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Boogeyman aftermath Nancy

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As I sit there I got the base scanner on I got the TV on I got my radio hooked up to my headphones and I’m listening to the local I know it’s been a while, I’m getting that itchy feeling again. A female police captain had this statement to release that there has been another attack if they don’t believe it is Boogeyman related but apparently this one was more Brutal and then all the others.

All of a sudden my headphones heat up in other Boogeyman news, Ella Vershag the president for the boogeymans slut club has been quoted at saying my body is mine own and if I wanted fucked buy a cereal rapist, that’s my business. She’s even taken to selling T-shirts with that written on them$25 off to new members if they pay $15 per shirt.

I turn my radio off, I turn off the TV, I turn off my base scanner, I turn my mobile scanner on I grab my mobile scanner and hook it to the side of my belt, I grab my knife and I had to get to the other side of my belt, I grab my truck keys, and I go out the door to my truck I get to my truck I get in my truck, I start my truck up turn my mobile scanner off, and turn my truck scanner on and I go looking for my next one.

I already spotted her she was walking over by the Macy’s dumbass me I knew I was going to forget and I did, I forgot to get more rope, thankfully and my love was a pair of old handcuffs I got them out slept in my back pocket I got out and started following her. I came up behind her pull my knife out put my good hand against her mouth but my blade across her throat and told her I don’t scream she nodded her head and she understood. On the way back, I asked her name she said Carol after her age she said 18

Like I said I was a dumbass I left the truck door open I barely get the purple bandana around her eyes, I slapped the hang up on one wrist slap the second handcuff on the same wrist like I said I was stupid enough to leave my truck door open. Jumps out and runs like a scalded rabbit screaming! I give Chase that b**** gets away she runs through the prior and the high trees and I lose contact over.

FUCK YOU! FUCK BITCH! I go back to my truck and slam my door (SLAM!) I turn on my truck scanner. And I drive back from home, empty-handed nothing is coming across the traffic, I decided to stop being the local Dollar general and pick me up a new purple bandana and a package of clothesline. I go back out to my truck turn my scanner back on and I had f
I don’t know if she ratted me out but the way she ran like a scalded rabbit, and she did have my purple bandana handcuffs, I’m pretty sure she did., Can she identify me, I don’t know can she identify my pickup I don’t know on my way home, still no traffic. On the way home, OMG! No! I pull over and I park keeping an eye I on her.

As I pull my knife out open up my clothes line package.and rip the cord’s until I get enough to tie her up with, I get out of my truck turn off the truck scanner and grab my new purple bandana, and go get her thinking to myself I say self, and no screwing up this time. I sneak up behind her but my good hand over her face and put my knife at her throat.

I tell her don’t scream, she nodded yes. I see understands I walk her back to the truck I pull out my purple bandana and I cover her eyes, I helped her into the truck, I closed the door, she’s secure, I walk around to the other side, and I get and starts to drive.

What’s your name? And Deborah Jean how old are you? 17. You are virgin? Yes. It’s at this time Pat and Deborah looks a little bit nervous.

I rode down my truck window, I said and Deborah start taking your clothes off and handing them to me. She starts to cry, I flash my knife matter and tell her crying is not going to do any good she she pulls up her small long sleeve shirt and hands it to me I throw it at the window, she reaches down and untie one of her shoes and handset to me I throw it out the window, she unties her other shoe hand has it to me I throw it out the window,

She takes off one of her socks, and hands it to me I throw it out the window, she takes off the other sock and hand it to me and I throw it out the window.

She reaches around and unhook her 34 white bra and I throw it out the window,

Next she pulls down and off her white though and hands.it.to me and I throw them out the window.now
Had a 17-year-old virgin little girl in my truck.

But what to do what with her and where at. Then I saw a sign rest out this way, so I have it for the rest stop I pulled up got out got out.my cock from my jeans and pull her naked ass to me and I forced my hard cock into her waiting virgin little pussy and start to rape her and she starts crying

After while I feel her Hyman I ripped through it like a hot knife through butter she screaming and crying oh my God what was that I tell her, that just means you’re not a virgin anymore her her crying intensifies as I keep on raping her after so long she closes her eyes I know what’s happening oh my what is happening to my body now and she has her first orgasm I can’t believe that you are raping me and that you made me pee everywhere.

I don’t last much longer as I keep raping her and she keeps on crying and screaming I creampie her!

I grabbed her by her legs, throw her over on her stomach and force my halfway erect cock into your ass she screams out NO! As I start raping her ass my cock is harder and harder and harder, she cries and screams to take it out it’s been a while since I had one but her ass is so tight that I don’t last as I build up the coming I creampie her in the ass.

I put my cock way and I drive way with her I know I’m at least a hundred miles from her home so I drive out of the rest stop get out of my truck go around the other side of my truck and I get her out I make her walk down into some bushes I tell her I don’t start moving count to 100 then I and tie my purple bandana they stick it in my back pocket and I leave in my truck.

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