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Little white girl TARA and the Sioux Indian

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This is dedicated to my beautiful little baby girl TARA. Ian I said you was in it, and Jen is in it to, and to my buddy who has been very supportive of my writing Cracksniffer thank you buddy. Baby girl it might be a little bit violent, my Baby Girl and I’m sorry if it is. I want it to be as realistic as possible.

Ok, let’s get going this part of the story is true. I’m Sioux Indian on my Mom’s side, my Mom’s Mom my grandma was a Sioux Princess of the blood line of Sitting Bull. I’m the great great great great great Grandson of Sitting Bull. My Sioux Indian name is White Wolf.

Now on to our story. It TARAS 18 birthday everyone is there including her favorite uncle Ethan, who gives TARA a pretty red hair ribbon, TARA, said I love it uncle Ethan and I love you and smile’s at him. She walks over to to her Mom, Ma can you tie my hair up for me please? Her Ma does it.

Chief Amala called us for a pow wow, I and Idah AKA Ian was there to. The Chief Amala said, you are all probably wondering what called this pow wow for? I want you all to go on a raiding party, to the Nails property it’s the biggest property us Sioux own. White Wolf you are in charge. I said ok let ride.

We get to the Nails property and TARA’S Pa sees us coming in, TARA’S Pa said TARA come here go out back and hide, I will come get you after the Indians leave, go out the back door. TARA said yes um Pa, and TARA heads out the back door, and hide behind a bush.

The old man grab his rifle,we ride in, the old man starts to take pop shots at us, Adah. Noches in arrow in his bow and hits the old man dead in the chest he falls on the porch dead, the old lady comes out screaming, and Adah noches another arrow in his bow and hits the old lady dead in the chest, she falls dead right next to her husband on the porch.

I get down of my horse and call Adah over to me, I asked him what was that? He said what was what? I said, that? Pointing to the two dead bodies, who’s in charge here? He said, you are, but remember what the Chief said, no one left behind, be sides he was taking pop shots at us. I said, clean up your mess, and I will meet you back on the reservation. Adah walks away and said, some times I wonder if you really are a Sioux Indian.

I get on my horse and ride out the through the back, I see movement in the brush, thinking to myself must be a Apache they have a reservation close to here. I get down of my horse grab my bow and notch my arrow I walk towards it. I see a young petite white girl looking afraid.

I smile at her and tell her that there’s nothing to be afraid of I won’t hurt my name is White Wolf, what your name?

She said TARA, I hop back on my horse and say, come on give me your hand and I will help you up on my horse so we can get back to the reservation. she gives me her hand and I help her up on to my horse. She said, how do you know English so will? I said missionaries came to our reservation. As we are riding back to the reservation TARA’S red hair ribbon blows of, and TARA don’t even feel it.

Mary and Peter, John brother show up and see the dead bodies. Mary tells Peter I’m going to go find Ethan, to let him know his younger brothers dead by the hands of some indians and Marilyn is to, and TARA is missing.

I and TARA make it back to the reservation, I get down of my horse and I help TARA down, Idah has already ready made it back he’s eye balling TARA, TARA sees Idahs war lance and the two fresh scalps on it, she. Recognizes them as her Ma/ Pas!

I asked, TARA how old are you? She said, 18. I call over the women they come over, I said, this is TARA, TARA this is Maya, she will take good care of you, Maya get her ready for our wedding, they walk towards my wigwam.

TARA said, excuse me did he say wedding? Maya, said yes, and he’s the best one he’s nice, sometimes a little to nice, some women and men to wonder if he really is Sioux Indian.

Mary gets to town and pulls up in her horse and buggy next to the Saloon and goes inside to find Ethan, she finds Ethan. Ethan said, Mary what are you doing here? Mary said, Ethan a Indian raid, both John and Marylan was killed and TARA is missing. Ethan said, where’s Peter at? Mary said, back at the property. Ethan said, go back and I will meet you there. Mary leaves.out of town on her horse and buggy, Ethan follows he is about 15 minutes behind Mary on his horse.

The Chief calls me over I go.over to him, the Chief ask me, so White Wolf how did the raid go? I said, good the Sioux Indian property is ours again.

Then Idah called me over to the horse pen

15 minutes later after Mary got back Ethan rides up and sees the bodies of his brother and sister – in- law he thinks to himself Apache he gets down of his horse he walks up to them and pulls the arrow out of his brother chest and look at It and Mary comes out. Ethan said, Mary, this is not Apache its Sioux, I promise Mary to bring back TARA home to you. And Ethan get up on his horse and rides out.

The Indian woman take off TARAS clothes in my wigwam and put her in a tub and bath her for our u.

I walked over to Idah to see what he wanted, he said, White Wolf I will trade you this horse for the white girl.

I think to myself I have been wanting that horse see me it came in into the reservation. I said, to Idah, she is a real beauty. The Indian woman dress TARA up in a buckskin dress and buckskin boots, they did her hair up, and she walks out of my wigwam and I see her, she’s got this look on her face, oh no he’s going to trade me to another Indian for a horse, maybe he won’t be as nice as White Wolf has been to me. I look back at the horse, look back at TARA.

And just like the game says, I say Idah, NO DEAL! And I walked over to TARA leaving Idah angry I get to TARA and say you look really nice beautiful, TARA said, thank you.

The Chief calls me over, Chief says, I want you to ride back and make sure everything is ok. I tell TARA, I will be back soon, the Chief has me doing something. TARA said okay.I get on my horse and ride

In the meantime TARA goes back into my wigwam and gets our wedding bed ready for us. Iadh goes in,

Idah grabs TARA forcing her to bend over putting his other hand over TARAS mouth to keep her from screaming, TARA, said no, stop please, as he pulls up her buckskin dress and gets his cock out of his buckskin pants and forced it in TARAS pussy, taking her by force as she cry’s out! He comes to her cherry and pops it she screams as he keeps on Fucking her, she cry’s and tells Idah, I’m promise to another as he cums in her pussy. He puts his cock back in his buckskin pants, and leave her crying.

I get back and everything looks okay, I ride back to the reservation and get of my horse and go to the Chief, I said Chief everything is ok. I go into my wigwam to find TARA crying, I ask her what’s wrong?

She thinks to herself do I tell him now he might snap and flip out and kill him, TARA tells me I’m just Upset my Ma/Pa was killed. I said yeah Im sorry about that. She said, I know you didn’t do it, but I also know you know who did. I said TARA, I know you are pretty smart and I am pretty sure you know who did to.

The Chief calls me out, I go out the Chief said are you two ready to get married? I said, yes. The Chief said, go get the bride. I call TARA out TARA comes out, I asked TARA are you ready to get married? TARA looked around like she had no other choice, she finally said yes,

The Chief calls us over by the fire, we go through the wedding vows the Chief gets to the end, he said I now pronounce you White Wolf and White Dove squaw.

I pick her up and carry her into our wigwam I bend her over to take her. Shes thinking to herself oh no he’s going to know I’m not a virgin!.I lift up her buck skin dress, I get my dick out of my buckskin pants and ever so slowly and gently make love to her.from behind! As I make love to her gentle because I know she is a virgin, as I make love to her, something is wrong I don’t feel her cherry, thinking to myself I should have hit it by now, something wrong, I make love to her and finish.

2 weeks later, Ethan is no closer to finding TARA

One morning the Chief tells me to take the men on a Buffalo hunt to Cold canyon, so I tell men let’s ride to Cold canyon on a Buffalo hunt which is a 3 hour ride, we get there not Buffalo in sight. We ride back, thinking to myself Comanches must tooking them.

We ride in to the reservation and r ride in and the Chief calls me over White Wolf, I step down of my horse and go to him. The Chief said, White Wolf will While Wolf? I said, Chief not a one the information must have been wrong. The Chief said the Comanches must have taken them, I said thats what I’m thinking too.
I went into our wigwam I put my quiver and bow up against the open of the door, I find my White Dove crying and cover up with a blanket. I said White Dove what’s wrong now? White Dove knew she couldn’t hide it anymore, she remove the blanket to show me she was 2 weeks pregnant.

I thought to myself I knew it, Idah got to her on our wedding day. I go and grab my bow and quiver, White Dove runs over to me pleading with me NO PLEASE! You are not a killer, you are gentle and loving, please promise me you will do anything to him, I promise you.

9 months later a little girl was born her mom White Dove named her Jen, the Chief named her Little White Dove.

5 years later Little White Dove was growing up, one day the Chief called me over again White Wolf take a hunting party to Wind Canyon there’s Buffalo.

I said Wind Canyon Chief that’s Apache land? The Chief said so go! I went to my and White Dove’s wigwam I said good bye to White Dove and Little White Dove, I’m going on a Buffalo hunt, I grab my bow and quiver and got up on my horse and we rode.

A old man stop dead in his tracks to find TARSS red hair ribbon on a bush he take it and tie it around his neck

We get to Wind Canyon and sure enough there’s a heard of Buffalo there, so are the Apaches, they start shooting at us we start shooting back. I noch an arrow in my bow, why my men take care of the Apaches. I drop two Buffalo I tell one of the braves Snake in the grass to clean the buffalo, he gets down flys by me hitting Ianh in the chest he falls of his horse dead. Snake starts on one of the buffalo.

I yell out ceasefire in our language we stop shooting the Apaches stop shooting, I ride over to an Apache and ask who’s in charge he point to a Apache.

I ride up to him and say my name is White Wolf, he said I’m Big Bear, I said I will make you a deal we have two.bufflo, well give you one, and we take one and you let us leave? Big Bear said to one of his braves go get the meat of the other Buffalo, and let them take the meat of the other Buffalo, I walk up to Ianh and pull the arrow out, I get on my horse, I tell the get to the meat and meet me back at the reservation, I ride for the reservation.

5 years have passed and Ethan still hasn’t got close to finding his niece TARA

I got back to the reservation I get down of my horse and go up to the Chief I tell the Chief Idah is dead. The Chief don’t say anything. I walked back to my wigwam and White Dove’s sitting on the floor. I said, White Dove Idah is dead. White Dove tells Little White Dove to go out side, she does I put my quiver and bow in the corner by the door of our wigwam.

Then White Dove opens up on.me.with.both barrels while sitting down on the floor. You promise me! I said it wasn’t me, I took the arrow and throw it down at White Dove and said Apache I walk over to my quiver got an arrow and throw it down at her.feet Sioux! And I walked out of our wigwam, I see Little White Dove looking at Idah horse.

I walked over to the Chief and said Idah.beimg gone, what going to happen to his horse? The Chief look over at Idah horse and sees Little White Dove smiling and talking to her, the Chief said alot of good it’s going to do Adah now, take her, I said thank you Chief.

I walked over to Little White Dove grab a rope and put it around the horse neck, I tell Little White Dove to get back and she does, I open the gate up and get the horse out, and I asked Little White Dove, have you got a name for her? Little White Dove, says why would I name her for shes not mine? I said, she is now the Chief just gave her to you. Little White Dove smile’s and said really? I said yes really and Little White Dove took off like a shot, I yelled out Hey where you going? Little White Dove runs up to the Chief thank you Chief and hugs him, he smiles at her and said your welcome baby,. Little White Dove runs back to me and her horse she looks at her and said I think I will call you Ms Peaches, I help Little White Dove up on Ms Peaches and she rides her around the reservation.

Ethan start to get thirsty rides into the next town ride up to the Saloon goes inside and order a beer with a whiskey chaser, he looks around and noticed the old man with TARAS red hair ribbon around his neck, Ethan grabs him and slammed him into the wall.

Pull out his colt cocks it and aims it at the old mans forehead, pull’s of TARAS red hair ribbon of the old man, and ask him where did you get this at? The old man said it was hanging on a bush, Ethan said, where was this bush at?

The old man said outside of Wildcat Canyon. Ethan thought to himself I know that’s Sioux reservation but where in Wildcat Canyon is it? He I cocks his gun, put it away and sit the old man down, he goes to leave and the bartender says what about your drinks?

Ethan pulls out a gold 20.00 double eagle piece.and tell the bartender to give it to the old man. And leave s Ethan rides for Wildcat Canyon.

As I lay in our wigwam and Little White Dove is out riding around on Ms Peaches White Dove nearly forgot all her English and talks nearly all Sioux.

White Dove is down by the creek when Ethan rides up on her, she looks afraid, she runs for the caves to hide away, she don’t recognize him, as he calls TARA, he gets off his horse and follows her in the caves. She pull her out of her sheath on him, he takes the knife away from her and pulls out the red hair ribbon out of his pocket. She looks at him and say Uncle Ethan? She takes her red hair ribbon back, he said let’s get you home. She said no not with out my daughter, Ethan think to himself, shes got a daughter.

Ethan and TARA ride into the reservation, I see them ride in I grab my bow and quiver I come out of.our wigwam and noch ..my arrow, Ethan pulls his gun, White Dove gets down and walk over to me, and say he’s my uncle Ethan, I put my bow down Ethan put his gun away Little White Dove ride up and say what going on? White Dove is speechless. I said Little White Dove you are going home with your great Uncle White Dove are you sure? I said yes.

Little White Dove try to get down of Ms Peaches I tell her Little White Dove, Ms Peaches is yours. White Dove gets behind her daughter and they ride out of the reservation with Ethan for home.

They ride up to TARA’S Aunt Mary/ uncle Peter as they come out on the front porch when they see them ride up, TARA/ Jen get down of Ms Peaches, .Mary hugs TARA, and ask TARA who this pretty little thing? TARA said, Aunt Mary this is my daughter and your great niece Jen, Aunt .. Mary hugs Jen to and said welcome to the family.

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    Ian tell me where I can post my stories for you .

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      Any reason you couldn’t email to Ian?

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    okay I will try again but no use to make a long story over 500 words because all that time writing it and they don’t post that’s wasted time and labor so if they do go through they will be at 300 words which is lousy , I should write my story in the comment section they always go through and it will go to the person that I want it to go to . like to my Ian (HUGS & KISSES) your Tara love you baby

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    For some reason my story never got posted and NO I didn’t copy a story ! Have any of you guys have that trouble ? Tara

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      think i did have one that didnt go through and then i just retryed as i do my stories off word just for backup copy incase.

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    Where are my guys and my daddy white wolf ? your white dove is getting pissed off at you guys and to you daddy white wolf ! love your daughter Tara ! the white dove !

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      Whats up Tara sorry i been out drinking last night so barely on x

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    Daddy White Wolf that is the best story that I have read so far on this site and I just love it ! Please make it an on going series ! I want you to change your name to White Wolf for this site Daddy White Wolf and my name for now on will be White Dove ! love you daddy white wolf ! white dove !

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    A very original story. Really enjoyed it , but Ian just can’t keep his cock in his pants, can he?! LOL!

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      You cant blame me, white dove was just tempting, i feel im going to be the sean bean of the stories ill die at some point 🙂 but i love it nonetheless.

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    Very nice, oh love my part hehe, tara really needs stop teasing me into forcing her. Great story enjoyed it, and A aint you got anything else to fucking do, fucking hell.

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      What, can’t handle the truth? My criticism is absolutely correct, he has already admitted he doesn’t care

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    Another in a long line of poorly written stories by a writer who does not care