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Batgirls engagement

You are formally invited to the engagement between Mr. Bruce Wayne and TARA Gordon. Bruce said Alfred is TARA ready to go? I don’t know sir I haven’t seen Ms Gordon in over... #

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In order to keep my daughter TARA and granddaughter Jen safe I’m moving them to my place. Let just say for anyone who wants to try and I loose the word try loosely my place is... #

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Lolita TARA

Hello I am TARA Daddy, today, TARA came to me, and said Daddy, it’s Thanksgiving, you promised me anything I wanted for Thanksgiving you would give me? I said, yes I did, TARA... # #

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Batgirl 3

It’s been a few weeks since we heard from Bruce and TARA, let’s see Bruce moved TARA into stately Wayne Manor. They are now an item, not just Bruce and TARA but Batman and... # #

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Evil hot stepmom

TARA will be the hot Evel step mother, Iran my brother. TARA and.ian.are. sitting in the living room when I come home, I look at TARA he really are just that aren’t you Iran said... # # # #

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Boogeyman aftermath Nancy

As I sit there I got the base scanner on I got the TV on I got my radio hooked up to my headphones and I’m listening to the local I know it’s been a while, I’m getting... # # #

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