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First girl at 14 after 3 years of being with men after Alexin the abandoned building

I Recently told the story about when I was no Western by a man named Alex in an abandoned building I have been with many men between the age of 11 and 14 and a few older women but never a girl so when I was 14 I was watching a little girl Jenny downstairs from my father’s apartment she was 8 years old she was always touching herself and scratching between her legs I told her one day let me scratch it for you love you being really her pussy she was giggling I asked her if it felt good she said yes so I begin to suck her 8-year-old pussy sticking my tongue deep inside of her she was moaning I said does it feel good she says yes I stood up I later on the bed pulled her to the edge and begin to stick my dick inside of her she was crying at first I held her down as I continue to thrust I came inside of her twice and then I told her to take a bath after she got done with her bath I asked her if she enjoyed it she said it hurt but that it started to feel good I told her to put her mouth on my dick she did and she sucked it and I couldn’t help want her again I told her I wanted to put it back inside of it she said okay and I fucked her again this time she said I was feeling good so I won’t miss how far stopping just before I came and then going again you ain’t stopping after about 35 or 40 minutes I gave it to her all the way the whole time going nice and slow then I laid there holding her that whole night I watched her for a week for $100 and made love to her everyday and every night never told anybody she always came over and asked me if we could do it again I always said yes I continue to have sex with her until she was 11 and I was 17 then she moved away I was really sad that my favorite little girl was going I sure did enjoy being with Jenny I hope that one day should be reading these stories we’ll see this so we can reunite I’m 48 years old she would be 45 I sure would like to see her again please feel free to contact me someone please text me mix

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