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Wedding Night To Remember

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This is a story of how my wife was drugged and raped by a old black man.

This is a story about my wife and how she was raped while we were attending a wedding out of town, by an old black man at a hotel that we were staying at.
My wife and I had only been married for a little over a year when this happened to her. This wedding was for a friend of my wife’s. After the wedding, we went to the wedding reception that was down stairs in the hotel that we were staying at. My wife was having fun and drank many drinks and was having a good time socializing with her friends. I took notice, that my wife was getting a lot of attention from an old black man that was working the bar, and he kept staring at my wife as if he was undressing her with his eyes. My wife is a very attractive 24 year old, with blonde hair and a very fit body, with firm C-Cup tits.
When I was in the men’s room pissing this old black bar tender walked in and he was pissing in the urinal next to me, and he asked me was that pretty woman that I was dancing with my wife and I said yes. He said that I was a lucky man to have such a pretty woman. He said that he hoped that I wouldn’t get mad at him for saying this, but he said that he would sure love to have sex with a woman like my wife. I looked at him and said that I can’t believe you just said such a thing to me.
The black man apologized to me and I told him that I understood and we went out together and he went back to the bar and I went back to our table with my wife. As my wife and I sat drinking I noticed the black bar tender staring at my wife and for some strange reason my cock started getting hard thinking about what he told me in the men’s restroom.
I started thinking in my head what it would be like watching my wife have sex with an old black man like he was. The more I thought about it, the more exciting my cock got in my pants. I didn’t say anything about what he had said to me in the men’s restroom room to my wife. I later went back to the men’s restroom to piss again and the same black bartender came back in again and he said again that he was sorry for saying what he said earlier about my wife about him wanting to have sex with her. I looked at him and said that I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but I toId him that know that my wife would never want to have sex with another man and particularly not with a black man.
This old black man looked at me, and he said was I serious about not having a problem with him fucking my wife, and I said I wouldn’t care but I know that she would never do such a thing.This old black man said he sure would love to spend some time with her tonight. I told him again that he was wasting his time, that I know that she would never do anything with him. He said that he had other ways of handling a situation like this and that he had done this sort of thing before at wedding parties with other men’s wives.
I asked him how in the hell would he do it with my wife, if she wouldn’t want him to. He said I am working the bar out there and I could put a drug in my wife’s drink and she would never know what had happened to her the next morning. I was now really getting worked up thinking about this man’s plans.
This old black bartender told me that his name was George and he could do this if I wanted him to. I asked him was he sure that this would work and my wife would not know what happened to her and he said trust him that this drug would definitely work and she would never know what he had done to her.
I told George when would he want to try this on my wife and he said that he would go back out to the bar and put the drug in my wife’s drink and after she drank it, she would start feeling tired and then I should take her back to our hotel room and she would pass out and fall asleep for about 8 hours and nothing would wake her up, not even his big black cock.
George said is it going to be ok to do this to her, and I thought good and hard about it, and I said ok but only if he used a condom, because my wife was fertile and not on any birth control. George said that he really didn’t like using a rubber but if he had to, he would bring one and use it to fuck my wife. I looked at George and I said are you sure that my wife will not wake up while you are fucking her and he said stop worrying about that, she will be totally unconscious the whole time and in the morning her pussy might be a little sore but you can tell her that she got so drunk last night that you fucked her when you got back to your room.
I looked at George and said ok let’s do this. George and I walked back out to the reception hall and he went back to the bar fixing drinks again. My wife asked me what took me so long and I said that I was just talking to someone for a while. I looked over at George and he gave me the thumbs up smiling. My wife got up and she ordered another drink and I saw George taking to my wife as he fixed her drink. George turned around taking her drink to a counter and he put some ice in it and put the powder in it stirring it up good while my wife wasn’t looking. He gave my wife the drink smiling at her with a sinister grin.
My wife came back to our table and she said that black bartender was just flirting with her while she got her drink. I asked my wife what did he say to her and she said that he asked her was she having a good time, and that she sure looked sexy. My wife said that every time that she has gotten a drink tonight, he has made a few comments about her looks, and that she really didn’t appreciate his flirting with her. I looked at my wife and I said that he was only telling her the truth that she was a very attractive woman and he was just giving her a compliment. My wife said that she didn’t like having a black man flirting with her and that he was a perverted looking old geezer.
I asked my wife would she ever think about going out with a black man and she said hell no, and definitely not a guy that looked like that perverted old bar tender. My wife drank her drink and was now getting pretty drunk. The wedding reception was winding down, so I went over to the bar and I got George’s phone number and I told him that I would call him when my wife was passed out completely. I drank my drink down quickly and my wife and I went back to our motel room upstairs in this hotel.
As soon as my wife got in our room she laid down on the bed and about 5 minutes later she was completely unconscious. I shook her and I tried to wake her up and she didn’t respond. I started wondering if I was making the right decision about letting a strange old black man put his cock in my pretty blonde wife’s fertile pussy. One part of me was saying go for it, and another was saying don’t do this.
I looked down at my pretty wife and she looked so sexy in her blouse, skirt and her heels. I was very horny and I lifted her skirt and I started rubbing her pussy through her panties and her tan pantyhose. As I did this my cock was throbbing and my balls started aching just imagining what it would be like watching an old black man enjoying my wife’s young fit body like a whore.
I couldn’t stand it much longer, so I called George and I gave him our hotel room number. It didn’t take long and George was knocking on our hotel room door. George walked into our room and he looked down at my pretty wife on our bed. George said that just a few minutes ago, down stairs my wife was not wanting to have anything to do with him, when he was flirting with her at the bar, and now this white bitch was going to pay for it.
George told me to drag a chair over to the end of the bed, because he wanted me to see his big black uncut cock in my wife’s pussy.
George quickly undressed and I was now second guessing myself, if I should let this man do this to my wife. This old black man had a huge uncut black cock about 12 inches long. He had big black balls, that were hanging down in his gray haired nut sack. George was about 65 years old and was very black skinned.
George got on top of my wife and he looked at her face and said to my wife as if she were awake and he said, “Now I know that you didn’t like me flirting with you a little while ago. He looked at my wife’s pretty face and said, all of you white bitches are just alike. He then looked at my wife’s pretty face and said now old George is going to fuck your pretty little brains out, you fucking miserable whore. George told me to sit down in the chair at the foot of the bed, as he reached down and he pulled my wife’s skirt up to her waist. He started rubbing my wife’s pussy through her pantyhose and her panties. He opened her blouse and he lifted her bra over her beautiful tits, opening his mouth he put her pale white tit in his mouth, sucking her nipple, pulling it up puckering it roughly.
George got up off the bed and he lifted my unconscious wife’s limp body and he removed her blouse and her bra. He then unzipped her skirt and he pulled that off of her and he threw it on the floor. I looked at George and his once soft uncut cock was now hard with it’s head peaking out of its foreskin. George looked at me setting in the chair and he said now I am going to show your slut wife what a bitch she really is. He took his hands and he tore open the crotch of her pantyhose. He grabbed the crotch of her silk white panties and he pulled them very hard ripping the crotch out of them, revealing her shaved pink pussy.
George quickly bent between my wife’s open legs and he started running his tongue in and out of my wife’s pussy hole. He lifted her legs back and he stuck his tongue in my wife’s asshole. George did this for several minutes and he then got off the bed and he put his big black uncut cock in her open mouth occasionally slapping her pretty face with it.
George then got back on the bed between my wife’s legs and he started rubbing his hard dick between her open pink pussy crack. I asked George to put a rubber on before he put it in my wife’s pussy and he looked back at me sitting in the chair and he said you didn’t really think that I was going to use a rubber on this bitch did you, and he pushed his thick hard uncut cock balls deep into her tight pussy. George looked back at me and he said shut up and watch as I fuck your pretty little wife good.
I was now watching this old black man with his big black uncut cock buried deep in my wife’s fertile pussy balls deep. His big black cock was now very hard and was shining and my wife’s tight pussy was wrapped around it. George was humping my wife’s pussy very hard and quickly, his long black hanging balls were slapping her asshole with every trust. George was calling my wife a fucking white whore and a slut as he violated her without her knowledge. My wife would be freaking out now if she were to awake and see such a old black perverted man fucking her pussy as hard and rough as he was.
George turned around and he looked at me and said this bitch feels good and I am going to unload my balls in her. I asked George to please don’t cum in her and to pull it out of her and shoot it on her belly. George didn’t answer me and he started kissing my wife as he fucked her in a bo hog grinding way. His big black uncut was driving deep in her pussy to the right and then the left very hard. He started breathing very hard and I heard him grunt and groan and he said take it you bitch take my cum you fucking miserable whore. I noticed his asshole winking as he unloaded his big black balls into my wife’s fertile pick, now gapped open pussy.
I asked George why did he do that and not pull his cock out of my wife and he said get over it, that every white bitch should have a niggas load in her pussy. I told George that my wife was not on any birth control and suppose he had knocked her up. George said good that that is what he would like to see happen to a white slut like my wife. George pulled his big black, now soft cock out of my wife’s gapped open pussy and his load of white cum oozed out of her pussy down over her asshole and puddled on the bed sheets.
George got up and got dressed and he said as he walked out of the room that he sure hopped his load he shot deep in her whore pussy gets her pregnant and he left our room. I looked down at my wife spread open on the bed with her pussy glistening still oozing this old black man’s cum. I pulled my pants down and I started jerking off looking at her well used pink and inflamed pussy, my innocent wife had no idea that a black old man had left her pussy filled with his thick white cum deep inside her body. Millions of his sperm cells were now swimming in her fertile pussy looking for one of her eggs to attach and make a half black and white child. I was so excited and my balls could not hold back anymore and I shot my load all over the floor.
Realty now set in, and I was now wondering how in the hell I was going to clean this old black man’s cum out of her pussy, so I got a wash rag and I started cleaning up her body on the outside, I sat her body up against the head board of the bed hoping that his cum load would run out of her pussy by gravity. After several minutes I noticed a small puddle of his cum had oozed out on the bed sheets. I took my wife’s torn pantyhose and panties and I threw them in the trash can down the hall from our room. I went back to our room and I put my wife’s night gown on her and I got in the bed with her and I went to sleep.
The next morning my wife was up before me and I heard the shower running in the bathroom. My wife shut the water off and a short time later she walked out into our room and she said how much did she drink last night because she didn’t remember getting back to our room. My wife said her pussy was very sore and did we have sex last night and I said yes we did. My wife said that she didn’t remember ever doing it.
My wife and I went back to our home later that day. When we got home my wife asked me what did I do to her because her pussy was really sore and it had never felt like that before and I said maybe I did get a little rough with it last night but she would get over it. I asked my wife did she want to have sex and she said no, but if I wanted she would give me a blowjob if I wanted. I looked down at my wife as she sucked my cock thinking about what I had seen done to her the night before, and her not knowing anything about it. I quickly shot my load in her mouth and she swallowed all of my load.
In the weeks following this I was really worried if she had gotten pregnant by this old black man and one night when I came home from work my wife said that she had good news that today she found out that she was pregnant. I got instantly sick in my stomach and my wife said what was wrong and I said that I was ok and that was good news. I asked my wife when was she due and she said 6 months from now. I was now in one hell of a predicament and I had no idea what to do if that baby came out half black. I had six months of total hell to wait until she delivered this baby. I was praying every day that just maybe it was my baby and not the black man’s.
The six months quickly passed and my wife went into labor and delivered a baby boy. I was very relieved, when it turned out to be a white baby, and not from this old black man who had emptied his black nut sack into my wife’s fertile pussy nine months earlier. My wife and I now had a son to raise and I now really regretted doing this to my wife and carry this guilt to this day. I was really lucky that this didn’t turn out for the worse and was very thankful for that.
The End

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  • Reply jules ID:1doiho61lccx

    very nice story. i have watched my cheating slut of a wife being fucked by many guys, some of them black. i have even watched as her own son fucks her

  • Reply Jay ID:bifp5n7d9c

    It’s a shame your wife didn’t get pregnant by him. The thought of her loving the baby growing inside her ut not knowing it’s a black man’s baby it a turn on.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    This brought back my memory. when I was a bridesmaid at 16 years old and drinking at the reception party. some guy lead me outside to the gazebo and since I was hammered ,all that I could remember was being bent over the gazebo railing, my bridesmaid gown hiked up over the back of my head and both my panties and pantyhose are being torn while his cock took my virginity then I passed out, I wasn’t found until a couple of hours later ! Britney

  • Reply Jessica ID:2kyhpc18rd

    I was 13 when mom re married and the wedding night I remember was in hotel mom passed out drunk and so I was new step dad and in another room with others and I was a bit drunk and so forgot and light cigarette up and blowing smoke out heard look at step daughter he did and he smiled and said your right she looks asexy little slut shocked me and then he called me over and he and friends said hold it asked why then said for that and pointed to an enormous line of coke and said sniff it all up and so did and all cheering and as I light another cigarette they all sniffed up lines and then gave me more coke and then he was taking my top off and I said no what you doing he said come on get it off and he ripped off and my bra and I looked at others for help and they came over but grabbed me saying to step dad get your suit of and said we’ve got her and has named and playing with his cock and was saying arrgghh yes then he forced in my mouth and as they held it he thrust fully down throat gagging and I puked and all cheering saying slag and he said get her down and ripped knickers off and forced legs open and pressing cock on pussy he pushed it in and feeling it he shouted fuck yes and rammed hard in me and groaned so loud fucking me as I screaming saying stop he said aarggghhh fuck yes then he cum and got off me then rest all stripping off saying God I’m next athey all did

  • Reply Carol ID:1ek2qenzra

    You’re very lucky. I had sex with a black man and I got pregnant. My husband at the time knew I was fucking him. My husband introduced me to him knowing he was going to fuck me. I left my husband and moved in with my black lover. That ended as quickly as it started.

    • Aua ID:1eeehffdfqo1

      What a loser now your stuck with a kinky haired half bread that both races detest.I would not touch a nigger loving bitch like you even if my cock is big.

  • Reply MystyGardens ID:2pdvucf0v1

    Seriously, There are very few men who wouldn’t want to cum in a wife that the wife or husband told him to not cum in her because if he did she would get pregnant. Making another mans wife pregnant is irresistible to most men. This black man was never going to use a rubber, or he was going to remove it right before he shot his sperm deep inside of her. Just a fact of life.

  • Reply Aua ID:1cw6thgluc5p

    I wished I know about it and told her what your sorry ass did. If I was family I would of took you in the woods and shot your fucking ass dead sick mother fucker.

  • Reply Popparocker ID:1dj322sacca0

    You sir were absolutely not Eve to believe that he was going to fuck her with a rubber. And she’s that hot are you sure it’s your kid

    • Worried Husband ID:1dydhy58vhdi

      Might be someone else’s but at least he was a white baby because I would definitely have some serious explaining to do, unless she was slipping out with a black man.

    • Jair ID:1cmutw62mgnb

      Very good part 02 please