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The Twins 3: Family Vacation

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Read “THE TWINS” to understand what’s going on

So I’m going to fast forward the story a little bit. I am now 13 and my step sisters are 11. We did a family trip to Wisconsin Dells. Erin on the first day twisted her ankle and could not really do anything. No water slides or any of that crap.

I pretended to feel bad for her and agreed to stay with her, at the hotel, while Mom, dad, and Emma went and did stuff together. Rich my step dad asked me “Are you sure?” “Yeah go ahead. Erin and I can catch you for dinner tonight. I am sure Emma will tell us all about what happened today.”, I said. “Wow”, he said. “You are a great big brother.” Impressed that would I give up Wisconsin Dells to stay with my hurt little sister. He wouldn’t have been so happy if he knew the plans I had for his daughter.

While I may have been slick with my parents Emma was wise to what was going to happen. “Let me stay too then.”, she said. “It won’t be any fun anyway without Erin and Luke!” That killed my plans with Erin. My parents insisted my mom stay and Emma and I go with my step dad.

Oh well we went on water slides and it was fun. I fondled Emma’s crotch every chance I got in the water. She loved it and brushed my crotch every chance she got. We were being really sneaky about it so that no one would see us.

Emma came home to her sister like she had stolen her prize. Erin was disappointed and mad at me. “Why are you mad at me? I did my very best to stay with you!”

Mom and dad got us seperate but joining rooms. Our room had two queen beds while mom and dad’s room had a king size bed. They wanted a romantic get away from themselves. Cool. Because I wanted a romantic getaway with my stepsisters.

I took the one bed while the girls shared the other. That lasted all of a half hour. It was about 10:00 p.m. and my mom and dad turned in. I said “we can do stuff but we got to be super quiet so we don’t wake them up. Em’ put the latch on the door so they cannot sneak in and catch us.

My mom forced Erin to watch some stupid romantic comedy that day. “Hey Lukey show me how to kiss” Erin said, “Like in the movies!”, she said.

I had never kissed a girl before passionately. I asked her what they did. It was Erin who taught me actually. “It looks like you basically stick your tongue in each other’s mouths”, she said.

I did it with her. We actually did it for like 3 or 4 minutes and then of course Emma wanted her turn. Emma was a natural at it. She wasn’t hesitant or anything. While Emma and I were making out I noticed someone was fiddling with my pajamas.

Erin got my cock out and was blowing me. “Damn” I thought. “This really kicks it up a notch.”
I reached down Emma’s pants. She spread her legs a bit so I could point my thumb in. I did not last long with these happenings. Erin felt my dick swell and grabbed my penis and started jacking me madly. I moaned and came straight into her mouth.

Erin took it all. She tilted her head back and swallowed it and then licked the excess off her lips. Fuck she looked hot when she did that. She went down on my pole one last time to make sure it was clean.

I laid Emma down. I grabbed Erin, grateful for what she did, and I started tickling her. I laid them side by side. Removing there pants. They were both 11, like I mentioned and we’re still bald. They both looked like angels. Their pussies look like two lovely pieces of pie just waiting to be eaten.

I started with Erin. She deserved it because she missed out on today’s festivities. I started eating her out carefully trying to avoid the ankle. I started fingering both girls. Emma protested at first l about my finger choice because she liked it when I thumbed her. I switched fingers and she started to enjoy it more.

Erin’s orgasm made me think of a horror flick. It looked like a demon was coming out of her. She was shaking and her was back as her legs locked around my head. She laid there out of breath. I switched over to Emma.

Emma asked me to kiss her again. She wanted to make out with me some more while I did this to her.

Erin resumed but she was doing before and started blowing me again.

Emma started thrashing wildly as she came. I felt her hands on my head holding my face down as her legs locked around my head. She started pulling my hair as the orgasm took over. She just laid there exhausted.

I asked if one of them would let me fuck them in the ass. I explained to them what would happen. I thought for sure it would be Emma that would take me up on it. She’s the one more willing to try new things but Erin agreed.

I took caution trying not to bump her already sore ankle. We took some pillows and propped it up. I brought some lube, I found in my parents room and rubbed it on my dick. Staring at her pussy from that angle made me want to do a little defloration but I just stuck it in her ass.

I was surprised mom and dad did not hear the gasp she let out as the head entered her anus. Her eyes about popped out of her head. LOL. I took it slow for her. I did not want to hurt her.

It felt so good finally getting to fuck her cute little ass. Her tight little asshole on my cock. Emma just sat and watched as I did her sister. Finally I felt it coming on. I felt myself tense up as I orgasmed and I dumped my load into Erin’s ass. I rolled her over and kissed her. I told her that I loved her and told Emma the same.

I took a shower after and the twins came in with me. Erin seemed to be walking funny for some reason and it wasn’t the ankle. Lol

The two queens weren’t necessary as they both slept with me in the same bed. My mom and dad walked in in the morning and saw us sleeping together. They just marveled at how much the twins adored their big brother. Ah for good reason.

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  • Reply TJ ID:ffh2uw0v2

    I’d love to write this into a movie!

    • Luke ID:7ylrenbqrd

      Lol thanks.

  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

    Es muss einfach herrlich sein die zarte fotze von ihr zu lecken und zu lutschen wie gerne würde ich meinen harten Schwanz in ihr junges enges kleines Arschloch schieben tolle Geschichte ich freue mich auf mehr

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    I can’t wait to read the story where you take their virginity and come out fresh pussies

  • Reply Tom ID:2xn8ole4t09

    I’ve got 2 stepsisters

    • Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

      Hi Tom erzähle uns was du mit ihnen machst

  • Reply Tom ID:2xn8ole4t09

    Omg ur experience looks like my dream, allora invece got 2 younger step sisters

    • Luke ID:7ylrenbqrd

      Well it’s my dream too Tom. This is all fantasy it’s not real.