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The guys in my office get what they wanted ‘me’

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My parents didn’t even let me date until I was 18 so the first guy I dated I married. I think I did it to get away from my parents.

All my life as a single child my parents sent me to all girl schools. They took me in the mornings, and was waiting at my class room door at the end of school. I had only 2 friends as a kid, and they could come to our house. We were allowed to play in the living room or outside in our fenced back yard. My friends didn’t like our back yard cause the fence was 10 feet high making it like a prison. It was like being in a prison. I wasn’t allowed to go to their places cause mom, couldn’t watch everything I did there. I could wait to get the fuck out of there and away from them.

On my 18 birthday my parents said that they arranged a boy for me to date, as long as it was in our living room or our back yard. He was so sly he didn’t say 5 words to me on our first date. On our 4th date I asked him if he wanted to marry me. He just sat there open mouthed as in shock. I then said in his ear that if he married me we would have to move away from here, as far away as possible. He didn’t say yes or no just smiled as I took it as a yes. We got married in the church my parents forced me to go to all my life. The minster was the only man other then my dad who I talked to. At confession he would ask me if I put my hand between my legs and touch myself. He would ask me to do it as I confess how good it felt. But he told not to put my finger inside but, to just rub up and down on the inside of my lips. I think I was maybe 10 when he started having me do that. He would have me pull my pants down with my underwear then stand with my ass against where you would talk through. He would slide it open and rub me between my legs until I would shudder. It felt really good. You’re the first ones I ever told about what happened. The last time it happened was a week before my wedding.

Once we were married we informed our parents we were moving east. Both of the parents were pissed off but I had never been that happy to this point in my life. We had been married for 3 weeks when we packed the U-Haul and headed east. My mom asked where are you thinking your going to move too, and what happens when you need my help. It felt so good to say right it to her face ‘ mom it’s my life and it’s time for me to make my decisions, I no longer need you to tell me when to do everything. So I may let you know where we settle but I may not. ‘ I didn’t even give her a hug or anything, just got in the truck as John and me drove off.

We ended up in Florida, about as far from our families as we could get. I did sent mom a post card from El Paso saying we were looking at apartments. I just didn’t say it was in Daytona Fl. I didn’t send anymore post cards until last week after I give birth to my son. But that was 2 years after we were settled. John has a job driving a truck going from here to Washington state, which is still a 1000 miles from our parents. But this is how things have gone so far.

After our marriage we stayed at a motel across town and John and me were both virgins. That night we did kiss and touch each other but, that’s as far as we went. John pushed his finger inside of me but, just in a bit before it hurt. Either of us knew anything really about sex. John wasn’t as clueless as I was but he didn’t know much either. He went to a all boys school but was allowed to go to his friends houses unlike me. In these schools they were more concerned that we may have sex out of wedlock, then with informing us what sex was. They told us sex was to make children only and NOT for pleasure.

The bullshit they filled our heads with has really fucked John’s mind. He will not let me undress in front of him, or him in front of me. I remember the first time we had sex. John was hard and I had this condom from one of those coin machines in washroom at a place we stopped for dinner on our way east. I had no idea how to put it on. When it was in place, I laid back pulling him on top of me he was so scared he went soft, twice. When I finally got him pointed at the right direction I still had to dig my nails into his ass to get him to go inside. It hurt like hell but, I wanted to have sex in the worse way, I mean we had been married for almost 4 weeks now. Once he was inside I told him to move slowly as the pain was letting up. The pain had just started to go away when John groaned and that was it. I thought all that pain for this. John pulled out with the broken condom. There was a ring around the base of his penis that had some blood on it. John freaked out wanting to take me to the hospital. I told him it was normal, hoping I was telling him the truth.

Once in Florida John got a job quickly and soon after they trained him how to drive large trucks. I worked in a fast food place but quickly found a better job working in an office. There was 1 other woman there and 5 guys working in and out of the office. The guys like to kid with me and make jokes, but they didn’t seem to like the other woman who had to be in her 70s. When she got sick they had me do her job, which after I started ding it was much like my own only a bit harder. My boss would give me a hug every morning saying that I was just so wonderful and pretty. He always made me feel wanted and so important to the company. The guys were always buying me lunch and saying things like if I found myself lonely that all I had to do was call. My boss and 1 other guy was married and all the others were single.

John’s and my sex life wasn’t what I thought it would be. We did work out how to use condoms cause I tried using the pill but, headaches would sent me to a dark room they were so bad. Anyway John still thinks it’s a sin for us to see each other naked other then when we have sex. With that said our sex life when we do have sex was 5 minutes from the time the condom went on to him filling it and pulling out. He will touch my breasts but will not touch my nipples, cause he thinks that’s only for when we have babies. Then I remember how mad he got cause I stopped going to church. I told him that if I live my life in a way that no one gets hurt from me, so I didn’t have a need to go. Plus I didn’t need the church calling me a sinner every Sunday either.

It was 2 weeks before Christmas when my boss was having his staff party. John told me that I couldn’t go cause he couldn’t get back in time to take me. I told him that I was going to visit a friend I had made cause I didn’t feel right going to a party without him. It was the first time lied to John, but it hasn’t been the last time. My boss sent a car to pick me up and seemed happy to see me when I walked in the office. I was shocked to see that I was the only female there. I had thought I would get to meet the boss’s wife and the wife of the other married guy but no, it was just me with my work mates.

The boss had it catered with prime rib and everything. My glass of wine seemed to be always full so that after dinner I was feeling a little bit tipsy. The boss put some music on and once the tables were moved he asked me to dance. I told him I didn’t know how to dance, to which he said to just follow his moves. Well I did step on his feet a whole lot, but he didn’t mind. I felt him get hard as he held me really close. He said that he like my perfume I was wearing plus, I should wear outfits like I had on to the office. I was wearing a white top that I guess you could see my bra through and a skirt a bit shorter then I normally wear, well a lot shorter. Like half way up my thigh I guess. My skirts I wear to work are always below my knees. My boss then kissed on my neck and said ” If you do this little thing of wearing clothes like this, that he could maybe raise my wages.” I felt a thrill go through my body as the thought of wearing some like this to work and being around all these men. As the song was ending my boss give my ass a quick squeeze.

I did dance with every one of my work mates before they would let me sit down and for a rest. I had my blond hair up in a bun like I always do, but my boss wanted to see what I looked like with my hair down. My hair goes half way down my back and it felt nice the way my boss was stroking my hair. One of the others give me a drink and it kind of burned my throat as I swallowed it and once it was gone they handed me a new one. I danced a few more songs with a lot of hands touching my behind and at one point I felt some cool air on my behind with a flash of light. I then realized that my skirt was pulled up with my panties showing. I wasn’t really mad or upset but, I give the one I was dancing with a light slap telling him I am a married woman.

I told my boss that I thought it was time for me to head home to which he said he would take me after one more drink. I didn’t want to upset my boss so I said Ok, but only one. I remember feeling very tried but not leaving the office or getting home. All I know was I woke up in my own bed totally naked. My head felt like it was going to explode at any movement or sound. I slowly got up to take a pee and as I passed the mirror I saw a mark on the side of my breast. It looked like a bruise, but when I turned I was 5 more of these marks. As I sat doing what I came in there to do I noticed that I was sore down between my legs. I was a little bit worried that I somehow hurt myself.

I ran the bath and climbed in with the hot water hitting me between my legs burning like I was on fire down there. After my bath I took a hand mirror and looked at the place my mom told me to keep clean but, not to touch. I never understood how you could do that one, but as I looked I was beet red between my lower lips. I went to a walk in clinic and the woman doctor said, I was find but that the next time that I should use some kind of lube like a KY jelly if I was going to have that much sex. I had no idea what in the hell she was talking about, but thanked her anyway.

John got home 2 days later and was turned around to get one more trip in before Christmas. The only night he was home we did have our normal sex but this time I put some of that jelly in me first. John was even happy cause it felt so much better, and yes I enjoyed it more as well.

Come Monday morning I got to work early like always with my boss giving me his hug but this time, his one hand was on my ass the whole time. When I pulled back he said, I have something to show you. We went in his office and he showed me a bunch of pictures on his cell phone. In the first one I was mostly naked, on my bed showing everything with the lights on. I know I turned beet red as he moved to the next one. It was Ted, naked, with his hard penis in my mouth and my hand on the part not in my mouth. Just that part was a lot longer then my John’s is. When he moved to the next my knees give out as I hit the floor. It was of my boss holding my legs wide apart, and on his shoulders with his penis was partway in me between my legs. Ted was standing on the other side with his penis in his hands, it was hard and huge looking.

By the time my boss who now had me sitting on his couch showed me the last one, I was crying. I had counted 4 different men in my bedroom, having sex with me. My boss said that if I wanted for my marriage to last, that on Fridays after work we all were going to meet, here in this office for some more of what I had just seen. I could only think about getting pregnant from one of these men, and how would I tell my husband. My boss asked if I understood what was going to happen from now on? I nodded my head but said ” you all have, to wear condoms cause I can’t take birth control pills.” My boss was the one who seemed shocked this time but, said that he better take me to the drug store as soon as they open to get what he called the morning after pills. It turned out that 3 of the 4 had shot their sperm inside of me.

My period started 4 days later so, I got lucky this time. I know I should be calling the cops or quitting or something but, I did want to feel what these men have in store for me, cause what John and me are doing just isn’t working for me.

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    The guys at my mom’s work always saying rude stuff to me and this day was with her at work and went toilet and after went upstairs to find her and heard noise from her bosses office so walked in to see mom bent over the desk him fucking her she was seriously moaning and then saw me and she said don’t tell your dad it’s our secret. So I said only if you let me smoke and let me have boys in my room she agreed saying you active then I said yes love sex .

    I’m almost 14 and so her boss called others to office they shut door and then gave me adrink and boss took out a bag of coke and sniffed up enormous line then rest of the guys did same then mom aswel and he started fucking her again she ignored i was there and was spit roasted blatantly enjoying it and so other 2 guys said to me here gave me a cigarette I light up they said I was a naughty-little slut and said you need get a line in you and so mom looked at me as I sniffed up first ever line and instantly felt horny and they knew it so as I took a drag and blowing smoke out they groaned and took clocks out and sat me on desk next to mom and told me start wanting both of so I did they pulled my top open tits out said big for your age and then pushed cock in my mouth making me gagging and then just rubbing pussy I moaning so said she’s gagging for it little slag ripped knickers off spread my legs and thrust into my pussy fucking me savagely hard making me screaming out in pleasure so I wrapped legs around him saying arrrfgh yes fuck me and he said to my mom look at daughter she’s adirty slag like you and then gave me another line and took me to sofa sat me on cock up ass I shouted out as hurting then 2nd guy lifted legs and thrust into my pussy DP fucking me brutally honest I was screaming out saying God yes don’t stop so they both shouting saying I was a nasty slut count and saying you love it

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    Good lil cum slut letting real daddy’s fill that pussy up. Funny I knew a freaky lil couple just like this in Columbus Ohio. Husband cock was 4 inched hard according to her and when she seen mine her eyes bugged out because her husband told her all guys are this big. Needless to say She swallowed my meat n cum in a New York second then screamed at me to shove it in to the hilt and fuck her to death. To this day that pore guy thinks all three of his kids are his. She turned out to be a screamer and a real cum slut.

  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    A wonderful story. Often children who grow up like this run from their parents asap, and many times into a marriage like this. Then the wife is out in the world unaware as horny men find her. Anything can happen.

  • Reply Janette Stein ID:h09jr6uekt5

    Wonderful. Obvious there’d more toomey I hope so