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The wildest sex week of my life

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I saved a girl’s life after a traffic accident, and it got me many rewards. mf,mff,mmf,teen,oral,anal,interrac,incest

It was a snowy February day in Boston, and I was on my way home from work. My office was on the North side of town out by the I-95 outer loop, and I lived farther north in a fairly rural area or at least as rural as you can get in this part of the country. I had driven about 45 minutes, a trip that usually takes about 30. As I rounded a curve in the road, a new Mercedes slk coming in the other direction lost control on the slippery curve and slid off the road just in front of me. Where it went off the road was a fairly steep hill and the Mercedes rolled twice before striking some trees. It was a bad wreck.

I stopped the car and hurried over to the wreck. There was one person in the car. She was a woman in her mid 20’s. Even though the air bags worked, she was a mess. Her face was covered in blood, probably from the broken windshield. She was struggling to get out but was trapped. The car was on its side kind of wedged between two trees. I know that you are not supposed to move an injured person for fear on injuring them more but she was moving and I could see gas leaking from the mangled wreck onto the exhaust system and I was afraid there would be a fire so I took a rock and broke the driver’s side door window, used the multi-tool that I carry in my pocket to cut her seat belts and pulled her out of the car. I dragged her about 50 feet and laid her down. I put my coat under her to keep her out of the snow as much as I could. I was right about the fire. Just then the Mercedes literally exploded in flames. The heat was almost enough to burn us at that distance. I made a 911 call to the police on my cell phone and they and an ambulance arrived in just a few minutes. The young woman had lapsed into unconsciousness. I’m not a doctor but she looked pretty bad. The ambulance took her to the closest hospital, and I gave my report to the police and then continued home thinking how lucky I was not to have been involved in the wreck and hoping the woman would be OK.

It was about a week later when the phone rang. It was the hospital. They said that the young woman in the wreck had gotten my name from the police and would like to meet me. They told me that her name was Lisa Johnson, and she was in room 205. I said I would be happy to stop in. I would try to do it tomorrow afternoon. I got to the hospital about 3 o’clock and went to the floor desk. The nurse on duty said Miss. Johnson was anxious to see me and I should go right in. It was a private room with a nice view. She was lying in the hospital bed with her eyes closed. I quietly said,” Miss Johnson?” thinking I would go back out if she did not answer. She turned her head and gave me a big smile and said “Hi”. She sure looked a lot better than the last time I saw her. I said, “Hi, my name is Paul.” “I know”, she said, “I found out all about you. You’re the guy who saved my life.” She had blond hair that came down to about her shoulders, but I’ll bet in was not natural. She was very pretty. She reached out her hand and said, “Come here Paul I want to thank you.” I went over next to the hospital bed, and she took my hand and just smiled up at me. We stayed there for a minute and did not say anything. Then she reached out with her other hand and took hold of my cock and balls through my pants. I guess I was surprised as I jumped back a little bit, but she did not let go. She promptly took hold of the top of my zipper and pulled it down, reached into my briefs and took my manhood out. This attention was making it quickly grow from its normal flaccid state. She looked up and gave me an even bigger smile, pulled me closer to the side of the bed, rolled over on her side facing me and put my cock in her mouth. After just a couple movements back and forth with her head she had me fully hard and all the way into her throat. You could tell she had done this before. She took me out of her mouth and with both hands she undid my belt and slid my pants and shorts down to my knees. It was not an easy job getting my briefs over my now fully hard cock. Then she put one hand on my ass and pulled me back to her mouth swallowing me again in one motion. As she sucked hard on my dick she pulled me in with her hand. I was in heaven fucking her throat with my head back and my eyes closed. I started pumping my hips and I could feel my balls hitting her chin. Then her other hand was rubbing my balls and she heard me groan and felt my balls tightened as I approached my orgasm. It did not take long. I told her that I was coming but she didn’t stop. Just as I unloaded the largest load of cum that I had produced in years she stopped with just my cock head between her lips so all my hot sticky cum stayed in her mouth and did not go down her throat. I could feel my cock pulse five or six times filling her wonderful mouth.

After I stopped coming, she stroked her head up and down on me a couple more times making some of my cum drip out of her mouth and down on her chin. Then she took me out and pulled my hand, so I came down close to her face. She opened her mouth to show me my cum and then swallowed all of it. She pulled me even closer and gave me a big kiss on the lips and said, “Thank you, Paul”. I pulled my pants back on and collapsed in the chair.

Maybe, I should tell you a little about me now. I am a 50-year-old white male. I’m 6′ tall and weigh about 200#. I’ve stayed in pretty good shape and have been told that I am attractive. I have a seven-inch cock that is quite thick. I have always been proud of it. I was happily married for 30 years till I lost my wife about a year ago. When we were in our early twenties, we did some swinging but she did not really enjoy it so we stopped. Later I had a couple short affairs. My wife said she would be ok with me “dating” if I wanted to but she did not want to know about it so I don’t know if you would call it cheating or not. “Just don’t find anyone that you want more than me!” I never did. I miss her.

Well, back to the story. Lisa and I talked for some time. I was right about her; she was in her mid 20’s. 24 to be exact. It turns out that she lived with her mother after her dad died in a plane crash. He had left them a lot of money, but she worked here in Boston because she wanted to. They lived a couple miles from my house but had built a nice beach house on St Thomas Island in the Virgin Islands. She said that her mother was there now and that she had told her mother not to come back to Boston to see her as she was not hurt really bad and would come to the Island as soon as she was released from the hospital. Lisa asked me if I would like to come with her to the beach house for a little visit. With the nasty Boston winter weather and what Lisa had just done for me, I couldn’t say no – could I? She said she was getting out in a couple days, and she would call me and let me know the arrangements. I went home still lost in what had just happened.

Lisa called and told me to meet her at the airport the next day. I arranged to get a week off from work and packed a bag. I met her where she told me to, and she took me to her family’s private jet for the trip. I finally got a good look at Lisa. She was maybe 5’6″, 130#, 34 C on the top, very white complexion and very attractive but not a super model. As we flew, she rested her head on my shoulder and I put my arm around her. I brushed her hair and her cheek with my fingers. She took my other hand and put it on her breast. I looked at her and asked about the pilot. She said that he never looks back, but it would not matter if he did. She then put her hand on my crotch and gave me a big kiss sliding her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues rubbed and went into each other’s mouths. She sucked hard on mine, and I returned the action. She was wearing a short skirt even though it was near zero when we left Boston. I put my hand on her thigh and gently rubbed it. She parted her legs, and I moved my hand up towards her pussy. I soon found that she was not wearing panties and that she had shaved totally. She was soaking wet, and I mean wet. She had made a big wet spot on the cushion. I had never been with anyone who got that wet that fast. I ran my finger up between her pussy lips and found her clit. At my touch she moaned and kissed me even harder. I slid one then two fingers into her cunt. She was tight but so wet that it was easy. I finger fucked her for a couple minutes and she bucked her hips in time with my strokes. I decided that I wanted to return her favor, so I stopped, folded up the seat arm between us and spread her legs wide. Then I dropped to the floor with my head between her legs. Her thighs were wet with her liquids, and I licked them clean. She tasted wonderful. I worked my tongue up to her lips and slid it in between them and licked her hole. I could feel her whole-body shake. She put her hands behind my head and guided me to her clit. I sucked and licked her clit, and she pulled me tighter to her. I was having trouble breathing. In a very short time, she had a very loud and very wet orgasm. She filled my mouth with almost as much of her cum as I had done to her in the hospital. I gladly drank every drop of her wonderful, sweet nectar. I did not stop and by the time I did she had come twice more. They were also heard loud orgasms but not as wet. I got back up in the seat. She kissed me and licked her juices off my cheek. Then she fell asleep on my shoulder. We awoke as we landed. When the pilot came back to open the door, he gave us a big smile.

What a difference in the weather. Here on St. Thomas it was sunny and 80. Wonderful. The pilot also drove the car. This one was a Mercedes sedan. I guess they liked Mercedes. I found out later that Lisa’s father had been a Mercedes dealer and they still owned the dealership. We arrived at a huge house on the beach. I bet it was 4000 square feet or more on a sandy beach with several decks overlooking the brilliant blue ocean framed by white sand and green palm trees. WOW! The woman in the driveway was Lisa’s mom. I was introduced to Marcia. Marcia gave me a big hug and kiss and thanked me for what I had done for her daughter. “We will never forget it.” Marcia was in her mid 40’s. She was a very attractive slender woman but had big boobs. I’ll bet 40D with nipples that stood well out under the thin white blouse that she was wearing. There was almost no sag at all. She had a great tan, and I could not see any tan lines where I could see. As we stood out in the drive, I could not help but look at Marcia’s tits. She noticed me and asked if I liked them. She said, “They cost me $10,000”. With Marcia leading the way and Lisa holding my hand and happily skipping like a little girl we went into the house.

Marcia said that she was sure that Lisa and I would want to rest up after the trip and they showed me to my room. It had a great ocean view and king-sized bed and its own bathroom. It was midafternoon and Marcia suggested that we rest till dinnertime. She said that she had a little get together planned with some local friends for the next evening. A few hours later I came out and found Lisa and Marcia in the living room. What a room. It must have been 20×30 with 12-foot-high ceilings and a full glass wall looking out over a large deck to the ocean. As great as the room and view were, Lisa and her mom were just as great. They were wearing matching thong bikinis in bright orange. Lisa looked great in hers, but Marcia was a knockout with those big tits that just barely stayed in her top. They both ran over and gave me a big hug and said, “We’ve been waiting for you. Let’s go for a swim”. I went back to my room to put my trunks on. I had just gotten them up to my knees when the door opened about halfway and Marcia stuck her head in. She smiled and said, “Aren’t you ready yet?” Then she was gone. When I came out, they were already on the beach at the water’s edge kicking water at each other. I ran down to join them. How great, in February, to have nice warm swimming water. After a few minutes swimming and looking at Marcia and Lisa we went back into the house to eat. They both put on matching beach towels around their bottoms but left their tops the way they were. I went back to my room and put on shorts and a blue Hawaiian style shirt. Marcia had fixed a wonderful Mahi Mahi fish dinner with pineapple upside down cake for dessert. After dinner we sat in the living room as the sun set. Marcia served a couple tropical drinks. I did not know what was in them, but they were great. We talked a little and watched a little TV but decided to turn in early so we would be well rested for the next few days. I was off to my room for a good night’s rest.

A couple hours later I woke as I heard a noise at my door. The door opened and it was Marcia. She was still dressed as she had been for supper. She said that she was sitting in the living room and got to thinking that she just had to thank me again for saving Lisa. I said that I was glad that I could and that this trip was a wonderful thank you. I had never been anywhere like this. Marcia came the rest of the way in and said that she wanted to do more than that to thank me. She sat on the edge of my bed and reached back and unhooked her bikini top and let it fall. “I saw you looking at these all afternoon and evening” she said. With that she leaned over and put one of the nipples to my mouth. I happily accepted it. It stood out and you could see it under what she wore but as I sucked on it, it must have doubled in size and got hard like a little erection. She moaned and wiggled her chest back and forth. I reached up and cupped each of her breasts with my hands. They were firm but really felt natural. Marcia stood up and dropped her beach towel and thong bottom. Marcia had a very hairy bush. I wondered if that was how Lisa is when she does not shave. Then she took the sheet that I had over me and pulled it down. I sleep naked. I am sure you guessed that I was already hard as a rock. She made a whistling shape with her lips and said “Nice”. She lay down beside me and kissed me and rubbed her wonderful huge tits against my chest. I have a hairy chest and she said she loved the way my chest hair tickled her nipples. After a few minutes of touching and kissing she straddled my hips facing me, so her tits loomed over me. She reached back with her hand and took my cock and guided it to her hole. She eased down on it till it was fully in her. She was still pretty tight for her age. Each time she bounced up and down on me her butt muscles would squeeze tight on my cock and her tits jiggled in front of my face. She leaned over enough so that I could grab her tits with my lips each time one of them wiggled past me. I was in heaven.

All of a sudden, I heard the door open again. It was Lisa. I was afraid that this might be the end of my fun with both of them but both of them is what I should have been thinking about because Lisa said, “Having fun?” and stripped off the night shirt that she was wearing. She came over to the bed and gave me a kiss then got onto the bed facing the same way as her mother but straddling my head and lowering her pussy onto my mouth. I eagerly started eating her out while Marcia resumed bouncing up and down on my rock-hard cock. I sucked Lisa’s clit and licked her pussy hole. After a couple minutes she got off me and turned around. Now I could not reach her clit but could lick and tongue fuck her pussy and ass hole. I could not see but this position allowed mother and daughter to play with each other’s tits and deep kiss while I serviced both of their pussies. I was about to come so I lifted Lisa off my face and told them to stop so I could settle down and not come yet. They both stopped and got off with me still on my back and hard. Marcia turned around and faced the other way and put my cock back in her. Then she lay back so her back was on my chest. She spread wide and I started fucking into her from the rear. I felt Lisa get back onto the bed between her mother’s legs. She leaned forward and started licking and sucking her mother’s clit while I fucked her. Marcia exploded in a very hard orgasm. Her fingers dug into the mattress on either side of me and her body shook, and her juices ran down my cock onto my legs and my balls. That made me reach my limit and I shoved deep into Marcia’s cunt and shot my load. Marcia lifted herself off my shaft and squeezed her muscles causing my cum to flow out of her where Lisa eagerly lapped up the mixture of my and her mother’s juices causing Marcia to come again. Then they each climbed up on either side of me, leaned over me and kissed each other and me, sharing all of our juices. Then they lay down and we all fell asleep about 3am.

The next day we awoke about 11am. I kissed each of them but we did not get sexual. We showered and had breakfast – or I guess it was brunch. Marcia started to get ready for that night’s friends. It was to be after dinner so it would be snacks and drinks. Lisa and I took a ride around parts of the island. We took an older 450sl and she drove just because she wanted to. Lisa showed me most of the sights on the island and we stopped for a snack as we knew that there would be so much food later that we did not want a full dinner. We had some kind of local food that Lisa ordered. I did not know what it was but I liked it. We got home about 5 pm and did not see anyone around. We went into the back yard and there was Marcia working on her tan. Now I know for sure that she does not have tan lines. She was fully nude and their pilot/driver/??? was rubbing sun lotion all over her. He was nude too but nothing sexual was going on. I bet he was big as he was about 7 inches soft. Lisa did not seem to pay any attention and we went back into the house. Guests would be here about 7pm. Dress was casual but nice – no swim suits. We rested and then got ready.

A little after 7 the first guests arrived and by about 8 there were about 20 people milling around eating from the buffet table and drinking the boozed up fruit punch. The party seemed a little dull and put on. People were happy to be there but did not seem to be having much fun. After a few drinks of the punch, things loosened up a little but it never seemed like a party. I was introduced to everyone and got lots of thanks for saving “our little Lisa”. By about 10 most everyone had left. One man that I had met earlier was still there. His name was Bob and he had a beach house just a couple houses down the beach. He was in his late 40’s, about 5’10″and weighed about 250# with a pretty large beer belly. All evening he had sat on the couch with a tiny young black girl tight up against his side. She wore a simple but nice black dress with no jewelry. I had been introduced to him but not her. After things were winding down I had a chance to talk with them. It turned out that she was named Alicia. She was an 18-year-old local girl. She was tiny, only about 5’1″ and not much over 100#. She was very flat chested at about a 32A. She had as black of skin as anyone that I had ever seen. All night I had never heard her say a word. She mostly sat there and occasionally went and got Bob something. Bob said that she was his live in house girl. Bob suggested that I come over to see his house and his collection of seashells that he was very proud of. I told him that I would like to do that and we decided that we would get together the following evening. By 11 everyone was gone. I helped clean up. The one thing that the Johnson’s did not have was someone to help around the house. We called it an evening and went off to our rooms. About 1am I got up to go to the bathroom. I heard noises out on the deck and out of curiosity I took a look. There was Marcia naked on a lounge chair with legs spread wide and her knees almost up around her ears. The pilot/driver was pounding his cock into her wide-open cunt. It was obvious that he could last a long time as he was pounding long, hard, fast and deep from when I first woke up till I lost interest and went back to sleep. While I was watching then listening I heard Marcia have three orgasms. When I drifted off they had not yet finished.

The next day Marcia was walking a little funny. I wonder why. Lisa gave me a big good morning kiss and said “I thought you might visit me in my room last night but you never did.” I said that I thought everyone was worn out after the party but that I would look forward to visiting her soon. I thought that with everything that had gone on I still had not fucked Lisa. That afternoon was spent in the tourist areas so I could shop for things to take home. That evening after dinner I remembered that I had told Bob that I would go visit his house that evening.

About 8pm I walked down the beach to Bob’s house and knocked on the door. Alisia answered the door. She was totally naked. Her tiny little black body stepped back and she asked me to please come in. It was the first time I had heard her say anything. She led me to the living room where Bob was sitting. I guess he could tell from the look on my face that I was confused so he said that he never let her wear anything when she was in the house. I sat down and Alisia promptly brought us drinks. Bob and I chatted and he showed me his shell collection, which was indeed fine. Alisia brought another round of drinks and left. Bob started telling me how he supported Alisia’s family as pay for her services. How she did all the household chores and did anything that he or his guests told her to do. To show his point he called her into the room and told her to bring her toy. Alisia quickly showed up with a bright red dildo. “Show us a little show” Bob said. She laid down on a small area rug in front of Bob. First she put the dildo in her mouth and sucked in till she had it in as far as it would go and still have a place for her to hold it. Then she placed it at her pussy and pushed it in. She fucked herself deep and hard with it while rubbing her clit with her other hand. The contrast between the red dildo and her dark black skin was a great choice. Soon she was moaning and wiggling around in orgasm. Then to show Bob and me that it was a real orgasm and not faked she showed both of us her cum all over the dildo. “Bring us another drink” ordered Bob which Alisia promptly did. “Suck our guest’s cock”. Little Alisia came over to my chair. She sat on the floor at my feet and reached for my pants. “She doesn’t have to. I believe you” I said. Bob replied that she likes to and that the fun was just starting. I lifted my hips up and let her pull my pants down. Then she half crawled into my lap to get her face to my cock. This was all a little strange so I was not completely hard. She licked up and down on the outside of my shaft, kissing the tip of my head each time she came to it. Then she slipped her mouth over my cock and very slowly moved her head down over it till it was completely down her throat. Then being very gentle she started bobbing her head up and down on my now hard shaft. After a few minutes of this slow blowjob I could feel my cum getting ready and I told her I was going to come. She never stopped. When my first shot reached her mouth she pushed my cock all the way in and I drained all of my cum straight down her throat. She then sucked me in and out again till I became completely drained and soft. Then she got up, looked at Bob and quietly left the room. I put my cock back in my paints and Bob and I talked about the kinds of work we were in and what made him move here to St. Thomas.

About a half hour later I guess Bob thought I should be ready for more as he called Alisia and told her to bring the ropes. She came in carrying several ropes and Velcro straps. Bob pointed to a wooden stool over in the corner on a part of the floor that was covered by plastic. It looked like a slightly oversized, heavily padded footstool with four wooden legs. She went over and bent over it with her stomach on it. Bob got up and tied her hands to two of the legs and her knees to the other two. Now she was tied to the stool kneeling with her legs spread. Bob then took a Velcro strap that went around her head and back to and around her waist holding her head up and back and put that on her. I have to admit that although I had never done anything like this, It was getting me excited. “She loves to get her ass fucked” Bob said. I had only ever done this once before and hesitated. “Alisia, tell our guest that you want it”. “Fuck me in the ass sir. Please fuck my ass.” she said but as always there was no emotion on her face or in her voice. At this point I was beyond caring. This was the wildest week of my life and I intended to experience anything that I could. I stripped off all my clothes. Bob took a tube of KY jelly off the shelf and squirted some on Alicia’s ass. Then he took his index finger and sharply shoved it all the way up her ass. Alisia jumped and Bob shoved his finger in and out several more times getting the lube well into her tunnel. Then he moved aside and told me that she was ready. I positioned myself behind her and between her tied open legs. “She likes it hard and fast.” Bob said. I did not really believe him but I was ready. I lined my stiff cock up and shoved it in with one swift push. Alisia jumped and moaned a load AGHHHH ! Bob slapped her hard across the face. After the deep throat blowjob that I had gotten just a little earlier I knew that I was going to last a long time. She was going to get a real good reaming out. I started stroking hard and deep into her ass. Now Bob took off all of his cloths and moved to the front of her. Now I knew what that last strap was for. It lined her throat up in a straight line for Bob to fuck her face. Bob had a bigger cock than mine. It was probably over 8 inches. He got down in front of her. He had the height set up just right. While I pumped my cock up her ass Bob put his cock to her mouth. She knew what was going to happen. She took a deep breath and opened her mouth. Without a pause Bob shoved his cock straight down her throat and began fucking her face like it was a cunt, deep and hard in time with my ass fucks. Bob came first. He pulled his cock out of her throat and blasted his cum all over her face and in her hair.

I lasted a lot longer than I thought I could and slammed my stiff shaft deep up her poop shoot many more times before dumping my load deep in her bowels. “Now have her suck it clean.” Bob said. I went around in front of Alisia and shoved my well-used cock that had just been in her ass into her mouth. She sucked it hard and deep like she thought she could get it up again. After a minute I had had all that I could take and I went over to the chair and collapsed. Bob was not quite done. He showed me why the plastic was there.

He stood in front of her with his limp cock in his hand and pissed all over her face and hair. Her head was still held back and she knew to open her mouth and catch as much of his urine as she could. After he had emptied his bladder on her he told me it was my turn. I moved in front of Alisia and put my limp prick to her mouth. She sucked it down her throat and held it there. I started to piss and the first hot pungent stream went straight down her throat. I pulled it out of her mouth and finished emptying my bladder, pissing all over her face, her tiny tits and in her hair. After I was done Bob said to Alisia, “What do you say Alisia?”. Alisia spoke and said “Thank you sirs. I hope I made you happy.” Bob untied her and said she should go get cleaned up and bring another drink. A few minutes later she appeared with the drinks. Still no expression on her face. It was now about 2 am and I was worn out. I went back down the beach to the Johnson’s house. I knew I could not make Lisa happy tonight.

In the morning Lisa greeted me with a sad face. I explained that we had stayed up talking till the small hours and I was just too tired and drunk when I got back to do anything. After breakfast she asked me if I SCUBA dived. I said yes but did not get to do it very often. She smiled again and called the driver/pilot and told him to get the boat ready. About 11 he drove us to the marina and loaded our dive gear into their 30 ft scarab. Lisa drove and after we got out of the marina all she knew was full speed. The boat must have had big motors, as full speed was faster than I have ever gone in a boat. Her hair looked great blowing straight back from the wind. We reached the spot where she wanted to drive. She stopped the boat and I threw out the anchor. She stripped out of her cloths and I started to put on my trunks. Lisa stopped me and said, “it feels much better to dive in the nude.” We put on our tanks and jumped in the inviting warm water. She was right. It felt great to feel my cock and balls floating free in the water. What a sight it was to watch Lisa swimming. The buoyancy of the water made her tits form just the perfect shape and when she swam they moved in the sexiest way. I stayed below her and just watched. I was paying so much attention to her that I swam right into the anchor line with a start. We were in about 10 feet of water looking at the fish and plants. I was enjoying this. Lisa swam over to me and reached out and took my cock in her hand and stroked it up and down. She pulled herself down and took her mouthpiece out and replaced it with my cock. After I got hard she put her mouthpiece back in so she could get air. She turned around and drifted to the bottom with her hands and feet on the bottom. She was hanging on to a rock to keep her position. She reached back with one hand and pointed to her ass. I took hold of her hips and pulled myself behind her and lined my cock up with her pussy and guided it into her. I had to hold on tight to her hips as I pumped into her to keep from coming out and drifting away from her. I had never thought of fucking under water. I had done it in a pool with our heads out of water but this was really something else. This was the first time I was actually fucking Lisa but it sure was different. We had to be very careful of our breathing and we knew that neither of us could have a hard orgasm. After a couple minutes I came in her and as I pulled out some of my sperm came out also and started to drift away in the current. We watched it for a few seconds then Lisa swam over and sucked in one stringer of it. We swam back to the boat. We kissed and climbed back aboard. Back at the dock the driver was waiting for us. He drove us back to the house and went back to clean the boat and gear.

After a great dinner we just sat around the house and relaxed to some soft music and having a couple island drinks. Lisa and I cuddled on the couch and Marcia sat in a chair across from us. Every once in a while she would part her legs showing us that she was not wearing any panties under her skirt. About 10 pm Lisa said to me, “Paul, will you sleep in my bed tonight?” My reply was that I would love to, just tell me when you are ready to go to bed. “NOW” was the answer and she quickly got up holding my hand getting me up with her. “Me too, me too” said Marcia. I very nicely told Marcia that as wonderful and sexy as she was I wanted tonight to be just Lisa and me. She was ok with that and reached down between her legs and started rubbing her crotch as we went down the hall.

Lisa’s room was twice the size of mine and had just the same ocean view. Lisa turned facing me and put her arms around my neck and gave me a big deep kiss. I returned the kiss and slid my tongue deep into her mouth where she sucked it so hard that I had trouble getting it back. After we parted she giggled and said, “Got ya”. My hands reached up and started squeezing her breasts. Before I knew it we were both naked on the bed in the 69 position. We licked and sucked each other for a few minutes and then she got up and said, “I know what I want.” She positioned me on my back in the normal sleeping position in the bed then straddled my face holding onto the big headboard of her bed. I started to lick and suck on her pussy and clit and she started to moan softly. Soon she was moving her hips back and forth on my face and I licked her from ass hole to clit. My nose was actually rubbing her clit each time she slid back. I grabbed her clit gently with my teeth one time as it went by. She stopped and said, “Bite it”. So I bit down gently. She told me to bite harder. I bit hard enough that I thought any harder would hurt her. She screamed “YESSSS”. Now she was rocking back and forth on my face so hard and fast that I was having trouble getting a breath but managed just enough to keep her from smothering me. Soon she stopped and pressed her pussy hard onto my mouth and yelled “I’m commmmmmming” so loud that I am sure the neighbors heard it. Her cum shot out of her cunt. I could actually feel it as a stream as it half-filled my mouth. “Fuck me now. Fuck me”. I swallowed all of her wonderful fluid and got on top and pulled her legs up by her head and shoved my prick deep into her. I pounded her hard, fast and deep. She reached down and rubbed her clit as I did and came and came and came. I am sure that she had five or six orgasms, but they all ran together like one continuous one. I sprayed her insides with my cum and kept pumping till I went limp and fell out. Lisa put her legs down, pulled me close to her and gave me a long but gentle kiss. We lay down in the spoon position and cuddled with my arm around her holding her tit. It was a surprisingly short time before I started to get hard again with my cock pressing against Lisa’s ass. She felt it grow and lifted one leg, reached down and guided my now half hard prick to her honey hole. I slid in easily and she put her leg back down. I started gently stroking in and out of her. I could hear her making a very contented mmmmmmmmm sound almost every time I stroked. After a few minutes I shot another load in her and pulled out. She reached back and gave my cock and balls a little squeeze. “That was wonderful” she said. We both got up and went to the bathroom and washed our well used sex parts and climbed back into bed for a well-earned sleep.

Sometime before dawn I felt and heard Lisa get up and go to the bathroom. I could hear her piss splash into the toilet. Then the toilet flushed, and I heard her wash up in the sink. I didn’t stir. As she got back in bed, she gently rolled me on my back and put her head to my crotch. She very gently sucked my cock into her mouth and slowly moved up and down on it giving me a very passionate blowjob. I never opened my eyes or said a word. After a few minutes of this wonderful oral attention, she made me come in her mouth and swallowed my offering. Then without ever saying a word she laid her head on my shoulder and went back to sleep. I’m sure that she never even knew that I had been awake. This exact thing had always been a fantasy of mine, but it had never happened till now.

We got up about 10 o’clock and went out. Marcia was in the kitchen with batter made so when we got up, she could make us some pancakes. As we ate, Marcia pushed her chair back away from the table and slid to the floor. She came over under the table and took my cock out from my shorts. She proceeded to suck me off and get a mouth full of my cum. She got back in her seat and put my cum into her cup of coffee. She stirred it and drank it. “I always like a little cream in my coffee, and we were out” she said. Lisa smiled at me and said, “This is your last full day with us so I have planned another little party for this evening. I think you will like this one better than the last one.”

The guests were due to arrive about 8. This time they started arriving a little early and by 8 everyone was there. This time the guests were mostly younger. Mostly they looked from about Lisa’s age to about mid 30’s. There were a couple girls that I think were in their teens. Some arrived as couples, but most were singles. There were about a dozen people there, mixed about half and half men and women. Dress was miniskirts, cut off shorts, halter-tops and the like. There were no introductions. People went to the table for snacks and drinks and sat around the living room listening to rock music mostly from the 80’s. Shortly after 8 Marcia said to one of the teenaged girls, “Brenda, why don’t you get things started.” Brenda stood up in the middle of the room and started dancing to the music. She began rubbing her tits and her crotch and the partygoers were cheering her on. She went to the shelves on the wall and got an empty wine bottle and sat it in the middle of the floor. She started dancing again as she stripped off all of her clothes. She squatted down over the bottle and started doing deep knee squats over it, fucking it into her pussy. At one point she squeezed her butt muscles together and picked the bottle up off the floor in her pussy. She took it back to the shelf where she had gotten it from, and everyone cheered and clapped for her. While this was going on many of the others had started kissing and grabbing other partygoers and taking off their clothes. By now no one was fully dressed. Marcia went over to a closet and got out a plastic sheet and laid it out in the center of the room. It was probably about 10×10. She then put a bottle of cooking oil in the middle and told everyone to finish getting undressed and come to the middle of the room. Everyone got in a circle like a football huddle. Marcia got in the middle and put a lot of the oil on her hands and started rubbing it on tits and cocks all around the circle. Then the bottle was passed around and all the others started doing the same thing. This was the start of the only gangbang orgy that I have ever been part of.

Over the next couple hours, I saw more different things than I had in my life. Once things got really going, I saw two girls doing 69 while a guy fucked the one on top while she alternated between the pussy below her and a cock in front of her face. One girl was yelling in joy as she was DP’ed by the two guys at the party with the biggest cocks. And they were BIG. Another guy was fucking one of the teen girls while a second guy fucked the first guy in the ass. I saw one girl getting fisted and wanting more. Mostly it was guy/girl and girl/girl sex but some guy/guy and no one seemed to mind. There was frequent swapping of partners and there was cum and oil all over everyone. If the plastic had not been there the carpet would have been ruined. Eventually people started to get worn out and drift away. I’m sure that everyone had fucked and sucked at least three or four other people. I know that I was in one hole or the other of every woman at the party and came in three different holes although I can’t tell you which ones they were or who they belonged to. I also ate out every pussy at the party and as time went on, they had more and more cum dripping out of them. I may have been sucked by one of the guys, but I can’t say for sure. Nobody got turned off by anything. When the orgy broke up some people showered and drove home, and others just walked naked down the beach dragging their clothes behind them. Marcia, Lisa and I showered together but none of us had any energy left for more fucking. We headed to our own rooms for some sleep.

The next day I was sad to think that it was time to go home. We all hugged and kissed and said how much fun we had had and promised to keep in touch and maybe do this again some time. They told the driver to take me back to Boston. On the way we talked, and I finally found out that his name was David. David said that this was not much wider than a normal week at the Johnson’s beach house. He had met Marcia at a sex party in Boston and she was so excited about how long he could fuck, which was at least a half an hour at full hard fast speed and sometimes longer, that she hired him to be their pilot, driver, take care of things around house and take care of her any time she, and only she, needs to be fucked. She pays him $50,000 a year plus room and board and he was having the time of his life. We landed back in Boston. It was sunny and 20. A nice day for Boston in February. I went for my car as David flew the plane back to Marcia and Lisa. As I was driving home to my family, I started wondering what I could do to save another little rich girl.

Ya, I know this is too wild to ever be true but it was fun to write, and I hope you find it fun to read. If you want to read more of my stories, click on my username. All people in photos with my stories are 18 or older and all pics are from friends or a website that allows sharing with credit.

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