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Sally get force

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I just moved in down the street I have be called many things including like the Wolf IM a Predator and not like the one in the Alen movie I meet a woman who lives on the street. Name Sally, cute brown hair and eyes. Little body small tits maybe A 36 B cute ass I asked her if she was single she said I have no man in my life. Kids? No. how old are you? 42. Very nice dress she was wearing a dress and high heels. I really hate to go after woman because they fight back to much.girls don’t fight back they are to afraid.and are easy to control.

Sally excuse herself and went in. I walked to the corner liquor store and got a bottle of white wine then I walked to the local Wally world and picked up a bottle of Melatonin. I walk back trying to come up with an idea.

I got back home. How was I going to get her, I got in idea,I open the bottle of wine and put some of the Melatonin in to the bottle of wine.

Then I walked up the street to Sally house and put the bottle on the front porch, and rang the doorbell, I went back home, turned just for a second, she opened the door and took the bottle of wine in. I went back home.

I waited about 30 mins to give it time to kick in. After 30min I went to her house, and her front door was not locked

So I just walked inside, and found her passed out on the couch, I wi thinking to myself at least she’s not fighting me, I can.just rape her.

Let see what your pussy looks like under your dress, I thought to myself, wow she shaved it.

I untie and unzip her dress and took the top down, to look at her tits, small I unhooked her bra and free them like I said small but firm, then I started to suck on both of her nipples. I spread her legs wide open and.put 2 fingers in pussy.

I think to myself Wow for a woman your pussy is tight. I’m going to love forcing this one.

Sally starts to wake up, and say Oh No! Sally fells my fingers in her pussy.

I said, I have got to force you now Sally. I take. Of my clothes. And I get between Sally’s legs and pull her into.me, I start to get my dick hard, I start to rub my dick up and down against her pussy lips. Then I force my dick into her pussy.

I tell her you are tight. I start to rape her, I get it all the way in and Sally said ouch! I rape her hard and cum.

I tell her I’m going to give you a break then force you some more
You are so tight, I started raping her again, I get my cock all the way in Sally again, Sally says ouch! I rape her hard. And cum again.

I tell Sally, Iam going to give you another break then force you some more. You are so tight that you’re pussy made me cum to fast. Sally said, great. I started force her again. And I started to pinch her nipples, while I was forcing her. She said, this is horrible. I can’t believe you gave me a bottle of white wine with drugs in it. Lol, it wasn’t drugs,, it was melatonin, it’s a sleep aid,. She said,why would you do that to me? How am I going to live down the street from the man who raped me?

I turned her over on to her stomach. And force her pussy from behind.while I’m Raping her pussy,I force 2 fingers into her ass. OMG! IT HURTS SO BAD! I go in and out with my fingers. She says, NO PLEASE DON’T RAPE ME IN MY ASS! Now I put 3 fingers.in her ass,. She screaming! I tell her I think you’re ass is just about ready. I pull my dick out of her pussy. I lube her ass up.

I Left her hips up and force my dick into her ass

She cry’s out. As IAm raping her ass

I say, I’m already there, you ass feel so good.

As I cum up into her ass!

I roll her back flat on her back and start to finger her pussy again.

She says.how could you.rape me?

I just wanted to.
So.you.drug me and rape me and raped.my ass all because you wanted to.
Look I was hornet, noone else was around it had to be you.
I don’t know what to say, my ass feel like you’re dick is still in it.

If you like my story fell free to. Drop me a line. If you like to do force email me [email protected]

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  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Another story that is just terribly written. Story was unintelligible, couldn’t even read. The shear number of spelling and grammatical errors

    • Kid Frisco ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      Lol I didn’t write it to impress people lol