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Author: TARAS Daddy

My story

I dedicate this to the only one who might understand me my Daughter TARA, I made a promise to TARA that I would not leave because people was putting me down because my grammar wasn’t... # # #

928 words | 17 |2.25

Step Mom TARA

Here you go my Baby Girl TARA hope you it? It was your idea. Now on to our story, TARA is mine and, Ian’s step Mom. This was her story she wanted me to write for, the 3 of us,... # #

622 words | 11 |3.00

TARA the naughty Christmas elf

Ok for,.started I know it’s not Christmas time but at the time I wrote this it was and my net went down, I was looking for another story when I found this one. Now on to our story... #

756 words | 9 |2.33

Boggymans Captain

This is dedicated to mine and, Boggymans buddy Cracksniffer, this idea was yours hope you like it also to my beautiful Daughter TARA I love you Baby. I’m sitting in my chair thinking... # # #

924 words | 17 |3.67

Boogyman back

For, starts I need to say I’m sorry for, staying away for, so, long my net went down just got it back up. I dedicate this to TARA, and, Cracksniffer, mine and Boggymans buddy.... # # #

684 words | 6 |3.00

Batgirls engagement

You are formally invited to the engagement between Mr. Bruce Wayne and TARA Gordon. Bruce said Alfred is TARA ready to go? I don’t know sir I haven’t seen Ms Gordon in over... #

1238 words | 4 |3.67


In order to keep my daughter TARA and granddaughter Jen safe I’m moving them to my place. Let just say for anyone who wants to try and I loose the word try loosely my place is... #

755 words | 27 |2.75

Lolita TARA

Hello I am TARA Daddy, today, TARA came to me, and said Daddy, it’s Thanksgiving, you promised me anything I wanted for Thanksgiving you would give me? I said, yes I did, TARA... # #

602 words | 30 |2.81

Batgirl 3

It’s been a few weeks since we heard from Bruce and TARA, let’s see Bruce moved TARA into stately Wayne Manor. They are now an item, not just Bruce and TARA but Batman and... # #

885 words | 20 |2.40

Evil hot stepmom

TARA will be the hot Evel step mother, Iran my brother. TARA and.ian.are. sitting in the living room when I come home, I look at TARA he really are just that aren’t you Iran said... # # # #

417 words | 10 |1.00

Boogeyman aftermath Nancy

As I sit there I got the base scanner on I got the TV on I got my radio hooked up to my headphones and I’m listening to the local I know it’s been a while, I’m getting... # # #

1241 words | 7 |3.14