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Hailey gets punished

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After the baby sitting assault, Hailey decides to get revenge, but fails, and gets punished.

So a week later after babysitting Hailey (10) and her brother Jerry, I was asked to return to babysit her again…….alone, Jerry was going to stay at his friends house that weekend. While their parents headed out to another hot date night. Obviously I said I’d be more than happy to watch her again. So come Saturday evening, I was back with little Hailey, no need for bullshit dinner, just straight to the point, just her and I. Not even half an hour alone with her and she starts throwing her self at me and asking me to follow her into her room. This was way too good to be true, so I hold my cell on video record as she proceeds to act like a little slut and lure me into her room. So once in her room, I told her to stop with the games, and to hand over her cell phone. Her eyes opened like a deer in the headlights. She said she didn’t have her cell phone. I then proceeded to show her the video I recorded of her throwing her self at me. And made it very clear to her, that if she didn’t hand over her cell phone, her parents would see the video and she’ll be in a lot more trouble with them than with me. As tears roll down her face she reaches into her plush teddy bear collection, and pulls out her cell phone which was on record. I laugh at her and confiscate her phone. Just with the look I gave her she knew that she was about to get punished and what was about to cum. Since she likes her plush teddies so much, I decided it be best to make her suck my dick, with my dick poking out of the teddy. Her face turning red as she gags while being throat fucked. She cried as I resume recording the action on her phone. Then I had her on her knees with her panties down to her ankles as she cried and screamed for her mom. After having her on display like that for about 20 minutes or so, I took her over my shoulder, and proceeded to finger fuck her as she squirmed and cried some more. The night ended with her being finger/throat fucked multiple times. I made it clear to her that from now on she’s my little bitch and this will keep going until I get tired of her slutty worthless ass. From now on she must ask her parents to let me watch her on weekends Otherwise Mommy and Daddy will get the video of her whoring herself to me. And the video on her cell phone will be uploaded to the Internet. I kept her cell phone as insurance and it will be used to record more of her punishments. She realized that she has no choice but to be my little cum bucket for years to CUM.
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  • Reply Lesbianslut9512 ID:645g3wntqi

    Too short and slightly confusing, but okay….

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Love your attitude, man. Control the little cunt!

  • Reply No name ID:1ew7dqehxppk

    Needs more detail but is a start

  • Reply lonewolf19145947@gmail ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    Nice finger her ass next time