare ass cheeks. He then reached his hand to feel how wet i was, squirmish at first, i quickly allowed him to insert his fingers inside of me. He used his tongue and fingers on my tight pussy, until finally i begged him to put his cock inside of me. He picked me up and threw me on the bed, forcing his dick in me while he shoved his fingers in my mouth making me taste myself. I have always had a very distinctive taste and smell, which I loved, so i didnt mind it. He went so deep, and put my legs over his shoulders allowing him to go even deeper until finally, i came all over his dick. I could barely move it felt so good. He pulled out and i put his dick in my mouth, tasting myself one more time, until he flipped me over on my stomach and put himself inside of me once more, grabbing my hips as he thrust inside of me, until i could feel his dick getting tense again. He pulled out and I could feel the drip of his load all over my asscrack. He fucked me many times that night, but I will always remember that first night.

We were in love, and renee loved him just as much. He treated her with respect, and she thought he was the perfect man for me. Once night he was over for dinner, it was the 3 of us. We had a great evening and then sat down for a movie. Renee decided to go take a shower and then she went to bed. Once we knew she was asleep, we started fooling around a bit and ended up in the laundry room. Jake sat me up on the washing machine and proceeded to take my leggings off, and then my panties. He knew how wet I already was, but this was turning me on so bad. He started to kiss my inner thigh and work his way to my pussy. Right before he could get there I stopped him. “Hand me my panties. Im going to put them in my mouth so I dont make too much noise.”

It was dark in the laundry room so it took him a minute to find the panties that he had just thrown on the ground but after a few seconds of feeling around, he handed them to me. He quickly began to work on using his tongue on my pussy lips. I leaned back and brought the panties to my face, however upon bringing them up, I couldnt help but to notice these smelled, different. There was more of a sweet smell to them, mixed with a little bit of sweat. I licked the crotch and immedately had a urge and rush of wetness overcome me. Im not sure why they smelled different but I really liked it, and the feeling I had. I immediately grabbed jakes face and pulled him up to me and told him to fuck me right now. He listend, he slid my hips down and shoved his dick inside of me, making me cum all over him. As he thrust inside of me, i grabbed the panties and shoved them in his mouth. I could tell that he liked the different taste, as when I did this he thrust even harder, until he finally pulled out and came all over my chest. Using the panties I cleaned my chest off and turned the light on as he walked out to go to the bathroom. I rummaged through the clothes to find my pants, and to my surprise I saw my leggings and the panties I had on prior to this right next to them. Confused, i got dressed and then looked at the panties that i had just used minutes before and realized, they were Renee’s panties she had been wearing that day.

Shocked, confused, and still horny, I quickly put the panties in the washer while jake came back in. “My god that was amazing baby. And I dont know what you did to get your pussy to taste that good, but I loved it.”

I was sick to my stomach. Both myself and Jake had just unknowingly tasted my daughters grool, and we both liked it. I tossed and turned all night that night and was un easy the next day. I did my best to just put it off and chalk it up that it was an accident and nobody needed to know. Jake was away on business for a few days, so it was just me and renee at home. She asked if she could go stay at a friends house for a night so I told her that was okay, she went and showered and got ready and left. I was all alone for one more night and figured Id have a little fun. I found a porn to watch as I got my vibrater out, but as I started using it, the batteries went out. I got up, with just a robe on and walked to the laundry room to grab a few batteries, but as i was looking through the drawer i glanced over and saw renees clothing she had just been wearing prior to her leaving. I looked through the pile and found her small bright pink panties that she had been wearing. I knew how wrong it was but, I remembered how wet I got the last time I tasted them, I just wanted to feel that way again. I put them to my nose and took a whiff, same sweet/sweaty smell. And then put my tongue to them, I immediately could feel a tingling in my pussy. I put them back and walked to her room, i couldnt find any batteries where they were supposed to be in the laundry room so i figured id take them out of her remote and then just return them. I walked over to her nightstand and couldnt find the remote, one of the drawers was stuck a little bit, so i nudged it until it opened. To my surprise, i found a small vibrator that was in the drawer.

I didnt know what to do, or how shocked I should be, but I was still so turned on by the smell and taste of her panties i didnt really care at that point. I turned it on and it was fully charged. I brought it to my mouth to get it wet, and to my joy, still had her taste on it. I laid on her bed, using her vibrator on my clit, making me extremely wet thinking about how badly i wanted jake here with me, and then the thought turned to wanting to taste renees sweet virgin pussy for real, and sharing that joy with jake. I finally couldnt hold it in anymore and came, a lot. So much so i had to wash all of her bedding.

I went to bed that night, determined that when jake got home i was going to convince him to fuck my daughter.

That night, Renee wasnt going to be home for a few more hours, jake had gotten home and hopped in the shower and I patiently waited for him. He came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel, and I told him to lay down, that I had a surprise for him. He laid back and i dimmed all the lights. I removed his towel and could see his freshly cleaned dick. It was semi hard, but all it took was the idea of a surprise and he was at full attention. He hadnt realized but I had grabbed the panties from the laundry room and had them in my nightstand drawer. “Close your eyes baby”

He closed his eyes, “Grab your cock and start stroking it.” He did.

I reached over and grabbed the panties and put them to his face. “Do you like how these smell baby?” “Yes” he said. He started stroking it faster. “Taste them”. He started tasting them, and his body started to tense. He grabbed them with his free hand, while i put his dick in my mouth, catching his load at the last second in my throat. I came back up and turned the lights up, he opened his eyes and took the panties out of his mouth. They were wadded up so he couldnt tell the difference yet. He sat up and said “That was one of the best orgasms Ive ever had baby, thank you”

I unwadded the panties and showed him, and he could see the outline of a little pony on the butt part. It took him a second to put 2 and 2 together until finally he asked – “Wait, those arent yours?” “No, they are renees” i said.

He looked shocked, he looked disgusted. “what did you have me do” he said

“You just said that was one of the best orgasms youve ever had right?” I said

“Yes, but now that I know those are your daughters I – ”

I stopped him. “Renee is going to be home tonight, when she gets home im going to insist we watch a scary movie. Im going to have her sleep in the bed with me tonight and youre going to sneak in and fuck her. We both havent felt this good until we started with her panties, imagine how it is in real time.” I could see his dick get hard again when i said this. “Im giving you permission to do what you have to do to fuck my daughter.”

That night renee came home. She hopped in the shower and put a nightgown on. “I think im just going to go to sleep tonight, im pretty beat.” She said.

“Sweetie lets all watch a movie together”

“Im really tired mom”

“Alright sweetie, but I had to wash bedding so youll need to sleep in my bed tonight with me, Ill have jake sleep downstairs”

“Okay mom good night”

She went to sleep. After about an hour we set our plan in motion. We went upstairs to my room, and I could see one of her legs out of the blanket, enough that we could see her butt cheek under her nightgown. Jake blushed a little bit when he saw this. “Are you sure youre going to be okay with this” he said.

“Yes, now lets do this already.”

I climbed into bed and turned the lights off, i took my pj pants off so all i was wearing was a long t shirt and a thong. I couldnt help but think of Renees silky blue panties she had on, it was making me wet just thinking of it. I pulled the blankets, enough to wear she didnt have any, this allowed for jake to reach his hand down in between renees thighs from the back and lightly tough the outside of her panties. “theyre moist” he said. He slowly started rubbing on the outside, enough to try and wake her up but also to get her feeling well. She didnt budge much though. It was dark in there but there was enough light from outside that i could see jakes dick starting to get hard. “Take them off” i said to him

He slowly started to pull down her panties, but the angle she was at made it pretty hard to do. I rolled her a bit so she was on her stomach and he was able to pull them off all the way. I pulled her nightgown up some so we now had a perfect full view of her naked ass. Jake held her panties in one hand and pulled his dick out with his other hand, getting a whiff of what he could as he started to jerk himself off. He handed them to me as i did the same, and he climbed up on the bed. He was able to spread her legs far enough to get a view of her little slit. She had a few pubic hairs here and there but for the most part it was completely bare. “Taste it” I told him. He bent down on the bed and started to use his tongue down her butt crack, tasting her hole and then down to her pussy. There he was able to spread her lips just a bit, and then he came up and kissed me, making me taste it. It was then when she woke up. She rolled over and saw us over top of her, and realized her panties werent on. She was still gathering herself and said “Mom, what is going on?” She turned the nightstand lamp on.

“Well honey, Jake came up here to surprise me with something that adults do, but he mistakenly thought you were me, so he removed your panties.”

She felt embarassed and she pulled a blanket up, covering herself up.”its okay honey you dont need to be embarassed. In fact, theres something i need to ask you. The other day i found the little thing in your nightstand drawer, do you want to explain that?” SHe was confused, she didnt know why id be asking her about this right now. I didnt give her a chance to answer though. “Have you ever let a boy make you feel the way you feel when you use it?” I said.

“no mom i promise”

“Well I think that you should experience it, so you know what you should expect. I dont want you to experience what I went through when i was your age, if it happens i want us to be in control of it. Does that make sense?”

“Yes mom, that doesnt explain whats going on here though. Can I have my panties back please?”

“No you cant hun, not yet. Give me the blanket and take your night gown off. Im going to have jake do some things to you and I want you to tell me what you like and what you dont like, compared to how your vibrator makes you feel.”

“Mom i am so tired, please can we just do this some other time. I feel really uncomfortable”

“We dont have to do this Emilee” Jake said

“Just one thing Renee, and if you dont like it then you can go to sleep”

“Alright fine.” She pulled the blanket off, but was hesitant to remove her nightgown. “Its okay sweetie, here ill take mine off too” I took my shirt and panties off, and helped her take her night gown off. We were both naked in bed and I could see how turned on Jake was. “Alright jake, use your tongue”.

I held one of her legs to the side and jake held the other leg and moved it out of the way. Now that the light was on, I could see her full body. Ive never been a lesbian, but her body looked extremely good to me. I watched her eyes roll back as jake went down on her, using his tongue on her, going up and down her slit, and in and out. I pulled my body close to her, “how does that feel hun”

“mmm good. really good ma” she said. Jake then came up and kissed me, using his tongue so i could taste her juices. Then he pulled me down by her waist and put me in doggy style position. With my face right at her pussy, i looked up and told her “Jake is going to do something to me now, just watch hun”. He grabbed my waist and slid his dick inside of me, going slow and first but working his way faster and deeper. He grabbed my head and shoved it into renees virgin slit and told me to lick. I started licking her pussy, again seeing her eyes roll back. The heavenly taste of her pussy was everything i had imagined it would be. I kept licking her, using my fingers in her while jake pounded my pussy from behind until i could feel her tighten her hole up, at the same time i could feel myself about to cum. Jake grabbed me and went as deep as he could making me cum all over his dick, while renee squirted on me, getting her cum all over my face, fingers and the bed. Jake pulled his dick out and grabbed me by my hair and licked the side of my face. “On your knees” he said.

“Renee, get down here with me” I pulled her down to the ground on her knees, she was already pretty week from cumming. “Im lightheaded mom”

“Just hang on and open your mouth.”

Just then jake forced his dick in renee’s mouth, making her taste my juices. This turned me on so badly, seeing how i had been dreaming of her taste now for days. She didnt know what she was doing, so he just grabbed the sides of her head and fucked her face until finally i could tell he was about to bust his load. He pulled his dick out and i held her hair back as he busted all over her face and in her mouth. “Swallow it” I told her. Then i licked the remaining bit of cum off her face. I helped her get back up onto the bed. “Theres only one more thing left, if you are up to it” I told her.

By now she had been incredibly horny, and she was too turned on to go to sleep. “We can do it” she said.

She laid back as jake got back onto the bed. I put his dick in my mouth, getting him hard again and then I turned and started using my tongue on her pussy again. She was so wet i couldnt believe it. I turned around and sat my pussy on her face and told her to use her tongue. I rocked back and forth, feeling her inbetween my lips as i grabbed on to her little b cup tits. I reached down and grabbed her legs, pulling them up by my shoulders and watched as jake slid his cock inside of her. He had to go slow because he was so big and she was so small, but finally he pushed through and popped her cherry. I could feel her moaning as she licked my pussy, but she wasnt able to make much noise underneath me. I watched as his dick went as deep inside of her as it could go, watching the mixture of her cum and some blood on his dick because of her tightness. I pulled his dick out and bent over and cleaned him up with my tongue. Then i got off of renee and sat back against the bed and watched as jake flipped her over into doggy style. Then i scooted in front of her and grabbed her head and pulled it in between my thighs and had her lick me again, while jake fucked her little pussy from behind. I watched how turned on they were with the whole situation and looked over. There lay her panties that she had been wearing. I grabbed them and put them to my face, finally I felt an urge come over me i hadnt felt before, anf i let out the biggest moan i have ever let out. At the same time, i squirted all over my daughter. Even jake stopped a moment because he hadnt even made me do that. Quickly, renee reached back and grabbed his waist, and pulled him into her. HE went as deep as he could until finally he felt her dripping with cum all over his cock. Her body was shaking and she was exhausted. I grabbed jakes dick, and sucked her cum off of it and then took him in my mouth as he came.

We laid there, the 3 of us, in disbelief at what had just happened. We all got dressed and Renee fell asleep really quickly. I slept in the middle and jake slept on the other side of me.

Let me know what you think and if i should give you part 2 – the next morning

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