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My little sister friend

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On holiday with my family and my little sister friend Cristina and we all went to a resort for the holidays

My name is bam some people call me bambam
I have one sister named Cristina
And my mum and dad.

It was 1 week before the holiday season and mum and dad would take us to this resort in Australia Sydney where my dad would play golf with he’s friends from he’s work and mum would look after us when he was planning golf

But this time my little sister Cristina asked one of her little friends to come with us on holidays and her present let her go with us her name was Jenna
My Sister was just turning 11 and Jenna was all ready 12

And Cristina had shown me picture of what Jenna looked like she was black and really tall for her age

I was just turning 21 and had a girlfriend Amy
She wasn’t coming with us on holidays because she had to go to a big family funeral

But on the last night Cristina asked if I could help her with something over the holidays and didn’t what I was going to be helping her with

It was the 23/12/2020 and the holidays just started and everyone was on holidays because it was close to Christmas

And we were flying to Australia for 3 weeks so my dad could play golf with everyone else from he’s work

We where on the plane when every think started off for me

I had to set in between Cristina and Jenna for the flight to Australia

Jenna was next to the window and Cristina was just across from the toilet on the plane
And mum and dad where just in front of us in the next row of chairs

Just setting next to the girls listening to music on my head set Jenna had to use the bathroom and stood up really quickly and asked if I can move backwards a little bit so she could get past
I did what she asked and she fallen into crime and when she fall over her skirt went up and I seen she was wearing a little pink G string and Cristina seen me looking at her black little ass and smiled at me and Jenna said Oops sorry and fixed her self up and went to the toilet

As she went to the lounge Cristina said and smiled at me you like her ass didn’t you Bambam and I couldn’t help it but smiled and said no and she said bull shit to me and laughed

The the bathroom door open and Jenna got out and has to get past Cristina and me to set back down but as Jenna was trying to push past Cristina my little sister pulled the zipper on her little skirt and Jenna didn’t notice it until she was trying to get past me but it completely fall off and she didn’t know what to do.

Cristina just laughed at Jenna as she tried to cover her ass up and Jenna she fall over on me touching my dick and my chest and she couldn’t stop laughing and said oh it’s big out of nowhere and she looked at Cristina and they laughed together

As Jenna was trying to get up again I seen her little dark pussy it had slipped out of her G string and she seen I was looking at it and she smiled at me and fixed her self up and Cristina said bro you take a picture it well last longer and more and Jenna smiled and sat down next to me trying to fix her skirt up and i pulled out a blanket from under my set to cover all of us because it was getting a little bit cold on the plane.

Cristina looked at me and smiled and said so you going to help me
I said yeah but with what and she smiled and looked at Jenna asked me to get closer to her and she wispped fucking her to me grabbed my hand softly and blow a kiss at Jenna as she looked at Cristina and smiled and said so

I just didn’t know what to think at that very moment
Aall I was wondering about was my girlfriend and what was she doing and where she was!

But as Cristina and Jenna made eye contact with each other Jenna sucked on one of her little fingers and smiled at me and Cristina

And just as Jenna pulled the finger out of her mouth my mum turned around saying we only have 20 minutes to go and we well be there to use.

And as soon as my mum turned back around Cristina put her little hand over my dick under the blanket and started unzipping my pants and I tried to pull her little hand off but Jenna said we keeping secrets from everyone and she did the same thing and pushed her hand towards Cristina hand started playing around under the blanket and Cristina said shut up and you will never forget this holiday bro and Jenna smiled and wispped to me she wasn’t a Vigen anymore and Cristina had her little hand around my dick pulling on it a little and looked me in the eyes saying be quiet ok

I didn’t know what to do but let my sister and her friend pull out my soft dick and were making it hard as I looked at Cristina and then I looked at Jenna and said your only 12 and looked at Cristina and said your just 11 she said I’m turning 12 in 2 weeks and she smiled at me and Jenna smiled and kissed me on the face really quickly and
The Put you set balts sign come on and a lady called out to everyone to put your seat belts on so we can land and Cristina said you better put it away bro and squeezed my hard dick

We landed in the airport and took a taxi to the resort and got our rooms my mum and dad where across the hall and I had to share with my sister and her friend Jenna
The place was awesome
It had 4 really big pools and was right next to the beach

The girls went to go try out the pools and went to get changed into some swimmer and left me with mum and dad.

Dad was making phone calls to he’s friends from work to see when he was meeting up with them and were he was playing golf mum got dressed up a little and said she was going to have a look around at some of the shops

So it was just me and dad in there bedroom and dad said he was getting tired and was going to have a little sleep and I said that I was going back to my bedroom to have a sleep to and left my mum and dad room!

As I got back into my bedroom I seen the bathroom door open a little and could hear someone in the bathroom so I went to have a look and it was my sister Cristina

I said what are you doing here your supposed to be at the pools and she laughed a little and she said so what do you think of Jenna and smiled at me

I said we could of been cought doing that shit on the plane Cristina and she smiled and laughed a little
And she said so what do you think.

I said yeah she ok
And she said ok we only keeping it a secret because her family members wouldn’t like it if she was seeing a girl and she said Jenna said she likes the look of you and likes the size of your dick and mentioned she lost her virginity when she was 10 to her dad’s brother in law
She would said she would play around with hem whenever no one was around them and he fucked her and her mother cough them fucking are with each other and they moved away from hem so she couldn’t see hem anymore

But she said she still loves dick just as much as pussy and I said have you guys been fucking around and Cristina said yeah when we are alone with each scan and no one else is around.

And Cristina said Jenna told me she would like you play around with her a little if I was there with her and smiled at me

Then out of nowhere Jenna walked into the hotel Room in her swim wear looking all nice and said come on guys come to the pools and walked out as me and Cristina looked at her she pulled her swim wear up her ass and she laughed and slapped her ass and closed the door
Cristina said she fingers me sometimes now and headed out the room looking back at me smiling and saying last one in the pool is a fat pig and slammed the door.

I was in shock looking at my little sister as she slapped the door and thought of my girlfriend and thought she wouldn’t find out about anything and walked into the bathroom and quickly got changed to go for a swim and quickly walked to the pools and seen Jenna and Cristina in the pool swimming around

My dick was fat and bigger than ever before.
It was 7 inches long and 3 centimetres fat
And I put my tail down on a chair and jumped in the pool and Cristina and Jenna got out and went to the spare room and Cristina walked back out saying no one else is there and turned around and slapped her ass and headed back into the spare room and she pulled her swimmers up her little round bum and she smiled at me saying hurry up and walked in.

I was scared a little bit and got out of the pool and walked over to the spare room and seen it had a lock on the door and sat down next to my little sister Cristina and Jenna was talking about her Ex boyfriend from her old school and she said he tried putting it in her pussy but couldn’t find the hole and she laughed and Cristina did as well and looked at me and said what to try brother and Jenna smiled at me and my little sister Cristina and said if you can keep it a secret with us 2 and we wouldn’t say anything about it to anyone ok

And I looked at my sister and Jenna smiled at me saying come on and pulled her swimmers over to one side and showed me her pussy

It was all black but when she spread it apart it was pink and Cristina got up and she was helping her hole her

I just stood there watching my little sister and Jenna playing around with each other and they said so you going to help or just stand there BAM

My cock was getting turned on by them 2 girls and I said kiss’s each other and they did and Cristina pushed her little finger inside Jenna’s pussy and started playing around with her little pink lips and put her fingers in Jenna’s mouth and she spit all over her fingers then Cristina pushed her little finger inside her little cunt and had 2 fingers inside Jenn’s pussy and it was making my cock really hard just looking at my sister and Jenna playing around with each other

I took a step back and said you guys are fucked up turned around and said no one is to find out and I locked the spare room door and pulled my pants down and my long dick just bounced up and down and my little sister Cristina said fuck it’s so nice and big and smiled and Jenna said I didn’t think it would be that big and smiled and laughed softly and smiled and kissed Cristina and said come closer so I walked up to the 2 girls and Cristina grabbed my dick and said Jenna you think I can fit it in my and laughed with a little smile on her face and Jenna smiled and said I’m first and turned around and bent over a chair and said try me and Cristina said yeah she’s first.

I looked at Jenna bending over a chair and my little sister Cristina pulling her swimmers off and Jenna said I’ll spread myself open a little bit so you can find the hole and Cristina laughed and stood closer to me and grabbed my dick and lined me up with Jenna’s ass and pussy and I slowly pushed it in her little pussy and the tip could just fit inside her little cunt and I pulled it out and said I think it’s not going to fit in you then Jenna said make sure it’s wet a little bit and try again and my little sister Cristina grabbed my cock and said here let me suck it and it pulled me forward closer to her and she put it straight into her little round mouth and started sucking on my dick like she had did it before and made it all wet and said try again and lined me back up with Jenna ass and put it in her little pussy and more of my dick fall inside her little round pussy and she began to push back on my cock and was making more than half of it go inside her little by little and she could only make 5 inches of it go inside her little cunt I was just looking at her bent over as my cock disappear inside her cunt and she said it was making her feel full in her stomach and spread her legs wider than before then Cristina said I want to try and she had 2 of her little fingers inside her pussy and she was looking at me saying me turn now and Jenna stood up and started kissing Cristina and Cristina turned around and bent over the chair and said ok now try me brother and Jenna said hold on and grabbed my dick and said need to make sure it’s wet bambam and she started to suck on my dick and tried putting all in her mouth making it hard and she forced it in her throat and I started pumping in her mouth and started closing my eyes and Cristina said you like this brother and and Jennaa pulled her mouth off my dick and said it should be ready and lined me up with Cristina ass hole and I pushed it in about 2 inches and she yelled out slowly and she moved and it fall out and Jenna smiled and said again and lined me back up and I pushed it it my 11 year old sister grabbed her by the hips and started pumping in and out of her little cunt slowly and she said try to push it all in brother so I did really quickly and hard and she yelled out and looked at me and Jenna smiled and started to kissing her roughly and started playing with Cristina little titts as I started pumping in and out of my little sister cunt I thought to myself what if I put it in her ass and I made my dick slip out of her tight pussy and it was so wet I grabbed my dick and said to Cristina to spend her bum apart and she did what I said

As I was looking down at Cristina spreading her ass hole open I bent over and started kissing Jenna for a moment and lined up my cock and looked at her ass spread apart I spit down on my dick but I spit on Cristina ass hole and she said hurry up and put it in
I pushed it in her little ass hole and she jumped a little bit and I pushed her back into position so she couldn’t move and I pushed it in some more and she started saying something but I quickly covered her mouth and made her stand up as I had all of my dick up her little bum hole and she was saying stop stop and started crying and Jenna said stop but I had pushed it all in her little bum bum and had started pumping in and out of her little ass really quickly and I was getting so excited I raped my arms around her throat and covered her mouth so she couldn’t say anything and just began fucking her in the ass

But Jenna slapped me and said stop she isn’t really ready for that and I said im so sorry I couldn’t help myself and my feelings of fucking you Cristina and she was just crying as I pulled my dick out of her ass and she was bleeding a little bit from it and I quickly washed it off and said to her show me what it looks like she turned around and bent over and spread her legs and ass open and nothing much was done and Jenna said ok now you know not to be so rough with her it’s still my turn next to me and Cristina and I said ok are you sure and she said yes and started spreading her ass open as she bent over the chair and Cristina looked at me saying not so rough with us we are only little ok

I looked at Cristina as I pushed my cock inside Jenn’s ass and asked if feel ok now she said yeah it’s ok I then started pumping in and out of her black spread ass and asked Cristina for a kiss and she kissed me nicely and I started pumping in and out of her little ass hole and asked if if could suck on my dick and she said ok and she started sucking on my dick as Cristina kissed me and I made Cristina join her and had both of them sucking on my cock and said ok now can I put it back in your cunt Cristina and she said yeah sure and bent over the chair again and I started pumping in and out of her little body and was fingering Jenna’s pussy at the same time and I was making Cristina CUMMING so much I had to pull out of her little cunt and she started pissing I quickly made Jenna stand up and bent her over and started pumping in and out of her little ass hole and she was enjoying the feeling of it and she started Cumming and crying and saying more more more I couldn’t stop looking at Cristina pink and red ass as she she bent over in front of me and pulled out of Jenna’s ass and pushed Cristina over saying don’t move and started fucking her with everything I had and she started crying saying stop stop as I kept on pumping her little body like grown woman body and pushed all the way inside her little red cunt and I started Cumming so much when I pulled out of her it would like a tap of running water and she just cried out saying why you so rough with me and pushed my cum out of her little red cunt and I pulled my pants up saying I’m sorry but your just so cute I had to

The end

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    Punctuation, punctuation, punctuation try using it.

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    please proof read.you put it into your sisters arsehole and it falls out then jenna puts it back into your sisters arsehole and suddenly your fucking her cunt.

    doesn’t make sense

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    Wow, so fucking hot story, lucky boy if you have more sex with your sister and her hot friend please write us.