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Getting raped for the first time and fell in love with it

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I’m not about the whole proper way of typing this is a true story I hope u love it

I was 14 when this happened to me I am now 21 I used to go out for walks as a kid Evan at night I’ll sneak out and go for long walks but on this day I was walking to the park as I got there I walked up to this big tree all the way in the back where not much people go and I sat down when I noticed a guy in his mid 40s watching me I didn’t really have a problem with that I just brushed it off so I started to look up the sky when I all of a sudden a hand grabbed me by my mouth and it was the man that was watching me he told me to be quiet and he grabbed me and pushed me more into where there was just woods where no one can see us he threatened to hurt me if I screamed and bc I was scared I didn’t I listen to him he forced me on to my knees and undid his pants and there it was my first cock I’ve seen in person it was 8+ and thick he asked if I ever sucked one a dick before I said no he told me to open my mouth I didn’t open it then he slapped me across my face and when I was about to cry he shoved his 8+ inch cock in I was choking on it it was so big I could taste his pre cum it was salty but sweet he started to thrust harder and faster then he stopped I felt a relief thinking he was done but I was wrong he shoved it back in then I started to notice my dick was getting hard and I was enjoying it I felt his dick start to get bigger and harder then he started to shoot ropes of cum down my throat it was salty and warm it turned me on so much after I asked if I can leave now he said no im not done we are just getting started he then pulls down my shorts and sees my pre cum filled underwear and my hard small dick 5 inch at the time he told me I was a fag whore for liking it I told him I didn’t like it that I’m not gay he slapped me again and told me to say I liked it I said no and he slapped me again this time on my ass he told me he had to teach me a lesson for being a lying slut he put me on all fours and slapped my ass till it was bruised and red then he used my spit and his cum from when I sucked him off as lube he had a hard time putting it in bc of how tight I was the eventually he got the tip of his massive cock in me and it hurt so bad then covered my mouth to stop me from screaming then next thing I know he rams his whole 8+ cock in me after awhile it started to feel good and I started to moan he was so deep in me he started to call me things like sissy slut and little gay fag and it turned me on so much that my hips started to move on it’s own trying to get more of him in me he then lifts me up as I’m sill on his massive cock and start letting gravity do it’s work I wrap my legs around him and start to make out with him I get off of him and lay on my back he gets on top of me and starts fucking me hard every thrust he does my dick starts to twitch then I started to cum on my self and it hits my face then I felt his cock get harder again he was about to shoot his cum in me it felt so warm but I loved the feeling of his cum filling my walls he flipped me around spreading my ass checks and takes a pic of my stretched out hole filled with cum then I get up off the ground and his cum started to pour out of me then he forced his cock in my mouth again and told me a good slut cleans up there mess I said yes daddy and sucked his cock clean then we got dressed and told me he’s gonna send that pic to his friends

Lmk what u guys would of done to me if u guys was gonna rape me so I can jerk off to it now imma go jerk off just typing this out got me leaking precum

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  • Reply SadisticMaster ID:1dpgk2tm8xvt

    If it had been me, I would have been much more brutal. I would have made you beg me not to at first, and told you you’re a weak ass lil bitch and can’t stop me. Told you to go ahead and scream for help because no one would help a worthless cum dumpster like you. Then after a while I’d make you say you liked it, and forced you to stroke until you came all over yourself with my big cock inside your virgin ass, calling you a fagot who loves taking a real man’s cock. I’d have choked you and spit on your face and made you beg me to cum. And tell you that you belong to me now and make you say it. When I was done I’d have gone through your pockets and wallet and phone and find your address and take a picture of it. Tell you that I’d be visiting someday and you better keep our secret or people you love might get hurt. Then I’d show up randomly at your home, school, everywhere and rape you repeatedly, maybe rent your ass out.

    • Rapekink ID:41fwln209

      I wanna hear more about this I’m so turned on rn

    • Sadistic Master ID:1d4qxfyp139g

      You wanna hear more you worthless piece of fuckmeat? Oh how much more do I have for you. I’d continue popping up in random places, sometimes very public places. At least once I’d pick you up and throw you into a dumpster behind some convience store and tell you that’s where garbage like you belongs, then I’d get in and fuck you in pile of trash. To keep thing interesting, after I cum in your now devasted hole again, I might look in said dumpster for some forgien object to sodomize you with. I might even get one of those remote vibrating dildos and turn it on while you’re at school or having dinner with your parents. Of course I’d be taking videos of all the ways I abuse you, including pissing on you and/or making you drink and sell those videos online. And make appointments for others to do the same. When I got bored of you, because you no longer fight back and I know you look forward to my visits, I might decide one night after breaking in to your house again to pick a family member and make you watch me rape them, or maybe force you to lure one of your friends somewhere and make you watch as I destroy them like I did you. The endless games I could force you into once you understood that your life was mine are deliciously nightmarish

    • Rapekink ID:41fwln209

      Just read the second one and got so hard and my sissy clitty started to leak

    • Sadistic Master ID:1d4qxfyp139g

      Do you have Discord or email Rapekink? We could continue this conversation privately

  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    14yo boyhole is great! i would have put you on your back, held your ankles and watched your face as i raped your ass open!

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y20k

    Would love to rape your asshole. You sound like you really enjoyed your experience.

    • Rapekink ID:1enm7tmx3ch0

      I did enjoy it I love letting old men use me

  • Reply Angel17gaysub ID:nc3qxvkh

    Anyone in Nc looking a young sub
    [email protected]

    • Barney ID:1du9dwuzwl75

      Wow the story was amazing I drained my hairy cock Thanks